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Martial World - Chapter 975


Chapter 975 - Nirvana Altar




’’10 drops of phoenix plume blood is equal in value to an ordinary top grade saint artifact. Even though Huo Yanguang comes from a distinguished noble family, he still shouldn't have been able to get his hands on so much. Don't forget, he also used some to break through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction.’’

’’He certainly couldn't obtain it himself, but he can borrow it! I heard he has a disgustingly talented little uncle who is about to reach the divine Lord realm any day now. Huo Yanguang could've asked him to borrow some phoenix plume blood, and after he wins the Phoenix Blood Spear he can return the rest. He might need to divide the Phoenix Blood Spear somehow with his uncle too.’’

’’This Huo Yanguang is too overbearing. A four layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation and he challenges Lin Ming, isn't that just bullying? Lin Ming is only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction, how could he possibly accept?’’

’’Yah, this is simply bullying others and slapping them across the face. Huo Yanguang probably isn't expecting Lin Ming to have the courage to accept this challenge. Because his limelight is too great from breaking into the ninth stage of Life Destruction today, he wants to take this chance to humiliate Lin Ming and avenge the shame he suffered awhile back.’’

’’I think that Lin Ming is done today. His words were snobby and he used the excuse of Huo Yanguang not having a top grade saint artifact to not fight him. Now he has to reap what he sowed! If I were Lin Ming, I would just endure what happens today and retreat like a turtle. I'd only need to keep a low profile and diligently cultivate. Once I broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, I'd finally return to public view.’’

’’Heh, are you an idiot? After Lin Ming enters Ninefall, Huo Yanguang will definitely have broken into the divine Sea. That would be even more suppressing. Moreover, Huo Yanguang's wants Lin Ming to kneel down and apologize. A man has gold under their knees;pride is everything to them. Especially to a proud genius. How could he possibly kneel?

As these martial artist were discussing, they looked toward Lin Ming to see what response he would give. By all reasoning, Lin Ming should just patiently endure this shame. Losing honor was a minor loss, losing the Phoenix Blood Spear was a big deal.

Lin Ming held his hands behind his back, proudly floating in the sky with a calm demeanor. Because Huo Yanguang condensed the heaven and earth origin energy, the origin energy in the world was blowing about like strong gusts of wind. The wind streaked through Lin Ming's cloths and long hair. At this moment, he looked like a solitary hero facing the world.

Lin Ming's lips curved up in a mocking smile. He slowly said, ’’I said that I would agree to fight you if you were able to put forth a top grade saint artifact, and you actually put forth 10 drops of phoenix plume blood? Let me ask you, do 10 drops of phoenix plume blood match up to the Phoenix Blood Spear in value?’’

Lin Ming had read many ancient texts within Phoenix Cry Palace these past days and had an approximate understanding of how valuable phoenix plume blood was. 10 drops was only slightly better than a normal top grade saint artifact, but inferior to the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Lin Ming had decided if there was to be a fight, then the gambling stake should be as large as possible. Huo Yanguang had only put forth 10 drops of phoenix plume blood;that was far too little.

However, the words Lin Ming spoke just now had a completely different meaning to the other martial artists that heard it.

’’This Lin Ming really isn't planning on accepting the challenge. In fact, if he doesn't wish to accept the challenger, he should honestly admit defeat and get it over with. There is too great a disparity between the ninth stage and fifth stage of Life Destruction to begin with, but having to find another excuse to refuse is just disgraceful.’’

’’Heh, do you think that if Lin Ming honestly admits defeat, Huo Yanguang will let things go like this? He'll definitely take this chance to ruthlessly shame Lin Ming. Stirring up things as much as possible would be the smart thing to do in this situation.’’

’’Hahahahaha!’’ Huo Yanguang laughed. ’’Lin Ming, I thought you were someone special but I never thought you would be so shameless. You don't dare to fight me so you come up with such a pathetic excuse, that is simply laughable! Today, I will tear through all your excuses. If you say that 10 drops of phoenix plume blood aren't enough, then fine, I will put forth 20 drops of phoenix plume blood as well as two high-grade saint artifacts. These are peak high-grade saint artifacts, one a pill furnace and the other a vestment! What do you have to say to that!?’’

