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Martial World - Chapter 980


Chapter 980 - Phoenix Plume Blood in Hand




Huo Yanguang was beaten up by Lin Ming so bad that over half his blood vessels had burst apart. Victory and defeat were already decided. The leading Hall Protector came down from the air and glanced at Huo Yanguang. He sighed.

He was a genius amongst the juniors of the Huo Family Clan. Without mentioning his background, the resources he enjoyed were far superior to those of a common disciple. He had formed a 12 mile origin energy cloud that covered his entire residence and withstood the baptism of the Heavenly Dao, surprising the entire Phoenix Hall. His limelight was unmatched, and even some divine Lord Elders of Phoenix Cry Palace were disturbed.

With such a story, today should've been the greatest and most celebrated moment in Huo Yanguang's life. Today should've been the day he carved the confidence and belief of victory into his bones, and used this power to overwhelm Lin Ming and win the Phoenix Blood Spear. He would've really been a chosen pride of heaven with a great destiny gathered in his body. With his four level layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction as well as the immense destiny placed on him, his future achievements were infinite.

However, fate always made fools of men. Huo Yanguang had lost, and he had lost in such a miserable way that he couldn't be any more miserable!

Without mentioning the 20 drops of phoenix plume blood, the two top high-grade saint artifacts were meticulously and lovingly raised by Huo Yanguang. He received them during the Revolving Core realm and slowly built them up. The artifacts even shared the same roots with him. Giving them to others was the same as cutting off his own flesh!

To a martial artist, the magic instruments they carefully raised would never be leant to others. If others were to fuse their own spirit marks, true essence, and other energies into it, the quality of the magic instrument would suffer. Once it returned to the owner's hands, they would have to slowly refine it again over time.

This was also the reason why Huo Yanguang was only able to borrow an ordinary top grade saint artifact from his uncle.

A lifelong magic weapon could be said to be similar to a martial artist's wife. Who was willing to lend their wife to others to use?

But now, Huo Yanguang had to look helplessly on as he lost his two wives to someone else. This caused him to nearly vomit blood again.

Just how proud was a genius? Even if it were a mortal, if they were ruthlessly trampled on in public and also had to compensate others with their property along with their two most beautiful wives, that taste would truly be hard to swallow!

There were some hot-headed mortals that could get sick from anger, some even died.

But if it were a martial artist instead, this wouldn't happen to them. However, their thoughts wouldn't be smooth and this would affect their cultivation.

’’Huo Yanguang, I hereby judge that Lin Ming won the battle. Do you wish to object?’’

The Hall Protector didn't want to rub salt onto Huo Yanguang's wounds. However, in this sort of gambling battle, one needed to consult the participants in order to decide the outcome.

Huo Yanguang's complexion was grim. He glared at Lin Ming, unable to say anything. For him to personally acknowledge out loud that he had lost was something he just couldn't do.

’’What about it? Do you still want to fight? If you do, I'll accompany you. However, I can't guarantee you won't suffer even worse injuries!’’

Lin Ming's voice was loud and clear, bringing with it a rolling momentum and power, shocking the entire audience!

’’Everything in life comes and goes. I will remember today's humiliation!’’

Huo Yanguang gnashed out these last ruthless words to keep up the fading tatters of his honor and then turned around to leave.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and said, ’’Huo Yanguang, have you forgotten something?’’

The words stabbed Huo Yanguang like sharp knives, grating on his ears. Lin Ming was certainly speaking of the two high-grade saint artifacts.

Huo Yanguang was already at the edge of the altar. He stopped and with a deep breath he grit his teeth, took off his Nine Feathered Heaven Robe, and passed it along with the Sun Melting Furnace to Lin Ming.

Before handing over his magic tools he also had to personally erase the spirit marks he had left on them after he had so assiduously raised them these past years. If he didn't remove the spirit marks and they were refined by Lin Ming instead, that would've caused damage to his soul.

’’Nice. I was just lacking some clothes.’’

Lin Ming caught the Nine Feathered Heaven Robe and Sun Melting Furnace as they flew toward him. When Lin Ming ascended to the divine Realm, he left the Demon Emperor Armor and the Coiling Martial divine Furnace with Mu Qianyu. He didn't have any protective armor right now and the Demon Emperor Armor was only a low-grade saint artifact to begin with. It was unable to compare with the Nine Feathered Heaven Robe.

As for the Sun Melting Furnace, that came at a perfect time.

Lin Ming's Cosmic Melting Furnace was originally only a quasi-Saint artifact. It was sufficient when he was at the Sky Spill Continent, but now the furnace was having difficulties withstanding the intensities of his flames.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan was a sect that controlled fire. There were many alchemist grandmasters and refining grandmasters in the clan. The quality of pill furnaces the Ancient Phoenix Clan forged were absolutely first class in the divine Realm.

’’If I knew about this, I would've left the Cosmic Melting Furnace in the lower realms. It seems that when I inherited the Great Desolate Blood Halberd left behind by the Demon Emperor as well as the Cosmic Melting Furnace and Demon Emperor Armor, those items were not things that were left behind when the Demon Emperor was in a hurry, but rather he did it intentionally so that others could inherit them.

Lin Ming estimated that the Demon Emperor's cultivation was around the middle late divine Sea when he ascended to the divine Realm. Moreover, he definitely had experienced additional lucky chances in the Eternal Demon Abyss. There was no need for him to bring low-grade saint artifacts with him.

Although the martial artists of the lower realms were far inferior to the martial artists of the divine Realm, this was because they lacked resources, masters, inheritances, talent, and even the origin energy of their lands was nearly barren. Because those lower realms martial artists had to suffer through fierce and brutal competition to emerge from a world of trillions of people, those martial artists that managed to ascend to the divine Realms were ultimately the most outstanding of individuals. They were the chosen amongst the chosen prides of heaven, and they all gathered a great destiny on their bodies. In terms of will and mentality, they often exceeded martial artists of the divine Realm. Their potential was enormous.

