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Masked Knight - Chapter 147


Chapter 147: Blood of Gods

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In the stables of the Tulip Family's mansion, Old Mark was slowly putting away the heavy saddles in a corner. He then shook his head and took out a bottle of wine. He took a big gulp and sighed in satisfaction. He looked at the sky outside and muttered, ’’How come the sky is so dark at this hour? Hm, I will meet that boy Rody tomorrow. He is probably feeling extremely anxious right now.’’

Suddenly, his smile disappeared. His lazy expression had turned pale as he threw away the bottle of wine. He rushed out of the stable and faced the east with his eyes closed.

Old Mark's forehead was soaked in cold sweat. ’’This... This aura...’’

Inside the Imperial Palace, Master Autumn slowly sat on a wooden bench. In front of him was his long and narrow sword. The dazzling sword reflected Master Autumn's icy cold expression. Master Autumn's white hair hung across his shoulders, and he looked as calm as a rock.

Similarly, he opened his eyes and gave a strange look.

’’This aura...’’

The Church's Religious Center represented the apex of the Church's powers and was also the heart of the Church's domain. But the building itself was simple and crude.

It was a beautiful building with a spacious hall without any decorations. In front of the hall was a tall statue. The statue of God was cold and majestic as if to highlight the fact that they were the spokesmen for God. Sitting in front of the statue was the Radiant Empire's religious leader, the Pope. He looked equally dignified and aloof.

He was wearing a simple and spotless white robe. However, he projected a holy and dignified manner. He opened his eyes and looked at the four religious elders beside him. After that, he slowly asked, ’’Can you all feel it?’’

’’Yes. Pope... We can feel it as well. It feels like... a dragon.’’

The Pope, Corsica VI, gave a smile, but his smile felt oppressive. He then slowly said, ’’Dragons usually live on the Northern Continent. How did one appear inside the Radiant Continent? On top of that, how did it appear in the Imperial Capital?’’

The four elders remained silent.

Corsica VI shook his head lightly and said, ’’Elder Roma. Please go outside the city and see what is happening.’’

The black robed elder sitting furthest to the right stood up and bowed to the Pope. He then said in a soft voice, ’’This one abides by Your Majesty's instructions in the name of the Almighty.’’

Elder Roma placed both hands at his chest. He then closed his eyes and was covered in light. After that, he had completely disappeared.

Corsica VI sighed. He slowly stood up and looked at the statue of God. He then muttered, ’’Is that really a dragon?’’.

Sophie continued to step back. She started to feel even more scared from the imposing aura of the Duke of the Tulip Family.

’’You... Your face?’’

Rody looked indifferently at the mask in his hands and then glanced at Sophie. ’’Are you talking about my face?’’

Rody stretched out the other hand and clenched his fist. Sophie suddenly screamed as her body flew towards Rody. Rody then gripped her neck tightly and lifted her body.

The vampire was two meters tall. However, she was being lifted by the shorter and smaller sized Rody. As Rody held her neck, Sophie's body turned stiff and trembled. However, she was unable to use her strength while the other party was gripping her neck.

Rody held Sophie with one hand without bothering to look at her. His eyes focused on the mask in his other hand. He looked at a loss and had a strange expression.

After a long time, Rody showed a trace of emotion.

He slowly said, ’’I remember. I am me ... I am Rody!’’

Rody's cold face then revealed a calm smile. The silver mask in his hand disappeared. Finally, Rody lifted his face to look at the vampire in his grip. Sophie was unable to breathe and had almost fainted. Her pair of claws felt powerless as her feet flailed about softly.

’’Tell me... Can you resurrect her? I know those that were killed by your clan can be reborn in some other way.’’ Rody spoke calmly and indifferently. It was as if he was just making a simple request.

’’I... I...’’ Sophie trembled but was unable to speak.

Rody laughed coldly. But his laughter seemed to have an evil tone to it.

Sophie felt the grip on her neck loosen, and she was finally able to breathe. She immediately said, ’’She... she did not die from me sucking her blood. I... We, vampires, can only resurrect those that we have killed that way. She... is not...’’ Her reply tumbled out due to the overwhelming fear.

Rody nodded slowly and lightly replied. ’’In other words, you are unable to resurrect her. Is that right? Also, she could not even be resurrected as a vampire?’’

Sophie felt the grip on the neck started to tighten again, and she immediately shouted in fear, ’’No, no, no... There are other ways. Unless... unless ... unless...’’

’’Unless what?’’ Rody laughed indifferently.

’’Unless... the blood of the Gods is used. God's blood can resurrect thousands of lives... She can be resurrected with God's blood.’’

Rody nodded his head and closed his eyes. After thinking for a while, he laughed and said, ’’So that's the way. God's blood will do it. Is that correct?’’

’’Yes! Yes!’’ Sophie shouted in desperation.

’’Very good.’’ Rody sighed. ’’That means you are no longer needed.’’

He gripped Sophie's neck tightly again. The vampire's neck started to crack loudly as she gave a blood-curdling scream.

Rody smiled like a cold-blooded butcher. His other hand knocked on his head, and he said, ’’I do not know what just happened... but I feel like my head is giving me strange thoughts... I also seem to come from a strange place...’’

