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Martial World - Chapter 939


Chapter 939 - Complete Massacre




’’Break!’’ Lin Ming roared out. The grandmist space had the power to swallow all Laws. However, even then one needed the energy to support it. Lin Ming's current boundary was insufficient so it was impossible to reach a degree where he could swallow the entire Nine Furnace Great Array. This was a ultra-protection array that even the combined attack of 50 divine Sea powerhouses couldn't break. It represented the pinnacle of array formation achievements in the Sky Spill Continent!

However, if it were just the 12 cracks in the Nine Furnace Great Array where the energy lines were weak and shallow, Lin Ming could actually break through them!

Si si si!

The Heavenly Demon martial intent divided into 12 streams that rushed towards the 12 cracks in the Nine Furnace Great Array. In that moment, there were no powerful energy collisions, no dazzling divine lights, and no earthshaking bangs. The 12 cracks silently disintegrated!

The Nine Furnace Great Array was an array formation that contained the five central elements, gathering all elements as one. The power was incomparable. But in the face of the grandmist space that negated all Laws, even such an array formation was suppressed.

Every tiny spot that disintegrated was formed by countless tiny energy seals and formed a complex energy backbone, similar to a spider web. And like a spider web, every space between the energy lines that disintegrated was only the size of a grain of rice. Let alone a human being, even a fly would have trouble passing through them. As long as this gap was created, no matter how small it was, an invisible and intangible force field could pass through.

Lin Ming shouted out. The Heavenly Demon Force Field divided into 12 streams and flooded into the Nine Furnace Great Array, surging towards Situ Bonan and the others.

Lin Ming didn't have the ability to rip apart the Nine Furnace Great Array. But if he could kill the divine Sea powerhouses inside that were managing the nine stabilizing divine furnaces, the Nine Furnace Great Array's power would weaken by over 50%. At that time, breaking this large array wouldn't be difficult anymore.


At this time, Situ Bonan could clearly feel a vast and boundless, extremely terrifying energy pour down over him. This sort of feeling was like a mortal witnessing a great volcano erupting and watching as a trillion jins of lava rained down on them!

’’Damn! What power is this, he can actually break into the Nine Furnace Great Array!? Let's defend this little beast's attack together, then repair the Nine Furnace Great Array!’’ Situ Bonan hysterically shouted. The other nine divine Sea powerhouses didn't dare to delay. They temporarily withdrew the energy they were pouring into the divine furnaces to resist the Heavenly Demon Force Field.

However, the Heavenly Demon Force Field was a transcendent divine might level ability. It was the capital that Empyrean Primordius relied on to walk unhindered in the boundless universe. Even if Lin Ming could only display the tiniest amount of its prestige, it was still more than enough to massacre divine Sea martial artists.


Lin Ming waved his hand, his voice cold to the extreme. This aura was similar to the fabled Yama of hell, a lord who was able to sentence all to life and death with but a single brushstroke!


Grandmist space erupted within the Nine Furnace Great Array. The five deep sea powerhouses that bore the brunt of this attack trembled. The protective true essence around their bodies melted like snow under the sun, disappearing as it entered the grandmist space.

Disintegrate all rules, decompose all energy, this was the chaos grandmist!

’’How is this possible!?’’

The several deep sea powerhouses were bewildered, horrified. They used their ultimate trump cards to resist this energy. Even if they were weaker, they wouldn't be shocked if their true essence exploded in a shower of sparks before it disappeared. But they never thought that it would disappear without a trace, slowly dissipating into nothingness.

This was the first time they had ever seen something like this. How could they not be panicking?

However, this horror only lasted for less than the blink of an eye. The grandmist space covered them after which the five Emperor level deep sea powerhouses felt their protective true essence shatter. Their clothes, skin, muscles, meridians, bones, everything began to crumble down before turning into dust that disappeared into the wind. This was a complete and total annihilation.

As everyone witnessed this, their eyes turned round. Let alone those with Situ Bonan, even those 50 plus divine Sea powerhouses standing on Lin Ming's side felt a cold chill crawl up their spines and their palms to turn slick with sweat.

It was natural for Lin Ming to defeat a divine Sea powerhouse;even instantly killing a divine Sea powerhouse wasn't a surprise. But when separated by the Nine Furnace Great Array and also dozens of miles away, to easily kill five divine Sea powerhouses and with one of them even being at the middle divine Sea realm, this was truly terrifying.

If Lin Ming could accomplish that, that also meant that he could take any of their lives with but a thought. Even if they were separated by dozens of miles, the result would be the same. Even with a great protective array between them, none of that would matter!

This sort of supernatural power already surpassed their scope of understanding.

Moreover, these five died in the most miserable way. Their death crept up on them silently and rapidly;a cruel death wasn't even enough to describe it. This was true annihilation. They quietly dissipated into nothingness;even their bones and energy left this world!

In that silence, to watch the ghastly scene of five divine Sea powerhouses turn into trillions of motes of dust, that was truly a fearful matter.

And from start to finish, Lin Ming hadn't moved at all. Besides an enchanting red lotus blossoming behind him, he hadn't even lifted a hand.

This scene was truly hair-raising!

What sort of cultivation method did this supernatural power come from!?

