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Masked Knight - Chapter 161


Chapter 161: Breaking Through!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A huge bell, at the corner of the square of the Imperial Palace was sounded. Two large figures were fiercely striking the bell with a huge hammer, and the sound it gave off felt oppressive. That sound made the nobles standing outside the hall of the Imperial Capital tremble in their hearts.

Imperial Guards, fully armed and in groups, entered the square of the Imperial Palace. They then arranged themselves in a fan-shaped formation in the square. Twenty golden armored guards with battle axes in hand stood solemnly outside the main hall in two rows.

The nobles and ministers of the Empire arranged themselves at the square according to their ranks, waiting...

None of them knew what they were waiting for. However, they all looked at the entrance to the hall above them, knowing that the Emperor would not appear in the hall. The esteemed Emperor, Abbas XI was still bedridden.

After a dignified cry, everybody looked around, and then they saw the Empress slowly walk out from a side entrance of the hall. What surprised everybody was that the Empress was holding the Emperor's Sceptre. That sceptre had six large and dazzling crystals. The Empress held the Sceptre as she slowly walked up the stairs towards the main hall.

The Empress looked pale, but she was still calm. Following behind her was Miss Nicole. Nicole was wearing the Tulip Family's uniform. That uniform was originally meant for men. However, she still looked valiant in it. However, nobody was looking at Nicole. Instead, they were all looking at the Empress' bulging stomach.

The Empress raised her Sceptre and loudly declared, ’’In the name of the Great Emperor of the Radiant Empire, may God bless the Radiant Empire forever!’’

Everybody looked at the raised Sceptre and immediately bowed their heads as they said, ’’We pay respects to Your Majesty!’’

The Empress looked at the audience. She then looked at Miss Nicole, beside her, and said, ’’I am sure you all know. His Majesty the Emperor is gravely ill! Today, I summoned all of you to...’’

When she had just said that, someone outside the square interrupted. ’’Put down that Sceptre! That is not something you can hold!’’

The sound of leather boots stepping on the ground could be heard. Prince Barond, in military uniform, stepped in with big strides.

Following behind him were Marquis Garoline, the Central Cavalry's Regiment Commander Barry and an army of heavily armed Central Cavalry soldiers.

Her Highness the Empress'expression turned uneasy, and she could not help but look at Miss Nicole. Nicole frowned and nodded her head. She signaled for the Empress to persevere.

Prince Barond walked straight to the bottom of the stairs in the square and loudly shouted at the Empress. ’’This Sceptre was inherited from my ancestor, Abbas the Great! It symbolizes the Imperial Power of the Flower Thorn Family! You are not qualified to hold it!’’

Her Highness the Empress was pale. However, she still managed to reply with Miss Nicole's encouragement. ’’This Sceptre can only be held by His Majesty. However, His Majesty is currently ill. I am only using this to receive the subjects of the Empire. What is wrong with that?’’

Prince Barond coldly said, ’’Since His Majesty is ill, the most important thing is to treat his illness! However, you have summoned everyone and took His Majesty's sceptre! Have you forgotten that our ancestor, Abbas the Great, had ordered that women cannot interfere with politics?’’

His words were strong willed and disrespectful. His head was held high as he glared at the Empress. The other nobles and ministers on both his sides were all quiet.

The Empress gritted her teeth and softly replied, ’’His Majesty is on the verge of death. I, as the Empress, have only gathered all the ministers here for a discussion. Is this considered interfering with politics?’’

There was some truth in her words. However, the Empress' voice was softer than Prince Barond's, and she was not as imposing.


Miss Nicole sighed and then she loudly said, ’’Your Royal Highness, Her Highness the Empress, has gathered everyone here today, to discuss about His Majesty's health! Your words are too excessive!’’

Before Prince Barond could speak, Marquis Garoline, who was behind him, coldly asked, ’’Miss Nicole, what right do you have to speak here? The head of the Tulip Family should be His Excellency the Duke and not you. You are a woman and have no title. You do not have the right to speak here!’’

Miss Nicole coldly replied, ’’Her Highness the Empress has summoned my brother back to the Imperial Capital. At the moment, he is still on his way. As the eldest daughter of the Tulip Family, I am attending this ceremony on behalf of the Duke. What is wrong with that?’’

Prince Barond shook his head, looked at the Empress and coldly said, ’’Your Highness the Empress, it is not wrong to gather everyone. However, His Majesty is still alive. Are you thinking of using His Majesty's Sceptre and giving orders in his name. Please put down the Sceptre. We can continue to speak after that! You have no right to hold that! This is a cast-iron order of our great ancestor, and even His Majesty cannot defy!’’

The Empress hesitated for a moment and looked at Miss Nicole. Miss Nicole frowned and was about to speak when suddenly they heard a warrior from the square outside shout loudly, ’’His Highness the Pope has arrived!’’

