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Martial World - Chapter 967


Chapter 967 - Ready to Fight




’’Junior-brother Lin, don't listen to him!’’ Jun Yunrue was afraid as she saw Lin Ming appear as if he were listening;she thought he might think of switching sides to being one of Huang Yuegong's subordinates and thus be on Xiao Jiuyang's side. She quickly said, ’’You cannot believe Huang Yuegong's words;he is lying to you!’’

’’Hey, Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, you can eat anything you want but that doesn't mean you can speak however you want. How are my words lies? Of the three great family clans, no matter which one, all of them have countless members from the outside. If we want to develop we certainly can't rely on just our own members. If Junior-apprentice Brother wishes, I can immediately bring him to see an Elder of my Huang Family Clan.’’ Huang Yuegong's voice was cold. Although he wanted to obtain Jun Yunrue as a toy and helper, compared to a top grade saint artifact she was nothing at all.

’’Huang Yuegong! Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is my Honorable Master Fairy Feng's person. With Honorable Master, who would dare to move against her!’’

’’Fairy Feng? How hilarious!’’ Huang Yuegong shook his head, snickering.

’’If there was not Fairy Feng, Lin Ming might have some safety. But because of her, Lin Ming is now the enemy of the world! Who is Fairy Feng? Some slut of common origin! You think that she can reach the level of Sage Jiuyang? Open your eyes and take a good look! Of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's 72 palaces, just which Palace Master comes from a common mortal background!? Of those Palace Masters, even if they aren't from the three great family clans, they are still from famous great families. For instance, Senior-apprentice Brother White Daohong is from the White Family Clan. If Fairy Feng wants to compete for the throne, heh, she is simply biting off more than she can chew. A hundred years from now when the Palace Master retires and Senior Sage Jiuyang takes the throne, do you think he'll get rid of all opposition?’’

Huang Yuegong devilishly grinned, not caring about how ruthless his words were. He did not fear offending Fairy Feng, because he knew that a hundred years from now, the one to become the new Palace Master would be Sage Jiuyang. Fairy Feng was simply unable to compare with him.

And now, Huang Yuegong had enough status in Phoenix Cry Palace that even Fairy Feng couldn't do anything against him.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, let me advise you that even birds know to choose good wood for their nests. If you are willing to follow me, I will assuredly favor you as my good little pet. Medium-grade saint artifacts, pills of all kinds, everything can be yours. In this world, people should be smart about the choices they make. Do you know that little story I told you? That story is not some folktale, but a true story. That little girl's uncle tried investigating what happened to her afterward but finally gave up with nothing to show for. Do you know why? Because there will always be people in this world more ruthless than you!’’

Huang Yuegong seemed to be happier the more he spoke. He was venting all the pent up gloominess from being slapped in the face by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was patiently listening. In truth, he wasn't just listening to Huang Yuegong's nonsense for fun, but because he wanted to have a better understanding of the real situation in the Ancient Phoenix Clan so that he wouldn't suffer a loss later because of his own lack of knowledge.

Through his own reasoning, Huang Yuegong was exaggerating matters, but not by much. The Ancient Phoenix Clan was indeed far too large. With 72 palaces and three great family clans divided all over the divine Realm, in a situation where there wasn't a foreign enemy they were forced to band together against, the cohesion and comradery throughout wasn't too great. In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, even if one had talent, it was still possible to summon a calamity upon your head if there wasn't protection!

’’Huang Yuegong, you can dream on!’’ Jun Yunrue's face was red with fury. If she had any favorable impressions of Huang Yuegong before, after listening to him refer to her as a pet and also wanting to have her join his harem, she was fuming.

’’Humph, it seems you would rather do things the hard way! Jun Yunrue, you will regret everything one day, because the one that is destined to become the next Palace master is Senior Sage Jiuyang! When that time comes and you wish to seek refuge under me, I don't know if I'll even bother to see you! Humph!’’ After reaching this step, Huang Yuegong no longer bothered trying to maintain his image. This caused Jun Yunrue to huff with anger.

Huang Yuegong no longer bothered with Jun Yunrue. His eyes moved to Lin Ming and he said in a low voice, ’’Lin Ming, you best think about it carefully. I have a set of high-grade saint artifacts, a high-grade ring, high-grade vestment, high-grade spear, high-grade bracer, and high-grade pill furnace, all to trade for your Phoenix Blood Spear! You should know that the value of each of these five treasures is inferior to your Phoenix Blood Spear, but if combined they might not be any worse. Moreover, you can obtain the asylum of my Huang Family Clan, so what is there to lose?’’

As Huang Yuegong finished, Lin Ming laughed, he laughed recklessly.

’’What are you laughing about.’’ Huang Yuegong frowned.

’’I'm laughing at how wonderfully calculated your plan is. Five high-grade saint artifacts to trade for my Phoenix Blood Spear? Although I might not understand saint artifacts too much, even I know that every grade will have a difference of at least ten times. This Phoenix Blood Spear in my hands is a peak top grade saint artifact, and it also has the source strength of the old Palace Master fused into it. What you just offered me might be only enough for a top high-grade saint artifact. If I wanted to trade in my Phoenix Blood Spear, I could trade in 200-300 of your kind of saint artifacts. And yet you want to use just five of them to trade for my Phoenix Blood Spear? Do you think I'm an idiot or something?’’

As Lin Ming spoke, blue veins started to stick out from Huang Yuegong's forehead. Huang Yuegong forcefully restrained the anger in his heart and coldly said, ’’When people are too greedy, sometimes they will die because of it!’’

