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Martial World - Chapter 950


Chapter 950 - Phoenix Cry Palace




With a ringing explosion, countless arcs of thunder and blazing flames surged outwards, blotting out the world!

Fairy Feng only needed a single attack to defeat the purple thunder dragon. It turned into a massive number of tiny specks of thunder energy that came falling over Lin Ming and Fairy Feng.

As Lin Ming saw this his mind stirred. He revolved the Heretical God Force and began to greedily absorb the tiny specks of thunder energy like a drunk in a wine cellar.

Within Lin Ming's body, the Heretical God Sprout trembled underneath the nourishing thunder.

This was the power of heavenly retribution;it was different from the thunder of the mortal world. The inherent energy was extremely pure and was greatly beneficial towards Lin Ming.


Fairy Feng glanced at Lin Ming with some surprise. She thought that Lin Ming would have some trouble resisting the thunder, but he seemed to be smoothly swallowing up the power of thunder tribulation instead. Not only was he not injured, he even seemed to be obtaining some benefits.

’’Lin Ming, I didn't think that you would also have such high achievements in the Concept of Thunder. It seems as if...’’ Fairy Feng's thoughts stirred and she immediately covered Lin Ming within her divine sense. It seemed as if she could see through him.

’’Not bad! Not bad at all!’’ Fairy Feng praised. ’’Your body, after passing through the tempering of Thunder Laws several times has already become a thunder-attribute spirit body. Every cell within your body is activated through the stimulation of thunder. It seems you have an extremely high compatibility with Thunder Laws! Did you temper your body within thunder energy when you crossed Life Destruction?’’

Fairy Feng had amazing eyesight. She could immediately see where Lin Ming's thunder-attribute spirit body came from.

’’Senior has excellent vision. That is exactly the reason.’’ As Lin Ming spoke, Fairy Feng scattered another bolt of heavenly retribution thunder once more. The dispersed energy was completely absorbed by Lin Ming. As the two spoke, they resisted the power of heavenly retribution in a extremely relaxed manner.’’

’’Very good. But when you enter the Ancient Phoenix Clan you must focus your studies on the Concept of Fire. The Thunder Concepts are mainly concentrated in the Thunder Dragon branch of the Ancient Dragon Clan. There's also the Ancient Kirin Clan's Electric Violet Kirin branch. My Ancient Phoenix Clan doesn't have any great inheritances for the Concept of Thunder. You have passed the first five stages of Life Destruction by tempering your body in thunder, but from this point on you must temper your body within fire energy instead! This will allow your body to reach the extremes of thunderfire compatibility!’’

Another bolt of divine thunder was split apart by Fairy Feng. She diverted 70% of this thunder energy and let the remaining 30% flow towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. His mind touched upon the Heretical God Sprout and he began to crackle as he prepared to withstand this bolt of thunder.


Lin Ming's protective true essence shattered and the power of thunder violently surged into him, crashing left and right as it rushed through his meridians. It reached the Heretical God Sprout, and as it did, Lin Ming felt his entire body go numb. But he was also inexplicably comfortable;he couldn't help but shout out loud.

’’Good! Very good!’’

Fairy Feng nodded. She linked her hands together and continued to split apart the incoming thunder. From diverting 70% of the heavenly retribution thunder, it became 60%, 50%, and then 40%, with Lin Ming having to withstand more and more of the power of heavenly retribution. His body was filled to the brim with energy as if he would burst apart at any moment. Suddenly, the Heretical God Sprout unexpectedly stretched out a little bud;the fourth leaf was about to grow!

The Heretical God Sprout successfully formed the third leaf only after absorbing the Purple Lion Thunder Source as well as accumulating a massive amount of thunder energy beforehand. But the fourth leaf was beginning to form only after absorbing the power of heavenly retribution which hadn't even condensed into a Thunder Soul or Thunder Source. It could be seen that heavenly retribution thunder was superior to an ordinary Thunder Source.

The current Heretical God Sprout now had four leaves. Three of them were thunder leaves and only a single one was a fire leaf. But this wasn't a problem. After Lin Ming entered the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the number of fire leaves would likely far surpass the thunder leaves.

The power of heavenly retribution became increasingly intense. Fairy Feng repeatedly blocked in the front, but afterwards, it wasn't just thunder, but also round dao diagrams! These were the rules of the Heavenly Dao. They naturally formed dao diagrams in space.

As Lin Ming saw this, he felt the terrifying strength exuding from the dao diagrams. He sucked in a deep breath. He thought that with his own thunder spirit body, once his cultivation rose he might even be able to resist the Heavenly dao and freely travel between the divine Realm and the lower realms. But now it seemed that he was far too naïve in his expectations. These dao diagrams were too terrifying;if he bumped into one then he'd be reduced to ashes.

Fairy Feng's expression turned solemn. She lifted both her arms and a side world formed around him. This was the projection of Fairy Feng's inner world. Facing this Heavenly Dao, she couldn't help but wholeheartedly project her inner world.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dao diagram after dao diagram was shattered by Fairy Feng with countless Law fragments bursting apart. This fierce collision continued for half an hour but Fairy Feng's strength seemed to be unlimited;her supernatural powers didn't weaken in the slightest.

After an hour passed, the last circular dao diagram was blocked by Fairy Feng. Lin Ming felt a brightness in front of him. The rainbow colored power of space around him vanished and he arrived in the air above a great world.

