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Martial World - Chapter 959


Chapter 959 - Towards the Phoenix Blood Spear




’’Sir Huang, would you like to try taking a high-grade saint artifact? Saint Artifact Pavilion has many high-grade saint artifacts that are of a very high quality. Although they cannot compare to the nine top grade saint artifacts, they are still quite formidable. With Sir Huang's strength, taking a high-grade saint artifact should be no problem at all!’’ Song Baifeng improvised some advice on the spot as he saw Huang Yuegong's face being swept all over the ground.

A high-grade saint artifact and a top grade saint artifact were different in terms of value by over a hundred times;they were on two completely different levels. Huang Yuegong certainly didn't want to take a high-grade saint artifact, but taking a top grade saint artifact was easier said than done. What Saint Artifact Pavilion tested was talent and potential;these two factors normally wouldn't change much no matter how high a martial artist's cultivation grew. If there wasn't some great lucky chance, then even if Huang Yuegong cultivated to the divine Transformation realm and returned to attempt taking a top grade saint artifact again, the result would likely more or less be the same.

He thought of this, then glanced at Jun Yunrue. He stood up and said, ’’Okay, as a disciple of Phoenix Hall, I can take two saint artifacts from Saint Artifact Pavilion. Since I haven't taken any before, I can take a high-grade saint artifact as my first and the Sunpierce Sword as my second!’’

Since it was far too difficult to obtain a top grade saint artifact at this time, he might as well take a high-grade saint artifact to recover some of the face he lost here. Otherwise, as a chosen pride of the heavens who had an unfathomable image to his junior-apprentice brothers and sisters and as someone who was revered and respected by so many, if his only memory of this place were to be being flung to the ground almost vomiting blood after failing to retrieve a saint artifact, then that really would be too shameful.

He decided to try a second time. In Saint Artifact Pavilion, every attempt was 1000 phoenix cry seal marks. Of course, with his status, Song Baifeng wouldn't pursue this matter at all.

Huang Yuegong looked at the numerous saint artifacts in the sky and said, ’’Of the high-grade saint artifacts, I have a sword, a vestment, and a ring. What I'm still missing is a pill furnace!’’

He settled on a star that shined like a full moon. He directly rushed up and submerged into that light!

Just from how bright the light was one could extrapolate that the pill furnace Huang Yuegong wanted to take was a peak high-grade saint artifact. Between high-grade saint artifacts, there was a massive difference in value between the best and the worst. If he could obtain a peak high-grade saint artifact, it would be of great help to enhance his strength.

’’As expected of Senior-apprentice Brother Huang, he immediately chooses such a fierce treasure. I can't believe that this is his alternate to the Sunpierce Sword.’’

’’That's right, this is a boundary that we can't imagine.’’

The disciples beside Jun Yunrue felt ashamed at their own weakness. They could only barely manage to obtain a low-grade saint artifact.

After Huang Yuegong sunk into the bright moon-like star, the light became increasingly dazzling until it began emitting beams of golden light that seemed like they could cut apart the void.

After an incense stick of time passed, Huang Yuegong calmly flew out from the shining light. He stretched his hand out and the shining light began to rapidly shrink until it fell into his palm where it spun around.

The light continued to converge. After several breaths of time, that brilliant light turned into a small, ordinary seeming bronze furnace.

’’He did it!’’

’’Completely mind-blowing! A high-grade saint artifact was taken just like that in five minutes. Senior-apprentice Brother Huang is so fierce!’’

This shocked all of the young disciples present. Jun Yunrue was already so strong but even she found it difficult to obtain a medium-grade saint artifact.

Huang Yuegong obtained a high-grade saint artifact with such ease. In terms of potential and talent, they were on completely different levels.

’’This is incredible. Senior-apprentice Brother Huang is so amazing and yet he can't obtain the Sunpierce Sword. Just how much stronger is the Sunpierce Sword!?’’

’’No kidding. There's even several more top grade saint artifacts. I wonder just what sort of monster would be able to obtain them.’’

’’It's already good if I can reach Senior-apprentice Brother Huang's level. There really is no way I can compare!’’

The several young disciples all exclaimed out loud. From listening to their compliments, Huang Yuegong's face finally improved some.

He casually threw the furnace to his lackeys and deliberately said in his most casual tone, ’’Hold it for me. It should be of some use when I'm practicing alchemy later. It's a decent transition furnace for me.’’


As the several young disciples heard this word, they were left speechless. Such an extraordinary pill furnace was actually just a transitory item for others. Really, comparing oneself to others could aggravate someone to death.

Song Baifeng laughed, ’’Sir Huang is indeed Sir Huang. This is a peak high-grade saint artifact called the Triple Shroud divine Furnace. Although this furnace isn't a top grade saint artifact, it isn't too far off!’’

Song Baifeng continued to flatter again and again. Huang Yuegong only laughed. Since others were busy repairing his reputation with gold, he certainly wouldn't stop them.

’’It's fine. Although I didn't manage to obtain the Sunpierce Sword this time, I still managed to take this Triple Shroud divine Furnace. It's adequate. Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, do you plan on leaving now? How about we head out together?’’ Huang Yuegong felt as if he had restored enough of the face he lost, and now his words were much more gallant than before. He invited Jun Yunrue out once again.

Jun Yunrue faintly smiled. ’’Senior-apprentice Brother Huang, we can leave on our own in a bit. But I brought Junior-apprentice Brother Lin here and he hasn't tried obtaining a treasure yet.’’

