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Masked Knight - Chapter 208


When Rody came in, Diane was pretending to trim an unknown plant with a pair of scissors. She snorted coldly when she saw Rody walk in. Her snort was filled with anger. After that, there was a series of clicking sounds, and the scissors in Diane's hand continued flying up and down. The plant that had originally been nicely trimmed, was already beyond recognition.

Myka was sitting at the side with her lips pursed but her face smiling. She stood up when she saw Rody. Rody gently hugged Myka and softly said, "I…I came to look for you regarding some matters."

Before Myka could speak, Diane coldly spoke from the side, "Hmph, the people in this world only visit when they need something. When there is nothing that they need, they will throw you on one side and ignore you."

Myka stifled a laughter and whispered, "Do worry about her. I am teaching her some gardening, but this girl is extremely clumsy. It is a skill that emphasizes supportive efforts, but she is already getting impatient after two days."

Diane glared with wide eyes. However, she seemed very well-behaved in front of Myka. She did not say anything but simply gritted her teeth and took the pair of scissors in her hand to vent her anger. The small bell that she wore at her foot was now on her wrist. The bell rang as the scissors flew up and down in her hands. That ringing sound was pleasant. However, suddenly there was a sharply discordant snap. Kacha!

It turned out to be that Diane, who was feeling dejected, accidentally cut off the main stem of the plant.

Rody saw Diane freeze for a moment. She looked at the scissors in her hands and the tragically chopped off plant in front of her. Her face was red from choking. Naturally, Rody did not dare laugh. However, when he saw Diane looked as if she was almost going to bang her head against the wall, he was forced to stifle his laughter even more.

"I have come to pick you up." Rody whispered as he looked into Myka’s eyes, "West Hill is not very safe. Something strange has happened..."

Myka’s body trembled. She was obviously excited, but her face remained calm. She tried hard to suppress her voice and whispered, "Really? You… You are taking me with you?"

Before Rody could speak, Diane angrily threw the scissors on the ground and said, "I am not trimming anymore! This thing is broken!" Diane was still angry and she could not control her anger, so she severely stomped her feet on the broken plant. She then turned around to look at the two and shouted, "Why are both of you still dawdling? Obviously, every day you were thinking of him to the point of going crazy. Now that he is here to pick you up … quickly, go and pack your things!"

Myka showed a strange smile. She calmly walked over to Diane, bent down and picked up the scissors. She then lightly said, "You are running wild again. For no apparent reason, you use my scissors to vent your anger." She then softly said, "The person who makes you angry is already here. You do not have to throw your temper on my scissors even if you are angry."

Diane was so embarrassed by those simple words until her face turned red. Her earlier anger had subsided and she did not dare look at Myka in her eyes.

Rody cleared his throat and asked, "Where is Darke?"

Myka smiled faintly. She looked at Diane and said, "Darke was bullied until he dared not to come here anymore. He would hide at Nedis’ place, every day, drinking wine. He fears being dragged away to become someone’s driver." Rody did not understand Myka’s words, but Diane had already lowered her head from embarrassment.

Rody pondered and said, "In that case, you pack up here. I am going to look for Darke… There are things that I need his help. Ah...does he know my identity? Did he ask after I hurriedly left, that day?"

Diane looked up and replied. "He asked but I did not say. He also did not dare probe further."

Myka could not help but grin, and softly said, "That is because he is scared of you. You are not gentle like a woman at all. Do you really think it is something to be proud of?"

Although Rody did not understand what they were talking about he could feel the awkwardness. He then nodded his head and said, "I will go and talk to Darke. I believe he should be at Nedis’ pub."

"Wait…" Myka turned her eyes and said, "Let Diane accompany you. This is a complicated matter. If you go alone, Darke may not believe you. Moreover..." Myka’s eyes were smiling as she added, "If she were to wait here, she will become very impatient."

Rody pondered for a moment and then said, "That sounds good. It's a good idea for Diane to go with me. This matter is strange and she may also be helpful… Sigh."

Looking at Rody’s somber face, Myka became concerned and asked, "What is worrying you?"

Rody shook his head and before he could speak, Diane glared at him and said, "Of course, he is worried about Nicole’s reaction when he brings you back! He is worried that he will be sandwiched between both of you when the three of you live under one roof!"

Rody blushed and frowned. "Don’t talk nonsense… I am taking Myka to the mansion, but I stay in the barracks!"

Myka did not mind Diane’s comment, but she still asked, "In that case, what are you worried about?"

Rody sighed. He looked at Diane and whispered, "Do you still remember those things that we saw in the Death Valley?"

As Rody and Diane walked towards Nedis’ pub, Rody briefly related the incident of the monster he encountered in the hunting ground. After he finished, Diane looked serious. She hesitated for a moment and then she asked, "Are you suspecting that the monster is similar to those from the Death Valley?"

Rody shook his head and replied, "I am quite certain, but I am still skeptical… After all, we did not see that octopus-like thing in that valley... but I somehow have a strange feeling. As we only explored a small part of that valley, it is possible that there were other creatures we have not seen."

Diane recalled the situation at that time. She turned pale and fearful when she remembered those huge, hairy and bloodthirsty spiders.

The two sturdy bouncers standing at the entrance of the pub recognized Rody. When they saw him, they became afraid and ran inside. When Rody and Diane entered the pub, the middle-aged steward turned pale. He trembled at the side and did not dare approach them.

