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Masked Knight - Chapter 132


Chapter 132: The Truth of Gods and Demons

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Sky could not be bothered about why the girl was fearful. He looked at the two people near him. One of them had fainted and the other was half dead. Sky sighed and told Diane to stay put and not to go anywhere. He then re-entered the hole in the tree and went to the pond with the holy water. He summoned a ball of light to hold the holy water and then carried it out.

As soon as he came out, he saw that the girl had already crawled to the side of the unconscious Rody. However, the girl had a strange expression.

Something is wrong! She has a murderous expression...

Sure enough, the girl lifted the Dragon Fang sword that was left by Wuya and fiercely plunged it down at Rody's neck.

Sky gave a supercilious look and sighed. He then heard that girl scream, as she dropped the sword on the ground. Diane was thrown off and fell forcefully on the ground.

’’Idiot,’’ Sky spoke as he slowly walked forward. After that, he laughed and said, ’’I must tell you that this boy had smeared the blood of the Mystic Dragon all over his body when he was in there. Now he is extremely powerful. He is probably the strongest human in existence. Even I am not as strong as him! A normal sword would not be able to harm him. This Dragon Fang sword might be capable of harming him but you are too weak to use it. In your hands, the Dragon Fang sword is no different compared to a piece of scrap iron...’’

Diane was speechless. She trembled as she looked at Sky with a face full of fear.

Sky then squinted his eyes and smiled. ’’Well, girl. Tell me... Why do you want to kill this boy?’’

Diane's expression hardly changed. She did not dare to look at Sky's face and replied in a soft voice, ’’I... I must kill him! He has now transformed into the Mystic Dragon! I cannot let him leave this valley alive! The Silvermoon Clan follows the order of the True God Kara to guard this valley. We must absolutely not let the Mystic Dragon reappear in this world!’’

Sky pursed his lips and asked, ’’You speak of Kara. Are you one of Kara's clansmen? You all guard this valley? What a joke! Hahaha. Only you people believe in Kara's words.’’

Diane raised her eyebrows. She wanted to refute Sky but she was not able to.

Sky laughed and continued, ’’Haha, you think I am wrong? In that case, let me ask you. Why are you all guarding this valley? According to the actual myths and legends, the Mystic Dragon was sealed here by Protoss. Kara was a mortal enemy of Protoss. Why are you helping Protoss guard this place?’’

Diane froze for a moment. Looking lost, she replied, ’’I... I don't know. However, this is the True God Kara's command, and it is absolutely not wrong. The Great Kara is never wrong.’’

Sky pursed his lips and thought to himself. Another stupid religious person. He then coldly said, ’’You said that your Kara... I mean, the Silvermoon Clan, guards this valley? In this case, can you answer my earlier questions? Others may not know the answer but I know the answer to that question.’’

’’Know what?’’ Diane involuntarily asked.

Sky laughed and asked back, ’’Little girl, will you believe me if I tell you that your bullshit True God Kara is a liar and a despicable coward?’’

Diane became angry and shouted, ’’Shut up! You are being blasphemous! The Great God Kara will smite you!’’

Sky showed a meaningful smile as he mumbled, ’’Blasphemous... Haha, I have not heard this word for hundreds of years. The last time I was called a blasphemer was by someone who worshiped Protoss. Now, even someone who worships Kara called me a blasphemer. Haha.’’ His expression then changed and he coldly asked, ’’Girl, let me ask you then. Those people that worship Protoss say that Kara is the Devil. In your words, they have been 'blasphemous'to your God every day. Why hasn't Kara smitten them with lightning?’’

’’...’’ Diane was speechless.

Sky suddenly laughed, ’’Can't answer? Your mouth does not say it, but your heart is definitely puzzled! Hahaha! Are you starting to doubt? Your devotion to your bullshit Kara is starting to waver, right?’’

Diane's expression changed drastically as she shouted, ’’Shut up! Shut up!’’

Sky laughed for a moment and then he said, ’’Little girl, let me tell you the reason!’’ He paused for a moment and then spoke in a profound voice, ’’The truth is, your Kara and Protoss were associates. They were treacherous guys. However, because they were not satisfied with the division of the spoils, they became enemies.’’

Diane cried out again and again, ’’Nonsense! Nonsense!’’

’’Don't believe? Let me explain to you!’’ Sky showed a malicious smile and squatted beside Diane. He then stretched out his finger and drew two circles.

