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Martial World - Chapter 951


Chapter 951 - Contention




Casting out his divine sense to the limit, he wasn't able to sense the boundaries of this world. All he saw were billowing clouds, endless celestial mountains, immortal islands, and heavenly cave dwellings;this entire world was a paradise.

Floating amongst the clouds were countless spirit birds and spirit beasts. The spirit beasts rolled about in the air, many of them hundreds of miles long, some even a thousand miles long. Lin Ming could even see a sea serpent dragon in the distance, the same sort that had emitted the sea serpent gas in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, the same sort of sea serpent dragon whose gas could form sea serpent crystals!

Phoenix Cry Palace's sea serpent dragon was over a thousand miles long, and its immense body was draped over a massive mountain range. It sprayed out ridiculous amounts of gas, but this gas was actually different from the black corrosive poison in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. Rather, this gas formed rainbow colored clouds, beautiful and auspicious.

Besides the sea serpent dragon were golden crows, flame birds, vermillion birds, and many other birds and beasts of all colors that resembled phoenixes. All of them soared through the skies between heaven and earth;Lin Ming looked at this scene, awestruck.

These celestial mountains, immortal islands, endless clouds over an infinite sea, fairy birds, spirit beasts, and this world that was created within the void, all of this was shocking. Who cared about the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom or Demon God Imperial Palace? Those quasi-sixth grade and sixth grade sects of the Sky Spill Continent were nothing more than little uncivilized bumpkin villages compared to the massive metropolis of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Phoenix Cry Palace.

Fairy Feng calmly brought Lin Ming into Phoenix Cry Palace. A 7-8 mile high five-colored bird immediately flew in front of Fairy Feng and prostrated itself before her.

This five-colored bird looked like a phoenix and also like a vermillion bird. Compared to this spirit bird, the vermillion birds of divine Phoenix Island were nothing more than little chickens. Not even mentioning aura and pressure, just their size was unbelievable. This five-colored bird was 7-8 miles tall, but the vermillion birds of divine Phoenix Island were only 70-80 feet tall;they just couldn't be compared.

Alas, nothing could be done about this. The current vermillion birds of the Sky Spill Continent were distant remnants of ancient birds that were inoculated with the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. Although the blood of the Ancient Phoenix had extremely mystical properties, several drops alone wasn't enough to allow these birds to reach the divine Sea realm in strength. Moreover, the Sky Spill Continent's Ancient Phoenix Clan was extinguished 100,000 years ago. With no one to raise the vermillion birds, weed out the weak from their bloodline and further fuse Ancient Phoenix blood into them, after 100,000 years, those ancient vermilion birds bred with common birds, diluting their bloodline repeatedly until it was a faint shadow of the past. Now, they no longer had their past glory.

When divine Phoenix Island was established, if a vermillion bird were to grow up they would reach an extreme Xiantian cultivation. If they could train some more, it would already be impressive for them to reach the late Revolving Core realm.

A few drops of Ancient Phoenix blood, after passing through the weakening of 100,000 years, just how much could there possibly be left?

This was the difference of inheritances. There was no comparing those vermillion birds to this five-colored bird in front of him.

Fairy Feng and Lin Ming stepped onto the five-colored bird. The bird spread its vast wings and soared into the skies, passing through layers upon layers of celestial mountains and immortal islands. After fifteen minutes, Lin Ming finally saw a titanic palace looming in front of him. This palace's dimensions were beyond belief;it simply looked like a small planet!

It was even possible that this palace was forged from a planet by a top Supreme Elder.

Lin Ming was deeply shocked. But thinking about it some more, this was also normal. The normal Ancient Phoenix Clan was comprised of three great family clans and 72 palaces. Each palace held several hundred million or even a billion Ancient Phoenix clansmen. With so many people, how could this palace possibly hold them if it wasn't the size of a planet?

Fairy Feng brought Lin Ming towards Phoenix Cry Palace. As they said, a mountain in the distance could run a horse dead. Even though Lin Ming could see Phoenix Cry Palace in front of him, and the speed of the multicolored spirit birds and beasts were at thousands of miles in the blink of an eye, they still flew for a long time before arriving at Phoenix Cry Palace.

As they neared Phoenix Cry Palace, Lin Ming could finally sense just how immense it was. Even the 7 to 8 mile five-colored bird he rode on was nothing more than a tiny speck of dust in front of this massive palace!

Within this palace, there were countless great jade temples and pagodas. Above the palace, there were nine great suns floating in the air, each of them showing a vague golden crow within.

Nine golden crows, nine suns in space!

Lin Ming very much suspected that the nine suns in the sky were evolved from the nine golden crow saint beasts. Phoenix Cry Palace was a true immortal paradise!

Approaching Phoenix Cry Palace, he could see countless Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples shuttling back and forth on spirit birds and spirit beasts. There were endless saint beasts and spirit boats flying about.

Many people bowed as they saw Fairy Feng. As one of Phoenix Cry Palace's Vice Palace Masters, she naturally enjoyed an extremely high status.

As Fairy Feng was about to bring Lin Ming down towards Phoenix Cry Palace, the sounds of heavenly music resounded in the air. Lin Ming looked up to see a massive ship carved in the form of a golden eagle, pulled by nine crimson sun birds, slowly flying towards them.

Around this large ship were 72 heavenly women flying, each of them slender and beautiful, fragrant and alluring. They carried various instruments, ribbons, flower vases, or art pieces, while chatting. Heavenly music lingered around them, making the scene look like an emperor was going out on a trip.

This large ship stopped in front of Fairy Feng. A thick curtain of divine silk was pulled open and a handsome man stepped out, holding a beautiful woman in his arms. He smiled at Fairy Feng from the great ship.