The skies above were vast and limitless, and the earth beneath him extended to eternity. The mountains below him seemed as small as sand and the rivers appeared like strands of silk. Lin Ming guessed that he was several thousand miles above the ground, but even though he was so high up, the ground beneath him had no end. This sort of scene was startling.

An earthshaking roar suddenly filled the air. He looked up and saw a thousand mile long ancient vicious beast flying through the skies. The ancient vicious beast had massive wings and a ferocious appearance. The pressure that it emitted was bewildering. Lin Ming could clearly feel that he was in no way a match for this vicious beast.

This was the divine Realm?

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He discovered that the heaven and earth origin energy here wasn't pure like he had imagined. Rather, it was mixed and violent!

Five elemental energy, pure yang energy, extreme yin energy, life energy, blood demon energy, ghost energy, demon essence;a multitude of energies together, overbearing and brutal!

As he sucked in a deep breath of this energy, Lin Ming immediately felt the violet energies break into his meridians like wild horses. Of course, Lin Ming's boundary reached Life Destruction so suppressing this energy was easy. But for a martial artist at the body transformation realm or some other low level boundary, they might not have the ability to withstand this energy.

To use this energy to cultivate, one had to separate and purify it. If one wasn't careful during training then it was even possible to fall into madness.

’’divine Realm martial artists actually grow up in such an environment...’’ Lin Ming said, a bit dumbfounded. This kind of heaven and earth origin energy raised the threshold for those that could cultivate martial arts. Many martial artists with lower talents would not even have the qualifications to begin cultivating, otherwise, they might mess up the flow of energy in their meridians and die.

But for those martial artists with extraordinary talent, because they breathed in this violent heaven and earth origin energy since birth, their training was tempered and their strength was even more formidable!

Fairy Feng sensed what Lin Ming was thinking. She said, ’’The environment in the divine Realm is much more brutal than the lower realms. Here is the true law of the jungle. Here, strength is not everything, strength is the only thing. Here, the competition is far more intense, and the fate of those who are eliminated is also far more miserable. You must know that a martial artist lives for a long time, and they have numerous descendants. Because of this, the population growth here is exponential. But no matter how broad and vast the divine Realm is, the resources are still limited. It's impossible for the divine Realm to bear such a increasingly massive population. Moreover, not every family clan has the ability to send the overflow of their clansmen to the lower realms. Here, the result of losing is often death.’’

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. Indeed, if a martial artist lived for several thousand years or even 10,000 years, it wouldn't be strange if they had several hundred children. Most of these children would likely practice martial arts too, with a similarly long life. And their children would have children, continuing on and on. The population of a family clan would grow at ridiculous rates. One wouldn't even need 10 generations for a single person to produce hundreds of thousands or even millions of descendants.

The divine Realm existed for countless billions of years. If death wasn't overwhelmingly common, then no matter how large the divine Realm was, it would be packed full with people.

This was a cruel world!

’’Let's go. I'll bring you to Phoenix Cry Palace. My Ancient Phoenix Clan has a total of three great family clans and seventy two palaces, all of them located on different worlds in the divine Realm. In addition, there's also the independent Ice Phoenix Clan. They have a total of 36 palaces. The Ice Phoenix Clan tends to live in the extreme polar regions of worlds as well as worlds of snow and ice and other hidden worlds. They don't reach out to the outside world often and they also aren't managed by us. Even though the Ancient Phoenix Clan has a true total of 108 palaces, the number referred to is usually the 72 Fire Phoenix Palaces. I'm from Phoenix Cry Palace and am also the 69th seated disciple of the Phoenix Cry Palace's Palace Master.’’

’’Uh. 69th disciple?’’ Lin Ming repeated, his mouth hanging open. In his impression, Fairy Feng's strength was extremely overbearing;he feared that she was no weaker than a character like the Demon Emperor. This impressive character was only the 69th disciple of Phoenix Cry Palace? And the Ancient Phoenix Clan had a total of 107 other palaces that were similar to Phoenix Cry Palace? Just how many masters were there?

Fairy Feng sensed Lin Ming's thoughts. She said, ’’The Phoenix Cry Palace Master has a total of 81 disciples;he gathered nine groups of nine disciples. And these 81 disciples also have varying levels of strength. The strongest amongst them that stand out are only 5-6 individuals, and these people are called the Vice Palace Masters. I'm one of the Vice Palace Masters of Phoenix Cry Palace.’’

’’I see...’’ Lin Ming nodded. He found this much easier to accept.

As Fairy Feng spoke, she brought Lin Ming and tore apart the void again, using the great void shift once more. The space of the divine Realm was extremely stable;it was countless times more difficult to tear space here as opposed to the lower realms. With Lin Ming's strength, his casual attack could shatter space in the Sky Spill Continent, but in the divine Realm, his strongest attack was barely able to distort space.

After an incense stick of time, Fairy Feng broke through space and appeared above an endless sea. The seawater was unexpectedly a gold color. Looking at this dazzling sea of gold from afar, this sight was beautiful and mesmerizing.

Lin Ming looked all around but couldn't see so much as a shadow of Phoenix Cry Palace.

Fairy Feng formed a seal. The space in front of Lin Ming suddenly twisted, extending outwards like ripples in the water.

A several hundred foot gap appeared in space. And through this space gap, Lin Ming could see a world. A world hidden in the void;a world that was created by an overwhelming supernatural power. Phoenix Cry Palace was actually hidden in this world!

It had to be said that the space within the divine Realm was extremely stable. For someone to split open and create a great world here, Lin Ming found it difficult to imagine just what level of character that must have been.


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