Especially in the Sky Spill Continent where the world was blocked off by a barrier, the heaven and earth origin energy was even more desolate. A martial artist that could cultivate to an eighth stage Life Destruction in the Sky Spill Continent could often have even greater achievements in the divine Realm than a ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist.

It had to be known that in the last 100,000 years of the Sky Spill Continent, there were very few individuals that ascended. The Demon Emperor, Emperor Shakya, and the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness each had great accomplishments when they ascended to the divine Realm. Although they weren't able to become a Holy Lord, they were still able to control their own territory. One could infer this from the fact that the Demon Emperor was qualified to participate in the battle for the Magic Cube.

’’Congratulations Junior-apprentice Brother Lin.’’

After Huo Yanguang left, the leading Hall Protector smiled. He handed the vial of phoenix plume blood to Lin Ming.

There were only 20 drops of phoenix plume blood and it was placed in a small jade vial. As Lin Ming received it, he could feel it sink in his palm. These 20 drops of phoenix plume blood were actually equal to a 180 jin heavy weapon.

The blood within a Phoenix God Beast's body was divided into different ranks. The highest ranking blood was the phoenix blood essence. A single drop of phoenix blood essence had an inestimable value. It was a treasure that could not be measured with saint artifacts, regardless of how many.

Below that was phoenix coronet blood. Phoenix coronet blood had the property of pure yang, and it was an extremely beneficial treasure to martial artists that cultivated pure yang energy. Its value was also inestimable.

Followed by that was phoenix marrow blood, phoenix heart blood, phoenix plume blood, and various other types of blood. At the lowest end of the spectrum was ordinary phoenix blood.

Ordinary phoenix blood was about the same weight as an ordinary martial artist's blood. A Phoenix God Beast was thousands, or even tens of thousands of miles long. Within the body of such a massive beast, there were trillions of jins of blood. If this blood rained down, it could drown a city.

This was also the reason why divine Realm martial artists were able to use such precious phoenix blood. Otherwise, as an unrivalled God Beast, how could anyone obtain the blood of an Ancient Phoenix?

Lin Ming uncapped the small jade vial and took a deep breath. He could immediately feel a rich pure yang energy waft out. Through just smelling the blood, he could feel a hot flow of energy rush into his meridians, solidifying his cultivation and giving him great benefits.

If he could have Fairy Feng fuse this phoenix plume blood into his body when he crossed the sixth stage of Life Destruction, just what effect would it have?

The Hall Protector smiled and said, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, quickly close it again. This jade vial has a special trait and that is that it can prevent the pure yang energy of the phoenix plume blood to escape. If you open bottle for too long, the phoenix plume blood will lose its energy.’’

The Hall Protector was speaking to Lin Ming in a friendly manner, much more respectful than he would've normally been. As for the other disciples, their eyes were filled with awe as they looked at Lin Ming!

Yes, that was awe.

In the past, when they had known that Lin Ming obtained the Phoenix Blood Spear, they had thoughts of jealousy and envy cross their minds. In their hearts, they wondered why Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit approved of Lin Ming. They had thoughts of stepping over Lin Ming's fame in the future and proving that they themselves were the most extraordinary disciples.

After all, just taking the Phoenix Blood Spear wasn't too special. A saint artifact on the level of the Phoenix Blood Spear would be obtained by others a few times every 100 years. As for a more ordinary top grade saint artifact, they'd be taken away every 2-3 years.

But now, with Lin Ming's fifth stage Life Destruction strength, he managed to defeat the ninth stage Life Destruction Huo Yanguang. The envy that filled their hearts now turned to awe.

Lin Ming's talent and achievements were simply incredible!

If Lin Ming's talent was slightly better than theirs, they would still envy him. But if Lin Ming's talent far surpassed theirs, they could no longer feel envy. They could only look up and worship him!

This was similar to the chief disciple of Phoenix Hall, White Daohong. To him, all the other young disciples only felt a deep awe.

’’This is truly heaven defying. A fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist defeated the four layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction Huo Yanguang! That is a difference of four stages of Life Destruction! Moreover, from Eightfall to Ninefall, although it can't be compared to great a boundary, it's still around half of one!

While undergoing Ninefall, a martial artist would undergo a baptism of the Heavenly Dao and their comprehension of Laws would soar by a great deal. But their true essence wouldn't increase by much. The benefits of Ninefall were mostly embodied in the tempering of the soul. Soul force was only the carrier of true essence and Laws;it didn't have an immediate influence on actual combat strength.

’’He's too strong. That's a difference of four stages of Life Destruction. Although the 999 blood spear array within the Phoenix Blood Spear could make up for a part of it, that's at most a small boundary. To overcome a disparity of three stages of Life Destruction is extraordinary!’’

’’No kidding. Jumping three stages of Life Destruction to fight isn't considered much, but the problem here is that Huo Yanguang is also a genius amongst geniuses. He even far surpasses the ninth stage Life Destruction Huang Yuegong from several years ago! We are inferior to Huo Yanguang, but even if our cultivations were several small boundaries above his, we would still be defeated. Yet Lin Ming defeated Huo Yanguang with an even lower cultivation than his. That's just unbelievable!’’

’’I wonder how Lin Ming's talent compares to Senior-apprentice Brother White Daohong?’’ A disciple suddenly asked in a hushed whisper.

To these disciples, White Daohong was the only person in Phoenix Hall worthy of being called the number one disciple. Whether it was talent or potential, he far exceeded everyone else. In terms of cultivation he had already broken through to divine Transformation.


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