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Martial World - Chapter 983


Chapter 983 - The Gate of Opening Which Enhances Perception




’’Thank you Senior Fairy Feng.’’

Lin Ming bowed to Fairy Feng. He would carve down this graciousness in his heart. Lin Ming was aware that he encountered numerous lucky chances in the lower realms. But compared to the top geniuses of the divine Realm, lucky chances like the Sorcerer Pagoda in the Southern Wilderness or the adventure through the Demon God Imperial Palace could only be considered ordinary at best.

In this situation, every step he took had to be incomparably solid if he wished to shine bright in the future. Otherwise, he would exhaust his potential and fade away. If that happened, discussing something like chasing the peak of martial arts would simply be a fanciful dream.

’’Lin Ming, do not call me senior. From now on, I shall receive you as my secret disciple. Would you be willing?’’

’’Secret disciple?’’ Lin Ming was slightly surprised. Generally speaking, a secret disciple was one of the lower ranks of disciples;it wasn't even an ordinary disciple. They would rarely receive any guidance. He certainly wouldn't turn down the offer of being Fairy Feng's disciple, but how could it only be a secret disciple?

Fairy Feng guessed Lin Ming's thoughts. She said, ’’Although I will accept you as a secret disciple, I will help train you with everything I have. Being a secret disciple is only a title in name. I can already faintly feel you won't remain in Phoenix Cry Palace in the future. You have your own lucky chances and destiny, and you'll continue to move forward in the boundless divine Realm. You may even become a hero in your own right. Perhaps you may even find another master to teach you and become his disciple. Although it isn't strange for martial artists of the divine Realm to have several masters, having one acknowledge you as a direct disciple is still a significant matter. If I cannot teach you in the future, then recognizing you as my official disciple is meaningless.’’

Fairy Feng's words dazed Lin Ming. Fairy Feng said all this for a single reason. She believed, she wouldn't be able to teach Lin Ming in the future. Since that was the case, she didn't want to officially establish that sort of embarrassing master-disciple relationship.

’’Senior Fairy Feng thinks too highly of this junior. Junior is still far from being able to compare with the true heroes of the divine Realm!’’

’’Not bad, you are indeed far from being able to compare! You are merely a single disciple of Phoenix Hall within Phoenix Cry Palace, one of the 72 palaces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Your accomplishment of jumping four stages of Life Destruction to defeat Huo Yanguang was impressive enough to astonish the other disciple here, but placed within the vast divine Realm, that accomplishment is nothing at all. Even White Daohong, the current number one disciple of Phoenix Hall, if he doesn't have any other great fortuitous encounters in the future, he will never be able to blossom into glory. The most he will achieve is becoming a Vice Palace Master of Phoenix Cry Palace. Moreover, he will only be the weakest of Vice Palace Masters;he will never compare with me or Sage Jiuyang. White Daohong falls far short of being able to compare with Phoenix Cry Palace's Palace Master and the Phoenix Cry Palace Master falls far short of being able to compare with the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Patriarch. And even the Ancient Phoenix Clan Patriarch is far from being able to compare with a true top Holy Lord powerhouse of the divine Realm. For you to guard against your own arrogance and understand that your future road still stretches endlessly before you, you have done well.’’

’’This disciple will remember honorable master's teachings.’’ Lin Ming's words proved he recognized Fairy Feng as his honorable master.

’’Good. You still have half a year until the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial begins. How will you prepare for it? If you can obtain first place during this Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, the rewards will be extremely rich. Top grade saint artifacts, Ancient Phoenix blood, phoenix heart blood, top pills, you may choose anything you wish. However, you must obtain first place in order to grasp what you want!’’

Lin Ming thought for a while and said, ’’Honorably Master Fairy Feng, this disciple is preparing to close up for a period of time to open the fifth of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.’’

