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Masked Knight - Chapter 131


Chapter 131: Mystic Dragon Purge

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A dragon...

It looked like that Mystic Dragon except that its head was much, much smaller had been sketched into his arm. Its black body and skull looked so realistic. The wings looked like they would spread out and soar any instant. Even the flame from its mouth looked so real.

The dragon was imprinted on Rody's arm. Rody gently stroked the skin with the imprint on his arm and did not find anything different from before. However, he vaguely felt some strange movements under the skin. Rody wondered if it was a psychological effect.

A roar came from the woods as Wuya rushed out. He then looked at Rody with disbelieve.

’’Impossible...This is impossible!’’ Wuya suddenly shouted, ’’How could I be defeated by a human? How could the great Jormungardr lose to a human!’’

With an angry roar, Wuya's aura became more and more violent. His whole body seemed to emit flames. He was so angry that he became irrational... Both his eyes had turned red, and his eyeballs were no longer visible as if the eyes had become a pair of fireballs.

’’Die!’’ Wuya roared. His body floated in the air as he created two fireballs from his hands. He then shot them at Rody.

The two fireballs flew like arrows towards Rody as they left behind trails of flame. Wuya did not stop there. He continuously created more fireballs and shot them all at Rody.

’’Very interesting!’’ Sky was excited as he jumped in front of the fireballs. His fat body acted as a barrier for Rody and blocked all the fireballs. His body was wrapped in a white light, disintegrating the fireballs and scattering the sparks.

Wuya continued to rage and roar. Countless fireballs continued to shoot out, causing a series of non-stop explosions. Sky's figure could no longer be seen. Finally, the explosions stopped. Wuya's body shook as he had consumed too much power in that attack. His heart almost stopped when he saw the aftermath after the smoke scattered and dissipated in mid-air.

Floating in the air was a dazzling white light ball. Sky spread out his hands to suspend the ball in the air. Sparks streaked from the surface of the light ball. Sky then laughed loudly. ’’Interesting! You are good. You really have some abilities...’’

Wuya's face had turned so red that it looked like he almost bled. He was desperate and had recklessly used his energy earlier. After all, he was not a dragon. Earlier, he had risked his life and used energy beyond his limits, placing an extreme demand on his body. He felt as if there were several forces in his body tearing him apart, and he could no longer control his energy. Wuya knew very well that he only had a large mythical snake body but he was using the dragon beast's 'Spiritual Dragon Transform'. That was a crazy move. Now, if he loses control, he would explode and die. Also, that reckless attack had pushed him into a situation far beyond his ability to handle. Now, he could feel the power in his body becoming more violent, like a wild horse that's out of control.

The fat man who was floating could not be human. That earlier attack was not something the Mythological Animals could endure. Ever since Wuya had used the 'Spiritual Dragon Transformation', he became two times more powerful. With such power, Sphinx had been demolished in his earlier attack. However, the human had effortlessly withstood all his attacks.

Wuya suddenly gave a cruel smile. His smile was ruthless and desperate. ’’You all! Do you think you can humiliate me, the great Jormungardr? You are just lowly humans! I will show you the consequences! I will send you all to hell!’’

Wuya suddenly took a deep breath. As he inhaled, the surrounding air moved rapidly. It was as if he was inhaling everything from the surroundings. Wuya opened his eyes and stared as his body inflated like a balloon.

Rody and Sky were stunned as they watch Wuya's body become wider and taller. Finally, Wuya grew to over ten meters in height and was about as large the giant monsters in the forest. However, his body was also covered in a mass of red lights and emitted a buzzing sound.

’’Are you all ready? Humans, are you all prepared to die!’’ His voice roared from the sky like the giant God of ancient times.

Sky not only saw that Wuya had become large. He also faintly felt Wuya's aura becoming more and more violent. Wuya's energy continued to rise insanely. Finally, Sky had started to turn pale. He realized that Wuya's energy was becoming more unstable and uncontrolled.

As Sky was proficient in Domain Force, he understood what this meant. That guy is betting his life!

Sky had a strong domain and could be considered one of the strongest in the world. It was not a problem for him to fight with a legendary monster but it would be an entirely different matter when fighting against a legendary monster with a suicidal mindset.

