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Martial World - Chapter 985


Chapter 985 - Strange Protective Charm




As the Magic Cube throbbed, Lin Ming was startled. ’’This is? The Magic Cube actually has some strange reaction to the protective charm necklace?’’

’’What is happening here? This is only a top grade saint artifact. Something of this level shouldn't have any value in front of the Magic Cube, so why is there such a response?’’

If it were some high level mystical treasure, how come the person who refined it or the Phoenix Cry Palace Elder didn't notice anything?

Lin Ming's mind raced, but he had no change of expression on the surface. To Song Baifeng, Lin Ming was only grasping this protective charm necklace to feel it increasing the strength of his will.

’’How is it Sir Lin? This protective charm is wonderful and it also works as a simple accessory. Once you step into the divine Lord realm, this protective charm won't be as useful to you and you can definitely bestow it upon a good friend of yours. Then again, Sir Lin is handsome and elegant, dashing and charming, and your talent is also extremely high. I fear that in the future, Sir Lin will have to beat off the countless beautiful women that struggle to jump in your bed and be your concubine.’’

Song Baifeng went all-out in his flattery but Lin Ming didn't listen to a single word of it. He took a deep breath and calmly put the necklace away. He smiled at Song Baifeng and said, ’’Thank you for assisting me Senior-apprentice Brother Song. I'll be on my way first.’’

’’Haha, no need, no need, if you have any matter in the future, please inform me,’’ Song Baifeng nodded and sent Lin Ming away. As he watched Lin Ming vanish, he took a deep breath and said to himself. ’’At least I've resolved the problems from last time. This sort of character will grow to unimaginable heights. Solely with him obtaining the recognition of Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit, he is someone I absolutely cannot afford to offend.’’

Song Baifeng guarded Saint Artifact Pavilion for many years and had a deep understanding of how Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit judged others. Some Phoenix Hall disciples suspected that the artifact spirit sometimes had a problem in its judgment, but Song Baifeng was deeply aware of just how cruel and sinister the tests of the artifact spirit could be. Every genius it approved of was bound to shine in glory as long as they didn't perish halfway!

Lin Ming had already returned to his own residence. In order to ensure absolute safety he didn't even go to Fengxian Palace.

After entering deep into an array formation covered chamber deep underground, Lin Ming laid down several more layers of array formations. He carefully took out Saint's Will and looked over it. He didn't sense anything strange.

After searching through it with his sense, he didn't discover anything out of place. He couldn't imagine just why the Magic Cube had a reaction to it.

Frowning, Lin Ming wore the protective charm on his neck, wanting to see how it would increase his willpower. But as he put on the protective charm, an unbelievable scene happened. The protective charm slipped into his chest, disappearing like mud into the sea.

’’The Magic Cube swallowed it?’’

Lin Ming's eyes widened. He sank his mind within himself to sense the Magic Cube, but he was left disappointed as he couldn't feel anything. Ever since the Magic Cube fused into Lin Ming's body it had simply vanished, and no matter how he tried to contact it or how he used his sense to investigate it, he couldn't even find a shadow of the Magic Cube. Even when he first crossed Life Destruction and disintegrated his body into tiny particles, he still couldn't find the Magic Cube.

There were only some unique circumstances when the Magic Cube would appear, such as when it absorbed the blood essence of a powerhouse. Or when something provoked the Magic Cube's dignity. At that time, it would display an awe-inspiring strength that went beyond Lin Ming's understanding.

What was the protective charm necklace and why was it swallowed by the Magic Cube?

Lin Ming looked down at his own chest. The red string that hooked around the protective charm was still here;it hadn't been absorbed by the Magic Cube. But, the end of the red string where it tied onto the protective talisman had been torn off;it was obviously due to the Magic Cube.

Lin Ming took up this red string and analyzed the material with his senses.

At a bare minimum, Lin Ming inherited the memories of a divine Realm alchemist and array master, as well as those of the Ancient Devil. He had a great deal of understanding into many materials.

After analyzing the red string, Lin Ming was actually startled. This red string looked ordinary, but it was actually the tendon of a winged rain dragon. After being tempered in dragonwood oil, it was refined multiple times through a variety of complex processes before this end product was produced.

Although the winged rain dragon wasn't a True Dragon, it still had a very rich dragon bloodline within its body. It was not what those vicious beasts that were transformed by a drop of a God Beast bloodline could compare with. This dragon tendon thread was only a foot long and was one of many strands, but it was still exceedingly precious!

However, it was clear that the Magic Cube was not interested in this red thread. Moreover, it cut it apart without Lin Ming noticing at all.

From this, it could be seen that the winged rain dragon tendon thread could not compare with the value of the protective charm itself.

Lin Ming thought for a moment, then muttered, ’’If I'm guessing correctly, the senior supreme elder who refined this protective charm should've used an unknown material that it accidently obtained. He didn't know what the material was, but he discovered that it had the property of increasing will and soul force to some extent. Afterwards, it was refined into Saint Will's protective charm, and this string was added on. The true worth of the protective charm likely far surpasses the value of a top grade saint artifact. It's an ancient relic, but as for what it is, the refiner supreme elder didn't know, Phoenix Cry Palace's Elder didn't know, and I certainly don't know. But the Magic Cube knows. If I didn't have the Magic Cube, I would've only assumed it was an ordinary top grade saint artifact protective charm necklace.’’

Lin Ming wanted to understand just what it was, but unfortunately the Magic Cube had swallowed it and there wasn't any significant change.

The Magic Cube was the start of Lin Ming's road of martial arts. It was his foundation and origin.

However, Lin Ming's current achievements were also due in large part to his own effort and desperate struggles. The Magic Cube hadn't given him much, besides some memory fragments from characters on the level of the Demon Emperor and Fairy Feng. Within these memory fragments, besides the Heretical God Force, there wasn't anything truly too spectacular.

Still, Lin Ming was well aware that the power of the Magic Cube was far from being revealed. It definitely had more capabilities than the pitiful function of providing him with soul fragments. The Magic Cube caused divine Realm Holy Land level influences to struggle for it with their lives, so how could it be a common relic? It had to be known that the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan with its 72 palaces and three great family clans was only a Holy Land after everything was added together!

During the battle for the Magic Cube, numerous Holy Land masters had joined in. Of these people, someone on the level of Fairy Feng could only be considered at the bottom of the group. Above that were characters on the level of the Phoenix Cry Palace Master, Ancient Phoenix Clan Highest Elder, or even Ancient Phoenix Clan Patriarch.

But even with 10,000 of these supreme elders gathered together, they were killed off by the Verdant Feather Holy Land Saintess with just a single move!

That Saintess cultivation reached a degree so terrifying that even Lin Ming couldn't imagine it. Of course, for her to be able to kill off 10,000 supreme elders, that was by relying on the horrifying power of the Magic Cube.


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