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Martial World - Chapter 935


Chapter 935 - Command the World




’’Kill? You want to go and kill Yang Yun now?’’ Li Yuxiao stammered, his eyes wide open. He never expected that Lin Ming would have this idea. If an ordinary person were to learn of Yang Yun's plans, they would subconsciously think of escaping. Yang Yun had arranged a wide network of transmission arrays, but no matter how great it was it still wouldn't be enough to cover the vast and endless sea. As long as Lin Ming hid deep enough in the deep sea, somewhere that was several dozen million miles beyond the nearest transmission array, Yang Yun would have to run his legs off if he wanted to find him.

Lin Ming actually didn't think of running away. Instead, he decided to take this chance to kill Yang Yun. This was really bewildering.

’’Little Brother Lin, don't you think this might be a bit reckless?’’ Shibai asked, a bit unsure. He felt that Lin Ming's idea was too crazy, but it was also consistent with Lin Ming's usual style. He had always been like this. At just the late Revolving Core realm, Lin Ming dared to risk his life to cross into Life Destruction and challenge every Destiny Decree master of the Asura divine Kingdom by himself. Moreover, he had obtained victory in the end. This was a valor and determination that couldn't be possessed by the average person.

’’After closing up, Yang Yun should be more powerful than Whitedemon. Even if his supernatural powers haven't been completed, he still has the qualifications to be the highest under the heavens.’’ Fairy Snow Gale pressed her eyebrows together. She didn't try to persuade Lin Ming, instead only stating this fact. She didn't know about the battle between Lin Ming and Whitedemon, so she could only guess just how strong Lin Ming was.

However, according to the choices and actions Lin Ming took in the past, he wouldn't make such an insane decision unless he had confidence in himself.

’’Highest under the heavens? That is only the Sky Spill Continent's highest under the heavens.’’

Lin Ming's words left everyone speechless.

’’Only the Sky Spill Continent's highest under the heavens.’’

How could any of them respond to such brave words? In Fairy Snow Gale and Lu Yuxiao's life, their ultimate goal was to reach the late divine Sea realm, but even that seemed a nearly impossible dream. As for someone like Shang Yuetian, he only managed to break through to the divine Sea with lucky chances. His life's goal was to find heavenly materials that could extend his life and help him stay on the mortal coil for a few hundred more years. As for the late divine Sea realm? Becoming the highest under the heavens? Those were simply legendary existences to him, stories that had no relation to him at all.

It could be said that to everyone here, Yang Yun was the same as those ancient inimitable kings like the Demon Emperor and the Eightfall Thunder Emperor;a nearly unreachable boundary for them. But to Lin Ming, it wasn't all that much.

’’Little Brother Lin, you...’’ Shibai wasn't sure what to say for a moment. ’’Yang Yun has deeply hidden abilities and his talent is also high. He's just over 40 years old but his cultivation is at the eighth stage of Life Destruction, early divine Sea realm. If you underestimate him, then the one who eats a loss will be you.’’

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’Patriarch Shibai, life in the universe is endless and infinite, and the road of martial arts has no end or limit. Although Yang Yun is formidable, he is still only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction, early divine Sea realm. Within the divine Realm, this sort of talent isn't much at all.’’

’’And in terms of lucky chances, he managed to encounter the remnant soul of the late divine Transformation Ancient Devil and obtained his guidance. Even with all the resources at his disposal, so what? Within the divine Realm, there are geniuses that have World Kings as their masters! Moreover, their talent, their resources, everything they possess is countless times superior to Yang Yun!

’’Within the three thousand boundless universes, there's countless individuals like Yang Yun. But nearly all of them perish as they walk on their own roads of martial arts. If Yang Yun was better than average in an aspect, it would be that his plans and ambitions are high. But on the road of martial arts, one needs a great destiny, a great will, great talent, and nearly endless resources gathered today. Only then would they have a faint hope of continuing forwards. In this, Yang Yun is far from comparing to any of them.’’