’’Look... This is the Northern Roland continent, and this is the Southern Radiant continent. Girl, listen properly. I will now tell you the real history and truth of the God and Devil War thousands of years ago!’’

’’Listen properly... Thousands of years ago, Protoss and Kara ruled the continents together. However, they were both Gods. Protoss overlooked the Roland Continent while Kara overlooked what you all know now as the Radiant Continent. However, for some reason, Protoss created the Mystic Dragon. Sigh... This is what you call looking for trouble... Creation is fine. After all, humans were also created by God. There was nothing wrong with creating another creature. However, the strange thing was that the Mystic Dragon created by Protoss was special. In short, the Mystic Dragon was powerful.’’ Sky's expression was serious as he continued, ’’Extremely powerful! It was so powerful that its strength was equal to the Gods! Nobody knows the actual reason Protoss created such a powerful being. However, I suspect it is because Protoss was envious of Kara's territory. Protoss knew that he could not defeat Kara, so he decided to create a creature to help him. After that, the most amusing farce happened...’’

’’The creation of the Mystic Dragon was successful and the Mystic Dragon was extremely powerful. However, it was too strong, and Protoss could not control it! Just think for yourself. Wouldn't it be terrible if you had created something to help you, but it betrayed you instead?’’

’’Protoss was helpless and could not defeat the Mystic Dragon on his own. Finally, he had no choice but to ask Kara for help. Originally, Kara did not care as he and Protoss never saw eye to eye. However, the Mystic Dragon not only caused trouble at the Roland Continent but also at the Radiant Continent. Therefore, Kara decided to work together with Protoss to defeat that Mystic Dragon.’’

’’Protoss had gathered his own Mythological Animals. There were the God of Light, God of War, God of the Sun. Basically, there were a lot of Gods. Kara also gathered his own Mythical Beasts.

’’The Mystic Dragon was not stupid. When Protoss created it, he followed the image of the dragon. As a result, the Mystic Dragon became the leader of the dragons. The Mystic Dragon then gathered the dragons and rebelled against the Gods and Kara. It fought against Protoss and Kara for a long time. Although the Mystic Dragon was powerful, the other dragons were too weak. Those dragons may be powerful compared to humans, but they were extremely weak when compared to Protoss and Kara. Some of the dragons were unable to defeat the Mythical Beasts and Mythological Animals, and so, the Mystic Dragon searched for another method.’’

Diane was already engrossed and could not help but ask, ’’What was the method?’’

Sky laughed as his two fat cheeks shook. He then whispered, ’’Creation!’’

Sky took a deep breath and then he continued seriously, ’’The Mystic Dragon was really extraordinary! Not only could he rival the power of the Gods, he also had the power to create lives! He created nine subordinates, known as the Mystic Dragon's nine children! Initially, I did not know who that guy we saw earlier today was. However, I remembered the name Jormungardr. He should be one of the nine children of the Mystic Dragon!’’

’’His nine children were powerful! Each of them was as powerful as the Mythological Animals and Mythical Beasts. That resulted in both parties fighting and the battle lasted for a few hundred years. Finally, Protoss and Kara had to work together to outdo the Mystic Dragon. In the end, they killed almost all of its nine children. The Mystic Dragon survived but was also badly defeated! Legends said that Kara and the Mystic Dragon fought a duel in the sky. The battle was so ferocious that they almost pierced the sky. Kara and the Mystic Dragon both suffered severely. The Mystic Dragon was captured and Kara was badly injured... Your Kara wasn't just not a good person, he was also definitely not smart. He was obviously used as cannon fodder (dispensable) by Protoss, but he still fought recklessly with the Mystic Dragon...

’’When the Mystic Dragon was caught, they also caught Jormungardr, the large snake. However, the Mystic Dragon was too strong and could not be killed. As a result, they decided to seal it and let it sleep forever. The place it was sealed in is this place! Jormungardr was then stripped of its sense of self-awareness and became a mindless Mythical Beast. He was then also thrown into this valley and became the servant of the Gods.

’’Wait...’’ Diane was engrossed in listening to the story and could not help but ask, ’’Why is it here? This is the Radiant Continent and is part of the True God Kara's territory. Why did they seal Protoss'Mystic Dragon in Kara's territory?’’

Sky smiled and replied, ’’This? Let me tell you. This was an agreement between the two parties. If Kara were to help Protoss defeat the Mystic Dragon, Protoss would be willing to give up the Roland Continent and would no longer bother about what happens in the world! That would mean that both continents would belong to Kara!’’

