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Masked Knight - Chapter 152


Chapter 152: Master Autumn

Translator: GamingLife Editor:

Radiant Empire's Pope, Corsica VI, nodded but he still felt puzzled. ’’Strange... I had definitely felt a dragon here... When I arrived here, I could feel the dragon's aura becoming even more intense, but why can I only see this young man and that vampire?’’

The Pope was thinking about it as he slowly said, ’’This youngster is obviously a human... I cannot feel any dragon aura in him... Besides that, he is using a human warrior's fighting energy.’’ He then looked at Master Autumn and said, ’’Master Autumn. You are a warrior. You should be able to see things clearer than me.’’

Master Autumn gave a wry smile and bowed. ’’Pope. Without a doubt, this man is using fighting energy. Based on his strength, he is almost able to comprehend 'Holy Light' energy. He is only slightly weaker compared to a Sacred Swordsman. I am also surprised as to when the Radiant Empire trained such a person.’’

However, Corsica VI frowned and shook his head. ’’But... What about the dragon aura? There should have been a dragon...’’

The Pope was already speaking to himself and did not notice Master Autumn showing a wry smile.

Rody and the vampire had battled each other and created such a big uproar in the middle of the Imperial Capital. As a result, the entire Imperial Capital was alarmed.

When Pope Corsica VI and the other bishops arrived, they were just in time to see Rody use the warrior's basic fighting energy to fight against the vampire. However, they did not see Rody use the Mystic Dragon's power. They were naturally puzzled.

However, Master Autumn had arrived earlier than them. He was early enough to see Rody transform his tooth into a sword. The significance of this act surprised Master Autumn, and he seemed to have noticed something.

Corsica VI frowned even more. The series of events that night had made him impatient. Earlier, a dragon aura had appeared outside the city. It was clear that there was a dragon on the Radiant Continent. Did the dragons really have the audacity to violate the agreement from thousands of years ago? Or perhaps that agreement was a mere legend.

Roma was dispatched but has not returned. At first, I intended to dispatch more people, but then the dragon had suddenly appeared again inside the city.

There was also an explosion and an earthquake. This created a huge commotion in the Imperial Capital. This is also the Imperial Family's home!

The Imperial Family and the God's religion had a close relationship. They both prospered together and suffered losses together. Now that their own home was messed up, even the people from the Northern Continent would laugh at them.

What made Corsica VI even angrier was that there was even a high ranked vampire when he arrived.

The strength of the vampire made the Pope extremely surprised. The vampire had obviously achieved a top-rank level amongst the vampires. Besides that, the vampire was also carrying the vampire's legendary and most powerful weapon, the Dracula Spear.

This was the legendary demon weapon that was once used to injure the Gods!

Although the vampire was very powerful, the Pope was sure that he would be able to defeat the vampire. After all, the Pope had brought along one of the most powerful magician, who was also a Bishop, with him.

However, the Dracula Spear also made the Pope feel disturbed.

This was something the world had not seen for hundreds of years. It was something that only existed in legends.

Rody's fighting energy became more intense, even monstrous, as he continuously swung the magnificent Half Moon Slash. Countless golden lights rapidly smashed into Simao. The place Simao stood at now had a huge, deep hole, and he had been completely suppressed. Now, the only thing left that he could rely on was the Dracula Spear that he used to bitterly defend.

Shit! Is this kid's strength inexhaustible?

Simao had been fighting intensely for a long time. Besides that, he had also endured the Mystic Dragon Purge earlier. Simao had already used up too much power. Although he had impaled his opponent with the spear, his opponent did not even seem to weaken. On the other hand, his opponent was becoming even more powerful and more imposing.

Can a human's fighting energy be used like this?

Master Autumn was also seriously watching the fight from mid-air. He had been counting the number of times Rody had used the Half Moon Slash. At that moment, Rody had already used the Half Moon Slash over thirty times.

This is not possible! Where did he get all his power from?

If he was that powerful, he should have broken through to the next level and already obtained Domain Force. However, it is obvious that he has not learned Domain Force. I would notice if he knew how to use Domain Force!

Master Autumn then looked at Corsica VI and stopped thinking about it. Ah, it is better not to think too much in front of these people. It is said that the Pope knows how to read minds. Only God knows if that is true.

’’Not bad.’’ Corsica VI watched the vampire getting suppressed. The vampire was completely exhausted, and the black flame around his body had turned dim. The Pope then give a meaningful look to the other Bishops.

Rody felt an unparalleled happiness within. He himself could not remember how many times he had used the Half Moon Slash just now.

He had only felt this way once before, when he had used the life-saving limit crystal Old Mark gave him. Right now, his body's fighting energy once again felt bottomless. When he used it, he would feel exhausted for only a moment, after which he would immediately feel energy charging into his entire body.

It was as if after a force charged into his body, it was immediately converted into fighting energy.

Wait. Conversion?

Rody finally faintly understood. This was the conversion that Andy had talked about.

If he were to think of himself as the lightsaber, the Mystic Dragon would be the energy converting crystal.

In other words, the Mystic Dragon's power was being converted into fighting energy.

When Rody realized this, he felt emotional and excited but could not control himself and raised his head to howl..

Suddenly, the howl was interrupted. A majestic and holy chanting came from the sky. The words in that chanting sounded like a hymn and seemed to bear some kind of netherworldly celestial sound.

