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Martial World - Chapter 932


Chapter 932 - Postcelestial Dao Diagram




The fifth stage of Life Destruction, shatter and reform the core, carving the form of elementary Laws on the surface of the Revolving Core. As long as one could reach the sixth stage of Life Destruction and thoroughly condense the Laws into their Revolving Core, they could officially cross Life Destruction and attempt to break into the divine Sea.

The highest levels of Life Destruction were divided into nine stages. The first three stages reformed the spirit body, the second three stages reformed the core, and the last three stages reformed the divine soul.

After crossing six stages of Life Destruction, one could rely on their own strength to reach the divine Sea. But the last three stages pertained to the future strength of a martial artist and how far they would be able to walk on their path of martial arts. The more formidable a soul was, the more energy it was able to manipulate. The soul was also related to the will;it was the carrier of the battle spirit. If one's soul wasn't powerful, their potential was limited.

In the cave dwelling, Lin Ming's physical body had already become a loose fog of flesh and blood. He was slowly tempering himself in the sea of energy.

One day. Two days. Three days.

After half a month passed, within that blood fog, energy and essence began to gather together, forming a Revolving Core.

The process of forming the Revolving Core was extremely slow. A faint atmosphere of source energy lingered around the Revolving Core, condensing into a dao diagram.

When source energy naturally evolved, it would also naturally form a dao diagram. This was the so-called 'postcelestial dao diagram'. The postcelestial meant that the dao diagram was naturally formed, whereas precelestial meant that it was man-made.

When source energy formed a postcelestial dao diagram, it would contain the inherent Great Dao of martial arts principles. This was also the so-called natural Laws.

Of the many dao diagrams, the most eye-catching and distinct one was the purple dao diagram. This dao diagram was ten feet wide, and the dao patterns engraved upon it shone like arcs of light, similar to bolts of thunder. The evolution was complex and enigmatic, containing profound mysteries and truths. This was the dao diagram of Thunder Laws. Lin Ming had perceived the thunder-attribute jade slip that Jiang Ziji left behind and had also eaten the thunder dao fruits, grasping all of the Great Dao fragments within the fruits. Out of all the Laws that Lin Ming comprehended, the Thunder Laws were far above all others!

A close second to the thunder dao diagram was a round red dao diagram. This red dao diagram was 8 feet wide, and the traces that throbbed on its surface where like countless beating flames. This was naturally the Fire Laws dao diagram. Lin Ming had the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix and also trained for a long period of time at Timeworn Phoenix City. He had even meditated on the chaos stones. The fire dao diagram also had unrivalled might.

Following that, the Space Laws and Time Laws dao diagrams were far from being as impeccable as the first two;many of its traces were faint and blurry.

Behind that, there was the Darkness Laws that had just barely managed to form a dao diagram. There were many sections missing.

As for the final Wind Laws and the Concept of Vibration, they didn't form dao diagrams. They condensed one inch long square symbols that were eclipsed underneath the dazzling radiance of the two great dao diagrams of thunder and fire.

When crossing the fifth stage of Life Destruction, and during the period when the elementary form of Laws were being carved into the surface of the Revolving Core, if dao diagrams were to form at this period, then that was an extreme phenomenon. It represented the peak solidity of foundation and also of great achievements in the future.

In the boundless universe there were countless martial artists. From body transformation to Houtian, Xiantian, Revolving Core, Life Destruction, divine Sea, and then slowly continuing upwards to divine Transformation, divine Lord, Holy Lord, World King, and finally to reach the boundary of Empyrean.

It was unknown how many martial artists had died on the road of martial arts. To nearly all of them, they had taken a World King to be their final goal. Within the 3000 great worlds of the divine Realm and also including the countless smaller worlds, there were only a total of 3000 World Kings. Moreover, this number was accumulated over several hundreds of thousands of years. To step onto the throne of a World King, one had to encounter many lucky chances. They had to have a great will, great intelligence, a strong heart of martial arts, heaven-defying talent, the direction of skilled masters, and countless resources stacked upon each other. Only when everything came together would one have a small chance of achieving such a boundary.

Lin Ming had now condensed postcelestial dao diagrams at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. Although this didn't mean that he would become a World King in the future, this was considered a solid step towards reaching the peak of martial arts.

After three days passed, all of the dao diagrams disappeared as they fused into Lin Ming's Revolving Core crystal nucleus. Lin Ming's body began to slowly form. First his skeleton, then his muscles, blood vessels, meridians, and finally his skin and his hair.

Lin Ming sat naked on the stone bed, his body glimmering with a bright light. He could feel that the vigor of his essence, energy, and soul had reached an entirely new level. If he were to fight with Whitedemon now, he was confident he could easily defeat him, and perhaps even kill him.

Just as Lin Ming was thinking about what his next step would be, he suddenly heard an earthshaking explosion spread through the nine heavens. Even the island he was on began to tremble because of the sound. The ceiling of the cave began to tremble and release dust and stone powder, as if it would collapse at any time.

’’Mm? What's that?’’

Lin Ming was startled. This shouldn't be a Thunder Source or some other holy object. Just from the momentum and prestige of this sound, if it really were a Thunder Source then it was a Thunder Source on a completely different level from the Purple Lion Thunder Source. There was no way that Lin Ming was a match for it.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Ming decided to carefully hide his energy aura. He quietly creeped towards the cave entrance to see what was happening.

Bang bang bang!

The deafening sound continued. It sounded like chains and rings slapping against each other.

This sound seemed able to rupture the heavens and earth. If an ordinary person were to hear this, even their soul would be shattered.

