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Martial World - Chapter 937


Chapter 937 - Failure at the End




Yang Yun took a deep breath, his eyes flashing with a thick killing intent. Because he was closed up in seclusion, he had no time to bother tracking those divine Sea powerhouses who he had implanted with his tracing mark. He also didn't know that they had gathered together until one of his tracing marks was erased, causing him to experience a stabbing pain in his soul.

Although these battle spirit marks had been left by the Ancient Devil, Yang Yun had swallowed the Ancient Devil and their two souls had fused together. The Ancient Devils battle spirit mark was now the same as his, and erasing this mark caused him pain.

’’Every battle spirit mark I left behind is different. The battle spirit mark that was erased was from a woman called Yu'er. To think that she'd actually dare to betray me. I wonder what methods she used to erase the tracing mark. Could this be Lin Ming's work?’’

Yang Yun shook his head, ’’That's unlikely. Even if Lin Ming's will is strong, it's impossible for him to achieve a perfect silver battle spirit in just a few years and at only the fifth stage of Life Destruction. Perhaps it might be because of some treasure that Old Man Good Fortune found from 100,000 years ago. That old geezer had far too many cards in his hands, and he's also crafty like a fox. Once I finish my Blood Law Eye, I'll find and eradicate him from this world;I still have a wisp of his blood vitality with me.’’

Yang Yun coldly smiled. He always had contingencies in place. Once his Great Blood Refining Art was completed, he would find Old Man Good Fortune and draw out all his blood essence.

Yang Yun separated his thoughts and stretched out the tentacles to catch the blood dao diagram again. In that shock just now only 10% of the blood tentacles had fallen off;the impact wasn't too great.

’’This battle spirit mark was erased during the most critical time of my cultivation, nearly causing me to taste defeat. After I reach large success in my cultivation, Fairy Yu'er, I'll slowly take back this debt. It also seems as if you have a variation bloodline, heh.’’

Yang Yun smiled, but his smile contained a certain cruelty to it. There was no longer the handsome and elegant demeanor he possessed in the past. A part of this was because the Great Blood Refining Art had changed his temperament, but the second, more direct reason was that he had swallowed the Ancient Devil's soul. However, he didn't have the ability to wipe out the Ancient Devil's spirit mark. After they fused together, this would inevitably cause his personality to be influenced by the Ancient Devil. In fact, the current Yang Yun was no longer purely Yang Yun;he was the fusion form of Yang Yun and the Ancient Devil, with Yang Yun maintaining the final command.

Such a fusion form was an extremely unstable state. Yang Yun's only choice was to rapidly increase his boundary in a short time and thoroughly refine the Ancient Devil's soul, restoring his pure self. Otherwise, there was a chance that he would fall into depravity and become a twisted lunatic.

Yang Yun's hands flashed and several hundred seals flew into the sea of blood.

’’Blood dao diagram, flesh and blood astral body, combine two as one!’’

Energy erupted from his body once again. Crimson tentacles shot forth like arrows, latching onto the blood dao diagram and contracting once more. With great difficulty, the dao diagram nearly entered into his body, but at this time, his body suddenly shook. A great pain burst up within his spiritual sea, nearly cracking it apart! The impact on Yang Yun's consciousness caused several thousand blood tentacles to break apart!

At this moment, several dozen battle spirit marks that Li Ming had left in the bodies of the divine Sea powerhouses had suddenly shattered. Yang Yun's own divine soul came under a tremendous impact.

If this was an ordinary moment, this attack wouldn't have mattered to Yang Yun. Besides some slight pain to his spiritual sea, there wouldn't be any direct damage. But now, this was the most critical period of his cultivation. The sudden shock to his spiritual sea had nearly caused him to fall into madness!

It had to be known that demonic cultivation methods focused on speed, a road to obtaining power no matter the cost. Compared to the slow and steady orthodox cultivation methods, the risks were over a hundred times greater!

In absorbing the flesh, blood essences, or divine souls of others, it was easy to also inhale the chaos of their consciousness, leading to all sorts of dangers.

For instance, this Great Blood Refining Art absorbed the bloodlines of others. But this made it easy for one's own blood vitality to be mixed up in disorder. Even if one diligently practiced this cultivation method, it'd still be easy to fall into madness, much less when one received a critical disturbance.


Yang Yun violently vomited a mouthful of blood. He lost control of the violent and frenzied blood vitality all around him and suffered a severe backlash. Blood vessels bursted apart all over his body, and even his meridians were damaged by the tyrannical energy!

This power of blood contained a very thick resentment. This was left behind by the agony and unwillingness of those that had died. Who wanted to die and have their blood essence drawn out for others to swallow up and use for cultivating their martial arts? Those that died had walked the road of martial arts their entire life, and yet this was their final fate. How could the dead possibly accept this?

If their unwillingness wasn't reconciled with, this would transform into resentment. In particular, those divine Sea powerhouses that had comprehended their own battle spirit;their resentment was even more powerful. Once this resentment fused into their blood vitality, it'd form an intangible will form. If one couldn't suppress this resentment then it would come back to bite them!

Those that cultivated martial arts had to be careful of the karma they sowed and the karma they reaped, or else they'd have to bear the power of resentment.


Yang Yun savagely roared, just like a wounded beast.

However, his will was still strong enough that he had attained a perfect silver battle spirit. He forcefully suppressed the endless resentment in the sea of blood. His hair was stained red, sticking to him like a sheet of crimson oil. He looked like a devil that had climbed out from the abyss of hell!

