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Masked Knight - Chapter 111


Chapter 111: Heavenly Abode of the Mountains

Rody realized that Wuya's power was definitely extraordinary. It was probably

a kind of magic or sorcery. That being said, the ability to turn into a giant was

not something that Rody had ever heard of before even in large scale magic or

sorcery. On the other hand, destroying an entire mountain was nothing

surprising. After all, Rody had already experienced a spell as terrifying as that

during his encounter with the Black Veil Saint Mouse.

However, could a tribal leader of the so-called 'barbarians'actually have the

power of a high-level magician or sorcerer?

It is possible. Master Autumn that was held in high regard by the Empire could

do something like this. However, Master Autumn was also only recognized as

the most promising candidate to become the next Sacred Swordsman and a

Master grade warrior.

Although Rody heard that Wuya was the 'strongest warrior of the mountains',

he only expected Wuya to be at the level of a high-level warrior of the Imperial

Army. As the mountain people live in the wild, their warriors are usually just

strong and ferocious people. Rody only expected Wuya to be around Randt's


As a result, Rody felt overwhelmed by Wuyu's words.

If Wuyu's words are true, the Chief of the Flame Tribe is already one of the

strongest people on the continent.

Wuya is unlikely to be a sorcerer. That is because the entire Radiant Continent

does not have many sorcerers. On the other hand, sorcerers prosper in the

Northern Roland Continent. It is also difficult to believe that Wuya is a

magician. All the high-level magicians work for the Empire, while other

magicians are usually found in religious posts. It is unlikely that the tribal

leader of the barbarians would be able to learn spells. It is also unlikely for the

tribes to be able to understand the ancient language of the incantations.

In that case, Wuya should be a master of warriors. Could it be possible for him

to have reached the rank of Sacred Swordsman?

Could a person wearing the skin of animals and a bone necklace, smeared paint

on his face and spoke barbarian language be a Sacred Swordsman?

Randt could not help but whispered to Rody, ’’Your Excellency. The words of

the mountain people may not be true. If this Wuya is so formidable, how did he

almost get assassinated?’’

Rody nodded and then asked Wuyu about this incident. However, Wuyu

claimed that this was caused by the evil magic of the other tribes. Wuyu then

proclaimed his belief that the Chief would recover and lead them to crush these

tribes. He spoke so excitedly that he ended up speaking quickly and also

reverted back to the mountain people's language. Rody who heard this only

ended up confused.

After walking for ten days, Rody and Randt were already lost. They were

shrouded by so many trees that they could not even see the sky. They only

continued to follow the mountain people. The mountain people followed a

winding path to cleverly avoid the poisonous swamps. The mountain people

knew the mountains like the back of their hand, it was like they were in their

own bedroom. Rody secretly thought to himself that if it was just Randt and

himself, they would more likely to die falling into the poisonous swamps than

to die fighting.

When evening approached, they finally left the mountainous path and entered

an open space. They could see the thick foliage of grass and a canyon at a

distant mountain peak.

Wuyu then shouted. ’’We are almost there! Once we reach the canyon, there will

be a small road that will lead us up the mountain. After we cross that

mountain, we would reach home!’’

The mountain warriors were all excited and shouted loudly. Some of them

even somersaulted.

Rody could not help but ask, ’’Small road? Why do we not pass through the


Wuyu immediately showed a fearful expression and replied, ’’You cannot go

there! That is the Death Canyon! It would lead you to the Dead Forest! You

cannot go there! If you enter the Dead Forest, you can never return!’’

’’Oh?’’ Rody was surprised and could not help but ask, ’’There are actually places

on this mountain that even the mountain people cannot approach?’’

Wuyu looked at the canyon in fear. ’’All the tribes know about this taboo and

none would dare to enter! It is said that there is a demon in there! We will

never go there!’’

Rody could not help but loudly asked, ’’What about your chief? Didn't you say

he that came from the heavens? Is he also afraid to go in there?’’

Wuyu replied softly with a complicated expression, ’’The Chief had dispatched

people to explore the Dead Forest before but... none of them returned! If you

enter that canyon, you will never come out!’’

Listening to these words, Rody could not help but glance at the canyon. He saw

a trail in between the two mountains. There were only stones and not a single

blade of grass could be found on that trail.

That location was different compared to the other mountains. The canyon was

completely silent and not even the sound of birds could be heard. It was really

like a dead location. Rody demanded to enter the canyon and the mountain

people all stood at a distance looking frightened. Rody ignored them and

entered the canyon together with Randt.

Suddenly a cold wind blew from the canyon and made both men shiver. This

had really surprised them. The climate in the mountains was warm and humid

but the wind blowing from within the canyon was like the cold winter wind of

the Northwest Region. The trail was also covered in a dense fog.

’’Your Excellency. Something seems to be strange here,’’ Randt could not help

but say. ’’Your status now is different and you cannot risk it.’’

Rody smiled and replied. ’’I am only curious. Let's go!’’

The mountain people felt relief when they saw Rody and Randt turn around.

They then quickly pulled the two away from the canyon.

They followed a small road on the left and found a winding path up the

mountain. This road was a secret entrance and without the help of the

mountain people, Rody would never be able to discover this road.

He saw Wuyu push away the withered trees to reveal a road leading towards

the mountain. Wuyu felt excited. He withdrew a small bone from his garments

and blew it.

Not long after that, a sharp whistle sounded. After that, there was the faint

sound of footsteps as hundreds of mountain warriors came running down the

mountain. Most of the mountain warriors were dressed in animal skins. A few

of them wore linen clothing that they somehow weaved. All of them wore

straw sandals. They held simplistic short spears in their hands but they also

carried bows and arrows at their backs.