A few religious elders wearing the robes of God's religion slowly descended from the sky. All of them held a staff each and seemed to surround Simao. The last person was a white robed old man that emerged from them. His staff had a crystal the size of a chicken egg. That crystal was different compared to normal magic crystals. It emitted a gentle yet eye-catching radiance.

’’People from God's religion!’’ Rody slowly lowered his sword and vigilantly looked at the bishops. Simao turned pale and pointed his spear at the Pope, Corsica VI.

’’Looks like it is you hypocrites!’’ Simao fiercely looked at them and saw that they were all quite close and had surrounded him. He realised their intentions and coldly mocked them, ’’What's going on? Are you trying to take advantage of the current situation?’’

Rody coldly raised his eyebrows and also commented. ’’People from God's religion? Looks like you guys have also arrived!’’ Rody was about to raise his sword when he heard a voice behind him. ’’Young man. I suggest you better not move.’’

The voice sounded extremely calm and devoid of aggression. However, Rody immediately felt a sharp pain on his back, as if someone had placed a heavy sword against his back.

This person could condense his killing intent into forms?

Rody turned around to see the figure behind him and saw his white hair fluttering in the air...

’’Master Autumn?’’ Rody was startled. His vigilance immediately disappeared and was replaced with a genuine smile. ’’It's you!’’

Rody's tone of voice was filled with a bit of respect and admiration.

Master Autumn frowned. ’’You know me?’’

Rody returned with a wry smile and replied, ’’Master Autumn. I will not forget that you instructed me once.’’

Master Autumn thought to himself for a moment as he looked at Rody's face. Finally, he showed a surprised expression.

He remembered meeting with Rody. In fact, he had met with Rody more than once.

Master Autumn had instructed Rody twice when Rody had just entered the Tulip Family's mansion. The first time, Master Autumn had broken Rody's sword into several pieces and taught him about secret of sword power. At that time, Rody still had a Yin Yang face.

The second time, Rody was wearing a silver mask. At that time, Master Autumn had demonstrated to him the Half Moon Slash and explained to him the principle of 'real power'. He also helped Rody by giving him a seed of power. That seed was filled with fighting energy and real power. With this seed, Rody's progress became fast and scary.

Old Mark had told Rody that this kind of power required many years of practice.

When Rody started learning how to use the sword, Master Autumn had always been his idol. For a teenager, who else could be more respected compared to his idol? Besides that, his idol had also sincerely instructed him.

’’So, it was you...’’ Master Autumn gazed in surprise. ’’You actually managed to become so powerful in just a short time... Aren't you supposed to be Miss Nicole's guard?’’

’’Guard?’’ Rody froze for a moment and then gave a wry smile. ’’I am no longer someone from the Tulip Family.’’

Rody had spoken calmly but his words were filled with a profound meaning.

Master Autumn could not understand this meaning, but he still nodded and whispered, ’’If there is anything else to say, we will speak later. Step back. The people of the religion are not here for you. They are here for the vampire... and also the dragon.’’


’’Yes.’’ Master Autumn said, ’’Have you seen a dragon here? There was a dragon's aura here earlier.’’

Rody's mind started to think, and he looked at his own body. Right now, he did not have a black aura and only had the golden fighting energy around him.

’’No.’’ Rody replied calmly. ’’I did not see any dragon.’’

Rody's hostility had totally disappeared as he looked at the person he respected and calmly stood beside him. Master Autumn then saw Rody's Dragon Fang sword and suddenly asked, ’’How did you create this sword?’’

Rody just smiled and did not reply.

Although he was much stronger right now, his mind was still sober. He had fought for an entire night, but he could not defeat the old vampire. Now that he was looking at a group of Elders from the God's religion, it would be better not to reveal his identity. He had also already petrified one of their Elders. It was better to stay out of trouble.

There was enmity between him and the vampires, as well as Bayan. That was why he was willing to fight recklessly against them. However, he did not have any grudge against the people from God's religion.

Moreover, Master Autumn was standing right beside himself. In the final analysis, Rody did not want to fight against his idol.

Besides that, Rody did not lie when he said he did not see the dragon. He did not consider himself a dragon. He also did not believe that converting a dragon would allow him to call himself a dragon.

Master Autumn knew that Rody did not give him an answer, but he did not mind. After all, it was not necessary for the others to tell him their own secrets. At the moment, his attention was at the religious Elders and the surrounded vampire.

Several bishops raised their staff and then Corsica VI cried out in a majestic voice, ’’Vampire! Surrender and accept God's judgement!’’

Rody chuckled when he heard the word 'judgement'. He remembered petrifying that other Elder after being agitated and asked himself if he had been overly ruthless.

Rody shook his head and felt at a loss. He felt that his emotions that night were too strange. He would suddenly feel excited, calm or even violent. It was as if his emotions were being thrown around. His mind also felt like it was being split up.

’’What are they waiting for? Why haven't they attacked?’’ Rody asked coldly. ’’I want to see if they could defeat the old vampire.’’

Master Autumn glanced at Rody and replied, ’’They are delaying, waiting for the sky to turn bright.’’

’’They are waiting for the sky to turn bright?’’

Master Autumn nodded and explained, ’’A vampire is weaker during the daytime. On the other hand, the religion's light spell would be enhanced. They have a much better edge that way.’’

’’Hmph. What a bunch of despicable shams,’’ Rody said in disdain.

Master Autumn glanced at Rody again and unexpectedly mocked in a soft voice, ’’I agree.’’


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