As the blood dao diagram lost the shackles of the blood tentacles, it began to violently expand. The dao diagram sank into the sea of blood, expanded to over a hundred times its size before fusing into the sea of blood and thoroughly vanished.

Yang Yun was incensed. After coming under the influence of the Ancient Devil's personality, he was no longer the gentle and collected Yang Yun of before, the Yang Yun who was unfathomable in his thoughts. The current Yang Yun was quick to anger and easily driven to extremes.

’’Just who was it, who was able to erase dozens of the tracing marks I left behind in just a few breaths of time! Could it really be Lin Ming!? Could he have had another fortuitous encounter!?’’

Yang Yun became gloomy, his face darkening. He spent several months forming this blood dao diagram, and when he was just about to succeed, he failed instead!

If he had absorbed this blood dao diagram his chances of breaking into the middle divine Sea would have been far higher. But now he would have to expend several more months of hard work.

He also needed the 1-2 months afterwards to form the Blood Law Eye. Added together, that was nearly half a year of time.

This meant that he'd have to give Lin Ming another half year to grow. Yang Yun was fearful of Lin Ming's talent;he didn't want to allow him that much time.

’’These ants actually dare to resist me and ruin my plans! After I kill Lin Ming, I'll execute all of them!’’ Yang Yun fiercely spat out. At this time, an old and discordant voice raucously laughed from the depths of his soul.

’’Jejejeje, Yang Yun, you little ungrateful beast. Do you really think that you've swallowed me? How laughable! Even now, you've already been subconsciously assimilated by me. Haven't you noticed it yet? The original you would've never said such words, but now you are no longer you!’’

’’You, you've already lost who you are!’’

The old and discordant voice echoed in Yang Yun's spiritual sea. Yang Yun's eyes suddenly turned cold. ’’You old thing, if you think that you can break my heart of martial arts then get lost. Sooner or later I'll completely refine you so that you can no longer affect my personality. Now, screw off!’’

Yang Yun shouted out and the old voice was immediately engulfed back into nothingness. The Ancient Devil was only a shattered soul fragment now;he had no ability to resist Yang Yun.

Yang Yun suddenly rushed out from the blood pond. His entire body was soaked in blood and his hair was a chaotic mess. His three eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty crimson light. There was no longer a hint of the previous dignified aura of the Nine Furnace Crown Prince.

’’Half a year, I have to let Lin Ming grow for another half year! Damn it all! If I want to kill him, I must take advantage of the time before he's fully grown! In this half year, my chances of breaking into the middle divine Sea are high, but who knows just what sort of progress Lin Ming will make.’’

Yang Yun took out several soul recovery pills and healing pills and swallowed them all. His current condition was extremely poor. Many of his meridians were damaged and his spiritual sea was in turmoil. His will had managed to suppress the chaotic resentments within him. Otherwise, if he left these hidden dangers freely roaming, they would cause him to lose his mind in the future and fall into a demented state.

Just as Yang Yun was recuperating, a flame suddenly lit up in front of him. It was a message from an Asura divine Kingdom powerhouse. After hearing the message, Yang Yun shot up, his heart seething with rage!

’’Over 50 divine Sea powerhouses have gathered outside the Nine Furnace divine Palace and want to break through the great array formation? And the white-clothed youth leading them is most likely Lin Ming!?’’

’’Lin Ming!! I want to fight him and yet he took the initiative to deliver himself to my door!’’

Yang Yun's eyes flashed. He didn't expect that Lin Ming would actually be bold and resolute in his actions. He had gathered the divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent to siege the Nine Furnace divine Palace!

He had concocted a plan to hunt Lin Ming down throughout the entire world, but before this plan was completed, Lin Ming had come to him!

This ruthless and valiant daring caused Yang Yun to be shocked!

’’He actually chose this time to come, damn it all! It looks like those dozens of divine Sea powerhouses all have the tracking marks erased from their bodies. Is this his handiwork? Just how did he do this!?’’

Yang Yun grimaced. Lin Ming had erased his tracking marks, causing him to be injured at his most critical time. He then rushed over here full of momentum to kill him. Whether this was intentional or not, for Lin Ming to reach this step was extremely terrifying!

Lin Ming's momentum was like a beam of light while he suffered a backlash of blood vitality. There was no way he could fight Lin Ming right now. He had to spend at least a quarter hour to suppress his injuries with a secret technique.

’’Activate the Nine Furnace divine Palace's great array! Hold them off for me!’’

After Yang Yun issued the other, he completely concentrated his thoughts on restoring his wounds.

Hu -

Outside the Nine Furnace divine Palace, a seven-colored light barrier suddenly rose up into the air, surrounding the entire palace. This was the great protective array of the Nine Furnace divine Palace. As a colossal influence that was almost a sixth-grade sect, the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's great protective array that guarded the Nine Furnace divine Palace was nearly impregnable. Of course, the basis of this was that there were enough powerhouses managing it.

30 miles away from the Nine Furnace divine Palace, Lin Ming floated high up in the sky, his white clothes fluttering in the wind. Behind him were over 50 divine Sea powerhouses. He had unknowingly become the leader of all the divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent. He was now a true king!


Lin Ming was expressionless and his voice was cold. He casually waved his hand and tossed out an array disc that spun around in the air!

The dirge of the Death God had finally begun.


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