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Martial World - Chapter 938


Chapter 938 - Nine Furnace Great Array




This array disc spinning in the air was arranged by Li Ming. It was a simple array formation that could gather the attacks of the over 50 divine Sea powerhouses together. Otherwise, if their attacks were scattered, it wouldn't be able to deal the most powerful blow.

’’Everyone, let's attack together.’’

’’That's right. Bring out your complete strength. If we still try to hide anything at this point, we're really going to die.’’

’’Great, take out all of your trump cards. After being suppressed for such a long time we must vent our anger, but let's break this damned turtle shell before we do that!’’

Even a mortal slave had their pride, much less these arrogant divine Sea powerhouses. After being ruled and dominated by Yang Yun's immense pressure for such a long time, their gathered rage had already reached the limit!

At this moment, over 50 divine Sea powerhouses suddenly attacked with everything they had!

These divine Sea powerhouses all stood out and blossomed from the trillions of lives on the Sky Spill Continent. Moreover, they had lived for thousands of years. Throughout the years, the amount of treasures and secrets they accumulated couldn't be underestimated. How could any of them not have a final trump card in hand?

In this matter were failure meant death and success meant life, no one was stupid enough to stay their hand. If they did, it'd be taking their own life and the lives of everyone else here as a joke!

Many of these people not only used 120% of their strength to attack, but they also took out treasures from their spatial ring that they obtained from ancient ruins, such as earth rupturing symbols, divine thunder beads, and so on. Although these treasures were weaker than Old Man Good Fortune's heaven perishing bead, they were still treasures left behind from 100,000 years ago;their lethality far exceeded the all-out attack of a normal divine Sea powerhouse, equal at least to someone like Yang Laotian.

With over 50 divine Sea powerhouses attack with all their might, the skies were obscured by energy rays!

The void trembled. The energy beams passed through the array formation and converged together, turning into a heaven shattering beam of light that savagely smashed into the Nine Furnace divine Palace!

Just before the Nine Furnace divine Palace's barrier was about to be washed over by a terrifying baptism of energy, 10 powerhouses suddenly flew out from the depths of the Nine Furnace divine Palace. Of these people, seven had scales all over their bodies, long writhing snake tails, fins, and gills. They were clearly powerhouses from the deep sea races. The three others were martial artists of the Asura divine Kingdom. Situ Bonan was amongst them.

When enemies encountered each other, there would be particular eye reddening rage. After Situ Bonan saw Lin Ming, his vision filled with a monstrous hate. ’’Everyone, let's all defend the Nine Furnace divine Palace together!’’

These 10 powerhouses were all divine Sea level powerhouses. Seven were at the early divine Realm and three were at the middle divine Sea realm. They completely poured their energy into the nine great furnaces that acted as the array's heart. At this time, none of them dared to hold back;all of them used their strongest power.

Yang Yun had been injured during his cultivation and wasn't at his peak condition. They had to delay for time otherwise they would also be the first ones to die.

With 10 great powerhouses managing it, the Nine Furnace divine Palace's energy barrier array rose to another level.


A beam of multi-colored lights smashed into the Nine Furnace Great Array like a dazzling rainbow dragon. The world shook. A terrifying explosion rang out, seeming to shake the entire Sky Spill Continent. Large patches of earth ruptured. An incomparably vast shockwave swept up into the sky. A round and glorious sun seemed to appear above the Nine Furnace divine Palace, and mountain ranges hundreds of miles away were completely obliterated by the shockwave, turning into endless amounts of stone and dirt!

The rainbow dragon howled, as if it wished to smash the entire Nine Furnace divine Palace deep into the ground!

The great array guarding the Nine Furnace divine Palace violently shook, but it was far from shattering. This protective array formation represented the glory and majesty of the strongest divine Kingdom. With 10 divine Sea powerhouses managing it, it was able to forcefully resist the combined attacks of over 50 divine Sea powerhouses.

In Lin Ming's opinion, in order to break through the array, they would need to at least increase the power of the attack by 30-40%. But, everyone here had already used their complete strength;how could there be room for improvement?

’’Damn, with these people managing the array formation, the power has increased several times over. Wanting to break through it in a single try is too difficult.’’ Veins were sticking out on Li Yuxiao's face. Even when using 120% of their strength, they still weren't able to break through the Nine Furnace divine Palace's protective array, and now anxiousness began creeping in his heart.

’’Fairy Snow Gale, Yang Chenglin, you were both part of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom to begin with, do you know what weakness the Nine Furnace divine Palace's great array has?’’

Fairy Snow Gale was inevitably an outsider, even though her family clan was subordinate to the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom. However, Yang Chenglin was part of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's royal family. He knew the exact situation of the Nine Furnace Great Array. He said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’This great array formation is almost without flaw. The Nine Furnace divine Palace's great array formation is powered by nine top grade heaven-step furnaces that combine together to suppress all power. These nine furnaces have been tempered for such a long time that they have reached the peak, nearly qualifying as saint artifacts. With the nine furnaces combined, the overall power will increase dozens of times. You can only break through using external strength.’’

As he spoke, he glanced at Lin Ming, wanting to see what plan Lin Ming had this time. But he saw that Lin Ming was no longer attacking, and his eyes were shut as if he were deep in thought.

This caused him to feel distressed. He knew that Lin Ming had a nearly unparalleled understanding of array formations, but at this critical point when over 50 divine Sea powerhouses were attacking with everything they had, they could only continue this barrage for another half an incense stick of time. Could Lin Ming be planning on thoroughly understanding this great array formation during that brief period of time and breaking through it?