At the end of the day, Sky was still a human. He did not have an immortal body like these Mythological Beasts and monsters. Besides that, the power of people with strong domain was only 'close' to Gods. They were not Gods.

Even a real God might have problems defending himself against the explosion of energy from this dying snake. The powerful Sphinx's death was a good example. If Wuya were to unleash his energy, it would be powerful enough to kill Sky. Sky could tell that Wuya was currently not weaker than the dragon he had been fighting for hundreds of years.

An even more frightening fact was that Wuya was rational and intelligent. On the other hand, the Mystic Dragon did not show any signs of intelligence or wisdom and merely relied on instincts. It was merely a Mythical Beast that he fought for fun.

Jormungardr, Fang of the Pit, and the ninth son of the Mystic Dragon had finally demonstrated his most powerful moment. Although he was only the ninth son of the Mystic Dragon, he was conscious and had a sense of self. After breaking out of the seal placed by the Gods, he had returned to being the terrifying monster that had fought alongside the Mystic Dragon during the war with the Gods thousands of years ago.

In comparison, the Mystic Dragon may have been Wuya's creator, but he was not revived properly by Sky. As a result, the Mystic Dragon had become a mindless Mythical Beast. It could not unleash its full power and was much weaker than the Mystic Dragon from the legends as it could only fight by its instincts. Its power was probably only one-tenth of its original strength.

Sky started to get tense. Although he was arrogant, he knew he must not be careless, especially against an opponent who was his equal.

This monster may be only just as powerful as the dragon, but he knows how to fight intelligently!

Wuya felt an intense pain course through his body. The severe pain threatened to wash away his last thread of consciousness. Wuya understood that the energy had reached the limits of what he could control.

Wuya slowly opened his mouth and spat out in a low and clear voice. ’’¥#%◎¥×......’’

These words were as loud as thunder as they hammered on the eardrums of the people there. Sky then shouted, ’’What did he say? What language is that?’’

Diane, who was lying down on the ground, suddenly shouted a reply, ’’He is speaking in the dragon's language!’’

’’What?’’ Sky's eyes widened and asked. ’’What dragon language? What did he say?’’

Diane showed an agonized expression and said, ’’I don't know! I don't understand it! However, I could recognize that it is in the dragon's language! His words... are probably a dragon's incantation!’’

’’Sh*t!’’ Sky cursed. After living in that cave for several hundred years, he did not expect to meet such a powerful person the first day he walked out.

Diane's expression became more agonized. Wuya's words in the dragon language were like needles piercing her heart.

Sky took a deep breath. As he had a strong domain skill, he only felt extremely uncomfortable from Wuya's words. However, he did not feel any kind of pain, unlike Diane. He was about to spread out his domain to challenge Wuya when he heard a painful groan behind him.

Turning around, he saw Rody suddenly shout. Rody's face was distorted as he pulled his hair and ears.

Rody trembled as if he had gone crazy, and his face was filled with pain. Sky went to Rody's side and tried to pull him up.

Just as he stretched out his hand, Rody suddenly showed a trace of anger and had a stern expression. He then waved his left hand to ferociously knock away Sky's hand. Sky felt like he was hit by a powerful force and was knocked to the side. A thought flashed in his mind. Sh*t! His left hand!

Rody suddenly roared loudly. His voice was like a dozen thunders and was loud enough to drown Wuya's words in the dragon language. When he roared, Diane felt like her head was being hammered and blacked out.

Roddy's expression was distorted. He looked confused and at a loss. Wuya's dragon language had caused the Mystic Dragon in his body to stir. As the incantation continued, the dragon energy in Rody's arm was aroused. Rody could hear thousands of voices screaming in his mind. It was as if a large hand had grabbed his soul and pulled it out. Finally, he also lost consciousness...

However, this was only what happened in Rody's mind. For everyone else, Rody now had a different appearance.

With a twisted face, Rody stood there and staggered. As if his body was out of his control, he stepped forward rigidly. His irises could no longer be seen;his eyes were now just two white spheres.

