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Masked Knight - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Entrusted Important Task

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Rody slowly raised his head and felt the other party's sharp gaze. He did not know why but that

gaze made his hair stand.

’’Seth, come here!’’

Rody swallowed his saliva and slowly stood up. He then walked a few steps forward.

The person in front of him was the Empire's emperor, Abbas XI! In his heart, Rody felt


Why does he not look very spirited?

Based on Rody's perception, the emperor as a descendant of Abbas the Great should be wearing

golden armor. The emperor should be stalwart and give off a majestic impression. However, the

middle-aged man in front of him looked pale and his thin body was hidden under the white

robe. He gave people a deep, eerie impression.

Hmph! Looks like being an emperor is not necessarily a joyous affair. Look at his appearance,

his forehead is full of wrinkles. He must be frowning constantly.

Rody stood in front of the emperor, about ten steps away. He did not dare to go any nearer.

Abbas XI finally looked away and lightly sighed.

’’Seth, how long has it been since I last saw you? Hmm... It should be a good few years? It was

when your father passed away. At that time you were still a child,’’ Abbas XI spoke in a

somewhat sad tone.

Rody kept his mouth shut and lowered his head.

’’In just a few years, you have become robust. Much better than your father during those years,’’

Abbas XI spoke as he walked slowly towards Rody. He extended his hand to pat Rody's shoulder

and said, ’’I know your sense of unease. Today's incident has already been reported to me.’’

Rody thought for a moment and was finding the right words to say when the emperor stopped

him with a gesture.

’’I know what you want to say. Bayan already told me about it. However, I know that his stories

were filled with exaggerations. Hmph, I am not old and confused yet but this incident actually

happened. You actually injured the guy so, you must also understand the consequences.’’

Rody nodded. Nicole reminded him earlier not to say too much. The more he said the more

mistakes he could make.

Abbas XI looked at Rody's eyes with some interest. He gave a cold smile and slowly asked, ’’Why

do you not speak? I heard that your temperament is not like this. You are well known as an

extremely audacious person.

Rody took a deep breath and slowly raised his head. He looked directly at the emperor's eyes

and solemnly said, ’’Your Majesty, I do not know what to say. For Your Majesty to summon me,

there must already be a decision.’’

Abbas XI looked surprise momentarily before he slightly frowned and pondered. He asked

slowly, ’’Do you know about the war between the Empire and the Great Moon Kingdom?’’

Rody thought to himself. Although the news of the fight had been concealed, it could not have

been concealed from those in the upper strata. Otherwise, Nicole would not have found out

about it. For His Majesty to ask Rody this question, it would mean that he was aware of Rody's

knowledge about the situation. That would mean that it was useless for him to pretend. As a

result, it would be better for him to gracefully acknowledge by nodding his head.

’’Very good,’’ Abbas XI nodded his head. ’’You are pretty smart to know that you cannot lie to

me,’’ his tone was awe-inspiring. Soon, he changed his tone and asked again, ’’As the heir of the

Tulip Family, what do you think of the Imperial Army in this case?’’

Rody thought for a moment and loudly proclaimed, ’’The Tulip Family is willing to go to war

and risk their lives to defend the dignity of the Empire!’’

Those words were also taught to him by Nicole. Whatever it was, those words would definitely

not offend His Majesty.

Sure enough, a trace of satisfactory smile appeared on Abbas XI's pale face. ’’Unfortunately, you

are still young and have not inherited the title. Otherwise, I really hope you can be of service to

me. I also hope that the unbeatable history of the Tulip family would continue through you!

Great Moon Kingdom, hmph! Merely a group of uncivilized foreign barbarians!’’ His Majesty

exposed his resentment from his last few words.

Rody sneered in his heart.

Barbarians? A group of barbarians fought to the extent that your personally appointed

commander of the Northwest Legion was so badly defeated?

Of course, Rody did not say those words out loud. He swallowed his saliva and silently said,

’’Your Majesty is brilliant!’’ Rody kept his criticisms to himself.

Abbas XI also sighed as if he was aware of his own outburst. He lowered his voice and spoke,

’’The Empire has just been defeated and the morale is low. I summoned you here so that you can

help me with one thing.’’

Rody immediately remembered Nicole's words and hurriedly proclaim his boundless loyalty.

He knelt with one knee and earnestly looked at His Majesty in a 45o angle while cursing in his


This preposterous Empire's family heir is really stifling!

Abbas XI stared at Rody seeming satisfied and spoke, ’’I have decided to bring forward your

succession ceremony. Three days from now, I will personally host your succession ceremony. If

you can pass the Imperial Examination, I will officially announce your inheritance of the Tulip

Family's title and you will become the new Duke Rudolph. After that, I will have a more

important mission for you!’’

Rody did not say anything but he gave the Emperor a dignified look. He knew that at this

moment, he must definitely not show a surprised face.

As expected, Abbas XI nodded when he saw Rody maintaining his calm and loudly proclaimed,

’’If you successfully inherit the title, I will appoint you as the Northwest Inspection Special

Envoy and I will order you to immediately go to the Northwest Region to aid General Ruben of

the Northwest Legion to take charge of military affairs.’’

’’Ah?’’ Even though Rody tried to maintain his calm, when he heard those words, he was unable

to conceal it.

Go to the front lines? Northwest Inspection Special Envoy? That is the title of the Imperial


Although Rody had never been a government official, he had been to the Imperial Academy and

knew the meaning of being a special envoy.

It meant that at exceptional moments, he would have full control of military affairs in the

Northwest Region. During critical moments, he could even overwrite the orders of the original

First Commander of the Northwest Legion.

Abbas XI sighed.

