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Masked Knight - Chapter 65


Chapter 65: Glorious Expedition

That morning, the feelings of defeat in the Imperial Capital were completely swept away.

All the citizens in the Imperial Capital rushed to the streets because they learned that the

mighty Tulip Family was finally dispatched that morning.

The mighty, undefeated and ever glorious Duke of the Tulip Family would lead the Empire's

most powerful army, the 'Lightning God's Whip' of the Central Cavalry Regiment to the

battlefield in Northwest. As for the number of troops, there were those who said that there were

50,000 while some claimed there were 80,000. Some of the citizens even heard that the duke

led a force of 100,000 troops!

The hearts of all those people held the same desire. They wanted His Excellency, the Duke of the

Tulip Family, to lead the Empire's warriors to the Northwest and teach the foreign barbarians a


There were also many young girls who heard that His Excellency was a talented and handsome

young man. That was more attractive to them than his glory from being the 'God of War'.

As a result, that morning tens of thousands of people crowded the streets all the way up to the

northern gate of the Imperial Capital. Countless people stretched their necks to see how

extraordinary and powerful were the Empire's 'God of War'as well as their most elite army, the

'Lightning God's Whip'. Countless young girls also came hoping to see the man of their dreams,

who supposedly looked like the 'Sun God'.

It was an unfortunate day for the people working for public security as all 15,000 of them had to

cancel their vacation. They had to block both sides of the main road by forming human

barricades and had to prevent the citizens from rushing past them. That meant that they also

had to endure the overwhelming force of the crowd. However, in the eyes of the common

citizens, the public security was extremely detestable for blocking their view of the hero.

Shit! They aren't even the ones who are going to the Northwest to fight those barbarians! They

only know how to stay in the Imperial Capital to bully common citizens like us.

There were countless people trying to rush past the human barricades and they ended up

coming into conflict with the security soldiers.

According to statistics, every security soldier on duty was attacked by the crowd that day.

Though, it is important to note that the statistics were incomplete. The average data showed

that each personnel suffered from being pelted by two rotten eggs and one and a half tomatoes

(as tomatoes were more expensive than eggs). Their bodies had about three to five bruises each.

The soldiers also suffered an average of two kicks each on their buttocks. Even the Supreme

Commander of the Public Security, Frey, got his face scratched by two enthusiastic women

while they were trying to get a look at their dream hero.

When the sound of hooves was heard at the end of the street and the banner that was like a

flame was raised, the crowd burst into an earthshaking cheer! The people on both sides of the

road immediately started to toss flowers. According to statistics, the flower shops in the

Imperial Capital sold 17 times more flowers than usual on that day! Consequently, all of the

flowers were sold out. Even flowers like roses and lilies were sold out and the prices of flowers

used for funerals were speculated to be at an astronomical height at that time! It was also said

that, on that day, a marquis wanted to buy flowers for his secret lover but could not find a single

flower throughout the city. In the end, the marquis had to spend 10 gold coins to buy a bunch of

polygonum orientale flowers as a gift for his beau.

In accordance with the decree of His Majesty the Emperor, the Central Cavalry Regiment army

left the city fully equipped. Although they could have left quietly using a different gate that

headed straight to the north, His Majesty wanted to take the opportunity to assure the people in

the Imperial Capital. He specifically ordered them to wear their best equipment and head from

the west of the city to the north, passing through half the city. This was to display the might of

the Empire and restore the confidence of the people!

Rody did not think highly of that order. In his opinion, the faster they could depart and assist in

the war in the Northwest, the better. However, he had to spend half the morning parading

around the Imperial Capital just for the people to see them. In addition to that, his soldiers also

had to wear their heaviest armor which he thought was a waste of effort.

Nevertheless, when he walked through the streets and heard the deafening cheers from the

crowd on both sides, he could not help but believe that there might have been a certain logic

behind the Emperor's orders. The moment the public started to cheer, they once again reestablished

their confidence in the Empire and believed that the Empire was strong and could

not be defeated.

The crowd on both sides waved as they continued to knock down the human barricades formed

by the public security soldiers. The cheering of countless people filled the skies of the Imperial

Capital. The warriors felt proud and smiled as the petals scattered all over them. They

immediately sat ramrod straight on their horses'backs.

Rody suddenly gave an order that he never expected himself to give, ’’Let the troops advance at

a slower pace. Pass down the order.’’

From a distant location, Nicole watched the parade which was moving slowly from atop a

tower. She looked at the silver armored Rody and quietly prayed. Behind her was the driver, Old

Mark. He looked at Nicole and the scene outside in disdain and quietly laughed. ’’Sigh,

youngsters these days...’’

Rody did not realize at that moment, someone else was smiling and watching him from the

upper floor window of a building beside the street.

’’Haha! It seems like that boy did a good job! I did not expect the duke title to suit him so well.

This is really a huge load off my mind.’’ The person gave a strange smile. His long golden hair

blocked one of his eyes which were blue like the color of lake water. If Rody had actually seen

the person, he would have definitely cried out in alarm. It was the original playboy who was

supposed to have run overseas; the real successor of the Tulip Family, Seth!

Seth sighed and raised a silver bottle of wine to pour a mouthful of wine into his mouth. After

that, he said to himself, ’’Alright, I am going to let that guy be responsible for fighting and

killing in the war. I don't want to be involved... Haha, that day I deliberately told him that I was

going overseas. Ultimately, that idiot really told my sister... Ah, after all, he is not as smart and

intelligent as me. It is so funny. I just intentionally said a few words and then casually went

around the pier. In the end, my sister really sent people to chase me by sea...’’

Seth once again looked down at 'himself' on horseback, fully armed and sighed..’’Boy, you better

do well. Although I am not a filial son, you must not ruin my father's reputation.’’

At that moment, Rody and his army had already paraded through most of the Imperial Capital,

enjoying the cheering which could be heard through the northern gate. Rody looked at the

soldiers on the gate tower. They saluted his army. Rody could not help but sigh. He did not

expect the feeling of superiority to be so nice!

At the same time, without his knowledge, Emperor Abbas XI was also quietly watching Rody

from the castle. Unlike the others, Emperor Abbas XI watched him with complicated feelings.

’’Hmph!’’ Emperor Abbas XI looked at the army and sneered. ’’They all say that I am an

incapable ruler. They all say that I am not equal to my late grandfather, Emperor Abbas the

Great. I want to be a mighty emperor too! However, even if I want to become mighty like

Emperor Abbas the Great, I do not have Dandong to help me. Where is my Dandong? My

ancestor had Dandong the Great and the Duke of the Tulip Family. One was an academician

while the other was a martial arts expert. I only have the Duke of the Tulip Family and

furthermore, he is just a child who came of age not long ago! If I do not rely on myself, who else

can I rely on?’’


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