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Martial World - Chapter 956


Chapter 956 - The Rules for Obtaining a Saint Artifact




The two lackeys talked with each other using true essence sound transmissions. They sized up the two male disciples, looking at them the same way a noble looked at a beggar.

Huang Yuegong maintained a smiling expression;the deep loathing and contempt he felt was hidden deep within his eyes. As for the two male disciples, they didn't notice anything at all. They didn't realize that the only reason Huang Yuegong was showing such grace was due to the presence of Jun Yunrue, otherwise he would have told them to screw off.

Huang Yuegong was rich but it wasn't like saint artifacts fell from the sky. There were still many beauties he could give saint artifacts, so how could he waste them on these two ugly pieces of trash?

’’I must say young master, I think that this little Jun girl is tempted by you. Haha, and who can blame her? Young master is so handsome and dashing, and he even gifted such a valuable gift on their first meeting, which girl wouldn't have her heart moved by this? It's a surprise she isn't already obediently crawling into young master's bed!’’

’’Hehe, this Jun Yunrue's talent isn't bad. If young master can suck up her primal yin energy, it'll be beneficial to young master's cultivation method. Moreover, her figure is so soft and ample, I'm sure she tastes great. If the two other female disciples are added on top, then it'll be that much better!’’

The two lackeys' words were filled with crudely suggestive innuendos. Huang Yuegong maintained his composure and said, ’’I don't value this Jun Yunrue just because I desire her and want to conquer her. The key factor is that I value her potential. She has an over 70% chance of stepping into Phoenix Hall and becoming a core disciple in the future. Once her cultivation is higher, she can even be a useful helper to my cause. I have a complete understanding into the behavior of women like her. Once I conquer her body and mind, she will follow me with her entire heart. Moreover, she is also one of Fairy Feng's people. If I conceal my relationship with her and leave her as a spy with Fairy Feng, that would be even better.’’

Huang Yuegong swung his fan, his expression brimming with confidence. He had a tremendous amount of experience in chasing after women. These past years, he succeeded in obtaining the hearts of countless women, moreover, they weren't common women either. They were all outstanding geniuses that were proud daughters of heaven.

’’Amazing! Young master's methods are so amazing!’’ The two lackeys endlessly flattered Huang Yuegong, spewing out all sorts of praises. It was obvious they were skilled in flattery.

’’I thought that young master only wanted to satisfy the desires of the flesh, but I never imagined young master would plan so far into the future. This is really hitting two birds with one stone. Not only can young master enjoy this girl, but she will also be a servant to young master! Fierce, way too fierce!’’

Huang Yuegong's exchange with his lackeys only took an instant;Jun Yunrue obviously didn't know of it. She bit her lips and reluctantly looked at the beautiful and useful bracelet on her wrist. She took it off, and said, ’’Senior-apprentice Brother Huang, this gift is just too precious for us. I cannot receive it.’’

Although the bracelet was good, Jun Yunrue wasn't an idiot. To hand her such a gift on a simple meeting, it was clear that Huang Yuegong was pursuing her.

Receiving this gift would be equal to tacitly consenting to the pursuit of Huang Yuegong. If that happened, sooner or later she would be conquered by him. The key problem was that Huang Yuegong was Sage Jiuyang's person while she was Fairy Feng's person. How could the two of them ever have a future together?

Even though Jun Yunrue dearly desired this bracelet, she had no choice but to return it.

As Jun Yunrue returned the bracelet, Lin Junzhi and the other female disciple also hesitantly returned their swords. They were well aware of the twisting circumstances to them receiving these gifts;it was clear that Huang Yuegong targeted Jun Yunrue. Since Jun Yunrue returned her gift, it would be shameful if they kept theirs.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, this is only a minor gift. It means nothing to me, so please don't decline it.’’

’’I really cannot receive this. I can only turn down Senior-apprentice Brother Huang's good intentions.’’

Huang Yuegong faintly smiled as he saw Jun Yunrue firmly turn down his gift. He said, ’’That's fine. It seems I was too brash in presenting this gift and offended a beauty. It doesn't matter if Junior-apprentice Sister Jun refuses this gift. After we finish our treasure hunt at Saint Artifact Pavilion, how about we share a meal and talk further?’’

Huang Yuegong knew when to stop. It was clear that Jun Yunrue was tempted this time. As long as she was tempted, there was hope. If he could launch another offensive in the future and do something that she liked, this beauty would be his sooner or later.

Only this sort of difficult women that cost him time and effort would raise his ardor. Just waving a hand and having a girl join his bed was meaningless.

’’That is, I still have some matters to manage later. I'm afraid I cannot agree to Senior-apprentice Brother Huang.’’ Jun Yunrue's expression and tone already softened. Although she and Huang Yuegong belonged to different factions, in the face of a gentleman who was so strong and came from such a prominent family and even treated her so kindly, it was impossible to say that she didn't have a favorable impression of him.

’’It doesn't matter, we'll always have more chances in the future. That's right, Junior-apprentice Sister Jun was planning to enter Saint Artifact Pavilion? How many of you are entering?’’ Huang Yuegong didn't continue bothering her about the matter, instead switching topics.

’’Three people. Me, Junior-apprentice Sister Lin, and also Junior-apprentice Brother Lin who just joined.’’ Jun Yunrue indicated Lin Ming. From the beginning until now, Lin Ming remained unknown in the background. With his cultivation and background, it was easy for others to assume he was an attendant of some sort. In Huang Yuegong's eyes, this sort of attendant was no different from an ant. He didn't' even bother sparing him a glance.