’’How is this possible? How...’’ Situ Bonan's eyes were like full moons. He was well aware that the only reason he hadn't died just now was because Lin Ming hadn't aimed at him, but instead killed the five other divine Sea powerhouses. Otherwise, he would've died already, his fate the same as the dead.

With just a thought he had killed them from dozens of miles away, treating the Nine Furnace Great Array like it was nothing at all. He was simply a demonic monster!


This was the only thought of the survivors. None of them had the courage to face the monstrous Lin Ming.

’’Run away?’’

Lin Ming's lips curved up in a cruel sneer. He only killed five first because he didn't have full assurance he could kill all 10 divine Sea powerhouses at once. But now that he had killed off half of them, killing the other half was that much easier.

’’Grandmist space, massacre!’’

Energy erupted from Lin Ming's body. The Heavenly Demon martial intent surged out like a light-speed tsunami, rapidly swallowing up the five fleeing divine Sea martial artists!


Situ Bonan emitted a miserable wail. He was the weakest and also at the last years of his life. He fell and was the first to be swallowed up by the Heavenly Demon martial intent.


With a light sound, Situ Bonan's protective true essence directly shattered. He watched helplessly as the grandmist space disintegrated his legs, his torso, his arms, and then his neck.

Within the grandmist space, his old flesh fell off like dead and dry bark. Blood poured out, his meridians shattered, everything silently turned to dust.

Nothing was more frightening than watching his own body dissipate like dust.

’’No! Noooo!’’

Situ Bonan cried out with one last unwilling roar before he was completely swallowed by the grandmist space. Everyone watched as he futilely struggled before finally being decomposed into nothingness.

Just like Situ Bonan, the other four divine Sea powerhouses weren't able to escape either. They were sucked into the grandmist space one at a time. With despairing cries, their protective true essence shattered and their bodies crumbled apart!

From the point that Lin Ming managed to break into the Nine Furnace Great Array, he had only taken several breaths of time to kill 10 divine Sea martial artists. He hadn't even taken half a step, easily slaughtering them all.

To kill with just a thought, this was the majesty of a true death god, the executioner of life and death!

’’Lin, Sage Lin...’’

At some unknown time, the 50 some divine Sea powerhouses seemed to unanimously agree to half their attacks. What happened just now was no different from a dream to them. Those 10 divine Sea powerhouses were not random minions, but Supreme Elders at similar levels of power. But facing Lin Ming, none of them had the ability to resist. If they were in their place, they would've encountered a similar fate.

To face someone who could kill them by just lifting a finger, they certainly felt a heavy pressure.

’’Sage Ling's supernatural powers are peerless. I didn't think that you'd be able to contend with Yang Yun, but now I see that my judgment and experiences are shallow.’’

Sage Heavenmirror sighed as he watched Lin Ming, his voice full of respect and awe. He was renowned as the god of divination, but even he couldn't imagine that Lin Ming possessed such strength.

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’The reason I was able to kill those 10 divine Sea martial artists is because I used a special martial skill. Although I didn't move, the truth is that I was attacking with my complete strength;it wasn't as easy as you think it was. Otherwise, I would've killed those 10 divine Sea masters together instead of killing five first and then the other five.’’

It wasn't easy for Lin Ming to galvanize the grandmist space;he had to display his complete strength. And if he were to drive the grandmist space to the limit, he wouldn't have any remaining energy to use martial skills.

But although he said that, when others saw this scene, what they witnessed was that Lin Ming killed others from dozens of miles away with just a thought, not even moving to do it.

’’Alright everyone! Now that the 10 divine Sea powerhouses that were managing the Nine Furnace Great Array are dead, that is the same as a tiger losing their teeth and claws. Let's attack together and shatter that barrier!’’

Although Lin Ming's Heavenly Demon martial intent could dissolve the Nine Furnace Great Array to a certain extent, he wasn't able to completely destroy it. To do that he required the strength of the others.


50 plus divine Sea powerhouses attacked again with everything they had. Dozens of light beams gathered at an array disc, condensing into a rainbow dragon that howled towards the Nine Furnace Great Array.


The great array violently trembled. Everything within a thousand miles was completely razed to the ground by the tyrannical energy. Luckily, the Nine Furnace divine Palace symbolized the absolute majesty and glory of the divine Kingdom and didn't allow mortals or martial artists to live nearby. Otherwise, this battle would've cost countless lives.

After the Nine Furnace Great Array lost the support of 10 divine Sea powerhouses, it wasn't able to withstand the massive joint attack. The energy barrier trembled more and more, and then with a loud 'ka ka ka' sound, a great crack finally appeared!

As soon as one crack appeared, more cracks rapidly expanded outwards, spreading through the entire array. With a long explosion, the Nine Furnace Great Array completely collapsed!

This was the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's highest array formation that represented the total accumulation of tens of thousands of years. If there were enough divine Sea powerhouses overseeing it, then even the joint attack of 100 divine Sea powerhouses along with the highest under the heavens wouldn't have been able to break it!

When Yang Yun was at the Temple of Marvels, he had suppressed the many divine Sea powerhouses with lightning speed, then killed Yang Laotian and Ouye Hua afterwards. Only due to that was his plan able to progress smoothly. Otherwise, if Yang Laotian holed up in the Nine Furnace divine Palace for dozens of years, then Yang Yun would've had a big headache.


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