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Martial World - Chapter 979


Chapter 979 - Can Only Be Described As Miserable




Blue Lotus Domain's force field was like a fragile shell of sugar that cracked without end. In just 1% of an instant, Lin Ming's spear already reached the front of Huo Yanguang's chest.

The spear light hadn't arrived yet but Huo Yanguang could already feel that he was covered in some sort of strange space. He could not feel this space and he could not see this space, but he knew that it existed. As he was stuck in this space, he felt as if he were caught in a quagmire. It immensely shocked him!

’’What is this!?’’

With Huo Yanguang's experience and knowledge, how could he possibly recognize the grandmist space? He only thought that this was some sort of strange space. His energy, his body, and even his soul came under a great suppressive pressure. The movement of energy in his body was blocked, and his meridians and even his heart were overwhelmed, finding it hard to withstand. His protective true essence nearly broke apart!

’’Phoenix Blood Spear, phoenix true blood!’’

Lin Ming loudly shouted out as he combusted the blood of the Ancient Phoenix in his body. He thrusted his spear straight toward the point between Huo Yanguang's eyebrows. In that moment, a dark blood red light emerged from the Phoenix Blood Spear, twisting into a blood colored storm. This blood colored storm was formed of 999 small spears. These small spears were all formed by blood and this blood contained a nearly endless infernal energy and infinite divine might. This was the phoenix true blood contained within the Phoenix Blood Spear!

The Phoenix Blood Spear was forged by a senior Supreme Elder, using a special technique that sealed 999 drops of phoenix blood within it to form an array that represented nine through nine to return to one. The original master of the Phoenix Blood Spear could ignite their Ancient Phoenix blood to stimulate the array formation within, and the 999 drops of phoenix blood would form spears that attacked the enemy. This was the greatest killing move contained within the Phoenix Blood Spear!

The Phoenix Blood Spear's attack even surpassed the thunderfire dual dao diagram attack formed from burning the Ancient Phoenix Blood and releasing the Purple Lion Thunder Source!

This was the might of a top grade saint artifact!

’’Lin Ming! You have forced me to do this!’’

Huo Yanguang's face fiercely twisted. At this critical moment he bit down on the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence on the Blackfire Blade. The Blackfire Blade absorbed Huo Yanguang's blood essence and violently trembled, emitting a faint ringing sound.

To a martial artist of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, solely burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix would cause a massive increase in the consumption of true essence. In a way, it was the same as combusting one's true essence to erupt with a greater strength. If true essence was burnt away, it could still be restored, but one's life blood essence was different. If blood essence was burnt away, there would be that much less. In a gambling fight between disciples of Phoenix Hall, burning one's life blood essence was truly going all-out!

’’Blackfire Blade, burn down the world!’’

An incomparably mighty sword strike slashed outward. Huo Yanguang burnt his blood essence to drive the power of the Blackfire Blade, increasing the power of the sword by three times its usual state!

However, three times was still not enough!

As the black flames entered the grandmist space, the majority of the power was weakened by the grandmist space!

In the end, even though Huo Yanguang burnt his blood essence, the power of his attack only rose by 30%. How could the Blackfire Blade that only increased in power by 30% possibly contend with the Phoenix Blood Spear that attacked with all of its strength?


The deathly black flames were torn apart by the 999 blood spears. The blood spears finally gathered, forming a crimson torrent of light that smashed into Huo Yanguang's protective true essence!


Huo Yanguang's protective true essence exploded like glass. As his protective true essence shattered, the robes he wore began to shine with a faint red light. This was the protection of the high-grade saint artifact - the Nine Feathered Heaven Robe.

For an attack to wound Huo Yanguang, it first had to break through the protection of the Nine Feathered Heaven Robe. But how could the high-grade saint artifact rank Nine Feathered Heaven Robe compare with the Phoenix Blood Spear, a weapon that was almost a transcendent saint artifact? The Phoenix Blood Spear also had the source strength of the old Palace Master sealed within it!

The Nine Feathered Heaven Robe's barrier of light got destroyed. The surging torrent of light formed by the 999 blood spears smashed into Huo Yanguang's chest!


Huo Yanguang felt as if he was struck by a million jin steel ball. Blood spewed out from his body and he flew backward like a broken sack. Blood wet his chest even as it sprinkled to the ground!

’’Huo Yanguang was injured! He vomited blood! His wound is even greater than Lin Ming's!’’

’’What just happened? Huo Yanguang was just about to win but everything suddenly changed!’’

The Phoenix Hall disciples were spooked silly. The battlefield situation had changed too fast;they simply weren't able to keep up. After Lin Ming exchanged two probing strikes with Huo Yanguang, only then did the true all-out fight begin. That was the bloodshed began!

It had to be known that when Phoenix Hall disciples dueled each other, they would probe again and again, hiding their cards in hand and slowly reveal them one at a time until they reached a hundred collisions in a single go. Only then would the outcome be decided.

When would it be like the fight between Lin Ming and Huo Yanguang were blood was shed nearly the moment they stepped on stage?

One had formed the 999 blood spear array of the Phoenix Blood Spear and used a mighty unknown martial skill.

The other had burnt their life blood essence!

How was this a gambling battle between fellow disciples? This was more like a life or death duel between bitter enemies! They desperately attacked to force the other into the jaws of death!