’’Oh? Three people? But when I was on my spirit boat I seemed to see Junior-apprentice Sister Jun pull out more than 3000 phoenix cry seal marks. It looked as if there were 9000 of them?

Huang Yuegong's eyesight was extraordinary;he could see the exact number of phoenix cry seal marks that Jun Yunrue had taken out. Song Baifeng panicked as he heard this. He quickly said, ’’Sir Huang, this servant should die, this servant was confused for a moment so...’’

Song Baifeng was extremely tense. Being a guard for Saint Artifact Pavilion was a highly sought after role with many advantages. For him to reach this point with his common civilian disciple status, that was because he was able to predict the moods and mood changes of others;he knew who he could offend and who he had to flatter. As for someone like Huang Yuegong who had such a deep background, he could order any of them wherever he wished, even if it were to guard a tomb. The difference between them was simply like the heavens and earth.

How could he not be panicking?

The truth was that Huang Yuegong already understood the situation when he asked this question;he was only deliberately questioning the guard captain to show off his power. He frowned, pretending to be angry, ’’Song Baifeng, you are just a guard of Saint Artifact Pavilion and yet you dare to extort Junior-apprentice Sister Jun?’’

’’Sir Huang please forgive me, I will never dare to do something like this again. This servant has eyes but couldn't see Mount Tai. This servant never knew that Junior-apprentice Sister Jun was good friends with Sir Huang. Had I known this earlier, I would've allowed her to freely enter Saint Artifact Pavilion.

Song Baifeng's words were carefully chosen. Huang Yuegong was pleasantly delighted to hear them. He wished that he could clap Song Baifeng's shoulder and say 'good job!'.

’’Humph, there better not be a next time. As a guard of Saint Artifact Pavilion, you should follow regulations in handling all matters. One thousand phoenix cry seal marks for one person, I will pay!’’

Huang Yuegong raised his hands and took out 4000 phoenix cry seal marks. Jun Yunrue wanted to stop him but bit her lips, not saying anything.

As for Song Baifeng, he shook his head like a rattle, not willing to receive them. He wanted Huang Yuegong and the others to quickly enter free of charge.

This performance satisfied Huang Yuegong. Song Baifeng was indeed a smart man;he had shown him enough face. He said to one of his lackeys with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Give this Song Baifeng 15,000 phoenix cry seal marks later to make up for his losses today, otherwise this will be considered free entry. In truth, he would have to take out these phoenix cry seal marks from his own purse later. Although this minor character isn't worth mentioning, he still shouldn't suffer a loss since we must win him over.’’

Huang Yuegong was utterly thorough in all matters, like a watertight basket. The lackey responded, ’’Young master has really considered all angles. Truly fierce. This servant will manage it later.’’

Huang Yuegong smiled, ’’Since that's the case, I won't be humble. Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, let's go.’’

Huang Yuegong gestured invitingly. Jun Yunrue blushed. She waved at Lin Ming and the others, ’’Let's go. Thank you Senior-apprentice Brother Huang.’’

Song Baifeng led the way with a bright and shining smile. His attitude towards Jun Yunrue took a complete 180 degree turn, and all of this was because of Huang Yuegong.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Huang is really gallant.’’

The disciples behind Jun Yunrue began speaking to each other with true essence sound transmissions. The female disciples had cheeks tinged pink.

’’That's right. Look at that Song Baifeng, he was like a dog seeing his master.’’

’’He's handsome, strong, and even so generous. Where would you find such great husband material? How could Senior-apprentice Sister Jun reject him? Perhaps Senior-apprentice Sister Jun can even go with him and pull him over to our side.’’

The two female disciples kept recalling the swords that Huang Yuegong gifted them, feeling it was a pity they had to return them. As Lin Ming was in their group, he also heard the true essence sound transmissions being exchanged. He could only secretly shake his head. The idea of winning over someone like Huang Yuegong was simply too naïve.

As the disciples were in discussion, they entered Saint Artifact Pavilion.

Song Baifeng fastidiously introduced, ’’For obtaining the treasures of Saint Artifact Pavilion, everyone should be well informed. But there's some new junior-apprentice brothers and sisters that might not know, so I will blabber on for a bit.’’

’’Saint Artifact Pavilion is in itself a great magic tool with its own intelligence. In order to obtain a treasure, one must first obtain the approval of Saint Artifact Pavilion.’’

’’As for the factors that Saint Artifacts Pavilion considers, there are many. For instance, destiny, bloodline, perception, comprehension of Laws, and even your own moral character might be one. But those are only secondary. The truth is that the two most important aspects that Saint Artifact Pavilion considers are talent and potential!’’

A martial artist's talent was similar to their potential, but there were some slight differences.

Talent was a martial artist's true comprehensive combat strength in comparison to their age. At the same age, those that were stronger had the greater talent. At the same strength, those that were younger had the greater talent.

But potential measures the future growth of a martial artist. A high talent didn't necessarily mean a great potential. There were many eighth stage Life Destruction divine Sea powerhouses that for all sorts of various reasons could surpass a ninth stage Life Destruction divine Sea powerhouse in strength. But in terms of potential, they would be surpassed at some point.

In order to obtain a treasure in Saint Artifact Pavilion, one had to first earn the recognition of Saint Artifact Pavilion. As for the rank of the treasure, that would depend on how great one's potential and talent were. While one only had to pay a thousand phoenix cry seal marks, which were hundreds of times less expensive than a true saint artifact in value, the truth was that most disciples that entered Saint Artifact Pavilion left empty-handed.


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