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Masked Knight - Chapter 61


Chapter 61: A Curious Coincidence

When he left the Wolves Fang division's camp, Rody was free of worries. After bidding farewell

to Commander Gordon, he rode his horse slowly on the main street. Gordon, on the other hand,

took his men back to the Imperial Palace.

As he wore the uniform of a noble warrior and had the handsome face of the Tulip Family, Rody

attracted a lot of attention on the streets. Even the patrol soldiers who passed by saluted him.

The streets of the Imperial Capital were no longer busy like before. Even the pubs had fewer

people. Rody suddenly felt tired and bored so, he decided to enter a nearby pub by the roadside.

Tomorrow, he would be on the battlefield. After all, he was just a boy that had recently come of

age. He also knew that it was a trap prepared by His Majesty. He obviously knew about the

situation in the Northwest and he also knew about the foreigner, Reuenthal's craftiness, and

cruelty. However, Rody could not avoid this confrontation and could only be pushed forward by


The business in the pub was not good. Nevertheless, as it was located in the Imperial Capital

which was also the continent's most prosperous city, there were still some guests. The guests

came in groups of twos and threes and were whispering to one another. Rody listened carefully

and found that they were talking about the war in the Northwest.

It was evident yesterday in the audience hall, His Majesty the Emperor allowed the officer who

came from the Northwest to publicly speak about their military defeat. The bad news had then

spread from the palace to the public like wildfire.

Of course, it was quite evident that the things they were discussing were mostly rumors. Much

of their 'most reliable news'came from someone's relative who eavesdropped on a noble. Often,

when someone from a table mentioned the phrase 'most reliable news', he or she would

immediately attract the attention of others nearby. The information was usually already altered

beyond recognition.

There were some people who claimed that the news of the Empire's defeat was false as the

Empire had 200,000 elite troops stationed in the Northwest. It was impossible for the Empire to

be defeated by foreigners. There were also those who claimed that the 200,000 troops in the

Northwest were completely annihilated. The heads of the dead soldiers were collected by Devil

Reuenthal and were piled up to form a tower about 10 meters tall. The person who said this

claimed that his relative from the Northwest personally witnessed it. There were even people

exaggerating and saying that in a few days, the foreigners would arrive at the Imperial Capital.

Rody did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard that. The public was easily deceived.

Whether the news was true or false, the recession of the market and the dejected feelings of the

public were definitely true.

The shrines in the Imperial Capital also became more crowded. It appeared that even those who

did not have strong faith suddenly became pious and prayed to the Almighty God to bless the

Radiant Empire.They prayed that they would be able to defeat the foreigners and defend the

people of God. The huge donation box in the religious temple was quickly filled with money by

those who wanted to express their piousness to God.

Rody felt somewhat troubled when he saw the confused civilians. If it were him a few months

ago, he would join them and undoubtedly feel confused as well as fearful. However, at that

moment, he was more aware of the situation than those civilians. At the same time, he was also

having greater pressure. Which of the two would be a better feeling in the end?

Rody drank a mouthful of wine. The low quality and bitter wine from the ordinary pub made

him choke and cough. He had never entered such a place before as he used to be a poor boy who

did not have money for pubs.

How could a person drink this? I really don't understand why so many people like to drink beer!

This drink is spicy and bitter. What is so delicious about it? Rody was still just a young person at

heart. He left a gold coin on the table and walked out of the pub. He was completely unaware of

the wary looks he received from the other guests behind him.

’’That guy seems to be a nobleman.... He also seems like a warrior.’’

’’Hmph! You are wrong. He looks like an officer! Did you not see that he was wearing the badge

of the Central Cavalry?’’

’’Ah, the sorrow of the Empire. Instead of fighting to defend their homeland, these soldiers

actually came out to drink.’’

Rody felt bitter and irritated when he heard those words.

Why? Why must I assume all the responsibility?

Rody jumped on his horse and whipped it to make it run quickly. Not only did the nearby

patrols not obstruct him but when they saw the badge on Rody's chest, they even gave way to


Where can I relax?

Immediately, Rody thought of Nicole. He thought of Nicole's charming face and gentle eyes. He

felt a kind of sweetness in his heart. However, he immediately banished the thought of seeing

Nicole. He did not want to tell Nicole about what Andy said because he did not want to make

Nicole worry. After all, even if he told Nicole, she would not be able to change anything.

While his mind was in turmoil, the horse was still running. He did not know whether it was by

accident or by his own subconscious mind controlling the direction of the horse, but when he

raised his head he found himself looking at a familiar building.

The beauties in red embroidery and the music coming from inside made Rody surprised for a


Isn't this the prostitute den that I visited before? Speaking of which, it was when I came here

with Bayan and the other guys to have fun and ended up fighting and injuring the diplomatic

envoy of the Great Moon Kingdom. Due to this, I was summoned by His Majesty and thereafter,

given this heavy burden!

Rody stood frozen for a few minutes. He coincidentally remembered the face of a beautiful but

indifferent person. He alighted from his horse and walked in with big strides.

Madam Sophie immediately came out to greet him. This place was visited by all kinds of people,

from rich merchants to nobles who were allowed to leave the royal palace. Sophie had long

heard that the playboy was already granted the title of 'Duke' by His Majesty the Emperor. As a

result, she came out to serve him with double the enthusiasm. However, Rody did not allow her

to speak and simply said, ’’I want to see Miss Myka.’’

Madam Sophie was someone who was very good at reading people's mood. She noticed that

Rody was in a bad mood and did not dare to ask. She led Rody towards the room which Rody and

the others used the last time they were here. When Rody reached the top of the stairs, he

suddenly stopped moving. He was not willing to meet Myka in that place.

In his mind, he never thought of Myka as a prostitute. The day he saw Myka, he was given the

impression of an indifferent and magnanimous beauty. In his opinion, she was different from

the other prostitutes.

Rody stopped and said, ’’Take me directly to her room.’’

Madam Sophie was stunned for a moment. She thought that every time he was here, the Young

Master would pull out a new trick. Just as soon as she was about to say something, Rody gave

her a sharp look. She was frightened and immediately closed her mouth. After that, she quickly

walked in front to lead the way.

The Duke of the Tulip Family. Just these words were enough to crush Madam Sophie to death.

Rody felt satisfied and followed her from behind. A malicious feeling of pleasure grew in his


Power does feel really good.


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