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Masked Knight - Chapter 129


Chapter 129: Dragon Converter (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

’’Eat it?’’ Andy sounded helpless. ’’I really wish I could stuff it inside your dumb head! Try and eat it! Idiot! You think it is some kind of livestock? The reason the Mystic Dragon is immortal is because its flesh is not normal. Its flesh was converted from energy! Using Master Dandong's words, it is an 'energy transformer'!’’

’’Energy transformer?’’ Rody looked closely at the large monster in front of him and saw all the blood and scales. ’’Are you saying that this dragon's body is created by using energy? But... even the fatty could only summon a shield and a hammer out of energy. Isn't it ridiculous for energy to be able to create flesh and blood?’’

Andy sighed and replied, ’’The conversion of energy is not so simple. For example, this dragon is now covered in wounds and is dying. However, once it regains a little bit of strength, it would immediately be able to heal itself. That is the effect of energy.’’

Rody took a deep breath and stared at the large dragon in front of him. ’’Then... this energy thing is really great...’’

Andy then laughed. ’’Boy, you really benefited a lot today. If you can turn this dragon into something like that gem on the lightsaber, you can become similar to that lightsaber. And...’’

’’And what?’’

Andy sounded proud as if his scheme had succeeded. ’’Many years ago, Master Dandong had secretly traveled to the Northern Continent for an adventure. He was interested in dragons and had been researching them. Dragons are a top most ranked mythological animal created by God. It was not much different from the other mythological beasts except for their saintly or demonic types. After Master had completed his research, he found a way to convert the energy of the saintly or demonic beasts. For this reason, he had collected a lot of magic stones that year. Unfortunately, all of his experiments failed. However, there was some progress for the dragons. If the method was not wrong, it should be possible to convert the dragon's energy. Master called this method the 'Dragon Transform Technique'.’’

’’'Dragon Transform Technique'?’’

Andy's voice was very serious. ’’Correct! Seriously speaking, this is just one of the energy converting methods created by Master. This method only works on dragons. Many years ago, Master had secretly caught a dragon to research it. Although the Mystic Dragon is the most powerful creature, it is still a dragon. This means that the method should work. Master was also very interested in the Gods, but he never understood what was the meaning of Gods. Now that I think about it, it is possible that the Gods did not know how to kill a creature that is pure energy. As they cannot kill it, they could only seal it here. Perhaps, it is possible for Master's 'Dragon Transform Technique'to make it 'disappear'!’’

Sky struggled from within the rubble. He felt like he was pinned down by something. That something was weighing down on his chest and made it difficult for him to breathe. He exerted himself and punched his way out. There was a loud exploding noise as a boulder of about 1000 catty flew out.

Sky then pushed away the rest of the rubble from his body and struggled to stand up. His body ached all over. His clothes, eyebrows, and hair were all burnt or singed. He sighed and whispered to himself, ’’How unlucky.’’ After that, a white light appeared from his hands and wrapped around his body. Immediately, he appeared clothed in a new set of clothes. His eyebrows and hair also grew back rapidly. If a sorcerer were present, he would collapse from shock. That was because Sky had just used the strongest restoration magic, 'Reshape Origin'.

It was the same spell that had been used by the Black Veil Saint to heal Rody. The Black Veil Saint was terrifyingly powerful. Even then, she was exhausted by that spell because she could barely apply it. However, Sky used it so conveniently and effortlessly.’’

Sky sighed and exclaimed, ’’Big lizard! Are we still going to fight? Shall we have another round? I...’’ Sky suddenly paused as he saw a stunning scene.

That kid stood in front of the Mystic Dragon. He stretched his left hand and gently pressed on its forehead! His eyes were still closed. His expression was solemn and serious, and he seemed to be whispering something.

On the other hand, the violent Mystic Dragon was just lying there motionless. It no longer looked violent and seemed to be sobbing weakly like a gentle sheep.

What is that kid doing? Is it a pacifying spell? Is he trying to tame... wait!

Tame the dragon?

Is he crazy? This is not like training horses, cattle or lions!

This is a dragon! This is the most powerful dragons, the Mystic Dragon!

As he thought of that, an even more surprising scene unfolded. The black dragon started to shine. The light became brighter and brighter until it was difficult for one to look straight at it. Even the figure of the dragon was hidden in the light and only its outline remained.

