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Masked Knight - Chapter 105


Chapter 105: The Welcome Ceremony

The rest of the journey went well. Rody and his group eventually arrived at the Purple Leaf City

in the Southeast.

The Purple Leaf City was located in the Southeast of the Empire. It was the capital city of Xier

Province. This city could accommodate millions of people and was the largest city in the

Southeast. The city was built two hundred years ago, during the era of Abbas the Great. In those

years, Abbas the Great went on an expedition all over the continent and had conquered the

South. In order to defend the stability in the South, he put in great efforts to build that city.

The city walls were at least ten li long. The walls were tall and strong. Even the lowest part of

the wall was about fifteen meters high. The width of the city's walls was almost comparable to

the walls of the Imperial Capital. The walls were wide enough to accommodate four horses

walking side by side on top of it. Below the walls was a several meters deep moat that was

connected to the Purple Leaf River.

As the city was originally used as the first military fortress in the Southeast, the military

facilities on the city's walls were all complete. In the Purple Leaf City, they had all kinds of

armament and had ample reserves. Their food supply was enough to provide for one hundred

thousand soldiers in the army for three years!

After two hundred years, the city had developed water transportation as it was located at the

riverside of the Purple Leaf River. As the Purple Leaf City was also the capital city of the Xier

province, the businesses and commercial trades in the city were flourishing extremely well.

After two hundred years of peace and prosperity, that city had developed into the largest city in

the Southern Region. In the Empire, it was referred to as the 'Southern Capital'.

Before Rody arrived in the city, the Governors-General of the three provinces in the Southeast

had already gathered in the Purple Leaf City. They waited to greet the Southeast Special Envoy

sent by His Majesty. After all, he was the special envoy sent by His Majesty and was also the

Duke, the heir of the Tulip Family. The Tulip Family was the most prominent family in the

Empire. When the Tulip Family's name was referred to anywhere in the Empire, it could easily

shake an entire region.

After they had received the report, the three Governors-General immediately brought a large

number of people out of the city to grandly greet Rody. Rody and his subordinates saw a large

group of people standing at the entrance of the city from a distance. The guards of honor, by the

roadside, wore colorful clothes and looked full of enthusiasm.

The Governor-General of Xier stood in the middle. After all, he was the head of the local

officials in the city. The Governors-General of the other two provinces stood on either side.

They headed towards Rody's carriage with smiles on their faces. Before Rody's guards could act,

one of the Governors-General immediately opened the door of the carriage while another

rushed to help Rody get down from the carriage.

They were surprised when they saw Rody.

Since they were located in the Southern Region of the Empire, before they received the order,

they had inquired about the Duke. They knew that the Duke had just inherited the title not long

ago and was still very young. However, they still could not help but feel shocked when they met

him in person. They never expected the Duke to be really so young. He did not seem to have

even reached twenty years old.

They felt even more unconvinced and thought: This young Duke is the Commander-in-chief

who had defeated a hundred thousand soldiers of the grassland army in the Northwest?

Looking at the young Duke carefully, he still does not seem to be such a person.

Xier's Governor-General that stood in the middle was a cunning and deceitful person. When he

saw the young Duke, he felt very relaxed and thought: A young man like him will have a limit

even if he is powerful. As long as I coax him well, then everything will be simple...

The other two Governors-General flattered Rody and said things like 'Young and promising'

and 'Having a bright future'. Rody had heard those compliments thousands of times before and

did not care anymore.

Fortunately, Rody had experienced many occasions like that. He just knitted his eyebrows and

laughed a little. After that, he joined them in flattering others.

Everyone played the drums and trumpets as they welcomed Rody into the city. A lot of ordinary

citizens came to watch the excitement as they knew that the Empire's distinguished Duke of

the Tulip Family had arrived. They craned their necks and watched from afar. They did not dare

to approach as the ferocious soldiers would whip the ones that got too close. The citizens felt

angry but they did not dare to say anything. They could only point their fingers from afar.

Rody observed the scene and secretly frowned. He coldly looked at the Xier's Governor-General

and saw his proud smile. Rody's gaze gradually became cold.

When they arrived at the Governor-General's mansion, the servants led Rody's subordinates to

the side for them to rest. A large number of distinguished personages were waiting in the main

hall of the Governor-General's mansion. Rody walked into the hall, and the three Governors-

General bowed and followed suit. The powerful distinguished families swarmed Rody. Rody

raised his spirit as he tried to cope with them. He listened to the endless amounts of

compliments and simply smiled in reply.

Rody saw that those influential people looked extremely fat. They had a greedy gaze and a

respectful expression. None of them looked like good people.

Everybody made a racket for a long time. Rody thought that it was in bad taste and could not

help but yawn.

Xier's Governor-General's eyes lit up. He saw Rody yawn and immediately said loudly, ’’His

Excellency the Duke have traveled far and must be tired. Now is lunch time! This humble

subordinate has already prepared the food! Your Excellency the Duke, please enjoy it!’’

