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Martial World - Chapter 948


Chapter 948 - Incarnation of the Jade Slip




Atop the peak of a floating mountain, underneath the glow of multicolored lights, Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan lay spread out on the grass, watching as the white clouds rolled past them. All the wonders around them left one intoxicated like a dream.

With the world as a bed, flowers as a blanket, a beautiful woman hugged close to his chest, Lin Ming watched the scenery around him. He stood at the very pinnacle of the Sky Spill Continent;his life could've been said to have reached the limit of happiness.

In these past years, if Lin Ming hadn't been bitterly cultivating, then he was slaughtering or fleeing. He had rushed headlong into all sorts of dangerous situations with only slim hopes for survival;he never had a chance to calm his heart and enjoy his life.

If one didn't experience such a free and glorious fairy-like life at least once, then their life would be lacking. While the road of martial arts was filled with long periods of cultivation, they also needed to become aware of themselves and their feelings. They needed to taste the hundreds of emotions in life;this was also part of cultivation.

Lin Ming gently skimmed his fingers over Qin Xingxuan's body. She snuggled up to his chest like a cat. Both of their hearts were filled with an unprecedented peace.

After a long time passed, Qin Xingxuan seemed to suddenly remember something. She said, ’’Husband, before Old Man Good Fortune left, he left you a letter. You might want to take a look at it.’’

Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’I already know what Senior Good Fortune wants to say;it's about the matter of ascending. Unfortunately, I cannot go along with Senior Good Fortune's wishes. Senior Good Fortune already has a sect that he has devoted his life too and that sect is less suitable for me than the Ancient Phoenix Clan. I'm also only at the fifth-stage of Life Destruction;it'll be difficult for him to open a space gate for me. I can only decline Senior Good Fortune's kind intentions.’’

Lin Ming planned to ascend as soon as possible;he certainly wouldn't wait until he reached the divine Sea. ’’Xingxuan, If there's no accident, I'll stay in the lower realms for another year or two. Before I go, I'll help raise your cultivation to the Revolving Core and Yu'er's cultivation to Life Destruction. Tomorrow we'll go on a little adventure;I'll bring you somewhere fun.’’

’’Mm? Where?’’

’’You'll know once we get there.’’

The place Lin Ming brought Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu to was the Blood Slaughter Steppes - the Road of the Emperor.

With Steppes Master Lin Ming bringing them, there was certainly no one that would dare stop Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu from entering the Road of the Emperor. Moreover, most of the Tower Masters and High Lords were controlled by Demonshine. In the future, the Blood Slaughter Steppes would become a great support for divine Phoenix Island.

Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu split up and went to two different Sky Split Towers, separately entering the Road of the Emperor. As for Lin Ming, he also entered and began to perceive the emperor stone tablets.

The road of the Emperor stone tablets were far inferior to the road of will lights in term of mysteriousness. The emperor stone tablets were carved with Laws that geniuses had left behind after they passed through the Road of the Emperor. Besides a few people like the Demon Emperor, none of these emperor stone tablets entered Lin Ming's eyes. Even the highest of these emperor stone tablets were inferior to the exquisiteness of the Thunder Laws jade slip left behind by Jiang Ziji.

Lin Ming was a bit disappointed by this.

Empyrean Primordius and the goddess from the Eternal Demon Abyss had each left behind one will light, but they hadn't left behind any emperor stone tablets. Lin Ming's greatest harvest on the Road of the Emperor was from entering the grandmist space that Empyrean Primordius had left behind. He managed to form his grandmist battle spirit in a single go and even came into contact with the mystical Chaos Laws.

No such lucky chance existed in the road of the Emperor stone tablets.

For the next year, Lin Ming assisted Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu in cultivating, passing their days in love and warmth.

During this year, Qin Xingxuan succeeded in breaking into the Revolving Core realm. Compared to Mu Qianyu who broke into the Revolving Core realm at 30 years of age, she was two years faster.

As for Mu Qianyu, she was at the peak of the late Revolving Core realm, just a single step away from Life Destruction. This was also because she felt her foundation and background were lacking, so she intentionally suppressed her cultivation. Otherwise she would've already broken through.

As for Lin Ming, he had used this year to thoroughly stabilize his cultivation and purify his understanding of Laws. He completely eliminated all hidden dangers left behind by the ridiculously rapid rise of his cultivation.

In spring a year later, on a clear sunny day, Lin Ming brought Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan to divine Phoenix Island's divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, where they entered the restricted zone.

Before Lin Ming entered the restricted zone, the Temple Spirit already felt his presence.

An old and indifferent voice echoed in his ear, ’’It's been a long time, trial challenger.’’

’’Mm. It's been a while. I apologize for disturbing Senior's sleep. I came this time to ask you a question. How can I break through the space barrier of this world? I would like to leave the Sky Spill Continent and go to the divine Realm.’’

The Temple Spirit said, ’’Trial challenger, Lady Fairy Feng already investigated the situation around the Sky Spill Continent. The space-time around this planet has been blocked off by some mysterious power. If you wish to create a space channel out of this world and ascend to the divine Realm then it'll be very difficult. The simplest method is to go to another world through a transmission array, then take a space channel through there instead. When you left Timeworn Phoenix City, Lady Fairy Feng also passed you several jade slips. One of those jade slips has a single hair of Fairy Feng. If you crush this jade slip, that hair will turn into an incarnation of her. You can rely on this to speak to Lady Fairy Feng again. ’’

’’Mm? That happened?’’ Lin Ming was stunned. He didn't think that Fairy Feng would leave behind such a contingency plan. When he left Timeworn Phoenix City, Fairy Feng gave him several Fire Concept jade slips so that he could perceive them. He never discovered anything strange with them.