The four Hall Protectors that were bearing witness to this fight were highly vigilant, prepared to act at a moment's notice. They were ready to rescue Lin Ming but the one they needed to save was Huo Yanguang. Huo Yanguang was a talented disciple of the Huo Family Clan. If he were beaten up, the Huo Family Clan couldn't do anything about that. But if he were killed, it'd be a major problem. That was not something they could afford to have happen under their watch!

Although they were supposed to be the arbiters of this battle, they also felt bitter about the situation. To them, Life Destruction martial artists were nothing but children. When two children fought, there shouldn't be any dangers with four adults watching from the side. But now, their minds were all at a high degree of concentration with none of them daring to even blink. This fight was simply far too ruthless.

Lin Ming's attack severely wounded Huo Yanguang, but he didn't show any mercy. He grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void. The Gate of Wonder opened as he rushed forth once more.

The grandmist battle spirit fused into the Phoenix Blood Spear again. The Phoenix Blood Spear emitted an excited whistling cry. In that moment, a blood red phoenix phantom formed above the Phoenix Blood Spear. This was not a phenomenon created by Lin Ming, but one naturally formed by the 999 drops of Ancient Phoenix blood from the Phoenix Blood Spear. This was dozens of times or even a hundred times more formidable than the golden phoenix formed by Lin Ming burning his own Ancient Phoenix blood!

Huo Yanguang watched this spear thrusting towards him and hurriedly released a golden pill furnace. As this pill furnace appeared, it spun round and round, releasing a brilliant golden light that seemed to contain a golden crow. This was Huo Yanguang's high-grade saint artifact pill furnace, the Sun Melting Furnace!

As Huo Yanguang released the Sun Melting Furnace, he flew forward and entered it. He used this pill furnace to defend, not to attack. To use the Sun Melting Furnace to attack Lin Ming with his unstoppable rainbow-like momentum was simply a dream!

Lin Ming didn't change his actions at all. His spear smashed down as before, like a mountain was falling, as if the heavens and earth were collapsing!


Like the tail whip of a divine dragon, the Phoenix Blood Spear pounded the Sun Melting Furnace!

The Sun Melting Furnace was hammered by Lin Ming's spear. It flew down like a ball and crashed into the ground!


With a loud explosive sound, the furnace hit the ground like a meteor. The ground cracked apart, and Huo Yanguang as well as the Sun Melting Furnace penetrated deep into the ground, completely buried!

As the martial artists present saw this scene, they fell silent. The sudden change in this battle was too sudden;it left them dumbfounded and stumped. The battle was far too short. Everything occurred in the blink of an eye, leaving them too little time to be shocked or even to react.

In particular, the moment when Lin Ming had beaten the Sun Melting Furnace, with Huo Yanguang inside, into the ground. Even words like bloodthirsty, savage, or brutal weren't enough to describe this.

’’This is like a dream. Lin Ming has comprehended a perfect silver battle spirit. Am I imagining things?’’

An early divine Sea disciple muttered. During this battle, what shocked him the most was not the sudden change in tides, it was not Lin Ming's amazing strength, nor was it the unrivalled might and majesty of the Phoenix Blood Spear. No, it was Lin Ming's perfect silver battle spirit, a battle spirit that was only a single step away from reaching the gold level boundary!

In comparison to his cultivation, this martial artist's battle spirit wasn't too bad;it was at the large success bronze level. Although he couldn't compare to those Ninefall geniuses, he was still capable enough. But compared to Lin Ming now, the difference was like clouds and muds!


The lid of the Sun Melting Furnace flew off and a bloodied Huo Yanguang crawled out. At this time, the Sun Melting Furnace was like a coffin buried deep in the ground, and Huo Yanguang with a face wet with blood looked like a zombie, wriggling his way out.

’’Lin Ming, you...’’ Huo Yanguang was angry from shame. He wanted to spit out some malicious words to maintain whatever face he had left, but as he opened his mouth to speak all that came out was a gurgling mouthful of blood. He couldn't even remain steady. Pill furnace, divine tripods, those types of magic tools could be used defensively but they weren't defensive type magic tools in the end. If one hid inside, they could block a direct attack but they still had to withstand the shaking force. This sort of feeling was no better!

All of Huo Yanguang's bones were broken, his meridians were torn, and his blood vessels had burst open. His entire body was like a leaking bag of blood!

In this sort of situation, Huo Yanguang already knew that the battle was as good as lost. However, he still couldn't accept this result!

Forgetting the fact he was beaten into the ground in front of everyone, he wanted to suicide by smashing his head into the wall when he thought of the two high-grade saint artifacts and 20 drops of phoenix plume blood.

The two high-grade saint artifacts accounted for most of his wealth, and the 20 drops of phoenix plume blood were borrowed;he had to return it. Not just that, but when he broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, he had borrowed another 20 drops of phoenix plume blood from his uncle. Huo Yanguang had promised he would return all of this phoenix plume blood. His original thoughts were that his strength would rapidly increase once he had the Phoenix Blood Spear and once he was able to perceive the mysterious Laws within, he would be able to rapidly reach the divine Sea realm. He would have more than enough time to return the phoenix plume blood. But now, everything he had was gone!

He owed 40 drops of phoenix plume blood and a majority of his wealth had been lost!

In his life, he had never suffered such a miserable loss before!


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