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Martial World - Chapter 982


Chapter 982 - Perfect Dantian




Fairy Feng's seclusion chamber was located underneath Fengxian Palace. The entire chamber was built from saint artifact level material and it was also supported by an array formation. Even if there was no one specially managing it, it was still able to withstand a barrage from a late divine Lord boundary master.

In the center of this chamber was something that looked like a giant egg. Lin Ming was about to ask what it was when Fairy Feng wrapped him up in red light and they both entered the giant egg.

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming looked at his surroundings with shock. The walls were a deep red and they were incomparably thick. As he pressed on them, he could feel that the walls were highly elastic, pulsating as though they had a life of their own.

’’This is a wall made of flesh and blood?’’ Lin Ming asked with some disbelief.

’’Yes, this is a flesh and blood dao womb an ancient supreme elder created by using the body of a catastrophic great beast. I obtained it during a treasure hunt in a mystic realm. It is a spirit artifact level treasure. However, this flesh and blood dao womb cannot be used to attack the enemy because it does not have any striking power. It can only be used to train during seclusion. If you cultivate in this flesh and blood dao womb, it can strengthen the essence energy within your body. If you absorb the flesh and blood essence within this flesh and blood dao womb, there will be all sorts of interesting effects. It'll be greatly beneficial for you in crossing the sixth stage of Life Destruction.’’

’’There are spirit artifacts like this?’’ Lin Ming asked in a daze. In the Sky Spill Continent, the types of treasures were very singular and well known. There were sabers, swords, spears, halberds, shields, helmets, and all sorts of other armors and weapons. There was a minority of jewelry type treasures;they were extremely rare. As for this strange treasure Fairy Feng showed him, he had never seen anything like it before, nor had he thought about it.

Lin Ming released his senses into the flesh and blood dao womb. He could feel the flesh and blood essence energy rush around like a surging tide. If he cultivated here, it'd give him a great deal of help in opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

Fairy Feng said, ’’This flesh and blood dao womb is one of my lucky chances. For me to achieve my current accomplishments, this flesh and blood dao womb played a great part.’’

As Fairy Feng spoke, she raised her hand. A wisp of a pale gold flame slowly rose from the palm of her hand. The flame didn't seem as if it had the least bit of burning heat, but it actually twisted the space around it. In this flesh and blood dao womb, the fire origin energy began to slowly circle around the pale golden flame, turning into faint firebirds, fire crows, fire wolfs, fire lions, and all sorts of other spirit body shaped animals. All creatures of flames lay prostrate in front of that golden flame in worship.

This left Lin Ming flabbergasted. The flame that Fairy Feng had produced didn't even need to be controlled by her to display such a miraculous effect. This flame that contained the high principles of the Great Dao was truly bewildering.

’’This is the Nirvanic Sacred Flame?’’


The Nirvanic Sacred Flame was not a type of Flame Essence. In fact, for a character like Fairy Feng, they would not raise and nourish a Flame Essence within their bodies. Instead, they would raise Fire Elementals. A Flame Essence was equal to a Thunder Soul and a Fire Elemental was equal to a Thunder Source.

The divine flames left behind when a phoenix ignited itself during nirvana was combined with a high-grade Fire Elemental. This fusion resulted in the Nirvanic Sacred Flame. The grade of this flame was incomparable to the Purple Lion Thunder Source.

The Nirvanic Sacred Flame contained the truths of rebirth through nirvana within. Breaking one's revolving core through Life Destruction and then reforming it was a similar process;both were to break apart, then reform.

’’Very well, I shall begin. I will penetrate the Nirvanic Sacred Flame into your body and you will begin revolving your energy to disintegrate your body.’’

As Fairy Feng spoke, she slapped her palm on Lin Ming's stomach. The Nirvanic Sacred Flame immediately surged into his meridians and dantian. As long as Lin Ming controlled the eruption of energy while simultaneously galvanizing all the energy within his body, he could break apart his body.

Of course, this was only under normal circumstances. What surprised Fairy Feng was that when the wisp of Nirvanic Sacred Flame entered Lin Ming's body, it actually seemed to lack strength. It was as though there was a strange energy within Lin Ming's body that faintly wished to devour the Nirvanic Sacred Flame.

’’What is this supernatural power? It can actually suppress the Nirvanic Sacred Flame? Although I released the Nirvanic Sacred Flame, the truth is that it's only 1/1000 of the sacred flame's energy. The quality is extremely high;ordinary supernatural powers should not be able to suppress it. Lin Ming indeed has a great destiny upon his body.’’

Fairy Feng was surprised. She quickly searched through Lin Ming's body to see what sort of supernatural power was at work. However, after a quick pass through, she still didn't find anything.

’’Interesting, interesting!’’

Fairy Feng was even more surprised than before, but also pleasantly delighted. In order for a genius to grow, mere diligent cultivation and talent wasn't enough. One needed a great lucky chance, or even many of them.

’’I was afraid that too much of the Nirvanic Sacred Flame would burn his meridians, but it seems my worries were unfounded. This is even better. The more of the Nirvanic Sacred Flame I can pour in the more thoroughly Lin Ming's body will be tempered.’’

As Fairy Feng thought of this, she increased the amount of Nirvanic Sacred Flame she was infusing into Lin Ming. In both her palms, the flames were no longer pale but a dazzling brilliant gold.

Fairy Feng poured 5/1000 of the Nirvanic Sacred Flame's strength into Lin Ming, but this still wasn't enough!


