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Martial World - Chapter 953


Chapter 953 - Saint Artifact Pavilion




’’The divine Sea boundary is the first step onto your road of becoming a god. Your dantian opens up to form a minor dimension, able to accommodate true essence as your dantian becomes a sea. divine Transformation falls upon the word 'transformation'. It's where you evolve the world within your dantian to a dimensional realm. Finally, the divine Lord realm is to truly become a god. A true world will evolve within your dantian and you will be able to sustain endless true essence. In addition, this world can even hold people, forests, lakes, seas, rivers, countries, and even stars! You can contain a massive number of your subjects in the world. When that happens, you shall be the god that they all believe in, you shall be their divine Lord! That's why this boundary is named the divine Lord boundary;it's to truly become a god.’’

’’If you can cross the nine stages of Life Destruction, that doesn't necessarily mean you will become a divine Lord. But after reaching the divine Lord realm you won't encounter endless bottlenecks and your potential will be far greater.’’

Lin Ming was intrigued by the explanation given to him by Fairy Feng.. In truth, when he inherited the memories of the Ancient Devil, he became aware of the divine Sea, divine Transformation, and divine Lord boundaries. But the Ancient Devil only knew that the divine Lord boundary could contain forests and lakes. As for containing stars and even evolving the dantian into a great world that could contain countless people to live there, this was the first time Lin Ming heard of this.

According to Fairy Feng's description, this world could have countries, farms, wars, sacrifices, life and death, joy and sorrow, the emotions of passing time, countless stories and legends all being staged simultaneously;it'd be like a country in the Sky Spill Continent. There could even be martial artists that cultivated, using the heaven and earth origin energy that the divine Lord would pour into their body's great world.

If they obtained a lucky chance they could even cultivate to the divine Sea realm! Of course, compared to a martial artist that grew up in a true boundless universe, their difficulties would be multiplied many times.

A martial artist would become a divine god of their own inner world, with the worship of countless people. When they fought, they would even have the support of an entire great world's origin energy;just how powerful would that be?

It was almost impossible to imagine!

That was a true and tested divine Lord.

Fairy Feng said, ’’Alright. Lin Ming, I have already informed your situation to Jun Yunrue. She is one of my people and will guide you to your own dwelling. Here is a jade talisman;you can use it to contact me if you wish. I hope that you will soon enter Phoenix Hall.’’

Fairy Feng flicked a spatial ring directly into Lin Ming's hands. Lin Ming swept his divine sense through the spatial ring and found that it contained not only a jade talisman to contact Fairy Feng, but also a massive amount of purple colored divine stones and a complete set of jade slips. Without a doubt, these were violet sun stones and the jade slips were fire-attribute cultivation methods and Concept of Fire jade slips.

This was obviously special treatment she gave only Lin Ming;ordinary disciples couldn't even beg for them.

After Fairy Feng left, several disciples walked over. The one leading them was a woman, and behind her were also three men and two women. One of these men looked older, while the three others appeared to be young disciples of Golden Crow Hall.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I am Jun Yunrue. Honorable Master Fairy Feng already sent me a sound transmission and bid me to look after you.’’ As Jun Yunrue spoke, she carefully sized up Lin Ming. The four young disciples also looked at Lin Ming with strange eyes filled with judgment, their expressions filled with a thick envy.

Any person that could be personally led by Fairy Feng had to be highly valued in her mind and would likely have incomparably rich resources in the future. It had to be known that although Fairy Feng's status was inferior to Sage Jiuyang within Phoenix Cry Palace, whether it was in power or influence, obtaining her recognition was only a shot in the dark for the vast majority of disciples. Phoenix Cry Palace was indeed divided into factions, but the majority of disciples didn't even have the qualifications to enter a faction. They were too weak or their potential was too small. Others didn't even notice them, so gathering them to their faction was useless to begin with.

’’Yes. Senior-apprentice Sister Yunrue, I also look forward to your advice.’’

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is too polite.’’ Jun Yunrue faintly smiled. She introduced Lin Ming to the other disciples here. ’’This is Lin Ming. You may call him Junior-apprentice Brother Lin. All of you will have to look after him in the future. Honorable Master Fairy Feng has already sent a sound transmission detailing me on the situation. Junior-apprentice Brother Lin ascended from the lower realms, and he is the top 100,000 year talent of a great world there, able to kill a divine Sea powerhouse at just the fifth stage of Life Destruction.’’

As Jun Yunrue spoke, the other disciples' eyes widened, especially upon hearing that he was the top 100,000 year talent of a great world and was able to kill divine Sea powerhouses with a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation.

Although the martial artists of the lower realms were far inferior to the fierceness of the divine Realm's geniuses, it was still a great world with countless trillions of lives. Within such a great number of people, being able to be the top talent in 100,000 years was no trifling matter! Martial artists that ascended were also unrivalled geniuses of their era. They had great potential to begin with, and to them entering the divine Realm was like a True Dragon plunging into the vast seas, ridding themselves of their shackles and going beyond all control.

The disciples behind Jun Yunrue were valued by Fairy Feng and they were all extremely talented individuals. Each one of them was a proud and haughty genius of their generation and they had all passed fierce competitions and brutal assessments. They were originally common subjects of the Phoenix Cry Palace world, and finally managed to make their way into the ranks of official disciples. Out of the hundreds of millions of lives on this world, they managed to stand out.

Although they were temporarily residing in Golden Crow Hall, it was more or less decided that they would enter Vermillion Bird Hall in the future. They even had high hopes of entering Phoenix Hall. However, they didn't have the qualifications nor were they as daring to call themselves the top 100,000 year talent of a great world. This title only belonged to a truly freakish monster.