’’Oh? Junior-apprentice Brother Lin?’’ Huang Yuegong recalled that Lin Ming hadn't yet taken a treasure. The memory of a divine Sea martial artist was outstanding;they wouldn't forget something they wanted to remember. The only reason Huang Yuegong had forgotten about this matter was because he had directly taken Lin Ming as an attendant and ignored him.

’’It's no problem. Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, I'll wait for you.’’ Huang Yuegong glanced at Lin Ming and impatiently said, ’’This junior-apprentice brother, hurry up.’’

As Huang Yuegong and Jun Yunrue spoke, everyone's eyes turned to Lin Ming. Lin Ming ignored Huang Yuegong as he looked up at the sky, his eyes passing over the nine top grade saint artifacts one at a time. He asked the guard captain Song Baifeng, ’’Senior Song, is there a limit to what grade saint artifact we can attempt to take depending on what hall we are in? Or can we choose whichever we like.’’

’’Of course. You can choose whichever you like as long as you have the ability to do so. Do you want to return to the entrance? The worst saint artifact here are medium-grade saint artifacts. The low-grade saint artifacts are near the edge.’’ Song Baifeng casually said as he looked over to Lin Ming.

’’No need.’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’Here is fine.’’

’’Oh? You are quite confident in yourself. Did you ascend from the lower realms? You martial artists that ascend from the lower realms are normally far too confident when you first come to the divine Realm. You will slowly understand just how terrifying the divine Realm is and what your place within it is too. Every attempt here will cost you 1000 phoenix cry seal marks, so don't blame me for not reminding you.’’ Song Baifeng sized up Lin Ming, waiting for him to back down. Those disciples that ascended from the lower realms were usually the top masters of their own great world and correspondingly arrogant. But compared to the geniuses of the divine Realm, they were far from being comparable.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister Jun, it might be a bit difficult for Junior-apprentice Brother Lin to take a saint artifact from here.’’ Lin Junzhi whispered to Jun Yunrue. She already obtained a saint artifact so she knew how difficult the test was.

’’It shouldn't be a problem. Don't forget that Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is someone who Honorable Master values highly. Taking a medium-grade saint artifact shouldn't be a problem for him at all.’’ Jun Yunrue believed in Lin Ming. Or rather, it was better to say that she believed in Fairy Feng's judgment. She turned to Lin Ming and said, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, don't be nervous. It's good enough if you can bring out your true strength. Pick something that you like.’’

’’Thank you senior-apprentice sister. Well, I guess it's my turn.’’

Lin Ming rose into the sky, his feet stepping on Golden Roc Shattering the Void. His movements were erratic and ghostly as he passed through the many medium-grade saint artifacts and arrived at the height of the high-grade saint artifacts!

Here, the medium-grade saint artifacts floated at the lowest position in the sky. The high-grade saint artifacts were above them, and finally the top-grade saint artifacts were located at the zenith of this space.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, could he be planning on taking a high-grade saint artifact?’’ Lin Junzhi's large and watery black eyes widened. Before she finished speaking, Lin Ming had already passed the height of the high-grade saint artifacts and reached the highest point of this space!

That was the elevation of the top grade saint artifacts!


’’What is he planning on doing?’’

It wasn't just Lin Junzhi that was surprised, but even Jun Yunrue was watching with widened eyes. She stared blankly on as Lin Ming flew towards the nine top grade saint artifacts.

His goal was the Phoenix Blood Spear!

The light of the Phoenix Blood Spear was even bright than the Sunpierce Sword. It was the peak existence amongst all nine top grade saint artifacts, approaching a transcendent saint artifact!

Did Lin Ming really choose the Phoenix Blood Spear?

Or perhaps he was curious and just wanted to take a closer look?

Lin Ming was extremely fast. Jun Yunrue didn't even have time to respond before Lin Ming rushed in front of the blazing sun that was the Phoenix Blood Spear. Moreover, he didn't seem to be slowing down at all;he wanted to rush directly at it!

Jun Yunrue, Lin Junzhi, and the others were all bewildered. Even Song Baifeng and Huang Yuegong were stunned with disbelief. Their expressions were replaced with silly looks as they watched Lin Ming.

’’Is he crazy?’’ Huang Yuegong sneered. This Lin Ming was simply a madman. Although the test wasn't life-threatening, if the disparity was too great then he might possibly injure his soul. Even he couldn't obtain a top grade saint artifact and yet this Lin Ming actually wanted to try taking one like an idiot. Did he even look in the mirror?

’’How perversely incredible, I thought that martial artists that ascended from the lower realms were reckless, but I've never seen one like this.’’ Song Baifeng was at a loss for words. Martial artists that ascended from the lower realms tended to be crazy at the start, but no matter how crazy they were they were still somewhat smart. This Lin Ming, on the other hand, was just brain dead.


Lin Ming directly sank into the most dazzling light.

Everyone on the ground was stricken, their eyes like full moons. They never thought a scene like this would occur.

Huang Yuegong queerly smiled. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, this junior-apprentice brother of yours is quite, quite special.’’

Huang Yuegong emphasized the last word. In front of Jun Yunrue, in order to maintain his image, he naturally wouldn't say any words that would embarrass her. After all, she was the one that brought Lin Ming here.

However, Song Baifeng didn't have such qualms. He laughed and said, ’’Sir Huang is too polite. In the words of us coarse people, they call this 'forced by a large tiger'. Someone that is truly an idiot and ignores all consequences to rush in. Haha, that is just too suitable for him.’’

Huang Yuegong smiled at Song Baifeng's words. He waved his fan several times.

As for Jun Yunrue, she blushed red, extremely embarrassed. The other young disciples also weren't feeling too good. Lin Ming hadn't given them any hint at all and had rushed straight toward the Phoenix Blood Spear. This was simply beyond their expectations.


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