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Masked Knight - Chapter 145


Chapter 145: Heroic Beautiful Woman

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Rody felt as if his lungs were about to explode. He felt a piercing pain in his chest with every breath he took. His strength was getting weaker, but there was only one thought in his mind: RUN!

In fact, based on Rody's current physical condition, he should have long been exhausted from running so madly for his life. However, his fear still managed to drive him extremely far.

During the night, the courtyard of the brothel was extremely crowded. Many people came and went while the women tried to solicit their customers. The crowd cursed him as he bumped into them. However, Rody ignored them and continued to rush out of the brothel.

Rody was running wildly on the streets, while Madam Sophie was following closely behind him. As they were in the middle of the Imperial Capital, she had some restraint and only chased him secretly.

Just as Rody turned into a street, he immediately found himself in front of a carriage. He was unable to avoid it and was knocked by the carriage. That caused him to roll on the ground.

The carriage driver was shocked and immediately pulled the reins. A bunch of guards nearby also dismounted their horses and went over to Rody. One of them kicked Rody.

After that, a delicate voice spoke from inside the carriage, ’’What happened? Why did we stop? Didn't I order to leave the city immediately?’’

Two guards turned around, and one of them respectfully answered, ’’Miss, the carriage has knocked a person.’’

The girl in the carriage was silent for a moment before she said, ’’We have knocked someone? Is it serious? Leave one person behind to deal with it. I am in a hurry. I need to get out of the city tonight.’’

The guards respectfully acknowledged, and then one of the guards bent down to turn over Rody. Rody had just been hit and was dizzy. He subconsciously struggled to sit up. The guard took a glimpse and exclaimed, ’’Ah!’’

After that, the guard immediately used his body to block Rody's face from the passersby. He helped Rody up and led him to the carriage door. He then said, ’’Miss, please come out and see... this person...’’

Rody had regained consciousness at that moment. His first instinct was to break free. However, that guard leaned towards him and whispered in his ear, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, please keep quiet. You are in the middle of the streets!’’ After that, the guard signaled with his eyes to indicate that there was a crowd around them.

At that moment, a pair of white hands opened the door to reveal a charming face. The woman saw Rody being supported by the guard and cried out in fear, ’’Seth!’’

Rody was also stupefied. He looked at the lovely face in the carriage. She was none other than Miss Jojo.

The guard whispered, ’’Miss, do not say anything here. This is not a convenient place to talk.’’

The guard was extremely smart and winked at his subordinates. The subordinates then chased the crowd away from them. He then helped Rody into the carriage and stood at the door to block the sight from the crowd. He then whispered, ’’Miss, do not speak. The Duke seems to have sneaked back. As a general of the Empire, to return to the Imperial Capital without an order from His Majesty is an offense punishable by death.’’

Rody was surprised and felt alarmed when he saw the guard in front of him. The guard nodded and said, ’’Your Excellency the Duke, you may not recognize me. I am one of Commander Gordon's men. I followed you to the Northwest, and right now, I have been transferred as Miss Jojo's guard.’’

Although Rody still had some hesitation, he could see that the guard's respect and loyalty towards him were genuine. He then took a deep breath and whispered, ’’Someone is chasing me. Someone wants to kill me. Be careful.’’

The guard's expression changed. Both the guard and Jojo exclaimed, ’’Someone wants to kill you?’’

Jojo showed an expression of concern while the guard subconsciously pulled out his sword.

At that moment, Rody has completely calmed down. He gritted his teeth and said, ’’No matter what, we must first leave this place! The person chasing me is very powerful. You all would not be able to hold out.’’

Jojo showed an expression of fear. Others may not have, but she had personally seen Rody's strength. She had already worshiped her sweetheart as a brave, invincible warrior. She whispered, ’’I...’’

Rody shook his head and looked at Jojo who seemed confused. He did not expect to run into Jojo.

’’Let's leave first! This is not the place to talk!’’

The guard asked, ’’Miss, should we still leave the city? I think it is better to go home...’’

Jojo stared and said, ’’We cannot go back!’’ She then paused and continued, ’’Let's go to the Duke's mansion!’’

Rody shook his head this time. ’’We cannot go there! The Emperor has already sent men to guard there. It would be too obvious if we were to go there.’’ Rody took a deep breath and continued, ’’Let's find somewhere else.’’

Jojo immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression and suggested, ’’Then... I was going to leave the city. Why don't you follow me?’’

Rody hurriedly replied, ’’No... It is too dangerous outside the city.’’

Jojo said in disdain, ’’This is the Imperial Capital! I don't believe that there is anybody that dares to stop my carriage! Besides, I have brought along a lot of my bodyguards. Some of them are my family's master warriors, and some are warriors specially selected by Gordon. What is there to be afraid of?’’

Ignoring Rody's refusal, Jojo simply gave an order and then closed the carriage door.

Rody was anxious and cold sweats started to flow down his face. He knew that a group of ordinary human warriors would be useless against a strong vampire, even if they outnumber the vampires. He quickly snapped, ’’Jojo, we cannot leave the city right now! The people chasing me are very powerful! However, they do not dare act openly in the Imperial Capital. If you were to leave the city late at night and enter a place with fewer people... they...’’

Jojo showed a fearless expression and leaned over to Rody. She stroked Rody's face gently and said, ’’Seth, why did you suddenly come back? Why did you dye your hair? I miss you every day... Did you miss me?’’

