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Masked Knight - Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Change in Situation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translations Editor: EndlessFantasy Translations

Didi and Dardaniel had long been carried away. Meanwhile, Madam Sophie's face was pale and

she was terrified. She was a wise person and understood that the current problem was not a

small problem. Sultan made it clear that he was the prince of the Great Moon Kingdom and was

probably a diplomatic envoy. On the other hand, Bayan was also an important aristocrat. Bayan

and Young Master Seth were the Emperor's nephew and the heir to the family with the greatest

military exploits. The injured Didi and Dardaniel also have important backgrounds. With such

an incident, there might be an investigation and she might need to bear responsibilities.

Bayan was displeased. Although he did not voice it out, he was arguing in his heart. He

naturally understood the purpose of the Great Moon Kingdom's envoy. The reason involved

political business between the two countries. However, he ended up fighting with them in a

prostitute house. The number of problems that would arise from that would not be small. He no

longer has any intention to seek pleasure. He just justified himself and prepared to leave. He

wanted to quickly return home and discuss with his father as to how to deal with the problem.

On the other hand, Rody was weak and was brought into a room by a few servants. He found

that the decorations in the room were simple yet elegant and the bed was soft like the clouds. A

nearby table had a incense burner exuding a sweet and enticing aroma.,

The servants left immediately after placing him in the room. Rody laid down for a while and

could feel himself recovering. Although he did not suffer any injuries, that last attack was

something more than what his body could withstand.

He heard a light creaking sound. Then the door opened and a beautiful figure slowly walked in.

Myka slowly walked to the bedside and looked at Rody who was lying down on the bed with a

bewildered expression.

Rody also felt agitated but he was determined not to speak first.

So they stared at each other for a long time until Myka finally sighed. The heavy sigh was like a

complaint for causing endless worry. She then took out, from the table in front of the bed, a

small black bottle and unscrewed the cap. She handed the bottle over and spoke softly. ’’Drink

this. This is something someone else gave me. I heard that it is good for internal injuries.’’

Rody took the bottle and was pondering for a moment whether to consume its contents or not,

when suddenly Myka asked, ’’Tell me. Who are you?’’

’’What?’’ Rody's hands trembled and he nearly dropped the bottle.

Myka's eyes slowly and gently studied Rody's face and lightly said. ’’Stop pretending. You are

not Seth! Who are you and why are you pretending to be him?’’

Rody felt that his mouth was dry while his mind was screaming. Shit! Shit! The secret is


’’You do not need to be nervous.’’ Myka smiled gently. However, her smile did not contain any

hint of happiness. ’’I will not expose your identity. If I had wanted to expose your identity, I

would have done so earlier. In fact, I want to thank you for protecting me earlier.’’

’’How do you know that I am not Seth?’’ Rody thought for a long time before he cautiously


Myka shook her head and whispered. ’’You are definitely not him. First of all, he was not as

strong as you. Also... you...’’ Myka's face turned red before continuing. ’’I know, he had already

left the Imperial Capital.’’


Myka sighed. ’’The night he left, he came to see me.’’

Rody's face turned red. ’’You and him.... You are his....’’

’’I am not somebody close to him,’’ Myka replied lightly. The tone of her voice was light as if it

does not contain any emotion. ’’He came that night and told me that he was going to leave the

Imperial Capital and just wanted to say goodbye. I asked if he could take me along but then he

lied to me.’’

Myka gently raised her hands to show the silver family crest. It was the same one she threw

into Rody's arms. It was not known as to when she retrieved it.

When Rody heard this, he secretly sighed to himself. He understood the meaning of Myka's

words. He knew that Seth was a playboy and would definitely have relationships with more

women than just Myka. It was already quite an unexpected task for him to come and bid

farewell to Myka before his departure. For that playboy with a free and uninhibited nature, it

would be impossible to take a woman along while pursuing his dreams. To him, women would

only be a burden.

Myka smiled in a self-depreciating manner. ’’When I saw you earlier, I thought Seth has

returned. I did not know whether I was happy or angry. But as soon as you spoke, I knew that

you were not Seth.’’

Rody smiled wryly. ’’I knew that this is not something I can keep a secret forever.’’ After a while,

Rody whispered. ’’I am sorry.’’

’’You don't need to say that to me.’’ Myka calmly replied. ’’I want to thank you for saving me

earlier and for helping me to untie the knot in my heart.’’

’’In that case, now....’’

