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Masked Knight - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: A Gang of Scoundrels

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translations Editor: EndlessFantasy Translations

’’You fool! Your sword is not an ordinary sword! Master's lightsaber can even cut through a hill,

much less cut through a wall.’’


That absurd lightsaber? Rody became furious the moment that saber was mentioned.

’’Aha! Did you get angry again? You fool! You broke such a precious saber and I haven't even

punished you. You still dare to be discontented?’’

Rody angrily replied. ’’That scrap? Don't talk about cutting through that wall, it can't even cut


’’Hah! That is because you are stupid! It is Master's lightsaber. How can it be used in a normal


The moment he heard this, Rody realized his mistake. That's right. It is something Dandong left

behind. How could it be useless?

At this moment, Rody suppressed his doubts and whispered. ’’But I did not bring it here today. I

left it at home.’’

Andy was silent for a moment before it spoke in a reserved and depressed voice. ’’Forget it.

Forget it. Forget about it today. But, I want you to do me a favour.’’


’’Tonight,'’’ Andy softly said, ’’Tonight, come here quietly with the lightsaber. I will teach you

how to cut through the wall! Inside, there are things I want to see ....’’

’’What is in there?’’ Rody felt curious after hearing Andy's words.

’’Nothing in particular. Those days, that was one of Master's study rooms. I think there are

definitely some things that belonged to Master in there. However, for some reason, it was

sealed up.’’

’’The study room? Rody's lips curled into a frown. He was no longer extremely curious about

books. If they were books, the Tulip family's books were more than enough. The playboy's book

collection was also alarming. He would not even be able to read all of them within three to five

years. As soon as he heard that the room was filled with books, Rody lost interest.

Rody slowly walked down the White Tower. He only realised that it was almost noon when he

came out. ’’Around this time, Miss Nicole's carriage should have arrived near the entrance of the

Academy....I wonder if she knows that I've been chased out on my first day in class? What would

she think if she knew?’’

With this irritable idea, Rody casually walked on. However, he habitually walked towards a

small lane. That lane led to the old dormitory for common civilians, where he used to stay.

After many days of not seeing it, the two-hundred-year-old building looked even more worn

out than before. The building was covered in weeds and the doors were covered in rust.

Rody stood downstairs and looked at the window of his previous room. He saw a grey curtain at

the window and it was clear that it was not one of his belongings. It would seem that the

Academy has expelled him after he went missing for some time. His room was also vacated for

someone else to live in.

’’I wonder if my sword has already been taken by others.’’ Rody sighed. He couldn't help but ask

even though he does not really care about that sword anymore, This is because when he was

training under Instructor Carter, they would break a sword, almost once every two days.’’

Rody looked at his old home feeling melancholic. He did not know whether he should feel

happy or sad.

His identity is gone. For the time being, this person named Rody does not exist. Now he needs

to pretend and be a playboy! However, is doing this meaningful?

Rody stood downstairs for a long while having these complicated feelings.

Suddenly, a hand lightly tapped Rody's shoulder. A clear and melodious voice sounded out from

behind him.

’’Hey... why are you here? What are you looking at?’’

Rody turned around and saw the black-haired girl who earlier shared some notes with him.

Frankly speaking, the black-haired girl's facial features were only average. However, her

delicate eyebrows with some freckles on her cheeks made her more smart-looking.

’’I did not look at anything in particular...’’ Rody shook his head. ’’I am just walking around...

That.... Master Glenn's class. Is it over?’’

’’The class is over!’’ The girl stuck out her tongue and laughed. ’’You should be a noble, right?

Why are you walking here? This is not somewhere you should be. This is the living area of the

commoner students.’’

For some reasons, Rody felt calm conversing with her. Needless to say, Rody grew up in this

kind of world. These days, he had to deal with nobles, their guards, and servants. Now that he is

chatting with a civilian girl, Rody felt like he fell back into his comfort zone.

Rody smiled faintly. ’’I have friends living here.’’

’’Your friends? You aristocrats actually make friends with commoners?’’

Rody smiled softly. ’’I did not lie to you. I really had friends nearby.’’

Star should still be around. However, he would probably not recognize Rody even if they met.

The black-haired girl also smiled back. This was because the handsome male in front of her

was gentle and amiable and did not give out the arrogance of a noble.

At that time, an angry voice came from behind them.

’’Hey! That playboy! Get away from Arche.’’

Rody looked back and saw a lean man wearing a commoner's uniform glaring at him angrily.

’’Star!’’ Rody could not help but call out.

Star was stunned for a moment. He did not think that this playboy would actually call out his

name. However, he did not bother thinking too deeply about it.Star took a few steps towards them and pulled the black-haired girl, Arche. After pulling her a

few steps away from Rody, he angrily asked, ’’Arche, why are you together with this kind of


Arche gently frowned. ’’Star, why are you being so impolite?’’

Star raised his eyebrows and sneered at Rody in contempt, ’’Do you know who he is?’’

’’A noble I guess...’’ Arche lightly replied. ’’He doesn't look like a bad person.’’

’’Bad person?’’ Star laughed loudly. ’’In the whole of the Imperial Academy, if he is not a bad

person, there are no bad people. Let me tell you. This is the playboy Seth!’’

’’Ah!’’ Arche's facial expression changed. Her gentle eyes immediately changed to contempt and

she quickly jumped back a few steps.

Rody made a wry smile. He really did not expect his reunion with Star to be like this.

Star stepped in front of Arche and said. ’’Arche. You know about this guy's reputation. He will

politely strike up a conversation but... there are no good intentions! Just ignore him!’’ Having

said that, Star turned to Rody and coldly threatened him. ’’Tulip family! I am warning you! Do

not touch my girlfriend! Otherwise, I will not let you go!’’ After finishing what he had to say, he

gave Rody another threatening stare.

Girlfriend? Star actually found a girlfriend? However, Arche's blushing face means that it is

true. To meet his best friend like this, Rody did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Star actually thought he was assailing his girlfriend?

At this moment, three individuals came from afar and maliciously looked at Star. From afar, the

middle one shouted, ’’Star! Who did you say you will not let go?’’ The two companions that stood

beside him laughed unscrupulously. The laughter was filled with disdain and ridicule.

Rody took a look at the three men in the distance.

Among them, there was a tall, thin guy with a horse-like face. He played with his long hair

pretending to look elegant. However, his appearance was like the ghost of a hanged person at


As for the two of his companions on either side, one was tall and the other was short. The tall

one looked upright and had a magnificent saber. As if he wanted to show off, the scabbard was

mounted by seven or eight gems. The short one had sturdy limbs and a powerful appearance.

He had an ominous glint and did not seem to be a good person.

These three people were wearing nobles'uniform. Besides that, the horse-faced person in the

middle had two stars on his chest. This obviously meant that he is a Grade 2 warrior.

Rody identified these three individuals with a glance. The guy with the horse face is Prince

Baron's son, who is His Majesty the Emperor's nephew, Bayan. The tall companion should be

the Finance Minister's son Didi. As for the short companion, he should be the Empire's Garrison

General's son. His name... Rody thought for a moment before remembering that this vulgar

looking person had a nice name. His name is Dardaniel.

These three people obviously came here to find fault with Star. That made Rody feel even more

awkward because these three, according to the information, were well acquainted with Seth...

This is especially true for Didi and Dardaniel who were part of Seth's gang of scoundrels.


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