Lin Ming held his breath and arrived at the cave entrance. He cautiously released his perception to investigate the situation outside. What he saw caused a chill to crawl up his back and into the skies!

Above the nine heavens, there were actually several hundred thick iron chains that formed a massive web, spreading out in all directions. These iron chains were hundreds of feet thick, and each one was covered with dense layers of symbols. The hundreds of chains formed a faint great array that seemed to separate the world. At this moment, this massive network of chains violently trembled, as if some utterly terrifying existence attempted to break free from the bindings of these chains!

Ka ka ka!

The demonic sounds of the chains colliding with each other caused Lin Ming's mind to shiver. It was like he was listening to the death knell of a grim reaper from the abyss of hell.

He discovered that every iron chain was connected to a floating island. These chains penetrated deep into the mountains on the islands, where they were suppressed by the magnetic god trees.


The ancient desolate beast that was locked within the great array of chains suddenly emitted a thunderous cry. The terrifying howl shook the world. As Lin Ming heard this sound, he felt all of his blood tumble as his face turned white.

’’What a terrifying roar. Could there be a God Beast locked within this array formation?’’

Lin Ming remembered the great dragon within the Eternal Demon Abyss that was likely a God Beast. He didn't doubt that if a normal divine Sea powerhouse were to face the frontal roar of whatever God Beast this was, their souls would likely be expelled from their body and broken down into nothingness!

Lin Ming wanted to ask Demonshine just what this was, but he sensed that Demonshine had fallen into the very depths of his spiritual sea and remained absolutely quiet there, impossible to wake up no matter who called to him. This sort of invisible and intangible great roar contained an inherent energy that was extremely damaging to the divine soul. Even though Demonshine was hidden within Lin Ming's body, he still had to completely seal himself off lest he be grievously wounded by this roar!

And at this moment, with the sound of billowing thunder, all of the countless thunder balls that floated around the skies suddenly shot into the magnetic god trees. The several hundred islands and the several hundred magnetic god trees suddenly bloomed with a brilliant purple gold divine light. Vast and endless thunder energy raced down the chains, turning the chains a radiant purple gold.

The roaring God Beast seemed to withstand a brutal pain. It emitted a miserable howl as the power behind its voice weakened. It had obviously been injured by the thunder attack of the array formation.

From the cave dwelling of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, Lin Ming was able to clearly see everything that happened. Each thunder ball that floated within the 100 mile Thunder Dominion contained an incomparably terrifying power. Even though Lin Ming had reached the fifth stage of Life Destruction and also had a profound understanding of Thunder laws, he still didn't dare to impulsively enter the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. It could be seen how ghastly these thunder balls were.

But now, the countless thunder balls gathered together to deliver the sealed God Beast a nearly lethal blow. It was hard to imagine just what level of power this attack reached!

It was highly likely that this was the work of an Empyrean level existence!

’’So these hundreds of floating immortal islands were only the base of the great chain array, and those magnetic god trees only served as the focal eye to gather all of the energy. A magnetic god tree of this size would be a treasure even within a large sect of the divine Realm, and yet someone used several hundred of them to seal off this God Beast existence. Could such a bold tactic be the work of Empyrean Primordius?’’

’’No, that's wrong. Empyrean Primordius controls the power of chaos. When I passed through the Road of Emperor, I was able to experience the grandmist space that he left behind and even gained a minor understanding towards him. If Empyrean Primordius were the one to arrange this array formation, he should've used the power of chaos as the foundation, not these Thunder Laws.’’

’’Could it be that this is an array formation left behind by Empyrean Primordius' enemy?’’

As Lin Ming became aware of this point, he thought it more and more probable. Empyrean Primordius' enemy was definitely also an Empyrean. If they were an Empyrean skilled in Thunder Laws, creating such a great array was also reasonable.

But just what did this great array seal off, and for what reason?

Lin Ming's mind raced with thoughts. At this time, the roars that enveloped the skies begun to fade away. Demonshine's weak voice resounded in Lin Ming's mind, ’’This is incredible, seriously incredible. These chains might possibly be the legendary dragon trapping cables. Every link of the chain has a weight that surpasses the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. A single dragon trapping cable has 1080 links, and there are several hundred dragon trapping cables here. The weight of them all added together surpasses a small meteor. Could there really be a True Dragon trapped within?’’

’’It might be Empyrean Primordius' contract beast that is sealed within. Who knows just what's going on.’’

Lin Ming shook his head. Although this was undoubtedly related to Empyrean Primordius, it wasn't something he could explore with his current boundary.

The God Beast that was locked away in the skies had stopped roaring, and the dragon trapping cables also vanished into thin air, leaving nothing but the hundreds of immortal islands floating around as they had been before. The only difference was that the thunder balls in the air had become 70% smaller.

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred as he saw this. After a brief moment of hesitation, he slowly and carefully made his way towards the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. With Lin Ming's strength, he didn't have the ability to enter the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. But the struggle of the God Beast just now had greatly depleted the energy within the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. The thunder balls had all dimmed down, with less than 30% of their energy reserves remaining.

Perhaps he would be able to absorb some to give Yang Yun a happy surprise?

If he could borrow some of the power of these thunderballs that supported in sealing off a God Beast, just what would it be like if it struck Yang Yun?

Lin Ming was filled with anticipation.

He completely focused his mind on the Heretical God Sprout and slowly approached the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. The barrier between the 90 mile Thunder Dominion and 100 mile Thunder Dominion simply wasn't able to stop Lin Ming who was skilled in Thunder Laws.

Lin Ming smoothly arrived at a fist-sized thunderball.


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