’’I am alright.’’ Myka smiled faintly. ’’My heart feels very calm. Whatever feelings I had is now


The two then became silent for a while. Rody did not know what was appropriate to say. Facing

a sad woman, he really lacked the experience and did not even know how to say any consoling

words. Moreover, the woman was an amazing beauty. Her every move was filled with elegance

to the extent that Rody did not dare to stare. For a moment, Rody could not help but feel jealous

of Seth for having the admiration of such a beauty. Yet, Seth was cruel enough to walk away

from her.

The silence was finally broken when someone came in to inform them that the Tulip family had

sent someone over to pick up Young Master Seth.

Myka nodded and looked at Rody. ’’Are you okay? Can you move?’’ Although her tone was flat,

her gentle voice could stir the hearts of those who heard it.

Rody nodded and struggled to sit up on the bed. To begin with, he was not injured and was just

lying down to restore his energy. Although he had not fully recovered, he could still move


’’Thank you, Miss Myka. Also....’’

’’Don't worry. I will not reveal your secret.’’ Myka casually mentioned. ’’From today onwards, I

have nothing to do with that person. As for your business, I have nothing to do with it as well.’’

Rody sighed, turned around and was about to leave but before he could, Myka suddenly shouted.

’’What is your name?!’’


Myka lightly looked at Rody's face, frowned and coldly said. ’’The situation in the Imperial

Capital is constantly changing, full of power struggles. As a youngster, you must be careful.’’

’’I know.’’ Rody nodded. When he saw Myka looking away from him and staring blankly out of

the window, he sighed and continued walking out of the room.

For a moment, for whatever reason, Rody felt distressed.

Suddenly his mind had a strange thought. If I were really Seth, would she still use such an

indifferent attitude towards me?

The person picking up Rody was Randt. The trouble stirred up here was immediately reported

to the Tulip family. Randt was already waiting impatiently in the hall. He felt great relief only

when he saw Rody appearing perfectly fine.

’’Young Master Seth. It is good that you are alright.’’

Rody nodded and followed Randt out.

The guests were already long gone. The guards of the Imperial Capital were at the entrance,

investigating. However, the moment they saw Rody, they respectfully gave way to him.

Outside, the carriage was already waiting for Rody. Randt waited for Rody to get onto the

carriage before getting onto his horse.

’’You got into trouble again!’’ Rody saw Nicole sitting at the innermost seat, the moment he got

onto the carriage. Her face seemed heavy.

For some reason, Rody did not feel like arguing with Nicole. He just quietly sat beside her.

Nicole also noticed Rody's difference in behavior and felt strange. After thinking for a while,

she could not help but ask. ’’You... are you hurt?’’

Her words were filled with concern and made Rody's heart melt. He felt that Miss Nicole was

more gentle and pleasant as compared to Myka's indifferent attitude earlier. He whispered

back. ’’I am sorry. I just did not expect you to come and fetch me.’’

’’When I heard the news, I could not sit still,’’ Nicole spoke softly as she showed her concern.

Rody felt warm and held Nicole's hand.. softly saying, ’’Nicole, I am sorry. I have disappointed


Nicole blushed and tried to remove his hands but her heart did not want to. She could only sigh

and asked, ’’Why did you come... to this place?’’

Rody explained about how he met Bayan and the other two people in the academy. He then

explained about how they dragged him here and their conflict with Prince Sultan. Nicole's

eyebrow wrinkled quietly.

Naturally, Rody kept the fact that Myka saw through his identity. For some reason, he did not

want Nicole to know about Myka.

When Rody finished, Nicole's facial expression changed and she said again. ’’Rody, this time you

are really in trouble.’’

’’Why?’’ Rody was puzzled. ’’Is it because of Sultan's identity? He is just a prince but Bayan is the

Emperor's nephew and I am currently also the heir of the Tulip family. Do we need to fear


Nicole smiled gently. ’’You are naturally not afraid of him, but the Empire is currently afraid of

the Great Moon Kingdom.’’


Nicole looked at Rody and spoke slowly. ’’You did not know. Last month, in the Western Papans

Grasslands, the Empire and the Great Moon Kingdom were at war. The Empire suffered a

crushing defeat. The Northwest Legion had 200,000 soldiers but now less than half remains!

Right now, the Great Moon Kingdom's 80,000 armored cavalry is occupying the Rostock

province. The Great Moon Kingdom is now assembling in the northwest city of Mudan and is

eyeing the territory of the Western Empire.’’


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