Huo Yanguang initially applied for 20 drops of phoenix plume blood as the limit. In addition, he also had a top grade saint artifact. But he didn't take out this top grade saint artifact as a gambling stake. If he revealed it to Lin Ming, then even if he was as dumb as a pig, he still wouldn't dare to fight.

At that time, he would only be able to shame Lin Ming and he wouldn't be able to ruthlessly beat him into the ground. How could he feel satisfied about just that?

Huo Yanguang had put forth 20 drops of phoenix plume blood as a gambling stake in a single breath. Even his uncle would suffer taking out such a great price! And he also included his pill furnace and vestment;he truly put forth the required capital. The reason Huo Yanguang dared to do this was because he had absolute confidence in victory. A four layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation in addition to a hidden top grade saint artifact as his trump card. If he couldn't win with this, he might as well hit his head on a wall and die.

’’That's 20 drops of phoenix plume blood! And there's also a top high-grade pill furnace and vestment! That should be Huo Yanguang's own Sun Melting Furnace and Nine Feathered Heaven Robe! How is this a simple gambling fight? It's as if they're putting their own lives on the line!’’

’’That's right, everything added up together isn't any more than the Phoenix Blood Spear. Whoever loses will lose everything they have!’’

’’You're worrying for nothing. Do you really think that Lin Ming will fight? The only way would be if he was mentally handicapped,’’ an early divine Sea realm disciple contemptuously said. He had an eighth stage Life Destruction base. As someone who could only look on with envy at these ninth stage Life Destruction geniuses, he couldn't help but be a bit sarcastic.

However, before he finished speaking, Lin Ming suddenly laughed, and in a very reckless and shameless way he said, ’’Good! 20 drops of phoenix plume blood! As well as a top high-grade pill furnace and vestment! Good! You take them out now and place them in the Nirvana Altar and I'll fight with you!’’

Lin Ming's heart was also filled with expectations. A divine Realm talent as well as a true ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist;this would be his first time fighting one. Moreover, the gambling stakes were so high! This battle would truly be thrilling!


As Lin Ming spoke, the disciple who was mocking Lin Ming felt his chin drop to the ground. ’’Lin Ming accepted the challenge? Is he insane?’’

It wasn't wrong that Lin Ming was talented. He hadn't fought for a month and had refused all challengers, so some people thought that he was putting on a front. But there were still a considerable number of people who believed that Lin Ming was extraordinary strong in certain areas, and this was solely based upon the Saint Artifact Pavilion artifact spirit's judgment.

However, even if Saint Artifact Pavilion confirmed that one was a genius, it was impossible for a fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist to fight a ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist. It had to be known that even though the Phoenix Blood Spear was taken only after 36 years, for those 36 years, there were also many other top grade saint artifacts that were taken. There was even a peak top grade saint artifact like the Phoenix Blood Spear that was taken.

It was a spectacular result for Lin Ming to obtain the Phoenix Blood Spear, but it wasn't a unique result. Amongst the divine Transformation realm powerhouses of Phoenix Hall, there were even those that were more freakish than Lin Ming was. For instance, 80 years ago, the chief disciple of Phoenix Hall, White Daohong, had instantly taken two top grade saint artifacts from Saint Artifact Pavilion and even obtained the source strength of the old Palace Master. Since then, if he claimed to be number two, no one claimed to be number one.

Lin Ming could only be known as a top 30 year talent of Phoenix Hall, and this in a case where Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit had made no errors in judgment. Looking further, others weren't that much worse. Huo Yanguang wasn't too bad. He achieved a four layered heavens Ninefall and could barely be called a top 10 year talent. For a top 30 year talent to compare with a top 10 year talent, just how different could they be? With just a 20 year disparity, could that really allow a fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist to contend with a ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist?