The outline of the dragon then started to shrink... shrink... and was finally condensed into a stone, the size of a fist... Something is very wrong!

The ball of light also became smaller as it was sucked in by the boy's left hand. Sure enough, the light soon disappeared.

Sky's eyeballs almost popped out.

That Mystic Dragon, that huge Mystic Dragon, such a huge monster just vanished right before his eyes!

The Mystic Dragon that even the Gods could not kill had just vanished!

Sky could not help but gently bite his tongue to ensure his vision was real and that it was not a dream.

Sky looked at the boy whose eyes were tightly closed and his left hand still stretched out. Sky then shouted as he rushed towards the boy.

Rody stood there and could feel a lot of energy violently flowing in through his left hand. His whole left arm felt like it was being torn apart by the violent energy. He vaguely felt like his left arm was becoming bigger and heavier. He felt that his left arm was no longer his original one, and it seemed to have become a hundred times bigger and a thousand times heavier.

When Rody opened his eyes, he saw that his left arm was still his left arm. It did not grow bigger. Rody then suddenly noticed a shadow flying towards him. As he was occupied, he stretched his hands forward to shield himself...

There was a loud noise as Sky's obese body was thrown back like a flying arrow. He was thrown back more than ten meters and crashed into a wall, creating a large pit several meters deep.

Sky then climbed out of the pit, shook his head and dusted his body. He then roared at Rody, ’’Boy! What did you do? Where is that dragon? Where is that large lizard?’’

Rody was still looking at his left hand in a daze. Hearing the roar, he looked up at Sky and slowly replied, ’’I... I seem to have transformed it...’’

’’Transformed?’’ Sky stared at Rody as if a flower had just grown out of Rody's nose. He then jumped like a rabbit and shouted, ’’Transformed? You transformed the dragon? What do you mean 'transform'? How did you transform?’’

Rody was at a loss. He raised his hand and carefully looked at it. ’’Just... just transformed like this...’’ As soon as he finished speaking, Rody staggered and fell down with a strange posture.

Sky strode hurriedly to Rody but then remembered his earlier experience. He decided to stop several meters away from Rody. He looked at Rody who was struggling on the ground and shouted, ’’Boy, what happened to you? You just said 'transform'. What did you mean?’’

Rody struggled to stand... but all this while his left arm felt as if it was pinned down by a thousand boulders. The weight on his left arm not only made it difficult for him to stand up, he could barely lift his own arm. As a result, he was sitting on the ground with a strange posture that was leaning towards his left. His held his left arm with his right hand and, with great effort, lifted it up.

What the hell!

Rody cursed in a soft voice. He once again tried to stand up and subconsciously pushed with his left hand to support himself on the ground. He had only pushed just a little bit but heard a loud shattering noise. The ground below his body had cracked and the spot that was pressed on by Rody's left hand to support himself had sunk in.

’’What the hell is going on?’’ Rody screamed.

’’How do I know?’’ Sky stared at Rody, ’’What happened to you? What did you do? Where is that dragon? What do you mean by 'transform'?’’

Rody gritted his teeth and stood up. He was sweating on his forehead out of exhaustion. He used his right hand to support his left arm so that he could stand upright.

It was a very strange feeling. His right arm felt empty and light as usual. However, his left hand that had used the 'Dragon Transform Technique' felt unusually heavy. It was as if his left arm was suppressed by some powerful force.

Andy had been laughing heartily all this while. He laughed so much that he was gasping for breath. ’’Success! Success! Master's method is finally successful! Master's hypothesis is true!’’

’’What? Don't tell me, this method has never been tested? You made me do this without assurance?’’ Rody exclaimed.

’’Nonsense! Of course, it had never been tested! Have you ever heard of anyone transforming a dragon? That method was just Master's hypothesis. I did not expect it to actually work. Hahaha...’’ The detestable skeleton gave another strange laugh. Rody did not know whether to feel happy or angry.

Rody then saw Sky was still staring at him and he sighed. He tried to control his emotions and said, ’’Mister Sky, in simple words, I have transformed this dragon. In other words, this dragon is now inside my body!’’

Sky: ’’...’’


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