The guards on both sides immediately showed the highest level of respect. They then saw Corsica VI's white clothes flutter in the wind as he entered the square. He was followed by three Bishops.

Prince Barond's eyes immediately turned cold as he turned to look at Corsica VI.

Corsica VI walked towards the crowd and smiled faintly. He then said, ’’Your Highness the Empress, I apologise for my late arrival.’’


While the Empress and Prince Barond were opposing each other at the square, a man walked towards Abbas XI's sleeping quarters behind the Imperial Palace. He was wearing a medical officer's clothes. His head was held low as he walked past the heavily armed guards.

The elderly magician, Shire, looked at the person that just arrived and frowned. ’’Medical officer Crewe, you are late! Something was wrong with His Majesty a little while ago. His condition has just stabilized.’’

The medical officer, Crewe, did not speak but instead, he nodded his head and walked into the room. Elder Shire looked at the medical officer walking into the sleeping quarters of the Emperor. As Crewe passed him, he suddenly felt his body turn cold. He felt that something was wrong. However, when he looked around, he could not find anything suspicious.

The sleeping quarters were quiet. The man walked through two doors and entered a huge room. In the middle of the room was a large bed surrounded by white curtains. The Emperor could be seen lying down behind the curtains.

There were no sounds in the room except for the Emperor's weak and indistinct breathing, sometimes long and sometimes short.

The medical officer went to the window. He lifted the curtains and stood at the side of the bed. He looked at Abbas XI who was lying on the bed and sighed. ’’Ah, how pitiful. The dignified Emperor has fallen into such a state... People are such fragile creatures.’’

’’I really cannot understand you...’’ A voice behind him coldly said, ’’You wasted so much effort just to enter the Imperial Palace... With our abilities, who could stop us from just walking in?’’

A huge and obese figure appeared behind him. That person was Sky.

The medical officer turned around and coldly looked at him. ’’Do you think everyone is the same as you? People with strong domains... Hmph, if it was not because you learned the 'Blood Escape' technique from the vampire, do you think you could secretly come in here? Besides that, I cannot learn that technique. I do not have a strong domain.’’

He glanced at Sky and coldly continued, ’’I know what you wish to say. You wish to say something like 'With your ability, who would dare stop you if you really want to come in here!' Am I right? Or you wanted to say that 'I, Master Sky, never like to sneak around!' Am I right?’’

Sky became embarrassed and asked, ’’How did you know?’’

Crewe spat and said, ’’What else can you think of in that head of yours? Let me tell you. We could get in here because we are lucky. Today, that Elder Shire did not use the see-through spell to look at you. Otherwise, do you think that the 'Blood Escape' you learned in the past few days could easily hide you from others? Did you think you have mastered the vampires' 'Blood Escape' in just a few days? Besides that, if we got spotted, this entire thing would be a failure! You only know how to use your fist. When will you learn how to use your head as well?’’

Sky angrily said, ’’Stop talking nonsense. We have already entered. What do you want to do? I heard that it is very busy at the square. Rather than looking at this half-dead Emperor, I would rather see what is happening outside!’’

Crewe laughed and said, ’’Look, this is the difference. I use my head, but you use your fist. Although you are stronger than me, but right now, you have to listen to me. Without you, this entire matter is also not possible... Right now, you must guard this place. No matter who tries to come in, you must stop them. Also, you cannot reveal yourself.’’


Crewe gave a supercilious expression and said, ’’I obviously cannot be disturbed when I am engaged in my practice. Moreover, if someone were to see this, our plan would fail!’’

’’Fine!’’ Sky replied resentfully. ’’If someone comes in, I will cut off his head and throw it out of the Imperial Palace!’’

When the medical officer saw Sky walk out, he sighed and stretched out his hand to gently touch the head of Abbas XI. ’’Pitiful man, what can you do even if you are an Emperor?’’

A bright light appeared from his hands and slowly went into the Emperor's head. The unconscious Emperor then took a deep breath and died.

Crewe shook his head. ’’I have killed a person... I have finally killed someone personally... Sigh, this is what it feels like to kill someone.’’

He showed a strange smile, and then his body was slowly shrouded in light.

Meanwhile, a cloud of dust appeared in the distance on the road to the South gate of the Imperial Capital. A continuous drumming sound of galloping horses came nearer and nearer...

The Central Cavalry soldiers guarding the South gate were shocked. They immediately formed a line on the walls, and a team of archers readied their arrows.

On the main road, the cavalry approached quickly from a distance. The one leading the cavalry was holding the banner of the Tulip Family.

Rody saw the city gate in the distance, and he shouted loudly. The cavalry then quickened their pace and rushed towards the city gate.

There was a loud horn and a group of soldiers wearing the uniform of the 'Lightning God's Whip' came from inside the gate. They then charged towards the cavalry.

Rody waved his hand, and his subordinates all stopped. At that moment, thousands of cavalrymen were glaring murderously at the team of Central Cavalry soldiers.