’’If a mere Yang Yun can force me to hide deep within the South Sea for 8-10 years before returning, then I have no need to further walk down my road of martial arts. I might as well stay in the Sky Spill Continent and be happily content with being the 'highest under the heavens'.

Lin Ming's words left everyone, especially proud-hearted talents like Duanmu Qun, utterly silent. Lin Ming clearly intended to enter the divine Realm and already was planning his ascension.

While those present all laid their eyes on the late divine Sea as their goal, Lin Ming already looked above that towards the divine Realm, seeing the geniuses there as his competition!

Such a disparity could no longer be put in words.

Fairy Snow Gale was silent for a while, and then said with a worried voice, ’’Lin Ming, although you taking advantage of the time when Yang Yun's devil arts haven't reached perfection could be considered grasping the time, but time is still inferior to terrain. Yang Yun is cultivating deep within the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's divine Palace. The Nine Furnace divine Palace has a great array formation protecting it;it won't be easy for you to forcefully break in.’’

Fairy Snow gale was from the White Clan, one of the subordinate family clans of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom. She had a very good understanding into the layout and defensive measures in place at the Nine Furnace divine Palace. The deepest center of the Nine Furnace divine Palace was the area within the entire Sky Spill Continent with the richest and purest heaven and earth origin energy. It was natural to assume that Yang Yun was cultivating there.

’’What Fairy Snow Gale says is correct. But although time isn't as important as terrain, terrain isn't as important as the will of the people. In order to complete his supernatural powers, Yang Yun has already lost the heart of the people. Even if the Nine Furnace divine Palace has a great array formation, it still needs people driving the activation to display its might. Since Yang Yun is in closed door seclusion, how can he possibly do so? As for others, even if they are the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom's divine Sea powerhouses, they likely won't be going to give their lives for someone like Yang Yun who was willing to kill his own great grandfather. He's a devil who used despicable strong-arm tactics to take control of all the divine Sea powerhouses under the heavens.’’

’’With such injustice, there's no support from him among his people. Now is the time to strike. Fairy Snow Gale, divine Emperor Li, Sage Shang, I ask you to help gather all of the divine Sea powerhouses that have a tracing mark planted within them to gather here. I'll help erase all of their tracing marks at once, and afterwards we'll go through the transmission arrays Yang Yun has set up to go straight to the Nine Furnace divine Palace. I'll place down an array plate, gather everyone's attacks together, and break through that great array formation. At that time, Yang Yun and I will have our final showdown!’’

Lin Ming's words were filled with a gritty daring and also held a deep confidence and glory. This was the so-called king's aura. If someone heard these words, it was easy for them to be infected by the stirring emotions.

Fairy Snow Gale sighed in her heart. This sort of confidence and valor was slowly accumulated over time. If Lin Ming didn't cultivate the martial path and stayed in the mortal world, he'd still be able to become an emperor among the people.

’’Okay. I'll summon everyone.’’ Shang Yuetian and Li Yuxiao said in unison. In order for Yang Yun to complete his devil arts, he had offended every divine Sea powerhouse in the world. All these wandering people only lacked a leader to rally behind. Once they found one, they could unite and launch a counterattack on Yang Yun.

Lin Ming was the best choice to be that leader.

After they had their tracing marks erased from them, they'd inevitably be grateful to Lin Ming. With dozens of divine Sea powerhouses joining forces in a single barrage of attacks, even the Nine Furnace divine Palace's array formation might not be able to withstand them. Trapped there, Yang Yun would have dug his own grave.

Shang Yuetian and the others all lit up a series of sound transmitting talismans. Over half of Yang Yun's transmission array network had been completed. With knowledge of the approximate position of the martial artists as well as these sound transmitting talismans that could travel millions of miles, it would be quick to spread the message and gather everyone here.


Shua! Shua! Shua!

Array symbols were drawn and shot into the array, joining together with an array flag. An array disc spun around in the air, quickly expanding and evolving into a large array formation as it slowly fell down.

There was a man and woman here. Both of them were divine Sea powerhouses that were arranging a long distance transmission array.