’’Is Lin Ming agreeing to such an outrageous challenge just because he wants to save face? Does he not know that if he agrees to this battle, he might feel good for a moment but he'll end up in an even worse situation? When he's beaten to pulp, he'll be even worse off than he was before!’’ a martial artist said with a frown.

Beside him, one of Huo Yanguang's servants loudly laughed, ’’Don't you know that those lower realms martial artists are all stupid? Even so, I didn't think they would be stupid to this degree. I wonder, is he confused about whether or not this is the divine Realm or one of the lower realms? Maybe in the lower realms he might be able to defeat a divine Sea martial artist at the fifth stage of Life Destruction, but does he believe the same applies to the divine Realm? Just how low is his intelligence?’’

’’I still don't think things are so simple. Maybe Lin Ming has some other plan, don't forget, the Phoenix Blood Spear can make up for a difference of several boundaries. Doesn't Huo Yanguang only have a high-grade saint artifact?’’

’’Only a high-grade saint artifact? Heheh...’’ That different surnamed disciple of the Huo Family Clan sneered as he thought to himself, ’’How could you know that Huo Yanguang has especially borrowed a top grade saint artifact for this fight. Although it is inferior to the Phoenix Blood Spear, it isn't that much worse. In addition with a high-grade saint artifact vestment and ring, Huo Yanguang's equipment isn't any worse than Lin Ming's. Even a lion would use its full force to capture a rabbit. Moreover, in a situation where so much is on the line, do you think Huo Yanguang would challenge Lin Ming with the near entirety of his wealth if he didn't have full confidence in his chances of winning?’’

Besides those close to Huo Yanguang, no one else knew of this secret.

In the skies, Huo Yanguang turned ecstatic as he heard Lin Ming agree to his challenge! ’’He really took the bait, he actually agreed! You fool, you really have no idea what it means to bring about your own destruction. A fifth stage Life Destruction actually dares to challenge my ninth stage Life Destruction. I also have a top grade saint artifact so there's no need for me to fear your Phoenix Blood Spear at all! Since you're offering me your weapon, if I don't take your Phoenix Blood Spear this time, then that really would be unfair to you!’’

Huo Yanguang was afraid that Lin Ming would back away from his promise. He suppressed the joy in his heart and immediately said, ’’Fine. Let's go to the Nirvana Altar. I'll wait for you there!’’

He turned to the several Hall Protectors and said, ’’Fellow Seniors, I invite you to witness our fight!’’

The Hall Protectors glanced at each other. They were also surprised that Lin Ming agreed to this battle. Even White Daohong from the past wouldn't be able to achieve victory in this situation.

’’Of course. That's our duty.’’

The several Hall Protectors turned into beams of light that flew toward the Nirvana Altar. Huo Yanguang was close behind them, followed by Lin Ming and the other disciples. No one wanted to miss such a great show.

The Nirvana Altar was located at the direct center of Phoenix Hall. The altar was over 200 feet high and spread out for a hundred miles!

At the edges of the altar was a barricade comprised of bloodied weapons. There were hundreds of thousands of these weapons, each one plunged into the ground, seeming as if they had just drunk their fill of blood. They exuded a boundless momentum and a savage killing intent!

These weapons were all saint artifacts! Several hundred thousand saint artifacts! But these were ruined saint artifacts that were no longer able to display their true strength.

Phoenix Cry Palace had accumulated these ruined saint artifacts for countless tens of thousands of years. There were low-grade saint artifacts, medium-grade saint artifacts, a small number of high-grade saint artifacts, and even some top grade saint artifacts. These ruined saint artifacts weren't melted down and reforged into new weapons. Rather, they were peacefully placed here, a remembrance of their solemn dignity and past glory. This was an iron forest, thick with killing intent!

This place was also known as the Terrace of Buried Weapons!

This land of buried weapons was at the same time a tomb of swords, a tomb of sabers, a tomb of spears, a tomb of halberds, and a tomb of countless other types of weapons. Some weapons here even had a history that surpassed a million years. Even if they were forged from divine metal, they would still be rusted by now!


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