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Masked Knight - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Super Left Hand

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

While history was being made in the cavern, the battle between the snake and the lion had approached an end.

Both Wuya and Sphinx seemed to have reached their limit.

One of them was the Mystic Dragon's ninth son, a Mythical Beast. The other was one of God's loyal guardian, a high ranked Mythological Animal. At the moment, both of them were running out of energy. Wuya's face, which was originally like cold jade, was starting to turn translucent. It was to the extent that his bones and blood vessels could be seen. The horrifying figure of half man and half skeleton could barely lift his Dragon's Fang sword. He just stared at Sphinx.

Sphinx was still standing there, not moving. However, his roar no longer had any strength. The curtain of light had also turned dim and looked as though it would be broken by another attack.

Wuya was also exhausted. He was unable to cope with another attack, as he had already used up the last ounce of his energy.

’’You little snake! Are you still not going to give up?’’ Sphinx shouted, ’’You are already exhausted. Do you really intend to sacrifice yourself here? The Mystic Dragon is immortal, but you are not!’’

Wuya panted as he grinned hideously. He stuck his sword into the ground and spoke in a strange voice, ’’Sphinx. Aren't you exhausted as well? How much longer can you carry on with your energy? Today, I will chop off your head!’’

After saying that, Wuya placed his hands close to his chest and sat down. He smiled and glanced at Sphinx for a moment. Then, he closed his eyes and mumbled in a language that nobody could understand.

Suddenly, his clothes split open and scattered all over. A thin layer of scales gradually emerged on his naked body. The gray scales densely covered his body. It then spread to his neck and covered his face.

’’Sphinx, do you think that I am at a dead end? Behold, the ninth son of the Mystic Dragon, Jormungardr!’’ After that, Wuya closed his eyes again and his face contorted in pain. He then opened his mouth and gave a long and painful cry...

’’You are shedding your skin again?’’ Sphinx started to get nervous, ’’Isn't this the ninth time? You are just a snake, you are not a real dragon. If you shed your skin the ninth time, you will die! Do you really want to die?’’

Wuya did not reply but continued to scream in pain. The pain became even more severe as time passed. Finally, his skin started to make a weird and creepy sound.

’’Stop! Stop, you snake! You are a snake and not a dragon! A Mythical Snake cannot shed his skin nine times! Are you crazy?’’ Sphinx roared as he shook his head nervously.

Wuya suddenly opened his eyes and hissed. After that, the skin on his head started to peel and gradually spread to the rest of his body and revealed the soft and fair flesh underneath.

All the bones in Wuya's body seemed to have disappeared, and his body twisted in a weird way. That kind of action was not what a human skeleton could do. The crack on his head was getting bigger, and a new head gradually wiggled out from the cracked skin on top of his head.

Sphinx roared helplessly. He was just a guard. Although Wuya could not enter, he also could not leave the curtain of light. He could only watch Wuya work that dangerous magic in front of him.

Sphinx suddenly noticed the unconscious Diane at the side. The already injured Diane was caught in the battle between Wuya and Sphinx. A shockwave from their fight had knocked her unconscious.

Sphinx immediately shouted, ’’Hey! That person! Kara's people! Quick, wake up! Wake up now!’’

Perhaps it was the blessings of the Gods. Diane gently frowned;her body trembled slightly and she slowly woke up. Sphinx continued to shout at her until she slowly opened her eyes. A trace of confusion could be seen in her eyes.

’’The fellow from the Kara Clan! Right now, that snake is shedding off its skin for the ninth time! If he succeeds, I will no longer be able to obstruct it! Now you must help me! Understand?’’

Diane started to understand and struggled to stand up. She gasped for breath and asked, ’’What?’’

She turned around and saw Wuya's head coming out of the cracked skin. A layer of thin and terrifying scales could be seen coming out of his face. Its inner bright and red body was making a great effort to wriggle out...

’’Ahh!’’ Diane was terrified at this spectacle and started to scream.

’’Shut up! Foolish human!’’ Sphinx roared loudly, ’’You must help me obstruct him! Go and hit him! Use your most powerful attack on him! The snake must not be disturbed while it is shedding its skin! You must stop him now!’’

Diane clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails almost cut her palms. Listening to Sphinx's words, she gritted her teeth and gradually approached Wuya, who was molting.

Wuya suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Diane. He gently opened his mouth and, with a whisper, shot out a knife. That knife was extremely fast. Before Diane could react, she was struck in the chest. Diane screamed as she fell backward.

After Wuya exhaled, his body struggled faster, and the skin was starting to peel off faster.

Sphinx continued to roar but no matter how hard Diane struggled, she could not get up again.

After some time, Wuya finally smiled coldly. The cold smile then turned into laughter. His laughter became louder and louder until the last layers of skin were peeled off.

The more frightening thing was that the peeled off human skin reverted back into the thorny scales of a snake.

