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Martial World - Chapter 965


Chapter 965 - Blinding Spear Light




Huang Yuegong smiled as he watched Lin Ming stare at the Phoenix Blood Spear. He leisurely swung his fan and thoughtfully said, ’’There's no need to keep looking. That top grade saint artifact isn't easy to obtain. You can only look but you can't touch.’’

’’Hehe, boy, continuing to look is useless. One of them will be our young master's sooner or later. However, a brat like you should already be proud to have even a tiny fraction of our young master's talent.’’ A lackey spouted with a pompous tone.

Lin Ming ignored him and continued to look at the sky.

The lackey saw that he was being ignored and angrily said, ’’You little shit, I am speaking to you! Are you deaf!?’’

There were some people with a strong sense of slave mentality and self-esteem. They would happily wag their tails in front of their masters, but they actually wouldn't endure the insults of commoners. This was because they normally groveled and were insulted in front of others too much. They had traded in whatever shred of dignity they had left for status and power. If they couldn't even keep their swagger in front of commoners, they would certainly be angry!

’’Motherf*ker you are courting death.’’ The lackey had an impulse to fight. In his opinion, Lin Ming only had a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation. He definitely wouldn't be a match for a divine Sea powerhouse.

Just as he was about to make his move, the blazing sun in the sky radiated with an even brighter light than before, as if it would explode at any moment. It instantly eased down with the light rapidly retracting in on itself, turning into a three foot thick beam of light that fell downward!

In this beam of light was a dim shadow that spun around. It was a long spear!


Huang Yuegong's eyes widened. The two lackeys behind him, as well as Song Baifeng, JunYunrue, and the others, were all dumbstruck.

’’That spear, is that the Phoenix Blood Spear!?’’

’’The Phoenix Blood Spear is coming down? How is that possible?’’

As the red saint rank spear flew toward Lin Ming, the unbelievable result had become an undeniable truth!

Lin Ming had obtained the Phoenix Blood Spear!

Huang Yuegong's fan fell on the ground with a plop. The faces of the two lackeys behind him, as well as Song Baifeng's, were twisted in a complex puzzle. Even that sensible and naïve Lin Junzhi wasn't any different. She rubbed her eyes as if she was seeing things.

This was a top grade saint artifact! A top grade saint artifact that contained terrifying power!

As the saint spear neared, it began to emit thrumming sounds. From the start, there wasn't any sound. But as it appeared, it became increasingly loud, increasingly resonant, as if a True Dragon that was caged for a long time was emerging from its deep slumber. As excited whistling sounds filled the air, within the rich energy of Saint Artifact Pavilion, a potent infernal energy was stirred up by the Phoenix Blood Spear. The energy formed weak red ripples in the air that revolved around the Phoenix Blood Spear like a hundred flaming birds.

To have the surrounding energy submit in worship of its own volition, and to be able to command the infernal energy and origin energy around it, this spear managed to achieve such phenomenons.

Wuwuwu - !

The Phoenix Blood Spear issued out a clear cry as Lin Ming firmly grasped it in his palm. Although the spear hadn't reached the level of forming its own artifact spirit, it still seemed to have a life of its own. This was truly a weapon worthy of being called a peak existence amongst all top grade saint artifacts.

With a top grade saint artifact in hand, a divine Sea powerhouse's strength would greatly increase. An early divine Sea martial artist could use this to defeat a late divine Sea martial artist!

Moreover, this was a peak top grade saint artifact!

In truth, even a high-grade saint artifact was enough to cause most disciples of Phoenix Hall to go mad with envy. Even though Huang Yuegong had such a prestigious background, he still only had three high-grade saint artifacts.

Lin Ming grasped the nine foot nine inch Phoenix Blood Spear and thrust it toward the vast skies. At this moment his figure was tall and straight. His handsome appearance, the ethereal temperament that was untainted by the world, the faint frosty bloodthirsty underneath, and the Phoenix Blood Spear that overflowed with killing intent;all of these factors complemented each other, making it seem as if a high principle of the Heavenly Dao was contained within him!

This sight caused an inexplicable feeling to surge in the hearts of Jun Yunrue and the other women present. Lin Ming actually managed to take a peak top grade saint artifact!

’’How is this possible...’’

Huang Yuegong looked at Lin Ming in a daze. He had estimated Lin Ming's limit would be two incense sticks of time, and Lin Ming had indeed lasted for two incense sticks of time before he left the test. However, the truth was that it wasn't that he only lasted for two incense sticks of time, but that it only took him two incense sticks of time to obtain the recognition of Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit!

As he recalled how he was filled with such confidence in his predictions, the charitable disdain he had shown when he obtained a high-grade saint artifact, and even the moment he said he would help guide Lin Ming, Huang Yuegong felt as if he were nothing more than a clown!

’’This fellow, is the Saint Artifact Pavilion artifact spirit blind? How can he possibly surpass me? He is only someone from the lower realms, someone with a background no different from a beggar! But me, I am a direct descendant from one of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's three great family clans, the Huang Family Clan! In the entire Phoenix Cry Palace, my talent should be at the peak! But now, I'm completely surpassed by him!’’

Huang Yuegong's face twitched. This was the most disgraceful event in his entire life. Compared to a martial artist from the lower realms, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the difference was like a prince and a beggar. But now, that prince was defeated by the beggar!

As for Song Baifeng, he began to feel some fear. How could his luck be so bad. He had casually extorted someone this time but somehow managed to offend a monstrous genius, Lin Ming. If this fellow were to rise up in fame and glory in the future, wouldn't that mean that his life was over?

His thoughts raced. Just as he was thinking about how to remedy the situation, another startling scene caused his jaw to nearly drop to the ground.

He saw that in the sky, the scorching sun that represented the Phoenix Blood Spear slowly disappeared. But at the same time, at an even higher space, a bright red spot of light formed, condensing into a seed that slowly fell down toward Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear.

’’That is, that is the source power left behind in Saint Artifact Pavilion by the old Palace master, it contains the old Palace Master's comprehension of Laws and is supposed to be a reward only bestowed upon the most extraordinarily talented of disciples!’’ Song Baifeng blurted out, his expression as if he had seen a ghost. He guarded Saint Artifact Pavilion for many years and had a very good understanding of the place. He never thought that when Lin Ming obtained the Phoenix Blood Spear, he would also obtain the approval of Saint Artifact Pavilion's artifact spirit to such an extent that it would actually gift him a wisp of the old Palace Master's source power!’’

The Phoenix Blood Spear was originally a peak top grade spirit weapon. This wisp of source power also contained a blood mark of the old Palace Master;that was incomparably pure blood of the Ancient Phoenix. If that were to be absorbed into the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Phoenix Blood Spear would come infinitely close to being a transcendent saint artifact!

If a few more heavenly materials and sacrifices were refined into the spear, there truly would be a chance that it would transform into a transcendent saint artifact. After becoming a transcendent saint artifact, with the Phoenix Blood Spear's origins, it would be very easy to form an artifact spirit. A transcendent saint artifact with an artifact spirit was a spirit artifact!

A spirit artifact - that was an existence he could simply not imagine!

He could already foresee the terrifying potential Lin Ming would unveil in the future. By offending such a person, he would never again have another restful night of sleep!


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