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Masked Knight - Chapter 148


Chapter 148: Petrification

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’’What!’’ Elder Roma was bewildered and angrily shouted, ’’Audacious fellow! How dare you speak such disrespectful words about God! You will be executed for heresy! God will punish you for your sins!’’

Rody looked at the angry elders of God and smile faintly. ’’What is wrong? Why are you angry? Is it because you also cannot answer my question?’’

He suddenly laughed even more happily and gently knocked his head with one hand. He laughed bitterly as if he had suddenly realized his mistake. ’’Ah... I almost forgot. I almost forgot what that fatty said. Since the God and Devil War, you all had lost contact with your God... Hahaha... What almighty teachings of God! In fact, it's just a bunch of pitiful souls who have lost their patrons!’’

’’God and Devil ... War...’’ Roma's expression changed and suddenly shouted, ’’What did you say! How did you know about these things?’’

Rody no longer looked at Roma and coldly said, ’’Do not stop me again. I am very confused right now. I don't even know what I will do.’’

Rody then walked away with a cold expression, carrying Jojo in his arms.

The cold expression was full of contempt and angered the Elder Roma. He was one of the four Elders of God's religion and held one of the most influential position in the church of the Radiant continent. He was always aloof, and even the Emperor of the Radiant Empire would show him respect when they met. However, this... this damn guy dared despise him.

In addition, Rody dared say heretical words to God.

’’Stop right there!’’ Roma cried out. His black robes swirled around his body as he gathered his energy. He then looked straight at Rody and said, ’’In the name of the Pope of God's religion, I command you to go back with me! The God's religion will judge you! You must pay for your sins of disrespecting God!’’

’’Judgement?’’ Rody laughed towards the sky before his eyes turned vicious. ’’What judgement? What right does God have to judge me? Why didn't God say anything when I was poor and struggling in the mud? How come God did not say anything when I risked my life on the battlefield? Why didn't God say anything when this innocent girl died brutally for me?’’

Rody's voice became more agitated. Finally, he gently looked at Jojo in his arms and coldly said, ’’If you say that everything in this world is destined by God... then...for this so-called God...’’ Rody then suddenly raised his head and roared towards heaven, ’’I refuse to believe in him!’’

The clouds rolled in the dark sky as indistinct thunder rolls burst out. Suddenly, there was an earth shattering thunderous sound. A lightning struck like a sharp axe, splitting the vast sky.

’’Mad... You are mad...’’ Roma trembled angrily, and then he shouted, ’’You will be burned to death at the stake!’’

After Roma finished his sentence, he raised his staff high and closed his eyes. He then chanted, ’’Almighty Radiant God... Strike this rebel with 'divine Lightning'1!’’ After a series of obscure incantations, the clouds started to roll. Faint, crackling sparks could be seen in the dense clouds...

’’Heretic! Receive God's 'divine Lightning'!’’ Roma shouted. He pointed his staff towards Rody. Immediately, the black clouds in the sky seemed to act according to his words. Accompanying an earth-shattering thunder, a huge lightning like an axe in God's hand, stuck down from the sky. It brought with it countless sparks that severely smashed at Rody who was standing on the ground.

There were sparks everywhere as the lightning struck Rody.

Rody just stood on the ground. His body seemed extremely small compared to the size of the lightning. It was as if any individual's personal strength could be ignored by the divine Lightning.

Immediately after casting the lightning spell, Roma had quickly casted the strongest defensive light spell, 'Crystal Wall', around himself. He then sat behind the wall to watch how the strange man would die from being struck by lightning.

This fellow actually has the aura of a dragon... However, even if he is a real dragon, he would not be able to withstand this kind of lightning!

That huge lightning struck Rody's head and illuminated the darkness. Rody looked calm under the bright light. However, his calmness seemed to hide a turbulent wave.

He raised his hand high and stretched his index finger to point at the sky. After that, his facial expression...

What the hell! He is actually laughing.

Roma almost dropped his staff when he saw the scene...

The lightning fiercely struck at Rody's stretched out index finger. There were a huge variety of violent sparks generated from the lightning. Numerous trees around them successively exploded into pieces, igniting a huge fire.

However, Rody continued to look calm as he stood there. The lightning had struck his finger but he did not even appear to be harmed.

After that, Rody held Jojo and walked out of the raging fire surrounding them. Step by step, he walked towards Roma.

’’Is this God's divine Lightning?’’ Rody laughed coldly. He suddenly looked at the rolling clouds in the sky and shouted, ’’Come on! Hit me again! Is that all you have got?’’

Roma had turned pale from fear. He slowly moved his lips and repeated over and over again as though he only knew how to say those words, ’’How come... How come... What actually is he...’’

Rody stood two meters away from Roma. In front of Rody was the strongest defensive light spell, 'Crystal Wall'.