Wuya had finally finished the incantation in dragon language and suddenly roared. Two hands stretched out into the air to create two large balls of light. He then brought his hands together to combine the two balls. Wuya then opened his mouth and breathed fire into the ball of light. Suddenly, the flaming ball of light flew towards Rody.

Rody stood at his original position and did not seem to be conscious. He laughed wildly for one moment and then roared the next moment. The moment the ball of light was in front of him, Rody stretched out his left hand and blocked it.

He roared as his body was pushed back a few meters, dragging the ball of light in his hands as he went.

A short distance away, Sky had gotten back up and was floating in the air. When he was knocked back by Rody's left hand, he was thrown about ten meters away. He had crashed through the bushes and onto the ground to form a deep hole. Before he could dust off the dirt and leaves from his body, he saw a scene that surprised him.

Rody suddenly threw back that huge ball of light that was bigger than his body. The huge Wuya cried out. He deflected the ball of light with his giant hands. The flaming ball of light crashed into the forest. A huge fiery explosion appeared at a distant point in the forest. The explosion had knocked down rows of trees.

Rody then looked up and laughed heartily. He laughed crazily and slowly stretched out his left hand as though he was pulling something with it.

Rody's laughter gradually stopped and a black aura had gathered at his left hand. The aura became denser and denser before it burst. After that, it transformed into a black flame. Black sparks started to appear as Rody showed a strange sneer. He then said something that Sky could not understand.

Sky suddenly realized. ’’This boy is speaking in the dragon's language!’’

The following scene almost made Sky's eyeballs pop out.

The black flames in Rody's hands became larger and more powerful. Finally, with a loud blast, a black fiery dragon appeared out of the flames in Rody's hands. The black fiery dragon opened its mouth and roared as it carried the black flames with it and shot towards Wuya.

The black fiery dragon carried the black flames with it, and wherever it went, the grass and trees immediately turned to ash, without leaving any residue.

Wuya gave a terrified roar. He just had enough time to put up a huge curtain of light in front of him when the black dragon with the black flames crashed into it.

With a loud boom, Wuya's curtain of light collapsed. The black fiery dragon hit Wuya's body and passed right through it.

Wuya gave a blood-curdling scream. His body grew slightly larger before exploding with a shower of blood. His large body was totally destroyed!

Sky suddenly shouted, ’’Sh*t!’’. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Diane that was lying down on the floor. His body then flashed for a moment before he disappeared and then reappeared beside Diane. He covered himself and Diane in a white light before the explosion hit them both.

The earth shook fiercely. Wuya had exploded and formed a crater that was ten meters large. Within this crater, all the plants had already become ashes and could only be seen as a dark colored dust on the ground.

Rody stood in place and his face gradually became calmer. He then closed his eyes and slowly collapsed.

Sky sighed as the light covering their bodies faded. He looked at the girl and then he looked at the crater. He took a deep breath and murmured, ’’My god... How did this kid become so powerful?’’

The girl at his feet suddenly trembled. She groaned and opened her eyes. When she saw Sky standing beside her, she screamed in fear and shrank back.

Sky spat and hatefully said, ’’Little girl, if it was not because I saved you, you would not even have any bones left right now!’’

Diane's expression slightly changed. She looked around and trembled. ’’Wu... where is Wuya?’’

’’Are you talking about that big snake?’’ Sky pursed his lips and said, ’’Everywhere...’’

’’Ahh!’’ Diane's expression changed, and she started to scream again.

’’He has already turned to ashes,’’ Sky closed his eyes and said, with an enigmatic look.

When he saw Diane's blank expression, his enigmatic look faded. He then excitedly explained what had happened, but was shouting and dancing around at the same time.

’’...Yes. That was what happened. The dragon was this big... black color ... in the end it caused this crater.’’ Sky opened his arms and tried to form a circle with it.

Diane's expression became heavier the more she heard, and finally, she became frightened. She trembled thinking of something terrible and after a while, she muttered in a low voice, ’’It's the Mystic Dragon! He has become the Mystic Dragon! He must have used... the legendary dragon's most powerful magic... 'Mystic Dragon Purge'!’’

Diane's face turned pale. She suddenly clasped her hands together in front of her chest and murmured, ’’Great Kara. Is the reappearance of the Mystic Dragon the intention of the Heavens?’’


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