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Masked Knight - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Old Man Mark

Myka's eyes were filled with sadness but her voice remained calm.

’’One night last year, Seth came to me and played the piano. I danced along for him. After that...

he became my first man. He is the only person I have ever slept with. Until now, I still do not

know whether I am lucky or unlucky. He protected my body but he has hurt my heart!’’ Myka

suddenly smiled. She glanced at Rody and said, ’’Do you know why I did not expose you as an



Myka gave a faint smile. ’’I am not so noble like you but in the end, you are you and I am me.

Your affairs have got nothing to do with me... Moreover...’’ Myka's voice gradually became

softer. ’’Now that the real Seth is gone and you are here, the other men would not dare to bully

me. If I expose your secret, you will get into trouble. Even when you are gone, the real Seth

might not come back. Without anybody to rely on, the other men will bully me... Hmph...

Whoever that has more money or higher authority would be able to willfully violate me. Just...

just like the others!’’ Myka gently pointed at the door.

Listening to her last few words, Rody drank the rest of the wine in the bottle. He sighed and

looked at Myka but could not say anything.

After some time Rody spoke clearly, ’’Thank you. You are very honest.’’

Myka laughed indifferently.

Rody sighed. ’’Honestly, I feel very troubled today. Tomorrow, I will need to go out and face the

unknown but... I am not really Seth. I am not really the Duke of the Tulip Family.’’

Myka looked at Rody gently and said, ’’I am a woman and I do not understand war. However,

from what I saw that day, your swordsmanship is particularly good. I do not know about other

aspects but at the very least, you are better than Seth in this area.’’

Rody had already started to feel hot from the wine. He had never drunk so much wine before.

’’Really?’’ Rody stuck out his chest.

Myka laughed lightly and gently looked at Rody's expression. Her expression then turned

strange and she whispered, ’’You do look like him but your eyes are different. Seth is very smart.

His eyes were full of wisdom and sometimes a little bit of cunning. However, you are different.

Your eyes look very clean and innocent.’’

Myka suddenly stood up and smiled. ’’Do you want to see me dance?’’

’’Yes!’’ Rody blushed. This time, it was not because of the wine.

Myka smiled and slowly walked to the center of the room. She wore a thin silk robe and was

barefooted. The hems of the robe exposed her straight and slender ivory-white legs.

Without any music, Myka started to dance.

Her dance was graceful and joyous, unlike her indifferent personality. It was as if she had

already forgotten all of her sadness. She was like a spirit that had thrown her entire existence

into the dance.

The hem was raised revealing her dexterous, graceful and dazzling legs.

Seeing this, Rody's face took on a peculiar look and he shouted out a poem.

’’The hem is gently raised, it's the dance of the monarch!

The sword is ruthless, the beauty dares not dream!’’

Myka's face was filled with a sense of pride.

She was incredibly beautiful. Her beauty was the most attractive part of her but it was also the

source of her misfortune.

Myka's dance ended just as suddenly as it started. It was as if it ended right at the crescendo of

a song.

When Myka stopped, her body was like a single leaf slowly falling to the ground. Her face

looked flushed and her forehead was sweating. Her eyes still bright and lively.

’’The poem sounded nice. What did it mean?’’

Rody smiled gently.

Myka continued, ’’It seems to be a poem from a wandering minstrel but something was

different... what was it?’’

Rody was dumbfounded and felt a bit awkward. How could he say that this strange poem was

found in the Sunflower's Treasure which Dandong wrote 200 years ago?

He laughed and replied, ’’It was just something I suddenly said in excitement.’’

Myka looked strangely at Rody as she sized him up for a while. In the end, she did not continue

to question him.

After the wine and the dance, the depression that Rody felt had disappeared. He stood up and

looked at Myka. ’’Thank you, Miss Myka. I am not good with words but I would like to tell you

that I am truly glad to have met you today.’’

The color on Myka's face changed slightly. ’’Are you leaving now?’’

Rody nodded his head and felt that it would not be right if he did not leave now. However, he did

not know why it would not be right.

As he thought of this, he nodded his head again and turned to the door.

’’Rody!’’ Myka suddenly shouted.

’’You... Will you come back to see me?’’ Her voice seemed strange.

’’I will.’’ Rody smiled and spoke firmly, ’’If I manage to survive and come back from the

Northwest, I will definitely visit you again!’’

After Rody left the prostitution center, he stood on the streets and stretched himself. He felt

like he had regained his normal composure. Getting depressed was unavoidable. After all, he

had just come of age and he was still a youngster at heart even though he had superior strength,

great determination, tough training and Andy to tutor him.

Having turmoil in his heart was natural especially if it was before undertaking a big task.

Just as Rody was about to get onto his horse, someone held his shoulder.

Rody was surprised. With his current skills, common people should not have been able to sneak

up on him. He wanted to grab the hand and move away by reflex.

Suddenly, he felt the hand move away. Rody turned around and saw an old man with a wrinkled

face. The old man had a thoughtful expression.

’’Mark! You!’’

’’Not bad, boy. To even come to this kind of pla ... You must have really mastered Young Master

Seth's habits.’’ Mark gave a supercilious look.

Now that Mark was alone with him, Mark was definitely not going be the honest groom that

listened to orders. Rody would never forget Mark's identity. He was a person who had lived for

over 200 years like a monster!

’’You... How did you know that I was here?’’ Rody subconsciously looked at the door of the

prostitute center and blushed.

’’Hmph,’’ Mark replied lightly. ’’Things that I want to know about, I can easily find out! Come

with me!’’ After he finished speaking, he grabbed Rody's arm and pulled him.

’’Where are we going? Are we going home? Did Nicole ask you to look for me?’’

’’No! I came to you because of something else!’’ Mark's tone became serious.

Rody followed Mark involuntarily. Although Rody was skilled and strong, he was not able to


’’Where are we going?’’

Mark suddenly stopped and looked at Rody. His eyes were extremely serious. ’’Boy, do you think

your mishmash martial arts can help you survive in the Northwest? Let me tell you that the

Northwest Legion had a few Grade 4 commanders. What happened? Didn't their heads all fly at

the hands of Reuenthal? I know that Miss Nicole cares about you. That is why if you die, that

girl will be sad. That is not in accordance with my plan. That is why I, your 'great-great

grandfather'will teach you a unique skill to help you survive!’’

After speaking, Mark no longer looked back and continued to drag Rody into a small path.

'Great-great grandfather'? What kind of f*king title are you giving yourself?

Rody angrily thought to himself. Shit. This old man has lived for over 200 years. Doesn't that

mean that he is technically older than my great-great grandfather?


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