’’Who is it?’’ The captain of the Central Cavalry asked.

’’Nonsense!’’ Commander Sieg ran to the front and shouted, ’’Can't you see the banner? His Excellency the Duke of the Tulip Family has returned to the Imperial Capital! Step aside quickly!’’

The captain of the Central Cavalry started to sweat, but he still loudly shouted, ’’I recognize you! You are Commander Sieg! However, General Barry had ordered us not to let anyone in or out of the Imperial Capital today! Right now, the Imperial Capital has been taken over by us, the 'Lightning God's Whip'! You would need Prince Barond's personal order to enter the city!’’

’’Lightning God's Whip?’’ Sieg glared at the other party coldly. ’’You dare to call yourselves the 'Lightning God's Whip'? Step aside, quickly! Do you dare stop the Duke of the Tulip Family?’’

The captain was sweating profusely as he said, ’’The Prince has ordered us to guard the city gate and not let anyone in. If I were to let you guys in, I would be committing a capital offence, punishable by death!’’

Rody slowly rode his horse to the front and coldly said, ’’I am the Duke of the Tulip Family. I have an order from Her Highness the Empress to return to the Imperial Capital! Is Prince Barond trying to rebel? What right does he have to give orders?’’

As they talked, a ruckus could be heard at the city gate. After that, a group of cavalries appeared and entered battle formation to block the outside of the gate. When the Central Cavalry saw that the situation was not good, they had immediately sent out a big cavalry from inside the gate.

Thousands of cavalrymen prepared for a battle as the huge city gates behind them slowly closed.

Rody raised his eyebrows and coldly asked, ’’What? You dare to fight me?’’

The leader of the Central Cavalry's cavalryman then ran out and loudly said, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, I am the Central Cavalry's Commander, Saunder. You have met me before...’’

Rody glanced at him. This was the person he met when he was choosing the soldiers for the battle in the Northwest.

Commander Saunder walked forward a few steps and shouted, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, it is not that we do not want to let you enter the city. However, we have orders from Prince Barond and General Barry had also given the order not to let you all in. I suggest... you station your soldiers outside the city, while you enter the city by yourself!’’

Sieg glared at him murderously and said, ’’Saunder, do you think that you can stop His Excellency the Duke just by bringing a lot of people?’’

Rody was feeling very anxious and immediately shouted, ’’Move aside immediately! Commander Saunder, you better believe that I and the Wolf Fang can easily wipe out your soldiers!’’

Sieg then took a deep breath as he raised his scimitar and shouted, ’’Wolf Fang!’’

At that moment, thousands of scimitars were drawn from their scabbards. Thousands of voices then shouted in unison, ’’Kill!’’

The entire team of Wolf Fang stepped forward at the same time.

Saunder and the other cavalrymen immediately felt a strong killing intent. Some of their hands had started to tremble, and fear was visible in their eyes. These Central Cavalry soldiers were not the elite 'Lightning God's Whip' from many years ago. How could they be compared to the Wolf Fang soldiers who had fought in the Northwest region?

The killing intent from the Wolf Fang soldiers who had fought on a real battlefield had terrified them.

Saunder sweated and trembled. ’’Your Excellency the Duke, this is...’’

’’Shut up!’’ Rody coldly shouted, ’’I am going to count to three. If you do not let us pass, we will break in!’’


Thousands of horses stepped forward in tandem.


Numerous scimitars were slowly raised. Under the reflection of the rays from the sun, a cold light was seen.

’’Three!’’ Rody raised his eyebrow. He pulled out his scimitar and was about to raise it to give the order to charge. At that time, he heard the opposing cavalry suddenly cry out. The battle formation of the Central Cavalry then became chaotic.

Numerous horses ran in different directions as the cavalrymen scattered. Some of the officers had even abandoned their comrades and ran away.

These people understood clearly. If a fight were to break out, the thousands of them would be wiped out by their opponent within a short time. What kind of troop was the Wolf Fang? Who was the Duke of the Tulip Family?

Saunder became deathly pale. Even though he did not run away, his legs were shivering. ’’Let... Let them pass!’’

The Central Cavalry then messily scattered onto both sides. Rody did not bother looking at these people. He rode towards the city wall and looked up at the nervous archers on the walls. He then shouted, ’’Open the gates!’’

Saunder trembled and said, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, they will not open the gates... The one who opens the gates would suffer the death penalty...’’

Rody laughed coldly. He suddenly took a spear from a soldier beside him. Golden fighting energy burst out from his body. The spear in his hand transformed into a fiery dragon as he shot it out.

There was a loud explosion as the iron gate fell apart. The horses neighed in alarm. Rody then pulled out the Dragon Fang sword and coldly shouted at the archers, ’’If you have the courage, you can shoot your arrows!’’

After that, Rody took the lead and rushed into the city.

Behind him, thousands of the Wolf Fang cavalry followed, creating a huge cloud of dust as they rushed into the Imperial Capital...


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