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Masked Knight - Chapter 133


Chapter 133: Fatty Leaves the Mountain

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With the super strong fatty with them, the journey back was smoother. All the large monsters and Mythical Beasts ran away after they were beaten up by Sky. Rody did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw the large monsters that were ten meters tall running away from someone shorter and fatter than himself.

He had some regrets not leaving Sky back in the cavern. However, Andy told him that he absolutely must take Sky along as Sky would be a great helper.

How many people in this world have a strong domain?

At first, the fatty was not willing to leave. Rody did not understand why Sky would rather sleep in that cavern and not leave. Sky did not want to leave especially after learning that the Radiant Empire was waging war everywhere. He did not want to see people kill one another.

However, Andy thought of a way and made Rody secretly tell Sky about his adventures as an impostor of the Duke of the Tulip Family...

When Rody was only half way through with what he intended to say, Sky's eyes lit up and then he whispered, ’’Very interesting! How could I miss watching such an interesting masquerade!’’

He then had to break his vow to never leave the mountains.

Sky was someone who loved strange things. Hundreds of years ago, in order to learn more about the legendary Mystic Dragon, he gave up his comfortable life and went into that valley. He then messed around with the Mystic Dragon for a few hundred years. Even after that Mystic Dragon was gone, he intended to stay in that cavern. He had no intention of leaving because the war and the killing in the outside world upset him. However, Rody's story piqued his curiosity and prompted him to leave.

Rody did not understand why his body did not seem to have any strength. He had to rely on Diane to help him walk.

Rody did not have a single injury on his body but he felt extremely weak. Along the way, Sky used up all the energy he had conserved for several hundred of years to beat up the large monsters. However, Rody was pitifully leaning against Diane's body for support.

All along the way, Diane looked at Rody with a strange expression. Her cold eyes made Rody feel strange. Finally, Sky took Diane to a side and told her directly, ’’Girl! I have already told you that you can't kill him! Forget your stupid mission! Even if that is the Mystic Dragon, from my point of view, it is just an overgrown lizard! Why are you glaring at the boy? Even if he has possessed the big lizard, if he were to cause trouble in future, I will just beat the crap out of him!’’

Sky glared at her angrily, and soon, her intentions had disappeared.

While all of that was happening, there was a falling out within the Flame Tribe. In the tribal meeting that day, they had all come prepared to quarrel in front of the Tribal Chief. The tribes that were arguing were simple minded. They had spent the previous night thinking of various ways to scold and curse so that they could lambaste their opponents during the tribal meetings.

However, on that day, they had found that the Tribal Chief had gone missing.

The Flame Tribe started to panic. They searched for an entire day but could not find the Tribal Chief. The guards of the village gate also swore that they did not see the Tribal Chief leave.

In addition, the guard who was guarding the Tribal Chief's room was struck unconscious by someone.

Finally, Wuyu, who was proficient in the Empire's language, found out that the Duke of Tulip Family had also gone missing, leaving behind only his guard, Randt.

The mountain people immediately surrounded Randt. They had always been hostile to the Empire, and now they believed that it was one of the Empire's plots. They decided to just capture Randt first. Randt was also a rash person. The moment he saw the surrounding people pointing their weapons at him, he was also prepared to fight.

However, Randt thought about it carefully and knew that he would not be able to fight against so many people. Besides that, he was also worried about the Young Master's whereabout. He then roared loudly, ’’Are you trying to bully me with so many people? Wasn't the mountain people supposed to be brave and strong? If you have the skills, fight me one on one!’’

The mountain people did not understand Randt's words. Fortunately, Wuyu was present and also influential within the tribe. Immediately, he called everybody to get their attention and then translated Randt's words. The mountain people were stunned. They then realized that they had one hundred and eighty people on their side while their opponent was alone. That was really bullying and not the style of the mountain people.

Several well known warriors of the tribes then declared loudly that they would duel so as to not tarnish their dignity.

Randt was tall and stout. He was a head taller than most of the mountain people. A lot of those mountain people were simple minded. When they saw that Randt was towering above them, they did not dare come forward to challenge him. That was because if they were to lose, they would ruin the good name of the mountain people.

However, there were still a few mountain warriors who were huge and sturdy. They were comparable to Randt. They were ready to challenge Randt.

Immediately, the mountain people recommended a huge man to come out. That person first put down his bow. He then took off his fur jacket and revealed his muscular body. After that, he picked up a spear and readied himself in front of Randt.

Randt did not bother being polite. How could such an untrained person be able to defeat him? In front of the other mountain warriors, Randt kicked that warrior out. He smashed into a side of the wooden wall and did not get up again.

After that, a few more of the mountain warriors went up to challenge Randt, and they were also defeated. Randt could be considered a high ranked warrior in the Empire. Mere muscular men would not be able to defeat him. Besides that, Randt had also shown mercy and did not use any fighting energy.

After about seven or eight people were defeated, nobody else stepped forward to challenge him.

That was not because the mountain warriors were timid. However, the reason was the warriors that Randt had defeated were the top warriors of the tribe. If even the strongest had already lost, it would be meaningless to step up and make a fool of themselves.

The Flame Tribe felt helpless but they refused to mob Randt. Otherwise, they would lose face for bullying Randt. The people from the other tribes had originally objected to the Flame Tribe from dueling with Randt. They were scolding and laughing at the Flame Tribe, who claimed to be the strongest of the mountain tribes, for being defeated by just one person from the Empire.

Wuyu had also become angry. Only the shaman of the Flame Tribe remained calm and ordered a group attack. Even if they would later be ridiculed by the other tribes, it would be better than making a fool of themselves right then.

Randt saw the mountain warriors aimed their longbows at him. Randt knew that their arrowheads had been smeared with a special kind of drug. Randt had witnessed it before... even a bear would immediately collapse when shot by such an arrow.