Lin Ming sneered. ’’How ridiculous. You want to trade for my several hundred high-grade saint artifact value Phoenix Blood Spear with only five? And I am greedy if I don't? Is there such a truth in this world? Those two worms behind you keep on blabbering about how I have the background of a beggar, and indeed, compared to a chosen pride of heaven from the divine Realm, I am truly a beggar. But the current question is, if I wanted to sell you the Phoenix Blood Spear as a beggar, can you afford this beggar's spear even with your entire net worth?’’

Lin Ming mercilessly mocked. His words were like a palm that slapped Huang Yuegong. Beside him, Jun Yunrue was excitedly applauding in her heard. She wanted to cry out 'well said'. Such a counterattack really vented her anger!

Huang Yuegong's face was red to the point of looking like a liver. He had always been wealthy, but against this top grade Phoenix Blood Spear, if he went according to its market price, then even if he sold everything he still wouldn't be able to afford the spear head. He only had fve high-grade saint artifacts himself, so how could he not be angry?

Huang Yuegong was angry from shame, and from behind him, his two lackeys that were scolded as dogs by Lin Ming suddenly rushed forward!

’’You brat, you are courting death!’’

The two lackeys were like dogs whose tail had been stepped on. They wildly shouted. They were divine Sea martial artists that were servants of a great family clan, so how could they allow a fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist from the lower realms to insult them?

The two lackeys took thick sabers from their spatial ring and chopped out at Lin Ming's head. These two sabers were saint artifacts, and although they were the worst among the lowest grade of saint artifacts, a saint artifact was still a saint artifact. As the two sabers cut out, killing intent surged forth!

Lin Ming chuckled. ’’Sixth stage Life Destruction early divine Sea realm? How laughable!’’

These two lackeys' strength was 108,000 miles from comparing with Yang Yun, let alone someone like Lin Ming. Especially since he acquired the Phoenix Blood Spear!

’’Let me take a good look at the might of this divine spear!’’

Lin Ming stepped forward and his spear thrust out. He did not use true essence nor did he open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. All he used was his pure physical strength combined with the Phoenix Blood Spear to attack!


A sharp and resonant cry filled the air, as if a divine phoenix had awoken within the Phoenix Blood Spear. In the surrounding world, all of the origin energy was stirred up around the Phoenix Blood Spear without need for Lin Ming to do anything. With a thrust of his spear, the saber lights of the two lackeys were shredded to pieces.

A beam of light recklessly swallowed their bodies. The two lackeys miserable screamed out as their protective true essence exploded. Flesh and blood burst out from their chests. Fragments of ribs mixed with crushed meat rained down on the world!

The two cried out like pigs being slaughtered. They flew backwards and crashed into the ground, blood pooling around them.

In a single exchange, the two of them were sent to the point of life and death with a single strike from the Phoenix Blood Spear. This was not Lin Ming's strength but the power inherent within the Phoenix Blood Spear. Lin Ming only released the spear's power into the world.

Two divine Sea martial artists were actually easily defeated by Lin Ming. Lin Junzhi and the other young disciples were shocked so much their mouths closed shut. Although someone who was willing to be a lackey was normally limited in talent and strength, they were still martial artists that relied on themselves to break into the divine Sea. But in front of Lin Ming, they were no different from little children, unable to resist at all!

’’This isn't surprising at all! Junior-apprentice Brother Lin's strength is stronger than what we imagined. We thought that he was only able to kill the weakest of divine Sea powerhouses, but now it seems he is far better than that, especially now that he has obtained the top grade saint artifact, the Phoenix Blood Spear!’’

Jun Yunrue flourished her long sword and stood by Lin Ming, vigilantly looking at Huang Yuegong. At this moment, Huang Yuegong's anger reached the extreme. He was a volcano that was about to burst!

’’Lin Ming, if you want to beat a dog you must look at their owner. You actually dare to attack my lackeys? Very well then!’’

An incomparably sharp killing intent surged out from Huang Yuegong, causing the surrounding temperature to drop. A soft sword jumped into Huang Yuegong's hand as if it had a mind of its own. This was Huang Yuegong's favored sword, a peak high-grade saint artifact!

With sword in hand, Huang Yuegong's aura changed. He was now similar to a resting ancient vicious beast. He hadn't attacked yet, but once he did it would come crashing out like a bolt of thunder!

Lin Ming's expression was dignified. Putting aside the disparity between their weapons, Huang Yuegong's strength far surpassed his own.

Lin Ming's current strength was equivalent to Yang Yun if he had managed to reach the middle divine Sea realm. Yang Yun's talent wasn't too amazing. In terms of foundation, there was no way he could compare to the geniuses of the divine Realm.

Moreover, Huang Yuegong had crossed nine stages of Life Destruction. As one of the more talented individuals of Phoenix Hall, how could he not be extraordinary?

Beside Lin Ming, Jun Yunrue and the others all felt as if this was their last stand. The pressure in facing Huang Yuegong was simply too great.

At this moment when all daggers were drawn, a strange fluctuation appeared in the skies. A massive face slowly appeared, and a vast and compelling voice rang through the world. ’’Saint Artifact Pavilion is the deposit of Phoenix Cry Palace's great weapons. According to the palace's rules, those who dare to fight here will be suppressed for 1000 years!’’

This massive face was Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit. As it spoke, colossal energy was released from the sky, falling down on the entire world and instantly imprisoning an area of space.

Lin Ming, Huang Yuegong, Jun Yunrue, and everyone else were unable to move.


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