Finally, Wuya shouted loudly and slowly stood up in front of Sphinx. Wuya was naked and were covered with thick scales after his skin was completely peeled off. Even his cheeks were covered with black scales. His body emitted a violent pressure. Suddenly, Wuya pulled out the Dragon's Fang sword from the ground. The blade of the sword then immediately shot out a violent flame. That flame was much stronger than the ones he had wielded earlier.

’’Sphinx! You are definitely going to die!’’ Wuya sounded cold. ’’You have forced me to shed off my skin for the last time! Although I do not have much life left after this, I am now twice as strong as I was earlier! The new me right now is enough to kill a Mythological Animal like you! Besides that, you are exhausted and do not have much power left! Let me see! How are you going to stop me now!’’ Wuya took a deep breath and then suddenly shouted, ’’Go to hell, you stone headed lion!’’

Wuya moved like a meteor and suddenly appeared in front of Sphinx. His sword burned brightly as he slashed the curtain of light.

The curtain of light immediately broke without a sound and the flaming sword continued to move as if it had never been blocked. The sword then ferociously slashed at Sphinx's head.

Sphinx only had enough time to roar before its stone body broke and came crashing down. The Sphinx had turned into a pile of rubble!

Wuya looked up to the sky and cried. His cry was filled with a mournful laughter. The flaming sword in his hands became even more intense. With one sweep, the rubble that was once the stone-headed Sphinx had turned into dust. Wuya laughed coldly as he looked at Diane not far from him and said, ’’You of the Kara Clan, when I come out, I will use your blood as a gift to His Majesty! Cherish the last moments of your life! When I revive His Majesty, his flames shall scorch the earth again!’’

Just as Wuya was about to walk into the stone gate, he heard a languid voice. ’’Who the hell is so noisy out there? Hey boy, do you know him? Did he come here with you?’’

There was a loud explosion as the stone gate shattered. After that, the broken stones all flew out and a man with a large body stepped out. He was followed by a wobbly Rody.

Rody's right hand was holding his left arm. He required great effort with every step he took. His face had turned red. He was leaning to his left and was walking awkwardly.

When Wuya saw Rody, he was shocked for a moment. However, before Wuya could speak, the fatty had already started to ask, ’’Hey, you said something about His Majesty. Are you referring to that big lizard?’’

Wuya suddenly noticed that another person had come out from the stone gate and was at a loss. The Duke of the Tulip Family coming out of the gate was expected. However, the fact that there was another person was beyond his imagination.

’’What big lizard? Who are you?’’

Sky did not reply and merely looked around, ’’Strange, where is that old lion? Where did he go? Hmmm? What are these broken stones on the ground?’’ Sky froze for a moment before jumping. ’’Oh! These stones were that old lion! How did he become a pile of broken stones? Did you kill him? You seem very powerful...’’

Wuya coldly grunted and a thought flashed through his mind. Who cares about this man? First, kill him. The revival of His Majesty is paramount!

Wuya moved like lightning. With a flash, he was already in front of the two of them. He immediately slashed them with the sword in his hand. Based on the Duke's original strength, Wuya knew that he would be able to cut him into two.

However, someone reacted faster than Wuya could attack. Despite his figure, Sky had dodged extremely quickly. In his haste, he unintentionally went behind Rody.

Rody did not react as quickly as Sky. Although he had been vigilant the moment he saw Wuya, Wuya was too fast for Rody. Just as Rody was about to dodge, Wuya's sword was already in front of him.

Rody had hurriedly lowered his body to dodge. However, he had forgotten that his left hand was extremely heavy and lost his balance. He fell backward just in time for his left hand to be in front of him.

He then heard a loud noise as a figure flew out. The figure flew a few tens of meters away and crashed into the woods. The crashing sound continued as the figure continuously crashed into more trees.

The Dragon's Fang sword had dropped and was embedded into the ground. The flames coming out from the sword had also burned the grass on the ground.

Rody felt his entire body shake but did not understand what had happened. He struggled to get up from the ground, and then he saw the Dragon's Fang sword stuck in the ground. Rody was at a loss when he looked at the scene.

Diane was also shocked. She would not have believed it had she not seen that with her own eyes.

She saw Wuya slashed Rody's left arm. She expected Rody to die from that. Even Sphinx, the Mythological Animal, was cut into pieces from that sword. However, at that instant, a fireball had burst out from Rody's left arm. That impact was so hard that Wuya flew tens of meters into the woods. Other than the left part of his clothes that was torn, the Duke of the Tulip family stood up looking as if nothing had happened.

Rody looked at his left arm and could not help but ask, ’’What... What happened?’’

Sky, who was standing behind Rody, laughed, ’’So, this is it! This is really it! That big lizard is really in your body! The aura that you just emitted belonged to that big lizard!’’ The fat Sky laughed as if he had just witnessed the world's most fun and interesting thing...

While Rody was still confused, Andy, who had been laughing as well finally stopped, and said, ’’Boy... Look... Look at your left arm. Tear away your clothes and take a look.’’

Rody ignored the skeleton's laughter and immediately tore away his left sleeve. The moment he looked at it, he immediately took a deep breath and whispered, ’’Huh? What is this?’’


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