Rody closed his eyes and burst out into neurotic laughter. ’’I understand... I understand now...’’ He opened his eyes and slowly whispered, ’’First, you used 'divine Lightning'. After that, you used 'Crystal Wall'. Both of these are advanced light spells.2’’

Rody then looked at the pale Elder Roma and sighed. ’’Do you think I am very frightening?’’ Rody paused for a moment and slowly shook his head. He then continued, ’’You are wrong. I am not so powerful.’’

Rody suddenly stretched his finger and gently touched the 'Crystal Wall' in front of him.

Although Rody had only gently touched it, there was a loud shattering sound. The 'Crystal Wall', which was the strongest defensive light spell that could even withstand the 'divine Lightning' spell, had just cracked.

After that , there was a continuous cracking sound. With the place Rody touched as the center, countless small cracks quickly spread until the entire 'Crystal Wall' fissured open... Finally, with a loud crash, the 'Crystal Wall'shattered.

Rody looked at the frightened and trembling Elder Roma and sighed again. He shook his head and said, ’’In fact, I am not as strong as I look... Right now, I am still very weak... But... Let me tell you a little secret...’’

Rody then gave an evil laughter. ’’A lot of things I never knew had suddenly appeared in my mind. These things confuse me... However, just now, when you used the 'divine Lightning', my mind suddenly seemed to naturally know one thing or should I say... a little secret...’’

Rody then gave a mysterious laughter as he softly said, ’’My current body is completely immune to all types of light magic. Unless your magic is as powerful as the power of Domain Force... otherwise, even if your strength is not worse than mine, you will not be able to harm me.’’

After that, Rody gently grabbed Roma's staff and firmly pinched it. The staff was immediately broken into two.

Roma did not react. He could only shiver in fear as he looked at his opponent near him. The closer his opponent got, the more the man's aura made him fearful.

’’What should I do?’’ Rody grinned. ’’I do not like to randomly kill people, but right now, my mind is in a mess. My mind is telling me that I must kill you... How about this...’’

Rody slowly stretched out his hand. He seemed to be gently stroking and covering Elder Roma's head.

That was a very strange scene a young man arrogantly stroking an old man's head.

After that, Roma started to petrify, starting from his head. After a short moment, his entire body had turned to stone.

Rody sighed softly, and then he said, ’’Well, just stay here. I suppose the other people from God's religion will come and look for you. Rest assured. I did not kill you. You will recover after a few hundred years... Hahaha...’’

Rody held the quiet Jojo and walked away, laugh maliciously.

’’Strange... How did such malicious thoughts appear in my head?’’ Along the way back, Rody felt dizzy, and his heart felt strange.

Arriving at the city, Rody effortlessly jumped over the twenty-meters tall walls and thus entered the Imperial Capital. The guards did not notice him at all.

Rody then looked at Jojo in his arms and sighed. ’’I will definitely find a way to resurrect you, but I do not know how to find the Blood of God. For now, I can only put you in a safe place. I will use a special way to preserve your body like this but... where is the safest place to put you?’’

Rody then saw the Tower of light in the Imperial Capital. The huge crystal on top of the tower shone brilliantly under the moonlight.

Rody did not hesitate to run towards the Tower of Light together with Jojo.

He ran abnormally fast and was like a ghost in the night in the streets of the Imperial Capital. Without disturbing anyone, Rody quietly arrived at the Imperial Capital's Tower of Light. He went back to the dark room where he had found Dandong's notes and gently pushed the wall.

The secret chamber was dark and murky. Although there was no light, Rody could see everything clearly.

The surrounding furnishings looked the same as last time. It seemed that nobody had found that place. First, he placed Jojo gently on the table. After that, he bit his finger and gently dropped a drop of blood on her forehead.

Although Rody did not know what he was doing, his mind had strange thoughts as if he naturally knew what to do.

The drop of blood that landed on Jojo's forehead immediately disappeared under Jojo's skin. Not a single trace of the blood was left on the skin. Rody then pointed the bloody finger at Jojo and drew strange patterns. The patterns had stars, moons and all other kinds of strange shapes. The patterns enveloped and surrounded Jojo.

After all that, Rody started to sweat and gently sighed. He stood outside the drawn patterns and calmly looked. Jojo looked as if she was sleeping and could wake up at any time.

Rody then shook his head and turned to walk out.

Before he closed off the wall, he took another glimpse of Jojo. Rody felt his heart ache and whispered, ’’Forgive me for putting you in a dark and lonely place... I... I will definitely save you!’’

Rody forcefully closed off the wall again and started to walk away, without looking back.

Inside the dark room, a mouse appeared. It approached Jojo's body in the dark. The moment it touched the pattern that Rody had drawn in blood, it immediately turned into a light and was flung away. When it dropped back to the ground, it had changed into a small stone.


1Raw says 'Lightning of Anger'. But Lightning of Fury, Angry Lightning or all other possible more accurate variations just don't sound as cool.


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