His voice was terribly calm as he continued. ’’That place... It seems to be called... hell.’’

Rody then laughed softly. His eyes changed color and said, ’’Do you know what is in hell? Let me tell you. It is fire! It is Hell Fire!’’

Having said that, Rody grabbed Sophie's neck and started to emit a steady flame from his hand. The fire was completely black. It spread from Rody's hand and gradually burned the vampire.

Amidst the sizzling sound of burning tissues, Sophie screamed tragically. She screamed as if her soul was also burning. It was the kind of pain that destroyed the soul.

As Sophie screamed, Rody was laughing. He laughed so loud that his body trembled involuntarily. The vampire in his hand started to melt from the black flames and soon burned to ashes.

Finally, the black dust in his hands dispersed. Rody slowly lowered his hands as he looked at the ashes floating in mid-air. His expression finally began to calm down.

The black flames surrounding his body vanished, and everything returned to normal. Rody then walked to Jojo's side. He knelt on one knee and stroked her face. He then tidied up her beautiful hair.

Jojo's eyes were finally closed. Her face was extremely calm as if it was satisfied and at peace. The pitiful girl did not know that she had sacrificed her life for someone she did not love. She died thinking that she would die with her beloved.

Tears fell from Rody's eyes. He shook his head and gently stroked Jojo's chest. The wound that Rody placed his hand at healed rapidly.

Finally, Rody took another look at Jojo's now intact body. He then stood up and murmured, ’’You may not have loved me, but you still died because of me.’’ Rody closed his eyes and said, ’’Was it God's blood? In that case, I will use God's blood to resurrect you.’’

He then lifted Jojo's body with one hand and raised his other hand gradually, with the palm facing down.

Black flames came out from his hand. All the signs of the massacre were burned to ashes including the carriage, the horse, and the loyal guards.

’’This is fine... ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’’

Rody sighed and shook his head. He heard a strange voice shouting in his mind. It sounded like a magic chant that was pulling away his soul.

Just as he was ready to leave, a white and holy light appeared behind him. The light then disappeared to reveal an old man with black robes. The old man held a long staff. His face looked like dried tangerines and was full of wrinkles.

’’Here...’’ The old man looked around and finally rested his eyes on Rody. He then asked, ’’That strong aura earlier. Was that yours?’’

Rody turned around and frowned at the old man that had suddenly appeared. ’’Get lost. My mood right now is terrible.’’

After saying that, Rody turned and walked away.

The old man then raised his staff and shot a white light towards Rody.

A large wall of light then appeared in front of Rody to block his way.

’’Tell me! Who are you? Are you the one that emitted that aura? What happened here?’’ The old man's face suddenly wrinkled even more as he said, ’’No! I smell a vampire's aura!’’ His expression then changed as he asked, ’’What are you? Are you a vampire?’’

Rody stretched his hand and gently touched the wall of light that obstructed him. At first, his hand was stopped by the wall of light, but his hand soon broke through the wall easily.

Rody smiled. ’’A light spell... Hmm, it seems to only be at a low level...’’ Rody then stopped and mumbled to himself. ’’Strange. How do I know all these?’’

The black-robed old man watched in horror as Rody easily broke through his wall of light. He asked again, ’’You! What are you?’’

Rody shook his head and turned around to look at the old man hatefully. ’’My mood right now is terrible. Do not disturb me. If you try and stop me again...’’

The old man trembled violently. Just from hearing the last few words of the other party, his heart felt cold.

He calmed himself and remembered the Pope's instruction. He then took a deep breath and had a strange thought. Bullshit! I am one of the most respected Elders of the Church!

The old man gently placed his staff on the floor and spoke in a very solemn voice, ’’I am one of the most respectable Bishop of the God's Church, Elder Roma! I ask you in the name of the Pope! Are you the one that exuded that earlier aura?’’

Rody that had originally intended to walk away suddenly stopped when he heard the word 'God' He turned around and looked at Elder Roma with a delighted smile.

’’Are you one of the Elders at the Church?’’

Roma did not know why the other party was laughing. However, when Roma saw that smile, he tensed up a little and exhaled. He then slowly said, ’’Yes. I am one of the most respected Bishops of the Church. I ask you. What are you? Are you a vampire?’’

When he heard the word 'vampire', a queer color flashed in his eyes for an instant. He then shook his head and replied, ’’I am not a vampire... I am...’’ Rody then gave a wry smile and continued, ’’I also do not know what I am right now.’’

’’Then, was that aura earlier yours?’’ Roma's voice became deeper as he continued to ask. ’’Are you a dragon or a human?’’

Rody again shook his head lightly and replied, ’’I already said that I do not know... I do not know what I am right now... It is probably... hmm...’’ Rody then gave a cold smile and said, ’’... I am probably a monster.’’

Before Roma could continue to speak, Rody slowly walked towards him and gave a strange smile. He then slowly said, ’’Since you are one of the Elders of God's religion, I have a question that you might be able to answer.’’

’’What is the problem?’’ Roma looked at the other party approaching him and started to become vigilant.

Rody laughed as if he was happy, but his voice sounded cold. ’’I want to know how to obtain the blood of the so-called God that you believe in.’’


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