Fairy Feng shot out a seal, increasing the Nirvanic Sacred Flame to 1%, then 2%!

The brilliant golden flame wrapped around Lin Ming. The essence energy and blood essence of the flesh and blood dao womb was also quickened as it began to slowly pour into Lin Ming's body.

At this time, Lin Ming's body finally began to disintegrate. From his skin to his muscles, meridians, blood vessels, organs, skeleton, marrow, and finally even his brain!

Lin Ming's entire body was decomposed, turning into the purest and tiniest particles possible as they wafted around the flesh and blood dao womb. The revolving core crystal nucleus within Lin Ming's dantian flew out. This pitch black revolving core crystal nucleus was actually a perfect black hole revolving core.

Fairy Feng nodded appreciatively as she saw this revolving core crystal nucleus. The foundation of his revolving core crystal nucleus was so solid, that even in the entire Phoenix Cry Palace it was at the peak.

Wisps of golden flames sprang out from her fingers and sunk into Lin Ming's revolving core crystal nucleus. The crystal nucleus began to melt, turning into the most pure and essential energy as it fused into the particles of flesh and blood.

Lin Ming was currently in his weakest and most fragile state. The only reason he could maintain his life in this state was due to the support of the World Laws. But if the miraculous ordered phenomenon around Lin Ming's disintegrated body was ruined, he would immediately perish into nothingness!

This situation was similar to a mortal dying if their heads were cut open. There were some skilled doctors that could slice open the head to remove a brain tumor, then stitch the head back together, allowing the patient to live. However, if there was even the smallest disturbance in the surgery, the patient would die.

However, with Fairy Feng's boundary, controlling all of this at the same time was a very easy and calm matter. She took out the 30 foot long phoenix feather and began to heat it with the Nirvanic Sacred Flame.

The phoenix feather was the feather of a God Beast;it was extremely tough. Even a divine Lord powerhouse would find it extremely difficult to break it down!

But underneath the reducing power of the Nirvanic Sacred Flame, the phoenix feather quickly melted.

The Nirvanic Sacred Flame was originally the flames a phoenix bathed in when it was being reborn. It could burn the entire body of a phoenix, so a feather was a simple matter.


Fairy Feng lightly cried out and the phoenix feather melted into pure energy that fused into Lin Ming's flesh and blood! She opened the vial of phoenix plume blood. The 20 drops of phoenix plume blood flew out and exploded into a blood fog underneath the energy, fusing into Lin Ming's body.

When Huo Yanguang crossed the ninth stage of Life Destruction he also fused 20 drops of phoenix plume blood. But Lin Ming was able to receive such a luxurious treatment during the sixth stage of Life Destruction. Not only did Lin Ming have the phoenix plume blood, but he also had the essence energy of the phoenix feather to complement it as well as Fairy Feng using her Nirvanic Sacred Flame to temper his spirit body.

This treatment surpassed even the disciples of the three great family clans. Only the most outstanding disciples of the three family clans could possibly enjoy such resources.

The process of the sixth stage of Life Destruction could last for over a dozen days. Fairy Feng stood by the side and watched as Lin Ming's flesh and blood particles were tempered in the energy as they absorbed the blood energy of the flesh and blood dao womb.

On the eighteenth day, there was a sudden change in the circulation of flesh and blood particles. They began to gather. Lin Ming's sixth stage Life Destruction was finally coming to an end.

The energy within the flesh and blood dao palace began to slowly fuse together. From liquid to a solid state, until the spherical crystal nucleus formed, then collapsed, and finally became a black revolving core.

After passing through the reforming process of the sixth stage of Life Destruction, Lin Ming's revolving core was smaller, but the energy inherent within was greater and purer.

With this revolving core crystal nucleus at the center, the energy condensed into the dantian. The countless particles of flesh and blood accumulated, forming the brain, skeleton, organs, meridians, flesh, skin, and everything else.

This process continued for an entire day. Lin Ming's body had taken shape and he was suspended in the air, his hands wrapped around his knees. His black hair hung down like a waterfall that hid his entire body. In this moment, Lin Ming was like a newborn baby. His body shined crystal bright as if it contained endless vitality.

Slowly, both his eyes opened, clear and bright like twin stars. With a thought, fire origin energy swept up around him. It formed clouds that threaded themselves into beautiful red silk and wrapped around Lin Ming, forming clothes.

As he immersed his thoughts into his body and dantian, Lin Ming felt as though he was reborn and his dantian had reached perfection. The phoenix plume blood and the essence energy from the phoenix feather were completely absorbed into his flesh and blood. This feeling was incomparably wonderful!

Lin Ming gripped his fists together. He could feel strength filling his body. If he were to fight Huo Yanguang now, he believed he had a high chance of winning even without using the Primordius martial intent!

Moreover, after having absorbed the blood vitality of the flesh and blood dao womb, his body already reached the edge of transformation. He now had a great assurance he would be able to break through the fifth of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates in a single go - the Gate of Opening!

The Gate of Opening was located in the brain. After reaching the fifth gate, his perception would increase as well as his soul force. Although this wasn't immediately of influence to his combat strength, it was actually known as being the most valuable of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. That was because this gate wouldn't become any less valuable even after reaching the Holy Lord realm.

There was a tremendous gap between the first four and the second four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Lin Ming had opened the fourth Gate of Pain but it had been several years since then. This was mainly because the momentum and energy he accumulated were insufficient. But now, it was finally time.


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