He then clapped his hands and two side doors to the main hall opened at the same time. Two

groups of young and charming women wearing bright and colorful clothes slowly walked into

the hall. Each woman carried a tray. On every tray were silver plates, some were big while some

were small. Each woman served a table. When the plates were placed on the table, Rody was


Rody saw the women came in one after another, carrying a variety of magnificent dishes. That

was an eye-opener for Rody. He saw more than a dozen silver plates of various sizes, with all

types of colorful dishes, placed on the table in front of him. Rody had never smelled or seen

most of those dishes before.

The food was obviously prepared by an expert. It looked extremely pleasing to the eye, and the

smell stimulated the appetite. Those who ate it would definitely lick their fingers.

Rody was amazed as the food served here could not even be found at the banquet in the

Imperial Palace.

After that, Rody saw two topless, robust men carry a huge wine barrel and placed it in the

middle of the main hall. Rody looked carefully and noticed that the wine barrel was made of

pure gold. After that, a beautiful woman wearing a short dress walked into the hall.

She looked like she was about twenty years old. The dress that she wore exposed her slim arms

and legs and revealed her fair skin. Her blouse was so short that her waistline was also exposed.

She had a pair of pretty eyebrows and sparkling eyes which made her look very attractive. She

walked in slowly and elegantly. She was barefooted and had a small golden anklet with bells on

her foot. The bells jingled with every step she took.

She slowly walked to the front of the golden wine barrel and filled a golden wine cup with the

wine. She then walked to the front of Rody's table and slowly knelt down. As she offered the

golden wine cup in her hand to Rody, she said with her sweet voice, ’’Your Excellency the Duke,

please drink!’’

Rody looked at the beautiful woman in front of him. He could not help but turned his gaze to

Xier's Governor-General at a side. He then lightly said, ’’You must have put a lot of thought into

this, Governor.’’

Xier's Governor-General was happy. He nodded and laughed, ’’I don't dare to! Your Excellency

the Duke! This is one of the most beautiful women in Purple Leaf City. Not everyone gets a

chance to see her. However, we knew that the Duke of Tulip family is coming today, so we

invited her to serve Your Excellency a drink.’’

Rody nodded his head. He gazed at the beauty and gently received the cup of wine. Rody then

looked around and loudly said, ’’Everyone! I have been appointed by His Majesty as the

Southeast Special Envoy! I will be straightforward. I just hope that all of you can be of great

help. Everybody do a proper good job, and then I can go and report back to His Majesty.’’

After some applause, everybody raised their cups of wine and finished the wine.

Xier's Governor General's face was smiling. His eyes twinkled in splendor. He whispered to a

servant beside him. The servant then immediately walked out the main hall using the side door.

A little while later, they heard a clear and melodious sound. Both of the doors at the side

entrance gradually opened. A rolling platform was pushed into the main hall. Sitting on the

platform was a young woman in a white dress. In front of her was a harp that was as tall as a

person. She gently plucked the strings of the harp with the slender fingers of her delicate

hands. The harp immediately produced a beautiful and pleasant music.

The sound of some light footsteps entered the main hall from both entrances. There were about

twenty young women. They were all beautiful and charming. They slowly walked to the side of

the nobles and gently sat next to them. Those young women spoke softly in a sweet voice. Some

of them helped the nobles refill their wine while others gently embraced the nobles. Suddenly,

Rody was stunned as he never expected that the mansion of the proud and dignified General-

Governor of the Empire would be like that. That place was supposed to be used to handle official

and important matters, but right now, it was not different from the brothel in the Imperial


While Rody was still shocked, a young woman wearing a red dress slowly sat next to him. She

gently smiled at him, as her soft and fragrant body moved closer.

That Xier's Governor-General looked pleased with himself as he embraced a woman. He

secretly thought to himself. Fortunately, I had inquired about the Duke's preferences after

receiving His Majesty's orders. Fortunately, the Duke was also someone who also loves wine

and was a pleasure-seeking person. He must be very satisfied with my preparations.

Just when Rody was still confused and unable to respond, a guard outside the main hall

suddenly shouted, ’’The Regiment Commander, Camus, has arrived!’’

Rody immediately became clear headed and pushed away the young woman in a red dress next

to him. The sound of leather boots could be heard, and then an old military officer wearing the

uniform of a senior commander strode forward into the hall.

He looked like he was older than fifty years old. He was tall, robust and had broad shoulders.

Although his hair had turned gray, his back was still straight.

The Regiment Commander, Camus, walked forward into the main hall. The movements of the

surrounding people that were enjoying the wine were sluggish. Camus gave a strange and

humble gaze towards the surrounding people.

Camus's gaze was indifferent as he looked around. Suddenly, his eyes showed astonishment. He

walked to the middle of the main hall and kicked to knock over the golden barrel of wine. The

smell of the wine spread throughout the main hall.

The crowd was shocked as Camus stood in front of Rody. His eyes looked straight at Rody as he

casually said, ’’Southern Legion Regiment Commander, Camus, greets Your Excellency the



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