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Masked Knight - Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Abstain from Women

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translatࠀons Editor: EndlessFantasy Translations

The moment Nicole entered Rody's room, she started to regret it.

That night, the woman made an appointment with Rody. Rody missed it and therefore she came

looking for Rody. For some reason, when the seductress came looking for her brother, Nicole

immediately became furious. Although she held her temper and talked to the seductress for a

long time, she became angrier the more she heard. Finally, she heard that the seductress and

Rody had arranged a meeting. However, Rody missed the appointment so, she decided to look

for Rody. In the end, Nicole was unable to contain her anger and wanted to get even with Rody.

Rody's hands immediately started to sweat. He had personally experienced the bewitching

powers of Jojo. To a boy like him, Nicole and Angel had a young charm but Jojo was like a witch.

On top of that, she was also the playboy's old lover. She would probably see through his

disguise in no time.

’’What should we do? Why did she come here? Could it be she has already learned of my

identity?’’ Rody rubbed his hands and gave a wry smile.

When she spoke of Jojo, Nicole's bashful feelings all but disappeared. She stared at Rody coldly

and said, ’’Why? Of course, it is for you! I did not know that you two already arranged a meeting

that night. Is it true?’’

Rody shook his head and looked disgruntled when he suddenly remembered the words Jojo said

to him just before he left that day, 'There will be no one at my house tomorrow night.' The

moment he understood the meaning of that sentence along with Jojo's seductive appearance,

Rody's face turned red.

After Nicole carefully finished listening to what Rody had to say, her complexion became

heavier. She tilted her head to one side as if she was pondering deeply and seemed preoccupied

with her thoughts.

Rody thought that Nicole suspected he was in a relationship with Jojo and immediately waved

his hands. ’’Nicole, do not think too much. I... I have nothing to do with her.’’

Nicole gave a strange smile and lightly said, ’’Of course, it has nothing to do with you. Who is

Jojo? The person she likes is a playboy like Seth. She won't even look at a fool like you.’’

Rody sighed and mumbled, ’’Yes, I am a fool. In your heart, I am just an insignificant fool.’’ That

implication made him quite depressed.

Seeing Rody unhappy, Nicole's heart softened. She spoke in a small voice, ’’That's...not it... You

are not... not a big fool.’’ As she said this, Nicole suddenly burst into laughter. Her laughter was

like a blooming flower. Rody looked straight at Nicole's eyes feeling quite silly. He had never

seen Nicole laugh like this before.

Suddenly noticing Rody's gaze, Nicole became bashful again as she stomped her feet angrily.

’’You!’’ Nicole only managed to shout out a single word when she noticed Rody's infatuated eyes.

She was then unable to speak anymore.

They gazed into each others' eyes and fell into a delicate mood when they abruptly heard the

sound of people talking outside the door.

They could only hear the sound of arguing outside. Then with a loud cry, the door was pushed

open and a fiery red figure rushed in.

The two were immediately frightened and separated. Nicole was so afraid that she moved back

towards the wall.

The person who arrived was the gorgeous woman, Jojo.

After that night, Jojo waited for Rody the following day and was very angry when Rody did not

appear. She had high standards and thought that all the nobles in the Empire were useless.

Some nobles indulged in exaggeration while others were militaristic and boorish. The rest were

worthless people infatuated with her beauty. But then, she got acquainted with Seth. Seth

admired her so much. Jojo, herself, was amazed at Seth's endless amount of knowledge. Seth

was a master of love and knew how to capture a girl's heart. Together with his good looks, he

managed to win Jojo's heart.

To be able to make even Jojo grieve was a testimony of Seth's skills as a playboy. He fooled

around with so many women and would become indifferent after some time. Although Jojo was

angry, Seth did not show his face. She also felt troubled. She did not expect to meet her lover at

the banquet only for him to run away after only saying a few words. Seth was also missing on

the night of the meeting. Jojo was an arrogant and proud person. After feeling dejected for so

many days, she finally decided to go to their house.

After meeting and talking with Nicole for a while, Nicole suddenly became angry and left to find

Seth. Jojo continued to sit down for a while but she was also impatient and soon rushed in as

well. The Tulip Family may have servants and guards but they also knew of Jojo's status. Even

those who did not would not dare to block her when they saw her noble clothing. The ones who

did block her did not put in much effort. Just like that, Jojo made her way to Rody's bedroom.