Cold sweat continued to flow from Rody's forehead. He tried to shrink back, but before he could speak, Jojo continued to ask, ’’You were knocked by the carriage earlier. Are you alright? Are you injured? Was it painful?’’

As Jojo spoke, her eyes had turned red, and tears started to flow. She looked deeply at Rody with a heartbroken expression. ’’Why have you been avoiding me? Is it because of His Majesty? You know... for you, I have desperately rejected the courtship of the Emperor. The Emperor was also furious with my sister. Now, he wants to marry your sister. I thought that nothing else would happen but... but, tonight, my sister had secretly sent someone to tell me that His Majesty still wants me... She told me to hurry and leave the city. I did not expect God would send you to my side! This is good. We can finally be together... I... I can see you tonight...’’

Rody mumbled and gritted his teeth, ’’Jojo... Now is not the time for this. Please stop the carriage immediately. We cannot leave the city! I...’’

Jojo looked sad as she replied, ’’You refused me again... I just want you to follow me and leave the Imperial Capital together. Why can't you at least grant me this? You always find excuses! Excuses! This is a safe place! Why do you not want to stay with me?’’

Rody was worried about the vampire chasing him. However, he was also worried that Jojo would see through his disguise. He was sweating profusely.

However, the carriage moved quickly and soon exited the city through East Gate. It then turned into a road that headed towards the Northeast. The trees at the side of the road became more lush as they got further away from the Imperial Capital.

Rody sighed and said, ’’Alright. Don't be like this... Where are we going now?’’

Jojo giggled and snuggled up to Rody's arms and said, ’’You are acting strange again. We are going to our family's mansion in the northern suburbs. That place is secluded, and nobody would be able to find us. We also have a lot of guards there, and it is extremely safe! You don't have to worry. Oh yes, you still have not told me why you secretly sneaked back to the Imperial Capital. Just now, that guard said that you secretly sneaked back to the Imperial Capital and risk death penalty for doing so. Is this true? Then, why did you return? And also, who wants to kill you?’’

Rody turned pale and felt that he had headaches every time he met Miss Jojo. She asked so many questions within such a short time. With all those complications, where was Rody supposed to start?

After thinking for a moment, Rody said, ’’The people after my life are Bayan's subordinates...’’ He gritted his teeth and whispered, ’’Bayan wants to compete for the throne and have allied with vampires. I was discovered by accident... I...’’

Jojo's face had immediately turned white, and she screamed in fear. She held Rody's arms tightly and stuck herself close to Rody's chest. She remembered the stories of vampires and trembled in fear. ’’Vampires? You... How did you...? And Bayan... he...’’

Rody gently pushed aside Jojo, looked at her eyes and gritted his teeth. ’’Now you know. This matter must be reported to His Majesty and the Pope, immediately. These people are now in pursuit to kill me. We are now in a dangerous situation... Sigh. What should we do?’’

Jojo trembled and asked, ’’You... Where did you see Bayan... and the vampire?’’

Rody subconsciously blurted out, ’’At the brothel! The manager there, Madam Sophie, is a high-ranked vampire!’’

’’What!’’ Jojo sat up straight the moment she heard the word 'brothel'. Her original feeling of fear had disappeared and was replaced with an angry expression. She glared at Rody and shouted, ’’You actually went to the brothel?’’

Before Rody could react, Jojo's face was already flushed with anger. She threw herself at Rody and started to scratch and bite him. She angrily shouted again, ’’You bastard! You! Seth, you came back to the Imperial Capital and went to that disgusting place instead of looking for me!’’

Jojo was like an angry female leopard, and no longer looked of fearful or timid.

Rody was dumbfounded. He could only block Jojo's attacks and hurriedly called out, ’’Jojo! Jojo! You... Don't throw tantrum... I...’’ Finally, Rody could not help but pushed Jojo aside and shouted with a soft voice. ’’Stop throwing a tantrum!’’

Jojo was pushed away and fell onto the opposite side of the carriage. Her anger disappeared and was replaced by a resentment. Her eyes were quickly filled with tears. ’’Seth! You have broken my heart! You did not look for me when you returned. Instead, you went to the brothel!’’

Rody finally became angry and shouted, ’’Enough!’’

Jojo was startled after being shouted at. Rody glanced at her and gritted his teeth. ’’Now is not the time to get angry! I had important things to do there! Now we are in danger! Please stop all the nonsense!’’

Just as Jojo was about to speak, the carriage shook violently. Jojo could not help but fall into Rody's arms. The driver outside exclaimed. The carriage had stopped suddenly as if something had fallen onto the roof of the carriage.

Rody held Jojo with a solemn expression. He used his hand to cover Jojo's mouth. Jojo had also turned pale from fright and kept trembling.

A pounding sound could be heard on top of the carriage as if someone was knocking on a door. After that, a woman's voice could be heard. The voice sounded as if she was smiling. ’’The two lovers in there, have you finished your spat? Don't be intimate inside there anymore. Don't be shy. If there is anything to say, you can discuss it with Auntie Sophie.’’

Jojo was scared and subconsciously tried to push open the carriage door to run. Rody hugged her and prevented her from moving. They then heard the surprised curses of the guards outside as they drew their swords.

’’Who are you!’’ ’’Get down from there!’’ ’’This... What is this?’’

The shouting of the guards and the constant laughter of Sophie continued. She had already jumped off the roof of the carriage and started fighting with the guards. Clang! Clang! The sounds of the fight continued. The guards'brief muffled screams broke Sophie's laughter from time to time.


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