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Masked Knight - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Farewell Myka

The moment Rody walked up to the door, Madam Sophie deliberately slowed down behind him

and quietly left.

When Rody opened the door, he saw Myka's figure.

Myka was sitting upright in front of a mirror. Her graceful back was facing Rody. Her beautiful

hair was like satin and it hung loosely on her back. She was busy combing her hair with a white

jade comb. Even then, her movements were so elegant it was like a dance.

For a split second, Rody was astonished.

A soft sigh was heard. Hearing the footsteps, Myka did not turn around and just spoke

indifferently, ’’You're here again?’’

Rody's mouth dropped open. He then gave a wry smile and asked, ’’How did you know it was


Myka turned around. Her tender face still showed a faint indifference. She took a quick glance

at Rody and smiled. Even though she smiled, the smile was cold and detached.

’’Don't you know, I have a special skill? I can remember a person's footsteps. After listening to a

person's footsteps once, I will be able to recognize that person by his footsteps.’’

After saying that, Myka resumed combing her hair. Rody stepped forward and tried to say

something. However, he did not know what to say to this indifferent beauty. In fact, he did not

even know why he decided to visit Myka at that moment.

Perhaps it was because Myka was among the few people who knew that he was an impostor. A

person would always subconsciously have an unknown but intimate relationship with someone

who knew their biggest secret.

Fortunately, Myka soon finished combing her hair and she stood up gently. At this point, Rody

realized that Myka was only wearing a thin plain silk robe. She also did not wear any make-up.

’’Sorry, I just got out of bed and haven't dressed myself up.’’ Myka smiled as she showed a rare


With that shallow and simple smile, she no longer looked indifferent. It was as if spring had

arrived to melt the snow and there was a sudden blooming of spring flowers. Rody's heart

jumped. He then took a deep breath and tried to suppress the strange throbbing in his heart.

However, that warm smile was fleeting. When that smile disappeared, Myka's face showed

indifference again.

’’Sit down, Your Excellency.’’ Her voice was soft but her tone was nonchalant and a little

mocking. Rody gave a wry smile. He knew that she was laughing at the fact that he was actually

an impostor. Thinking of this, Rody started to relax. In the Imperial Capital, Rody had to

pretend to be someone else in front of everybody other than Nicole. However, the beauty in

front of him knew that he was an impostor. As a result, Rody felt extremely relaxed because he

did not need to keep pretending in front of her.

’’I am going to leave the Imperial Capital tomorrow,’’ Rody spoke as he slowly sat down and


Myka gave a shallow smile. She rested her chin on her hand and looked at Rody.

’’I am going to war in the Northwest,’’ Rody continued.

Unbeknownst to him, Myka's hand which was supporting her chin trembled slightly. She gently

asked, ’’Is it going to be very dangerous?’’

Rody nodded his head and replied, ’’Yes, it is very dangerous. I am not afraid but I kind of feel a

little preposterous right now. You... you should be able to understand.’’

Myka looked at Rody's eyes and suddenly showed an expression of gratitude, ’’Thank you.’’

’’What?’’ Rody froze for a moment before he realized that she was thanking him for replacing

the real Seth. If it were not for him, the person going to the battlefield would be the real Seth.

She was thanking him for going in place of Seth.

Somehow, Rody started to feel angry. His voice also became somewhat hoarse. ’’You do not have

to thank me for him! I... Even though I am an impostor, it is still my duty! I...’’

Myka was gazing at Rody and saw his expression change. She suddenly smiled and interrupted

him, ’’No, you misunderstood me.’’

’’Huh?’’ Rody stared blankly.

Myka's smile was so sweet, it was as if flowers were blooming and her eyes became much more

gentle. ’’I thanked you because you are willing to tell me your thoughts. You are treating me as a

trusted friend. I was not....’’ Right at that moment, she pointed outside. Although the door was

closed, the voices outside were still audible.

’’I was not thanking them,’’ Myka immediately became gloomy and grief showed in her eyes.

’’Do you know, you are the second man I have met who did not treat me as a plaything,’’ Myka

said. ’’Yesterday, Bayan came. However, he did not dare to treat me badly. He had already taken

a fancy to me much earlier. Hmm...’’ Her tone sounded helpless and troubled. ’’In fact, the men

who have met me, none of them were able to forget me. You guys are different. You guys are

different from Bayan and the others.’’

’’'You guys'... Do you mean me and Seth?’’ Rody felt a sense of anguish. He himself did not

understand why he had such peculiar thoughts. After all, including today, he had only met this

woman twice.

’’Yes.’’ Myka slowly stood back up. She turned and retrieved a small bottle from the cabinet then,

she went back and sat down. After that, she gave the bottle to Rody.

’’This is my personal brew. It is not like the other wine. Usually, I never take it out for others to

drink. Why don't you try it?’’

Rody took the bottle. For a moment, he wanted to loudly ask, ’’Only Seth drank this before?’’

However, he decided not to ask and slowly removed the cap. He raised his head and drank a

mouthful. When the wine entered his mouth, he felt an unusually strong and rich scent. It had a

scent like flowers but it was not entirely the same. Along with the fragrance, it also gave a

burning sensation. His tongue felt hot as if it was being burned. When he swallowed it, the

burning sensation seemed to go down his throat and enter his stomach.

Myka's voice gently sounded out, ’’I am 18 years old now. When I came here, I was only 16 years



Myka gave Rody a profound look and slowly said, ’’There are a lot of miserable things in this

world. As there are a lot, it is not worth talking about them.’’

Rody sighed and stopped asking. He took the bottle and drank another mouthful.

’’I do not know whether I am considered lucky or unlucky. The day after I arrived, I met Seth. At

that time, I was afraid and also felt strange. He did not seem much older than me yet he still

came to this kind of place.’’ Myka smiled. After that, she shook her head and continued,

’’Fortunately, he was very powerful and took a fancy to me. That was why he spent a lot of

money. Madam Sophie did not allow me to do any other thing. My daily task was to dress up

and wait for him. As a result, I got to spend my time here well. Sometimes, Seth would come

every day and sometimes he would not come for a few days. He taught me how to play the piano

and he taught me how to sing. I would also learn how to dance from the teachers here in order

to show him. I was so silly then. I thought that I could be happy in this life; I even forgot my

identity. In the end... I am just a prostitute.’’

'Prostitute'. The words that came out of Myka's mouth sounded cruel. Rody felt his hands

tremble and the wine almost spilled.


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