Rody saw Jojo standing in front of him and felt nervous. He could see Jojo wearing red fur

clothing. The elegant garment highlighted her arrogant figure. Unfortunately, her charming

face was not as charming as usual. It looked as if she did not eat well the past few days. She was

sad and stared at Rody with resentful eyes.

’’Seth! Why did you ignore me for so many days!’’ Jojo stood in front of Rody for a while before

she slowly spoke. Her voice was filled with sorrow. Her soft voice sounded delicate and


Rody started to sweat on his forehead. He did not know how to answer and looked at Nicole.

Nicole had a strange expression and avoided eye contact with Rody.

Rody sighed and could only answer, ’’I...’’

When Jojo noticed Rody's cold attitude, her heart became more distressed. She gritted her teeth

and said, ’’I have already told your sister about our relationship. How do you intend to reply


Rody's heart felt more tensed. He once again glanced at Nicole to find her looking impassive

and avoiding eye contact.

’’I...I am busy these days...’’ Rody hesitated for a while. He had forced himself to utter that


’’What are you busy with?’’ Jojo spoke resentfully. In the Imperial Capital, there were countless

nobles infatuated by her beauty yet, she refused to look at any of them. Still, the fellow in front

of her was so indifferent towards her!!

Rody felt like it was becoming harder to speak. ’’You know... I, I... in a few days, I will need to

take His Majesty's examination to inherit the family's title. So for the past few days, I have been

learning from a few teachers.’’

Jojo's expression grew gentler. Although she could not see Seth, she paid attention to every

action. She had heard about the Tulip Family hiring many instructors and teachers to teach the

young master. Rody's story sounded reasonable.

’’Then, why did you not visit me that night?’’ When Jojo said this, she could not help but glance

at Nicole with a red face.

Rody braced himself and said, ’’I...’’ He glanced at Nicole again but it seemed that Nicole was

determined to not give him any suggestions.

’’What...?’’ Jojo's mouth fell, her eyes were filled with tears.

’’I was practicing martial arts!’’ Rody impulsively blurted out. The moment he said this, he

found an excuse and lied smoothly, ’’My instructor told me that my foundation was terrible.

Before the examination, I need to work hard and if possible, not become... intimate... with


The moment he said this, Jojo blushed. Nicole suddenly coughed. She also did not expect Rody

to suddenly give such an impressive excuse.

But why am I angry?

Even if it is that woman... it is my brother's fault. It has nothing to do with Rody... so why am I

getting angry?

Is it because it is Rody?

Or is it because, that night, Rody actually contacted her and made an appointment.... That

bastard really had the audacity to make an appointment with that seductress!

Nicole who was unable to contain her anger immediately rushed to find fault with Rody.

However, the moment she entered the room, she saw Rody calmly looking at her. His calm blue

eyes were as if he could see through her.

Nicole's anger immediately flew away and her heart felt weak. She had come to vent her anger

towards Rody but now she just stood there and was unable to make eye contact.

’’You are finally willing to see me, Nicole.’’ Rody tried to suppress his excited feelings and slowly

walked forward.

He then suddenly grabbed Nicole's hand. Nicole trembled as though she was suddenly struck by

lightning. She wanted to move back but Rody held her hand tightly.

’’Let me go...’’ Her voice did not sound like she was struggling. Rather, it would be better to say

that it sounded more like pleading.

Rody's face also turned red. Although they had close contact before, the first time was when

Nicole was unconscious due to Rody's philandering and the second time was when both of them

were emotionally agitated. Rody felt a strange kind of feeling when he caught hold of Nicole's

hand: it felt like they were lovers.

Fortunately, Rody barely used his strength and soon eased his grip. Nicole quickly took a step

back in fear of Rody's next move.

’’Why did you come to find me so suddenly? Did something happen?’’

’’Uh?’’ Nicole was stunned for a moment. She then remembered the reason she looked for him.

She resented her own failure to control herself and also her inability to understand her own

timidness and anger. Without the courage to look at Rody's face she whispered, ’’That Jojo... She



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