’’I was wondering who it was, so it was Junior-apprentice Sister Yan.’’

The man lazily spoke to Fairy Feng, not even sparing a glance at Lin Ming. This man referred to Fairy Feng by her surname. Fairy Feng's surname was Yan, and her full name was Yan Fengxian. Fairy Feng was only a title.

Lin Ming could feel the aura and surging momentum from this man's body, as if a sleeping volcano was sealed within his body, absolutely terrifying. This man was another divine Realm Supreme Elder that surpassed his understandings.

However, from this man's posture, he didn't seem to be on good relations with Fairy Feng.

As Lin Ming was thinking of this, Fairy Feng's eyebrow arched up. She coldly smiled and said, ’’Sun Yanming? What do you want? Thirty years ago you ate a Flame Yang Pill and borrowed the World Returning divine Furnace Xiao Jiuyang to cultivate. You even used a time shifting array to slow time down, taking one year as ten years. You closed up for 30 years, but in fact that was equal to 300 years. For such a long time, you still haven't managed to make a breakthrough? Not only is your cultivation the same as it was 30 years ago, but your true essence isn't any thicker at all. You're truly a waste of resources!’’

Fairy Feng's words left Lin Ming secretly flabbergasted. He never thought that Fairy Feng would have such a fierce side to her. Facing her enemy, her words sharply confronted him, harsh and contentious.

Fairy Feng's words were obviously meant to poke at Sun Yanming's sore spots. His complexion turned ugly as he was unable to refute her words. Sun Yanming glanced at Lin Ming and suddenly smiled, appearing much happier. He thought that Lin Ming was Fairy Feng's attendant, but now he discovered something interesting about him.

’’You're a martial artist that ascended from the lower realms?’’

Sun Yanming immediately saw through Lin Ming's status. The most significant difference between a divine Realm martial artist and a lower realms martial artist was the true essence within their bodies. A divine Realm martial artist cultivated with violent and mixed heaven and earth origin energy, making the energy within their bodies much more brutal and powerful;it wouldn't be so calm and gentle like the energy within a lower realms martial artist.

’’To ascend with a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation, haha, you must have an unrivalled powerhouse who formed their own inner world as your protector to do so, otherwise you would be reduced to ashes by the explosive power of the heavenly retribution. No wonder, so it was Junior-apprentice Sister Yan who took a trip to the lower realms, consuming a massive amount of violet sun stones in order to bring you up? That's quite strange. A lower realms martial artist is actually held in such high esteem by Junior-apprentice Sister Yan, to the point she would bring you here?’’

’’Could it be that Junior-apprentice Sister Yan knows that she has no one to support her here in the sect and that it's impossible for her to compare with Senior-apprentice Brother Jiuyang? Does she want to establish her own forces and picked you up, the little baby boy, to do so?’’

Sun Yanming intentionally bit out the words 'little baby boy', the mocking tone thick in his voice. Indeed, with his boundary, a fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist that ascended from the lower realms was indeed only a little baby boy. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Yan, do you really plan on waiting for the lower realms martial artists to grow up and support you? Haha! Junior-apprentice Sister Yan, I must say, don't you think your plan of relying on these lower realms martial artists is a bit too naïve?’’

Sun Yanming rubbed his chin, sizing up Lin Ming and also wantonly piercing through him with his perception, seeing through his body. This was extremely rude behavior. Lin Ming tried as hard as he could to prevent this divine sense, but there simply wasn't anything he could to do stop it.

’’Haha, what a handsome young boy toy, he really is good material for a cute little gigolo.’’

Sun Yanming exposed a disdainful smile, his meaning apparent. But his words actually angered Fairy Feng. A cold light flashed in Fairy Feng's eyes, and in less than 1/100,000 of an instant, a light misty blue light shot out from Fairy Feng's eyes and thrust into Sun Yanming's body. Sun Yanming shook as something painful happened to him. His features twisted and he backed away, his face whitening.

This glance also interrupted Sun Yanming's perception so that Lin Ming didn't have to resist that powerful pressure anymore.

It was obvious that Sun Yanming was far inferior to Fairy Feng in strength, otherwise he wouldn't have been forced back by a simple glance.

’’That's a battle spirit?’’ Lin Ming was startled. Everything had happened in a flash. He only managed to speculate that it was a battle spirit from the brief flash of light, and moreover, it was absolutely above a gold battle spirit!

Once one reached a gold battle spirit their will would be able to directly project onto reality and affect the real world, multiplying the strength of a battle spirit. Fairy Feng had obviously superseded this boundary.

The higher boundary a battle spirit was, the greater impact it would have on one's combat strength. Now, Fairy Feng had relied on just her battle spirit to have Sun Yanming eat a loss.

Lin Ming was a bit surprised. He thought that if this Sun Yanming was mocking Fairy Feng, then he should have strength at least equal to hers;he didn't think the disparity would be so great. Did he have backing behind him? Was it that Senior-apprentice Brother Jiuyang? If he obviously opposed someone stronger than him without someone propping him up from behind then that was just seeking death.

As Lin Ming was thinking, Yan Fengxian sent out a red beam of light that wrapped around Lin Ming. She coldly said, ’’We're leaving!’’

Yan Fengxian disappeared like a bolt of lightning, leaving behind the gloomy Sun Yanming. Sun Yanming took out a soul recovery pill and swallowed it, his eyes flashing with a tint of fear and malice.

’’Yan Fengxian, you're ruthless! I'll wait for the day that Senior-apprentice Brother Yang becomes the Phoenix Cry Palace Master, and on that day, you'll be finished. When that day comes, I will rip off your proud and haughty exterior and humiliate you!’’


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