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Martial World - Chapter 957


Chapter 957 - Phoenix Blood Spear




After Song Baifeng finished his introduction he pushed open the doors to Saint Artifact Pavilion. At the same time, a compelling slaughter energy surged outward, making all in its presence tremble. The several disciples beside Jun Yunrue felt as if they were turned into little babies with cold and sharp swords pointed between their eyebrows. A cold energy seeped into their bones, a killing intent overflowing into the world!

They couldn't help but draw back one step. Song Baifeng proudly said, ’’The saint artifacts in Saint Artifact Pavilion have histories of tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years. Some have followed proud sons of heavens, and some have been handed down by Palace Elders. These saint artifacts have been quenched in the blood of countless battles and have been used to tear down numerous extreme powerhouses. The killing intent they emanate is terrifying.’’

Saint Artifact Pavilion was established several hundred thousands of years ago. Every year there were new saint artifacts brought in as well as saint artifacts taken out by disciples. Most of the saint artifacts here were low-grade saint artifacts, thousands of them. Beyond that, there were fewer medium-grade saint artifacts, even fewer high-grade saint artifacts, and finally only a small number of top grade saint artifacts. Amongst these top grade saint artifacts, there were some that approached a transcendent saint artifact, in other words, a spirit artifact!

Saint artifacts were divided into four grades;low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, and top grade. It wasn't like common treasures that were divided into human-step, earth-step, and heaven-step, with many grades within.

Above a top grade saint artifact was a transcendent saint artifact. Some transcendent saint artifacts would gain their own spiritual sense. Once they gained life, they would also gain wisdom. The with transcendent saint artifacts with wisdom were called spirit artifacts.

A spirit artifact could even cultivate to raise its own boundary. Theoretically speaking, once a treasure reached the rank of a spirit artifact, it would have unlimited potential for growth and be able to rise without limit. This process was extremely difficult, far more so than a martial artist cultivating.

A person that could have a transcendent saint artifact or spirit artifact was a Supreme Elder that controlled their own territory, a true top character!

If a transcendent saint artifact was given to a martial artist at the divine Sea realm, divine Transformation realm, or even those at the weaker end of the divine Lord realm, it would be difficult for them to draw out its full potential. They would only be able to display less than 10% of the artifact's power.

There were no transcendent saint artifacts placed within Saint Artifact Pavilion, but even an ordinary high-grade saint artifact was extremely heaven-defying. It would be able to greatly enhance a martial artist's strength. It was far from what a mere treasure tool would be able to accomplish.

In the end, a treasure was merely a weapon that didn't contain any strength itself. It relied on a martial artist pouring their true essence into it in order to become sharper and firmer, gaining the advantage in collisions with other weapons.

But a saint artifact was different. A saint artifact contained an inherent strength. From a common treasure to a saint artifact, that was the difference between a mortal and an immortal.

Huang Yuegong was disgustingly wealthy, but the most he could gift were low-grade and medium-grade saint artifacts.

As for high-grade saint artifacts, he wasn't able to gift those, because he used high-grade saint artifacts himself. Moreover, he only had three.

Amongst saint artifacts, every different grade was dozens or even hundreds of times more valuable than a lower grade. As for a top grade saint artifact, not even Huang Yuegong had one. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that if Jun Yunrue managed to obtain a top grade saint artifact and also obtained the recognition of that saint artifact, she could immediately challenge Song Baifeng and even defeat him.

If Lin Ming obtained a top grade saint artifact, he would be able to instantly kill Yang Yun. Even if Yang Yun completed the Great Blood Refining Art and reached the middle divine Sea, he would die all the same!

This was because a saint artifact in itself contained an immense power!


The interior of Saint Artifact Pavilion wasn't a hall but an incomparably broad and vast world. As everyone entered they fell onto an endless plain. Floating above them were stars. Each star had the faint shadow of a saint artifact within it.

There were large and small stars, and the light they released also varied between strong and weak.

Song Baifeng said, ’’The brighter a saint artifact, the higher its grade and the more powerful it is. Each of you only has a single chance. Do what you wish. If you cannot pass the trial of Saint Artifact Pavilion, it means you will fail in obtaining anything here, and you will have wasted your chance. You may start whenever you please.’’

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, please.’’ Huang Yuegong smiled as he spoke. He had a very explicit goal in entering Saint Artifact Pavilion this time and that was to obtain one of the several top grade saint artifacts. Although a high-grade saint artifact was valuable, he already had three of them. Phoenix Cry Palace had a rule;that was that a Phoenix Hall disciple could obtain at most two saint artifacts from Saint Artifact Pavilion no matter what grade it was. Other halls could only obtain one.

With this limit, Huang Yuegong definitely wanted to obtain a top grade saint artifact.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Lin, would you like to try first?’’ Jun Yunrue looked at Lin Junzhi.

’’I...’’ Lin Junzhi looked at the stars floating above her, somewhat nervous. She was afraid she would waste this chance. Every attempt cost 1000 phoenix cry seal marks. To a humble disciple with common origins like her, this was an immense amount of wealth.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Lin, there is no need to be anxious. Just do what you can. Choose a low-grade saint artifact. With Junior-apprentice Sister Lin's talent, there shouldn't be any problems.’’ Huang Yuegong softly said, a smile brightening his complexion like the gentle warm rays of a morning sun. His smile contained a strange charm and inexplicably calmed Lin Junzhi down.

Lin Junzhi gratefully looked at Huang Yuegong and forcefully nodded.

She opened her already excessively large eyes even wider and looked at the numerous stars in the sky. Finally, it seemed as if she had decided something with a great deal of determination. She flew toward one of the modestly glowing stars.

What this star contained was a low grade saint artifact vestment.