’’I know that you are still too young and you should not bear this burden. However, this is now a

difficult time for the Empire. The Tulip Family is the 'God of War'and flagship of the Empire.

Now is the time where the Empire needs the Tulip Family the most.’’ The emperor's dignified

gaze soften and his voice also lowered, ’’Even though I want you to go to the Northwest, I do not

really expect you to change the situation immediately. After all, you are still young and do not

have much experience. What I need are your banners! When the soldiers are defeated, I want

your family banner to come up and stabilize the morale of the army. Seth, I do not need you to

do too many things! I just need you to go to the front lines! As long as your family banner is up,

the morale of the soldiers will be secured. Do you understand my intentions?’’

’’I understand!’’ Rody breathed a sigh of relief.

He was not afraid of fighting on the front lines. As a warrior, he had already plan to join the

military and become a solider. Nonetheless, at his tender age, he was inevitably apprehensive to

be suddenly entrusted with an important task. However, the emperor was clear in his

commands and did not expect him to actually command the army. He just wanted Rody to go

out and show himself to the soldiers. The fact was, utilizing the legend of the undefeated Tulip

Family was a good tactic to sustain the morale of the army.

When Abbas XI saw Rody's nervousness, he smiled and said, ’’I believe that the Tulip Family

would not disappoint me. That is why I hope that you can live up to my expectations.’’

Rody took a deep breath, slowly knelt down and said, ’’Yes.’’

Since all was said and done, the emperor nodded indicating that Rody could now leave. Rody

slowly stood up and showed his respect before leaving.

When he reached the entrance, the emperor suddenly spoke again.

’’Seth, I heard that you got close with Jojo recently... I hope that you will not be distracted by

anything else at this time.’’

Rody turned stiff as he secretly scoffed. He slowly turned and said. ’’I understand.’’

Hmph! To fight with the emperor for a woman. I do not have such interests!

When he left the audience hall, Rody first looked for Gordon to take the light saber back. After

that, he got on the carriage without a word.

When Rody got home, Nicole was surprised that he returned so early. By the time Rody related

about his meeting with the Emperor, Nicole's face was full of solemn expression.

’’His Majesty did not blame you?’’

Rody sighed. ’’I also felt strange. His Majesty lightly spoke about it before changing the


Nicole's facial expression became even more somber. After a while, she gently asked, ’’Are you

confident about the examination in three days'time?’’

Rody nodded. ’’There should be no problem.’’

’’But.... But now the situation at the Northwest is tense. His Majesty wants to send you to the

front lines.’’ Nicole looked sad.

Rody felt his heart warm up and he could not help but move forward to hold Nicole's hands.

’’Nicole, are you worried about me?’’

Nicole's face turned red and she quickly withdrew her hands. She stepped back and looked to

the side. Fortunately, there were no other servants at that moment. Those around them had

already been sent away as well.

When Rody saw Nicole pull back, he smiled sadly and said, ’’Nicole, I am sorry.’’

Nicole knew Rody was unhappy. Knowing that he was about to leave for the front lines in a few

days, her heart turned tender. She spoke gently; her eyes red, ’’Rody, I beg of you. Please do not

force me. Right now, our identities are different....’’

Rody showed an expression of self-deprecation and sighed. He gave Nicole a glance before


’’Wait!’’ Nicole hurriedly said as she felt anxious. She rushed in front and held Rody's clothes.

Then she said, ’’Rody! Do not misunderstand! I... I mean... right now you are acting as my little

brother! Wait... Wait until after everything is over, I will arrange for you to be in the army. As

long as you work hard... in future... in future, I will wait for you.’’ The last few words were very

soft but luckily, Rody had good hearing as a warrior. Otherwise, those words would not be


Rody felt surprised and stared at Nicole. His face was filled with joy. ’’Really? Nicole... are you

speaking the truth? Really?’’

Nicole's face turned red and she said, ’’You.... what do you want me to do? You were rude... twice

already... Who do you think you are?’’ She spoke until she looked like she was about to cry.

Rody felt so happy that he grabbed Nicole's hands. This time he would not let go no matter

what was said. ’’So, you... you do not mind my real identity? I am just a civilian....’’

Nicole was displeased. ’’Who do you think we, the Tulip Family are? Do you think that I, Nicole,

am that kind of...that kind of person?’’

At that moment, hundreds of flowers bloomed in Rody's heart. His past depression from the

past few days was immediately swept away. He no longer cared about the emperor's commands

or titles or examinations. He did not even care about being on the front lines. Even if he had to

risk his life fighting the foreign barbarians right now, he would not frown.

’’Nicole, do not worry! I will work hard! I will become successful and not disgrace the name of

your Tulip Family!’’ Rody shouted in excitement.

’’Shut up!’’ Nicole's face was still red but she quickly stomped in front and covered Rody's

mouth. ’’You need to shut up! Do you know where you are? Do not shout!’’

Rody immediately shut up but excitedly reached out his hands to hold Nicole. Nicole's face

turned red. She quickly avoided his grasp and in a panic, opened the door before running out.

Unexpectedly, Rody watched Nicole escape. He felt that his bitterness for so many days was

now worth it. He was so excited that he felt like roaring.

’’You are a real idiot!’’ Suddenly, a sarcastic sounding voice could be heard.

’’Andy, shut up!’’ Rody was so happy that he did not want to bicker with Andy.

’’Hmph! I said, you are an idiot!’’ Andy's voice was cold. ’’The man being an idiot is bad enough.

The woman, who was originally clever, has also become an idiot after falling in love! The

preposterous emperor just told you to go and court death. It is such an obvious plot to get you

killed by others yet you two fools are still so well behaved. I think that at this moment, the

emperor is the one who is really happy. Looks like soon, there will be a fireworks display at the

palace!! Idiot!!’’


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