It had to be known that this sort of protective array formation was nearly unsolvable to begin with;it was part of the characteristics of all protective arrays formations. It was not like killing arrays, illusion arrays, caging arrays, or other such array formations that had methods in which they could be cracked apart. Moreover, the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom had existed for so many years that they had strength close to a sixth-grade sect. For all these tens of thousands of years, they managed to produce countless chosen prides of the heavens. Although they were all inferior to Lin Ming, their knowledge still accumulated over the generations. How could the Nine Furnace divine Palace's great array formation they laid down possibly be solved by Lin Ming in just half an incense stick of time?

He wanted to remind Lin Ming of this, but he found that Lin Ming had sealed away his divine sense and was in a completely engrossed state. He became even more jittery.

At this time, from within the divine palace, Situ Bonan madly laughed, ’’Haha, if you think that you can break through this Nine Furnace Great Array, then keep on dreaming! You might not know this, but Great Emperor Yang Yun is currently cultivating his supernatural powers deep within the Nine Furnace divine Palace. After another half an hour, he'll finish his cultivation and leave seclusion. When he comes out, he'll slaughter you all like chickens and pigs!’’

The Nine Furnace divine Palace's great array heart had nine furnaces to stabilize the array. On Situ Bonan's side, there were a total of 10 people. Nine of them were managing the divine furnaces;that was enough to resist the combined attack of 50 some divine Sea powerhouses. As for Situ Bonan himself, he poured his energy into his voice to speak to spread his nefarious messages to everyone. His words clearly reached everyone's ears as he tried to ruin their morale.

And indeed, if Situ Bonan managed to destroy these divine Sea powerhouses' morales and also buy enough time for Yang Yu to recuperate his wounds and complete his supernatural powers, they would really be defeated. He wanted them all to believe from the depths of their hearts that resistance was futile!

Of the over 50 divine Sea powerhouses, the youngest of them was several hundred years old. They had seen and experienced many great storms and tribulations in their lives, and normally they wouldn't be fooled by Situ Bonan's words. However, the power and influence that Yang Yun gathered these past years was far too big. It formed a shadow that covered their hearts, making them unable to resist him.

Moreover, they had no way to determine whether or not Situ Bonan's words were true or false. Because of this, many of them faltered, their fighting spirit shaking, causing a seed of fear to appear within them.

As this seed of fear was planted, it caused their striking power and momentum to immediately weaken by 20%.

As Li Yuxiao saw this, he was overwrought with dismay. ’’Sage Lin!’’

Lin Ming's eyes were shut and he remained unmoved by what was happening around him. At this time, his perception was clearly concentrated on the Nine Furnace Great Array. In his mind, the great array was reduced to countless lines, like a spherical spider web. Each silk thread of this web was made of energy. That was the backbone of the energy structure, and also the most solid parts of the Nine Furnace Great Array's protective barrier.

Even if Lin Ming was skilled in a variety of divine Realm array formations, it was impossible to solve the Nine Furnace Great Array and break through it in such a short time. A protective array was different from killing arrays, caging arrays, or illusion arrays. Of the latter three, in order to cage someone, kill someone, or bring someone under illusion, they all required that the person step into them, thus producing the possibility that someone could break out.

But for a protective array, it was to keep all enemies outside. And all central mechanism of an array formation were located within. Wanting to break through was easier said than done.

However, although Lin Ming was unable to find a method to resolve the Nine Furnace Great Array, he could actually rely on his understanding of array formations and also the fierce barrage of over 50 divine Sea powerhouses to find traces of a gap!

The combined attack of over 50 divine Sea powerhouses couldn't be underestimated. Even if it were Yang Yun, if he were struck by this attack he would turn to ash. Of course, this all depended on whether or not they could hit him and also if they could survive to do it. These divine Sea powerhouses had a limited cultivation;it was impossible for them to collectively strike Yang Yun. But with such a powerful attacking colliding with the unmoving Nine Furnace Great Array, the energy barrier still violently shook, causing tiny, nearly imperceptible gaps to appear.

Within Lin Ming's perception vision, he could clearly see every weak spot in the barrier where the energy lines were thin, even on the verge of collapse.

’’I've found it! There are a total of 12 cracks!’’

Lin Ming's eyes shot open. In that moment, his eyes were like a divine thunderbolt that fell onto the Nine Furnace Great Array.

As Situ Bonan met Lin Ming's eyes, he had an illusion that his soul was extinguished.

’’This brat! Humph! Who cares how sharp your eyes are, what's so scary about you? Although I'm far from being your match, you're still outside the great array. What can you possibly do to me?’’ As Situ Bonan thought of this, he became much more energetic. ’’Lin Ming, Great Emperor Yang Yun will soon leave seclusion. That moment will be your death knell. I'll suck out your divine soul and marrow to take revenge for the Asura divine Kingdom!’’

’’Is that right?’’ Lin Ming derisively smiled. His smile seemed to contain chilling winds from the nine nether abyss, making all who looked at him feel inexplicably frightened as their heart skipped a beat.

In the next moment, an alluring red lotus slowly bloomed behind Lin Ming. The entire sky began to reflect a gorgeous red glow!

Such a phenomenon actually faintly overshadowed the radiant light caused by the combined attack of over 50 divine Sea powerhouses!

’’Heavenly Demon martial intent - grandmist space!’’

Lin Ming clearly enunciated every word, his voice cold and indifferent. At this time, his voice resounded between the heavens and earth like the solemn judgment of a divine god.

Suddenly, the Prime Emperor Force Field came enveloping down. With the support of the grandmist battle spirit, it completely swallowed up the Nine Furnace Great Array!

This anomaly stunned all the martial artists present. Situ Bonan's heart shivered, nearly feeling as if his divine soul had fallen into illusion.

’’What is that red lotus?’’

Situ Bonan only needed to glance at the red lotus to feel as if his soul had been sucked out of his body. As he looked at the martial artists beside him, all of them were alarmed, like they had encountered some horrifying monster.


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