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Masked Knight - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: The Fake Playboy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translations Editor: EndlessFantasy Translations

Nicole was really frightened of Rody's shocking opinions. She severely warned him not to say

such things in front of others. Rody did not defend himself and merely promised her that.

Nicole was still concerned and continued to say more but Rody patiently explained himself.

’’Nicole, I already said I am an insignificant person. These ideas, even if I think about it, I would

not tell anyone other than you. Isn't the bitterness I experienced the past few days not enough?

I voice some of my opinions aloud and the teachers already treated me as a deviant. Think

carefully, have you not been punishing me a lot lately? I have already learned not to speak so


Nicole was immediately speechless and her face turned red. The past few days, although she did

punish Rody, most of it was not because of Rody's opinions but because of her jealousy.

Especially when Jojo kissed Rody, Nicole could not sleep out of anger.

With a red face, Nicole changed the topic and talked about Seth's usual habits. This is because

Rody would need to pretend to be Seth when he returns to the Academy. Nicole introduced the

people acquainted with Seth during his time in the Academy to Rody. She also explained their

family backgrounds and Seth's relationship with them. Nicole expended all her efforts on her

little brother. Seth's bodyguard was originally arranged by Nicole. However, the bodyguard was

later bought over by Seth, Even then, Nicole's understanding of Seth's habit should be mostly


The more Rody listened, the heavier his head felt. He not only needed to remember a lot of

people that he did not recognize, he also needed to recognize their appearance, their speech

styles, and their preferences. This was more tiresome than the monstrous training by

Instructor Carter. Even if Rody had extraordinary perseverance, he was still unable to

understand these concepts that he has no knowledge in. To Rody, a stranger is just a name and

to expect him to remember various information of strangers and then needed to pretend like he

knew them for a long time, gave him a headache.

On top of that, it was more than one person...

Nicole gave Rody a register containing all sorts of information. For three full days, she stopped

all of Rody's other classes. Rody only needed to concentrate on remembering the information

on the register in his room. Instructor Carter had no objection to this. In his opinion, the Young

Master's progress can only be described as 'abnormal'. Carter could not understand why the

Young Master, who was initially so weak that any of his disciples could easily defeat, suddenly

became so strong that even his strongest disciple was severely injured instead.

Instructor Carter's report to Nicole was: If the Young Master were to take the assessment right

now, he could easily pass the third-grade warrior assessment. Fourth-grade warrior

assessment would not be too much of a problem.... If he could do it like the time he fought

Randt and used that sword, it is possible for him to pass the fifth-grade warrior assessment


The other scholars and teachers felt happy. Although the Young Master was smart, he has too

many preposterous ideas. If they had to deal with him every day, they would go crazy and start

frothing at the mouth. Might as well stay at home peacefully....

Just like that, three quiet and boring days passed by quickly. Rody's head was now filled with all

kinds of information on various people. Early in the morning, Nicole asked Angel to help him

dress up and Rody was soon wearing the standard noble's uniform of the Imperial Academy.

The only surprise to Rody was that there was a star embroidered onto Seth's original uniform!

It represents the identity of a warrior!

Of course, Rody would not believe that the real Young Master possesses the strength of a firstgrade

warrior. He believes that the Tulip family's influence must have been used to pass the

first-grade examination.

Feeling nervous, Rody followed Nicole onto the carriage.

The magnificent luxury carriage was surrounded by guards riding on horses. Old Mark was also

leisurely holding his whip. Rody felt like he was going towards the execution grounds.

In the carriage, Rody wanted to ask Nicole a question, something that he has been wanting to do

for several days now.

His question was about his recommended actions if he were to encounter another one of Seth's

lovers. This is because the information Nicole gave him had nothing with female

acquaintances. At this moment, Rody has already learned a lot about Seth. He wouldn't be so na?

ve as to believe that Jojo was Seth's only lover. He wanted to know what to do if he were to

encounter this problem.

However, Rody did not know how to ask this question, ever since Jojo inconvenienced him, Rody

was apprehensive at how Nicole got angry over this issue. He does not want to ask this question

and accidentally provoke Nicole's wrath. The consequences would be terrible

Rody listened to the gentle ringing of the carriage bells and took a deep breath. He then opened

the windows of the carriage to look out.

The wide limestone road lead directly to the Imperial Academy and was filled with pedestrians.

Rody looked at the buildings of the Imperial Academy that were becoming clearer. The Imperial

Academy's most famous building, the White Tower, also seemed to be getting closer. The sweat

at Rody's hands also started to gather.

’’I wonder how is Star right now. Nicole said that she has already released him. Would he be

worried about me? There is also Instructor Shale. I suddenly disappeared and did not appear for

the first-grade warriors'examination. He must be very disappointed in me. In fact, I am his

favorite student. And....uh....’’

Rody has never been so nervous, nor has he felt so glorified before.

The current Principal of the Imperial Academy, Sir Sowell, together with most of the important

and powerful elders in the Academy, personally came out to greet him. The old guy was a very

important person that a commoner like him, in normal days, would never be able to meet. Right

now this person was standing at the gates, smiling. His smile lines were all bunched together

forming wrinkles. He extended his hands, that looked like the chicken claws, to help Miss

Nicole get down the carriage.

Rody did not truly understand Sir Sowell's flattery for Nicole and did not gain any attention or

any concern for his 'sickness'. He just stood beside Nicole showing a reluctant appearance. In

regards to this attitude, nobody suspected a thing. This is because everyone in the academy was

aware that the Tulip family's Young Master is a playboy. It was common knowledge that Seth's

role in the academy was to get himself into trouble and hated wasting his time in the academy.

The amount of time he actually spent in the academy was less than the amount of time he

secretly escaped the academy.

’’Sir Sowell, my brother has not fully recovered. Considering that he will soon participate in the

assessment to inherit the title, the time he has left in the academy is also not much. At first, I

was thinking that he should not come back but then I also think that he needs some final

training. As I cannot provide him with these final training, at home, I brought him here, hoping

that he can receive strict instructions.’’

After that, Rody no longer listened to the conversation with Sir Sowell. He started to break out

in cold sweat. This is because he saw several young ladies walking around. Naturally, they were

also students at the Imperial Academy. Among them, a few already threw flirtatious looks

towards him. Rody understood its significance. Shit! It would seem that the playboy really did

have more lovers than just Jojo!

Of course, the eyes of the male students were not so friendly towards him.

Nicole pretended to have a stern look as she made the situation clear for Rody and then while

everyone is not paying attention, gave him a gentle look. After that, she went back to the


Just before leaving, Old Mark walked up to Rody and before Rody could react, he already stuffed

something hard into his hand.

’’If you meet with something troublesome that you cannot settle, crush that thing. No matter

where you are, I will come and help you.’’


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