Ignoring Diane's expression, Sky continued to laugh, ’’However, Kara was too simple minded. How could Protoss give up his own territory so easily? After all, the reason he created the Mystic Dragon was to help him fight against Kara. As Kara was injured after the reckless battle against the Mystic Dragon, Protoss took this as an opportunity. Then, the rest...was almost just like what the Legend of your Kara clan stated... Protoss brought his clansmen from the North to attack the Kara clan and occupied the Radiant Continent. Unlike Protoss, Kara himself was dying, and he could not assist his clansmen. The result... in just a few decades, the continent in the south was occupied by Protoss, and your God Kara was defeated and captured by the northern Gods. I do not know the specific details, but the Protoss teachings say that the God of Sun, the God of War, and the other Gods had used their greatest powers to vanquish the Devil Kara. Finally, when Kara was gone, the Kara clan was also almost wiped out.’’

Diane grieved as she heard about the history of her clan's extinction.

Sky then waved his hands and happily laughed, ’’What happened after that was really funny. Protoss was contented as long as both continents belonged to him and all the people in this world were his worshippers. However, the Protoss humans started to cause trouble. The people from both the southern and the northern continents started to cause trouble. Suddenly, Protoss' worshippers divided into two factions. Both factions claimed to be the most devout believers and accused the other of distorting Protoss' will. A minor dispute like this could easily be solved by Protoss himself. But at that point in time, the Gods were almost finished. First, he fought with the Mystic Dragon for several hundred years. Then he fought with Kara for more than a hundred years. Some of the Gods were dead, some injured and some hid themselves to nurse their wounds. Gods and humans were different. If a human were injured, he could recover within several months. If a God were injured, he would not recover for a very long time. Just like your Kara: he was injured after fighting with the Mystic Dragon and could not recover even after a hundred years. Finally, in the hundred years battle, Kara was killed by Protoss. By that time, Protoss' situation was similar to Kara's. The Gods on his side were also injured and half dead. There were some Gods who had actually died. As a result, the human world plunged into chaos...’’

’’As I have said earlier, the two divided factions called themselves the true believers and accused the other of being false believers. The elders from both factions were also unable to contact their Masters, causing panic among them. Since their Gods could not speak and guide them, the humans started to fight!

’’The war between the two factions which started thousands of year ago lasted till this day. Both the people from the northern Roland Continent and the southern Radiant Continent believed that they worship the True God while accusing the other of being heathens.

’’I grew up in the Roland Continent and later moved to the Radiant Continent. I never liked disputes and never cared about Gods or Devils. However, I was interested in those exciting stories. I found a lot of information from the ancient secret scriptures of the northern Gods and the southern Gods. I had also investigated a lot of historical artifacts to piece together this story.

’’Before I entered this mountain, uh...’’ Sky thought for a moment, shook his head and continued, ’’I cannot remember, anyway, that was a few hundred years ago. Then, I followed the legend and found this mountain, and I wanted to see how powerful the Mystic Dragon was. I did not really care about all things in this world, except strange things. The continent in the north was divided into several smaller countries but they still worshiped the same God. On the other hand, the continent in the south grew much more powerful. The Radiant Empire was then founded and expanded southwards. I believe that if the Radiant Empire was able to unite the continent, they would be able to fight the people in the North. Without waiting for the Gods to recover from their injuries, the humans started another war. Truly chaotic times.’’

Sky spat as he spoke. Diane was so fascinated by the story that she had forgotten to rebuke Sky for disrespecting Kara. After that, Sky sighed and suddenly spoke again, ’’Now, I do not know what is going on in the outside world. Has the Radiant Continent defeated the Roland Continent? Do they have the same religion now?’’

Diane opened her mouth, but before she could speak, they suddenly heard a gentle voice say, ’’Not yet. The Southern continent is still the Southern Continent and the Northern Continent is still the Northern Continent. The two factions are also still there and continued to fight. However, the Radiant Empire that you mentioned is almost finished.’’

Both Diane and Sky jumped up in surprise. They turned to look at the person who spoke. Sky then said, ’’Boy, when did you wake up? I did not even notice!’’

Rody showed an agonized expression as he rubbed his head and replied, ’’I have been awake for a while, but my whole body feels painful. I think my bones are broken. What happened just now? Where is Wuya? Did you fight him off?’’


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