Now that they saw Lin Ming in front of them, besides his handsome appearance and his ethereal, untouchable temperament, he didn't seem anything special at all. In fact, he was quite ordinary. It was hard to imagine he was such an extreme genius.

A male disciple couldn't help but curl his lips and say, ’’The top 100,000 year talent of a great world, this title seems a bit exaggerated, right?’’

’’I'm not saying I suspect you, it just seems a bit excessive to me. For instance, if I went to the mortal world and saw a random fortune teller who earned his meals by reading palms, and he told me that he was actually a divine Lord realm powerhouse that wanted to experience life as a common mortal, wouldn't that be a bit shocking?’’

The man shrugged as he spoke. Jun Yunrue's complexion turned a bit ugly. ’’What kind of stupid analogy are you trying to make? It's a complete mess. Well, whatever, first we'll bring Junior-apprentice Brother to his residence and help him familiarize himself with the area here. Let's go.’’

As these disciples were discussing, Lin Ming didn't interject once, only lightly smiling throughout. He guessed that Fairy Feng only heard about his matters from the Ancient Phoenix Great Temple's Temple Spirit, and the Temple Spirit's knowledge of what happened outside of the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was extremely limited to begin with. Fairy Feng probably didn't understand what his true strength was.

As they were walking, the several Golden Crow Hall disciples didn't give up. They tried to strike up a conversation with Lin Ming, asking, ’’I must say Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I heard that you killed many divine Sea level powerhouses. How many have you slain?’’

’’Mm, around 15 to 20.’’ Lin Ming truthfully said. He hadn't really been paying attention to how many he had killed.

’’So, so many?’’

The several disciples' eyes widened. ’’Good heavens, 15 to 20!’’

Although the divine Sea powerhouses of the lower realms couldn't be considered powerful, they were still divine Sea martial artists;killing 15-20 of them was quite an amazing feat.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, my name is Lin Junzhi, it seems that we both share the same surname. You are really awesome. Out of those 15-20 divine Sea powerhouses you killed, who was the most powerful amongst them? What was his cultivation?’’

A young female disciple asked while blinking. She looked like a 16-17 year old young girl and was extremely cute and lovable, just like a small rabbit. Her manners were very polite.

Lin Junzhi had to admit that it was impossible for her to kill a divine Sea powerhouse if she had a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation. However, the divine Sea powerhouses of the lower realms were disgustingly weak, and there were even fourth and fifth stage Life Destruction martial artists that were able to rely on lucky chances to enter the divine Sea. Their strength was pathetic to the point of being an absolute mess, so she did have a faint trace of hope of defeating someone like that.

Lin Ming frankly answered, ’’The strongest person I killed had an early divine Sea cultivation.’’

The strongest divine Sea powerhouse Lin Ming was referring to was naturally Yang Yun. Yang Yun had failed to complete his Great Blood Refining Art and had finally relied on combusting his blood essence and ruining his Blood Law Eye in order to forcibly raise his combat strength to the middle divine Sea for a short period of time. But his cultivation was truly at the early divine Sea. However, as these disciples heard this, they assumed something different.

’’Early divine Sea realm. That's not too preposterous.’’

Lin Junzhi muttered to herself, patting her chest as if she were letting out a sigh of relief. If it were only the early divine Sea, the disciples of Golden Crow Hall could also do it. Even their Elder Senior Jun Yunrue could accomplish that.

Another disciple with the surname Lui had an understanding expression as he said to everyone with a true essence sound transmission, ’’It seems this Lin Ming really did kill a divine Sea master with a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation. I heard that the divine Sea powerhouses of the lower realms are generally absurdly weak, so facing such a divine Sea powerhouse, it's possible to kill 15 to 20 of them if he does so one at a time.’’

’’Mm, I also believe I can do this. Even if I can't kill them, I can still defeat them.’’

’’Yeah, and that title of number one talent in 100,000 years might not be so real either;there are many lower realm talents that don't have this sort of title. But if he has exceptionally rare talent, there might be some people that wanted to win him over so of course they would compliment him and choose some pleasant words like giving him the title of top 100,000 year talent. This title simply spreads around and is repeated to the point that everyone confuses what is real with what is fake.’’

’’Indeed, Senior-apprentice Brother Liu's explanation makes much more sense.’’

The several disciples spoke amongst each other and quickly found their minds calming down. These talents were all very proud and haughty individuals, they certainly didn't want to admit that they were weaker than others. Of course, since Lin Ming was personally brought here by Fairy Feng, it was natural he was stronger than them. So long as he was just a tad stronger than them, they could accept it.

As the disciples were talking amongst themselves, Jun Yunrue only listened, not interjecting her opinion. Finally, as they were discussing the 'final result', she finally said, ’’There's no limit in the universe, there's always higher heavens and stronger people. Don't think that the martial artists of the lower realms are all inferior to the martial artists of the divine Realm. Although the divine Realm is vast and boundless, the lower realms are just as great. The number of martial artists in the lower realms might even surpass those of the divine Realm!’’

Jun Yunrue glanced at Lin Ming. She could feel that he was restraining his aura within his body. Although she couldn't speculate anything based on this, she believed in Fairy Feng's judgment and knew that she wouldn't be wrong. Lin Ming would inevitably prove that he was an outstanding talent. But as for how strong he actually was, that would be seen in the future.

She suddenly thought of something, saying, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, since you just arrived at the divine Realm you shouldn't have a good weapon in hand. How about I bring you to Saint Artifact Pavilion to choose one?’’

Saint Artifact Pavilion was not a simple weapon storage area. To choose a weapon here depended on one's strength and talent;it wasn't as simple as it seemed.


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