The Temple Spirit said, ’’Lady Fairy Feng and Guru Blueflame calculated that you have karma within the Sky Spill Continent that you have not yet resolved, and a greater destiny that you had yet to inherit. If you prematurely ascend to the divine Realm then you will not be able to fully delve into your potential. Thus, they allowed you to return to the Sky Spill Continent.’’

’’However, a most elegant white dragon fish is still restrained by the fishermen and birds. Although you're a mighty dragon in a deep pool and you also have Lady Fairy Feng's appreciation, before you grow, your fate will inexorably be filled with layers upon layers of trials and tribulations. Without anyone protecting you, even if your destiny is potent, there still exists the danger that you will perish.’’

’’So Lady Fairy Feng spent a hundred years of her cultivation to keep her incarnation in her hair to accompany you. She didn't inform you of this so that you wouldn't grow an arrogant heart and display your true potential instead, reaching the peak of destiny in the Sky Spill Continent and settling your karmic ties. But if you truly did suffer an accident and your life was on the edge between life and death, this jade slip would automatically shatter and Lade Fairy Feng's incarnation would appear, comprehensively and completely protecting you.’’

’’Because of the laws that limit the Sky Spill Continent, this incarnation wisp only has a cultivation suppressed to the peak of the late divine Sea realm. Even so, the incarnation perfectly inherited Lady Fairy Feng's understanding of Laws. For her to exterminate someone like the Sky Spill Continent's highest under the heavens would be as simply as waving her hand.’’

The Temple Spirit unhurriedly said. Lin Ming took a deep breath. He never imagined that Fairy Feng handled so many matters in secret.

With Fairy Feng's boundary, let alone having her incarnation suppressed to the late divine Sea realm, even if it were suppressed to the Life Destruction realm, that would be more than enough to annihilate Yang Yun. It had to be known that Lin Ming was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction and he managed to kill Yang Yun. Cultivation wasn't everything. If Fairy Feng's true form were to arrive on this world, even if her cultivation was suppressed to the fourth stage of Life Destruction she would likely be able to defeat the fifth stage Life Destruction Lin Ming. That was the disparity brought along by different boundaries.

’’I never thought that Senior Fairy Feng would make such arrangements. I, Lin Ming, will carve this kindness in my heart.’’

Lin Ming honestly said. He knew he was currently an unimportant person. If he showed great talent, he could still only be considered a talented junior. When he obtained first place in the smelting trial, that was only in the lower realms' Timeworn Phoenix City. The smelting trial in the divine Realm was far more terrifying;there were simply far too many geniuses there.

A new batch of talents appeared every ten years or so and these extreme talents accumulated for tens of thousands of years. Even if he was the most outstanding talent of his generation, that didn't mean he would achieve great accomplishments in the future.

With Fairy Feng's status, she still painstakingly arranged such a protection for him. This was enough for Lin Ming to remember this kindness.

The Temple Spirit said, ’’Lady Fairy Feng has indeed taken great pains to help you, but you also did not disappoint. From when you returned until now, that wisp of incarnation has never been activated. This is proof that you perfectly resolved your karmic ties in the Sky Spill Continent. You can now choose any time you desire to ascend. Of course, don't delay for too long. You already stand at the apex of the Sky Spill Continent. Your destiny in the lower realms has already reached its peak. The lower realms will only be your shackles. Only by continuing into the divine Realm will you be able to broaden your horizons, seek greater lucky chances, meet stronger opponents, and soar into the heavens!’’

’’As for your cultivation being too low, you don't need to worry about that. Martial artists born within the divine Realm occupy the vast majority. They also start from body transformation and go step by step in their cultivations. Within the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there's disciples at the Xiantian Realm and Revolving Core realm. Of course, there's also disciples at the divine Sea realm and divine Transformation realm. The Ancient Phoenix Clan is an immensely large clan;it's near impossible to count the number of clansmen. There's probably billions, tens of billions, or even a hundred billion clansmen. Each and every single one of them have a high degree of cultivation talent. Even then, while the Ancient Phoenix Clan is massive, it's insignificant in the face of the infinite divine Realm.’’

The Temple Spirit's voice still lacked any emotion. These words made it clear just how vast and terrifying the divine Realm really was. In terms of martial artists' strength, even if all one billion worlds of the three thousands boundless universes were added together, it still couldn't compare to the tiniest corner of the divine Realm.

Lin Ming said, ’’Thank you Senior. This junior will spend another three months in the lower realms before officially ascending.’’

’’Everything is up to you.’’ The Temple Spirit's voice faded away.

For the next three months, Lin Ming completely abandoned training. He brought his parents, Lin Xiaoge, Qin Xingxuan, and Mu Qianyu to sightsee, travelling all over the Sky Spill Continent.

These three months they rode high in the sky, looking down at the picturesque scenery. Sometimes they would disguise themselves as mortals, joining into the bustling marketplaces and experience the happiness and joy of common mortals. Other times they would spend money as if it were water. They would enjoy the most luxurious establishments in the world, savoring the high life of nobility.

During this tour, Lin Ming naturally drowned himself in the pleasures of Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu, becoming drunk on their bodies. Every night they would make love until the lingering dawn approached, intoxicating themselves in the smell of each other. As the three month deadline approached, the two women also gave up any sense of shyness and propriety, allowing Lin Ming to hold them both at night and enjoy the blessings of two wives. They serviced Lin Ming together, all of them basking in love and bliss.

A long life, thousands of years of youth, carefree without worry, endless wealth, beautiful women that willingly ran into his arms, his every need taken care of. In this world, as long as he wished for it, it would be his. Such a life could be said to be at the highest peak.

But all good things had to come to an end. The happy times were far too short. The three month deadline finally arrived.

It was time for Lin Ming to ascend to the divine Realm.


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