At that moment, Rody did not dare to ridicule the mountain people's simple

and crude weapons. On his journey here, he had learned how powerful the

mountain people could be. This was especially when they used their bow and

arrows. Rody did not know what the mountain people laced their arrows with

but they were able to easily kill the majestic black bears of the mountains in

one shot. Coupled with their skillful archery, they would be unparalleled.

Hundreds of the mountain warriors casually stood in front as they were

immediately followed by a tall and robust man from behind.

That man wore the skin of a leopard and a feathered crown. He held a long

wooden cane in his hand. His face was painted with red paint as if he was a

ghost. He looked at Rody and Randt with his pair of brown eyes.

Wuyu had already walked up to the crowned man. He lowered his head and

said something in a very respectful manner. The man nodded and then he

raised his wooden stick and shouted loudly. The mountain warriors that heard

his shout also raised their spears and made an uproar.

Once they had quieted down, Rody took a deep breath and walked up to that

person. After that, he said, ’’I am the Empire's Duke of the Tulip Family. I came

from Purple Leaf City and greet Wuya of the Flame Tribe!’’ After he finished

speaking, he opened up his arms and prepared to embrace the other party

according to what he learned of the mountain people's customs.

Wuyu then whispered from the side. ’’This is not the Elder of our tribe. This is

our Elder Shaman!’’

’’Hm?’’ Rody froze for a moment and then he laughed. ’’In that case, I greet the

Elder Shaman!’’

The Elder Shaman nodded and smiled at Rody before turning around and

walking away. Wuyu then laughed and told Rody. ’’You may not understand

this, but shamans are not supposed to embrace others. He greeted you earlier

when he raised his cane.’’

Rody laughed and replied, ’’So that is what it was. Let's go!’’

They continued to follow the mountain path until they reached a dark cave. A

few warriors standing at the entrance bowed their heads when they saw the

shaman. They then showed their surprise and hostility when they saw Rody

and Randt. The shaman did not bother to clarify and continued to lead the

crowd further into the cave.

There were torches lined along the walls of the cave. The smell of burning fat

assailed their nostrils and it flooded the narrow passageway. The faint sound

of water dripping could also be heard in some places. Randt vigilantly followed

behind Rody as he looked around the cave. After about half an hour, they saw

something bright. Rody looked up and saw that they were about to reach the

end of the cave. He sighed and thought in his heart. This place is really well

hidden. It's no wonder that the mountain people could survive for hundreds of

years and the Empire were never able to subdue them.

When they exited the cave, they entered a valley with a village with stockade

fortifications. The walls and houses were all made of wood. When the wooden

gate opened, all the mountain warriors started to sing.

A crowd of mountain people came out from the wooden houses and gathered.

All of their clothes were coarse and crude, regardless of age or gender. All of

them also seemed to possess a weapon. Some of the women had daggers tied to

their feet. A lot of children also approached but remained at a certain distance.

They were all shouting and pointing.

Rody guessed that this valley could sustain about thirty to forty thousand

people. Just as soon as he thought of that, Wuyu told him loudly, ’’This is the

village that our Flame Tribe has lived in for more than a hundred years. The

shape of the village is like a gourd. This is only half of it. Turn at that corner

and you will find a place that is much bigger.’’

Rody walked down the street and turned to find a village that was indeed much

bigger than the one in front. The mountain people in that area were very

sturdy and had large hands and legs. Rody could hear the sound of clanking

coming from a row of cabins. There was also a chimney on the roof that was

giving out smoke. Rody whispered and asked, ’’What is that place?’’

Wuyu smiled and replied, ’’That is the forge. There is no shortage of iron ores

on the mountain. All of the tribes make their own iron tools. Their work is also

comparable to the Empire's weapons.’’

At the walls of the valley, they saw water gushing out of the walls. Located near

the walls was a small pond with a few soldiers standing next to it. There were

also a few women who carried jars as they lined up to collect water.

Wuyu explained in a strange manner, ’’This is our source of water. When the

chief ascended the position, he ordered for a few guards to stand guard here.

Everyone had to line up to collect water and nobody was allowed to bath in this

pool anymore. The Chief has made many good decisions but this rule is a little

bit weird.’’

Rody gave a supercilious look as he thought. The whole valley only has this

much water. Naturally, they must be careful with it. Wouldn't it be bad if they

had bathed here as well? I have not met him but Wuya has already given me a

favorable impression. I will also stay here for a few days. If the mountain

people had bathed in this water as well... Rody could not help but give a

strange expression as he replied, ’’I think your Chief is right. Let me ask you.

When the Chief rose to power, did the number of sick people decrease?’’

Wuyu stared with wide eyes and felt extremely puzzled. ’’How did you know?’’

They soon arrived at a row of buildings built on top of a huge wooden platform.

There is a long flight of wooden steps that led to a large wooden building. The

large wooden building was more exquisite compared to the others. There were

banners made with animal skin draped in front of the building. Several large

guards stood outside the entrance.

The front entrance was also enormous. The curtains hanging at the entrance

blocked Rody's view. When Rody approached, he found out that the curtain was

made by strings of small and large shiny crystals. ’’This Chief is really a

dignified person. The gates of the Imperial Palace were only made of gold.

However, a mere Tribal Chief had actually made his curtain out of precious


The warriors who stood at the entrance walked forward and exchanged a few

words with Wuyu. After that, Wuyu turned around and told Rody, ’’The shaman

asks you to wait for a little while. He has entered to speak with the Chief and

the Chief would summon you soon.’’

Rody nodded and stood on the wooden platform. Randt stood close to Rody and

vigilantly looked at the surrounding mountain warriors.

While Rody was waiting, he suddenly heard Andy's surprised voice. ’’This...

There is a strange feeling...’’


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