This was the task that Yang Yun had given them.

Looking at the great array formation being completed, the man let out a light breath. He sighed, sounding a bit morose as he said, ’’That's the 12th transmission array finished and we still have 20 days left. It seems that finishing this task won't be a problem. Though I have no idea whether or not there's any problems or mistakes when these transmission arrays are created.

This transmission array task was an absolute order upon death by Yang Yun. If they couldn't complete them in time, the consequences would be disastrous.

The woman was silent as if she didn't hear anything that was being said.

As the man saw this, his heart ached. He gently whispered, ’’Yu'er, don't worry. Perhaps things aren't as bad as they seem. Maybe there's some other reason those several divine Sea powerhouses went missing.’’

The man didn't know how to comfort and assure her. The man and woman were a married couple. The woman was called Yu'er, and she had a tracing mark left in her by Yang Yun. But that didn't matter. What was important was that she possessed a variation bloodline called the moonlight bloodline.

Before now, seven divine Sea powerhouses that possessed a variation bloodline had gone missing. Three of them were determined dead, and the other four were likely to have perished. The one who did all this was most likely Yang Yun. How could she not feel despair about all this? She felt like nothing more than a lamb in a cage, waiting to be slaughtered.

The man spoke a few words but couldn't continue. He was a bit stronger than Yu'er. If this were the past and her life was in danger, he definitely could have spoken some brave words that he would protect her and keep her safe no matter what. But now, facing Yang Yun, all he felt was hopeless. The disparity between them was just too great. If he said any words about protecting his wife, even he wouldn't believe them.

As the man was thinking about what to say, a flame suddenly lit up in front of him. It was the light of a sound transmitting talisman. The message was passed to both the man and the woman.

’’Li Yuxiao. What could the Seven Star divine Emperor want from us?’’

The man was startled as he heard the message. He solemnly listened on. The sound transmitting talisman was very lengthy. When Li Yuxiao's message mentioned Yang Yun cultivating the Great Blood Refining Art and killing the seven variation bloodline divine Sea powerhouses to help do that, the man's entire body trembled with rage. But as for Yu'er, her face turned paler than death and her lips quivered.

Although Li Yuxiao had no evidence, neither of them doubted his words. The two of them were also able to distinguish between right and wrong, and there was also no reason for Li Yuxiao to lie to them.

In the past they had only made some faint guesses as to what happened and they still held onto some hope. But now that they knew the exact situation, this knowledge pushed them into the abyss of despair.

’’Yang Yun, that damned beast!’’

The man clenched his jaws, his heart overflowing with rage and animus.

It had to be known that within many demonic path cultivation methods, the slaughter path and obscenity path weren't separated. If his wife were to be taken by Yang Yun, then who knew just what would happen to her!

He wholeheartedly cultivated martial arts his entire life, even reaching the highest level of this continent, the divine Sea, becoming a Peerless Emperor.

But in the end, he couldn't even protect the woman he loved.

The man clenched his fists until his nails broke his flesh, drawing blood. However, as the message continued, his hands actually gradually relaxed. His eyes flashed with anticipation, surprise, and disbelief.

’’Lin Ming has returned. He wants to gather all divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent to attack the Nine Furnace divine Palace, and he can even erase the battle spirit tracing mark in us?’’

As the man looked at his wife, he could also see that she was shocked by the message. But within this shock, there was also a budding glimmer of hope.

Even if they couldn't defeat Yang Yun, just erasing the tracing mark was a lifesaving favor.

’’Not even four years have passed and Lin Ming wishes to fight Yang Yun? How could he have such strength?’’ The man muttered. ’’He also says he can remove the tracing marks. Does that mean his battle spirit has reached silver perfection? Is that even possible?’’

Yu'er crumpled the sound transmitting talisman flame in her hand. She bit her lips and said, ’’No matter what it is, I must go and take a look. Even if I have to die in battle, I won't allow Yang Yun to treat me as a pig to be raised in a pen.’’


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