Randt was desperate and had given up hope. He knew that the final moment for him to show loyalty to the Empire and the Duke had come. It was at that moment that the situation changed.

A mountain warrior ran in from outside in a panic. He ran to the shaman and shouted something. Randt did not understand a word he said, but the warrior's expression looked as if he had just seen a ghost.

The more the shaman heard, the angrier he became. He cursed and then he brought everybody out of the village.

The moment they reached the entrance of the village, they heard a loud crash as the thick gate of the village toppled down. Amidst the flying dust, they saw a large monster that was several meters tall.

The mountain warriors doubted their eyes but eventually realized that they were looking at an actual giant. The giant held a huge hammer in its hands, and his roar was as loud as thunder. It then raised the hammer and smashed the wall in front of him. Half of the wall was totally smashed.

The mountain people may be courageous, but after all, they were just normal people. When they saw the legendary monster of the mountains, they immediately retreated.

After that, they looked carefully and saw some people sitting on the shoulder of the giant.

Sky was riding on the shoulder of the monster as he laughed wildly. After that, he shouted, ’’Interesting! Why have I not thought of something so amusing before?’’ Sky proudly looked at Diane and Rody beside him. He then looked at the scared mountain people and commanded the large monster to walk forward.

The monster did not understand Sky's language. He was just caught and forced to carry the three of them through the forest. The method Sky used to command the monster was simple. Whenever Sky had the slightest dissatisfaction with the monster, he would kick it.

After getting kicked, the monster would scream and act obediently. Along the way here, Rody saw that the large monster was used like a horse and sighed. He really did not know whether bringing such an unruly person to the world was a good idea or not.

Initially, they had wanted to use the secret entrance to return to the village. However, Sky lost his temper. He said that he had been exploring tunnels for hundreds of years. Since he had come out of the cavern, he refused to move through tunnels like a rat anymore. As a result, Sky caught a monster and left for the canyon, which was full of spiders. All along the way, Sky threw fireballs at the spiders. The spiders were burned and they fled. After leaving the canyon, he headed toward the Flame Tribe.

From a distance, Sky saw Randt standing on a wooden platform in front of a wooden house and asked Rody, ’’Boy, is he your companion?’’

Sky noticed Rody nodding and then he kicked the large monster. The monster felt the pain and hurried towards Randt.

Most of the mountain people fled. However, there were a few courageous people who picked up their bows and shot arrows at the large monster. The monster was Sky's 'toy’’ and therefore, he would definitely not allow those arrows to hurt it. Before the arrows could reach the monster, they were blocked by balls of light emitted by Sky.

Seeing these, the mountain people screamed, believing that the monster was the evil of the mountains.

Randt was standing on a wooden platform which was on a higher terrain than the mountain people on the ground. He could see a person on the shoulder of the large monster waving at him. Recognizing the person as His Excellency the Duke, he immediately jumped down from the wooden platform and ran towards the monster.

Sky fiercely kicked the head of the monster. The monster growled and then knelt down before fainting. Sky, Rody, and Diane then jumped down from the shoulder of the monster.

The surrounding mountain people finally saw that the person who jumped down from the shoulder of the monster was the Empire's messenger. They became frightened and confused.

Finally, Wuyu regained his composure and shouted loudly, ’’Duke of the Empire! What are you doing?’’

Rody looked somewhat apologetic and said, ’’Sorry, we wanted to enter the village but the guards could not understand us. So, we had to force our way in.’’

The other mountain people saw the monster kneeling on the ground and one of their own people talking to the other party. They then slowly and carefully approached as they held their weapons tightly.

The mountain people were very noisy. In the midst of the noise, that wiser shaman walked up to Wuyu and whispered something. After that, Wuyu immediately asked, ’’Duke! Where is our Tribal Chief?’’

Rody's face had an awkward expression and he did not know how to reply. He could not just tell them: 'Your Tribal Chief was transformed from a monster and I have killed him.'

These mountain people had regarded Wuya as their God. If he had really told them that, they would end up fighting desperately.

However, before Rody could speak, Sky stood out and answered, ’’Your Tribal Chief had entered that canyon and was killed by this monster... uh, he was eaten! We have captured this monster to take revenge for your Tribal Chief!’’

Sky had spoken quickly and impatiently. As a result, Wuyu took some time to process and understand those words. When he finally understood Sky's words, he jumped and shouted, ’’Nonsense! Nonsense! How could the Tribal Chief die?’’

Wuyu then relayed Sky's answer to the shaman in their language. The shaman was also shocked. The surrounding mountain people started to shout again. Sky impatiently pulled Rody and whispered, ’’Why waste time explaining to these people? They would always interpret it wrongly. Let's just take your companion and leave!’’

Rody sighed and summoned Randt to come to him.

At that time, the mountain people shouted in unison. They then aimed their bows and arrows at Rody and the others, who were standing in the middle.

Wuyu shouted again, ’’Duke! Speak! What happened?’’

Rody thought for a moment and then he replied, ’’Wuyu, I did not tell any lies. Your Tribal Chief is really dead. He died in the canyon.’’ Before he could finish explaining, Sky pulled Rody's clothes and started walking away. ’’Faster! There is no point talking to them. Their Tribal Chief would not return no matter what you say.’’

Those mountain people tried to stop them. However, before the nearby warriors could shoot their arrows, they were taken and thrown away by Sky. The archers who were further away quickly shot their arrows. However, with Sky around, they were covered with a layer of protective light. Ordinary arrows would not be able to hurt them. They eventually fought their way out. The mountain people not only failed to stop them, they also failed to catch up with them.

They left behind the large monster kneeling there. It did not matter whether the mountain people believed Sky or not. How they dealt with the large monster was none of his business.


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