’’Oh?’’ Fairy Feng slightly frowned. ’’The Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the fifth gate should be the Gate of Opening. It enhances your perception. Truly a useful gate. However, Lin Ming, master will advise you to be careful about the path you are taking and not to neglect the basics. The divine Realm's body transformation technique, I fear, is a cultivation system from billions of years ago, or even from an ancient time far surpassing that. In legends I've heard, in the past, body transformation was popular and well practiced throughout the realm, and the essence gathering system only emerged afterward. But the essence gathering system actually slowly replaced the body transformation system. There are definitely reasons behind this.’’

’’It was said that the rules that governed the world changed. But in brief, within the current divine Realm there are very few geniuses that dual cultivate body and energy, even if they are peak talents of a Great Holy Land. While the geniuses that dual cultivate body and energy have a great superiority to martial artists that only follow a single cultivation system, they will have to pay a corresponding amount of energy and time. If your studies are too varied and mixed, it will be difficult to achieve a profound understanding in any of them! Moreover, body transformation's Nine Stars of the Dao Palace are legendary in their difficulty of breaking into! If you cultivate just the essence gathering system, you can still become a Holy Lord, World King, or even an Empyrean. The potential of the essence gathering system is already more than enough for you to dig out. If you can fully explore that potential, you will become an Empyrean. Aren't you satisfied with becoming an Empyrean?’’

Fairy Feng was also only casually speaking. She didn't expect that Lin Ming would become an Empyrean. What kind of existence was an Empyrean? In the entire divine Realm, an Empyrean might not appear for 100,000 years or even millions of years!

Of the talent in the divine Realm, no matter how amazing they were and no matter if they were the current number one talent of the divine Realm, they were still incomparably far from ever becoming an Empyrean!

Lin Ming didn't say anything. No matter how far an Empyrean was, he would still firmly walk down on the road he decided on to take.

Fairy Feng saw that Lin Ming had already made up his mind and knew that saying anything further was useless. In fact, she also understood that with someone like Lin Ming, who was so determined, once they made a decision they would rarely veer off that path and instead steadfastly walk down that road no matter what lay ahead. Those people that made a decision and changed their mind the next moment would rarely have great achievements.

Although she knew this, she still had to raise this matter. As Lin Ming's master, it was her duty to mention these points. As for what decision Lin Ming made, that was all up to him.

’’If you wish to break through the Gate of Opening, now is your time. Since you've reached this step, you must step into the Gate of Opening no matter what. As for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, that will all depend on heaven's will. Do you have the materials for making body transformation medicine? If you wish to break through to the Gate of Opening you need to accumulate a great deal of medicinal materials.’’

’’I do. But I haven't turned them into pills yet.’’ Lin Ming took out the Extreme Violet Ring. Within the Extreme Violet Ring was a medicine garden with a massive amount of medicinal plants, all over 100,000 years of age.

This was one of the relics Jiang Ziji had left behind in the Temple of Marvels. The medicine garden in the ring was untouched for over 100,000 years. Although most of the medicinal herbs had died, those that lived on were extremely valuable breeds. Such long lived medicinal herbs would be difficult to find even in a divine Realm Holy Land!

’’You actually have such a medicine garden? These are 100,000 year and even older medicinal herbs!’’ Fairy Feng was surprised. Even she didn't have such a medicine garden. It wasn't a matter of how precious the medicinal herb were, but how long they had grown for.

Fairy Feng could obtain obtain more precious medicinal herbs than these, but as for raising them herself, she wasn't even 10,000 years old herself yet, so how could she have grown medicinal herbs that were over 100,000 years old?

Moreover, medicinal plants like these had their own life and spirit. They had to absorb heaven and earth origin energy to transform themselves. There were many herbs that lived for less than 10,000 years. As for the types of medicinal herbs able to live up to 100,000 years and longer, they were extremely rare.