Rody looked around and saw that Nedis was not there. There were guests sitting in groups of twos and threes. The guests each had a woman with heavy make-up by their sides. There were three beautifully-dressed women on the stage. They were playing the harp and flute, while another woman slowly swayed along with the rhythm of the music. She slowly dropped off her clothes like a snake shedding its skin...

Rody frowned. He then saw Darke sitting at a table closest to the stage while leisurely drinking big mouthfuls of wine from the bottle. He looked very calm.

Rody and Diane went over. Rody looked normal but Diane was frowning. She had an unpleasant look on her face as she coldly said, "Darke!"

Darke was startled when he heard Diane’s voice. He panicked and almost dropped the bottle of wine in his hand. His calm facial expression also revealed a bit of awkwardness. He looked up at Diane and frowned, "You, girl… Haven't you finished yet? You bullied me all day and to avoid you, I have already stayed outside. You still rush all the way here, are you trying to chase and kill me?"

Diane raised her eyebrows and was about to get angry, when she suddenly remembered that Rody was currently beside her and also those words Myka had said privately to her. She bit her lips and lowered her head. She could not help but secretly glance at Rody.

Darke was stunned. Based on his experience, when he was to speak to Diane like that, she would immediately kick the chair. After that, the two of them would start fighting each other. However, Diane was totally different that day. She actually blushed and lowered her head, revealing a rarely seen side of her: a woman’s demure demeanor ...

Darke then looked at the young man standing behind Diane. That young man was tall and wore a simple warrior’s uniform. He had blue hair and a craggy face with a heroic essence. Darke immediately remembered that this was the young man who had severely punished Nedis and also had caught his arrow with just his bare hands.

Darke was surprised and alerted. He asked, "Who are you?"

Rody smiled and replied, "I am Diane's and Myka’s friend."

Darke gave an inquiring glance to Diane and she quickly nodded her head. Darke still felt skeptical and asked, "Diane’s friend? This girl came from the Southern mountains. I have never heard that she has any friends." He then lowered his voice and coldly said, "That day you said the words ‘Ten years’ promise’. How did you know about it?"

Rody smiled and replied, "I am one of the subordinates of the Duke of the Tulip Family."

Darke looked at Diane again. Diane did not say anything. She only forcefully and obediently nodded her head.

Darke was still puzzled but as there were a lot of people around, he did not say much. Instead, he asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

Rody grabbed a chair and sat down opposite Darke. He had a calm and unhurried expression. Instead of giving Darke a reply, he casually picked up the bottle of wine on the table and drank a mouthful.

Diane obediently stood at a side looking helpless. She did not know if she should sit down as she was not comfortable with that place. She looked around and saw the surrounding people were each hugging a beautiful woman. There were also some them who threw lecherous glances at her own body. Diane felt angry but did not say anything.

Rody smiled and said, "Why are you standing? Sit down. It is not like you have never been here before. Didn’t you beat up a few of my subordinates the last time you were here?"

Diane could not help but retort, "If it was not because we were inquiring about you… about the Duke, I would not come to this kind of place." Although she said so, she still obediently sat down beside Rody.

Rody lightly said, "What do you mean ‘this kind of place’? This kind of place is really very normal. Men come here to spend their money and to buy happiness. There is nothing strange about it."

"But… But those women…" Diane pursed her lips.

Rody became more solemn and lightly said, "They are also people struggling to make a living. That is nothing shameful! I will never look down on such people and places!"

Diane saw a trace of anger in Rody’s eyes and immediately realized that she had said the wrong thing. After all, Myka was also from a brothel.

Darke laughed loudly and said, "Your words make sense!" He showed an appreciative glance and then asked again, "So, why are you looking for me?"

Rody sighed and said, "I came looking for your help, but I think it will be a little dangerous." After pondering for a moment, Rody continued, "I am responsible for protecting His Excellency, the Duke. Yesterday, inside the hunting grounds…"

Rody briefly related the previous day’s encounter and finally said, "That place is strange. I am looking for someone to accompany me there to investigate."

As soon as Rody finished, Darke stood up, put the longbow on the table behind his back and then picked up his scimitar. "Let’s go!"

Rody froze for a moment. "What?"

Darke laughed and replied, "Didn’t you come to me for help?"

Rody took a deep breath and looked at Darke with a complex expression. This is Darke. He is a straightforward man. This is the stranger that Muse and I met in the Northwest grasslands when we were at a dead end. He threw away his prey which he captured after chasing for a few days. Without saying anything, he saved us.

Rody looked somewhat moved. He could not help but ask, "You have already agreed?"

Darke laughed and he gently wiped off the remnants of the beer from his beard. He then said, "What is there to hesitate? How could I not go and see such a strange and interesting thing? Besides that, you are also a friend of this girl. If I do not agree to help you, she would not be happy…"

Rody knew that there was no need for him to be argumentative as Darke was also a warm-hearted man. Without saying anything more, both of them shook hands. After that, Darke said, "You said that the place is a hunting ground in the forest… talking about hunting in the forest, I am actually quite skilled. It is getting late, let's go now."

Diane also stood up and hurriedly said, "I will also go with the two of you!" When she saw both of them frown, Diane said, "Don’t forget, I am from a mountain tribe! How could you guys be better than me when it comes to the forest? Darke, you may be a hunter, but you may not better than me when it comes this particular skill."

Rody hesitated for a moment, but then he agreed after he thought of the fact that other than him Diane was the only other person who had seen a Mythical Beast. Besides that, she had good martial skills. She also had some strange magic and a special stealth ability.

So, with that, the three-people team decided to explore the forest that night.


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