A vestment type of saint artifact was naturally several times more valuable than a weapon type saint artifact. But it was correspondingly much more difficult to obtain.

Hu- !

With a light sound, Lin Junzhi was sucked into that shining starlight.

Now she had to face the test of Saint Artifact Pavilion.

Lin Ming wasn't completely sure just what this test entailed, but he could see that the star blazed even brighter and the space around it seemed to twist around.

’’Good, she's managed to last for an incense stick of time. Junior-apprentice Sister Lin has hopes of succeeding.’’

Huang Yuegong smiled as he spoke. Every saint artifact was sealed within an illusionary space. If one was ejected early then that was basically defeat. Of course, there was also a chance that one could immediately pass through the test. However, what kind of idiot would choose a saint artifact they could obtain so easily instead of a higher ranked saint artifact?

Besides Lin Ming, the other disciples were secretly fretting over Lin Junzhi. They had no idea whether or not she would succeed.

One incense stick of time passed, two incense sticks of time, a quarter hour...

Time slowly passed. At this moment, the star suddenly flared out and Lin Junzhi was shot out. Her complexion was flushed red and she was panting for breath. She had clearly consumed a great deal of energy.

After Lin Junzhi was sent out, the star in the sky twinkled several more times and then a vestment slowly fell downwards. As this happened, the star gradually lost its light, dimming down until it disappeared.

Lin Junzhi grasped this lightly fluttering piece of clothing with a face filled with excitement. This piece of clothing was extremely bright and colorful, as if it had been made from the feathers of a peacock. There was also a faint halo that surrounded it. This halo was an extremely durable protection. It could merge into one's true essence. If someone wanted to harm Lin Junzhi, they would first have to break the protection of this saint artifact vestment.

’’Congratulations Junior-apprentice Sister Lin, you have obtained this vestment and the quality is also extremely high. Compared to a weapon type saint artifact, it's much more precious.

Huang Yuegong chuckled. Beside him, Song Baifeng also congratulated her. Lin Junzhi felt a bit embarrassed by all the praise.

She clutched this attractive piece of clothing to her chest. What kind of girl didn't love beauty? This vestment wasn't just beautiful but it was also highly useful. To Lin Junzhi, it was the perfect gift.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Lin, you've done well.’’ Jun Yunrue said.

It was already excellent for someone new that entered Saint Artifact Pavilion to return with something in their hands. Lin Junzhi was also someone that was favored by Fairy Feng. Her obtaining this vestment proved that Fairy Feng's judgment was correct.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, would you like to try taking one?’’

Jun Yunrue glanced at Lin Ming. Lin Ming shook his head, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister, I haven't chosen one yet. I'd like to look around some more.’’

Lin Ming could see that at the area near the entrance of Saint Artifact Pavilion, the saint artifacts were all low-grade. When Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent, he obtained five different saint artifacts;the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, the Coiling Martial divine Furnace, the Extremely Violet Ring, the Extreme Violet Bracer, as well as the complete Demon Emperor Armor. There was also the quasi-saint artifact Cosmic Melting Furnace.

Afterwards, Lin Ming gave the Demon Emperor Armor and the Coiling Martial divine Furnace to Mu Qianyu so that she could use it to stabilize the destiny of divine Phoenix Island as well as to protect herself. The rest was brought up to the divine Realm on his body. Since he already had the low-grade saint artifact Great Desolate Blood Halberd, there was no point in swapping it out for another low-grade saint artifact spear.

’’That's also a good decision. Choosing a saint artifact is a great event. Take your time and look around, I will choose my own in the meantime.’’

Jun Yunrue walked deep into Saint Artifact Pavilion.

The depths of Saint Artifact Pavilion were much deeper than the area near the entrance. Here, the stars in the sky were far larger and much brighter. Many stars were dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times brighter than those at the entrance!

In particular, the nine largest stars shined with a bright heavenly light, as if they were scorching suns!

The boundless atmosphere that surged from them left shock in Lin Ming's heart, leaving him dumbfounded.

Huang Yuegong's eyes revealed a trace of contempt as he saw Lin Ming's shocked expression.

A lower realms martial artist that ascended to the divine Realm was similar to a country bumpkin entering into a great city. How would they ever have had the chance to experience the majesty of a top grade saint artifact?

As Huang Yuegong thought this, he proudly said, ’’Those nine stars that shine like suns are top grade saint artifacts. There are nine in total. In my Ancient Phoenix Clan, nine is our most precious and divine number which is why there's always nine top grade saint artifacts at Saint Artifact Pavilion. These nine saint artifacts are the nine suns that shine in the sky!’’

’’Among these nine top grade saint artifacts, there is a sword, a saber, a spear, a bow, a pill furnace, a vestment, a ring, a necklace, and an armor!’’

’’For instance, the Sunpierce Sword is forged by a late divine Transformation master using a Solar Flame Essence as foundation. He placed it in his own inner world to temper it for an incalculable period of time, integrating countless heavenly materials to repeatedly refine it until completion. It is incomparably sharp!’’

’’Then there is the spear, the Phoenix Blood Spear. When that spear was forged, it was quenched not in water but in phoenix blood! How precious is phoenix blood? A martial artist normally only needs several dozen drops to soar into the heavens. If an ordinary bird were to obtain just a tiny bit of phoenix blood, it could transform into a golden crow or a vermillion bird! And that precious phoenix blood was actually used to quench this saint artifact. This Blood Phoenix Spear contains the essence of phoenix blood. It's impossible to guess just how strong it is!’’

As Huang Yuegong spoke, his eyes shined with a heated passionate light. The reason he entered Saint Artifact Pavilion this time was for these nine top grade saint artifacts!

’’Phoenix Blood Spear...’’ Lin Ming's eyes shone as he heard these words. As his vision fell onto the star of that spear, he couldn't move them away anymore.


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