’’This should be a high-grade saint artifact level spirit realm left behind by a divine Realm master. The inside has its own world and can be used to raise medicinal herbs and even raise wonderful beasts. This should be something you obtained from some ancient ruin. But in a situation where the master has died and there hasn't been anyone to care for the spirit realm for 100,000 years, and yet these medicinal plants can maintain their life, that must be because this ring was left in an exceptionally wonderful land with extremely rich spirit energy. ’’

Fairy Feng had amazing insight. With just a few words, she was able to discern how Lin Ming had obtained this ring. Indeed, Jiang Ziji died meditating beneath a divine thunder tree. Because of the divine thunder tree, the heaven and earth origin energy around the entire dimensional realm was pure and rich, with spirit plants, spirit trees, and even top grade spirit essence stones being born.

Jiang Ziji was a clansmen of the Electric Violet Kirin Clan. The medicinal herbs he planted were mostly of the thunder-attribute type. In a land with such thick and pure thunder origin energy and where the environment was perfectly suited the for the growth of these medicinal herbs, after 100,000 years this type of medicine garden finally formed.

’’What wonderful materials. Moreover, these materials are mostly of the thunder attribute. Mm?’’ Fairy Feng suddenly noticed a small line of characters carved on the inside of the ring. ’’Electric Violet Kirin Clan Shadeless Lightning Vindicator Jiang Ziji.’’

’’The Electric Violet Kirin Clan is originally a branch of the Ancient Kirin Clan. No wonder there's so many thunder attribute medicinal herbs here. Thunder attribute medicinal herbs are best used for tempering the body. Thunder originally has the power of life, so it is far superior to tempering the body than fire is. The superiority of fire is to burn away impurities of the revolving core and refine energy. The superiority of thunder is in body transformation.’’

’’Good. I will help you process these medicinal herbs and refine the spirit pill for you to open the fifth Eight Inner Hidden Gate.’’

The Ancient Phoenix Clan was a massive sect that took the Flame Laws as their core and their achievements in alchemy were correspondingly wonderful. In alchemy, control of the flame was essential in creating pills. Fairy Feng was also an alchemist grandmaster.

Although Lin Ming inherited the memories of a divine Realm alchemist, it would likely take him at least a year to process all of these medicinal herbs. He would've missed the date of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial.

But if Fairy Feng were to help him, she would only need ten days to do what would take him a full year, and the quality would also be far superior.

’’Thank you, honorable master.’’

’’This is only a minor matter. You prepared the materials and I'm only putting in a little effort. Moreover, I can also enhance my alchemy technique and soul force and prepare to step into the next realm.’’

As Fairy Feng spoke to this point, she took out a golden red pill furnace from her spatial ring. This pill furnace was a spirit artifact level treasure. To an alchemist grandmaster, a pill furnace was even more important than a weapon. A weapon could only be used to increase one's combat strength, but a pill furnace was required for alchemy, and alchemy concerned a martial artist's cultivation. With top quality pills, it was far easier to enhance one's cultivation.

With a spirit artifact level pill furnace combined with Fairy Feng's alchemy technique and also being refined by the Nirvanic Sacred Flame, any pill she produced would be heads and shoulders above what Lin Ming could make.

This was the benefit of having a master. For a disciple born into a distinguished family in a divine Realm Holy Land, they would have many Elders to support them. The Elders could assist in concocting pills, personally explaining cultivation methods, and even demonstrating skills. From all of this support, their cultivation speed could be imagined.

’’Lin Ming, during the time I create this pill for you, you will meditate on the Fire Laws.’’ Fairy Feng took out a jade slip from her spatial ring and gave it to Lin Ming. This was Fairy Feng's collections of insights of the Fire Laws that she personally wrote down. It was a priceless treasure. Only someone that thoroughly understood the Fire Laws could create such a jade slip;it was impossible to duplicate. Each and every one was a valuable treasure. A jade slip like this would never be casually granted to someone that wasn't a direct disciple.

Fairy Feng seemed to suddenly remember something. ’’That's right, you are now a Phoenix Hall disciple. Phoenix Hall disciples can take two saint artifacts from Saint Artifact Pavilion. Since you've taken one, go and take another one. Don't miss out!’’

’’Yes, honorable master.’’ How precious was a top grade saint artifact? With such an opportunity placed in front of him, Lin Ming certainly wouldn't miss out.


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