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Martial World - Chapter 931


Chapter 931 - Inescapable Net




’’What are you all discussing with true essence sound transmissions?’’

Yang Yun asked with a smile as he glanced over everyone. But his smile actually had a faintly eerie taste!

True essence sound transmission?

As everyone heard these words, they felt their palms turn sweaty. At that moment, they even felt as if the contents of their discussion was sensed!

By all reasoning, a true essence sound transmission shouldn't be discovered by others, so when had Yang Yun realized it? Or had he said these words just to fool them?

Facing this Yang Yun who seemed to be omniscient, all of them felt a pressure, a pressure as heavy as a mountain!

Yang Yun's eyes flashed like bolts of lightning;no one dared to meet his gaze.

’’Fairy Snow, you seem to have something to say to me. If you wish to say it out loud, it doesn't matter. Your White Clan has followed my Nine Furnace divine Kingdom for thousands of years already. You can be considered loyal and devoted.’’

Yang Yun's vision fell onto Fairy Snow Gale. Fairy Snow Gale suddenly felt suppressed by a deep aura, as if all of her innermost thoughts and feelings were seen through. This feeling caused her heart to waver and a chill crawled down her back.

However, Fairy Snow Gale was also someone with a strong will and she was a master of her own mood. She took a deep breath, her voice coming out calm and even as she said, ’’We haven't been speaking about anything, only waiting here for you.’’

’’Oh? Is that so?’’ A smile hung on Yang Yun's lips;no one could understand just what this smile meant.

Behind Yang Yun, Situ Haotian and the other powerhouses of the Asura divine Kingdom followed. The Asura divine Kingdom was already like water and fire with Lin Ming;they were destined to submit themselves to Yang Yun so they could resist Lin Ming.

Several weeks ago during the battle within the Sky Fortune Kingdom, the Asura divine Kingdom had suffered serious losses. Situ Haotian's face was dark and dismal as he stood behind Yang Yun. No one knew just what he was thinking at this moment.

Yang Yun calmly arrived at the head seat, flicked his red robe, and sat down. ’’I have called you all here today so that you could all help me with something.’’

As Yang Yun spoke, he flicked his fingers and over a dozen jade slips flew out from his sleeves, each of them landing in the hands of the divine Sea powerhouses present. ’’Arrange an array formation according to the description in the jade slip. I have prepared the array flags already. All you have to do is pour your energy within it.’’

Everyone took a jade slip, glanced at each other, and then immersed their perception within the jade slip. They discovered that the content of the jade slip was actually a map that encapsulated the entire Sky Spill Continent, as well as the South Sea, Fog Sea, North Sea, and Red Sea and continuing for 60-70 million miles outwards.

Hundreds of red spots dotted the map, and every red spot was connected to other red spots with red lines. Looking at the entire picture, it formed a massive network that covered the entire continent as well as a great portion of the four seas.

’’This is a transmission array?’’

’’Yes, it's a transmission array, ultra-long distance transmission arrays that have a distance of 8 million miles each. Together they cover the entire continent. You'll only be responsible for the Sky Spill Continent. As for the four seas, I've arranged for others to handle that.’’

There were several hundred transmission arrays and they were also placed very far from each other. If Yang Yun personally went to arrange them then, he would have to expend an incalculable amount of time and effort. If he wanted to arrange these arrays in several months, the only way was to use these divine Sea powerhouses to lay them down separately.

Yang Yun had killed seven variation bloodline divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent. He drew out all of their blood vitality and mixed them together with Whitedemon's hydra bloodline, finally completing the last step of his Great Blood Refining Art. Now, as long as he could cultivate for another half year, his cultivation method would reach perfection.

At that time he would be able to use the aura of Lin Ming's blood vitality and lock down his position within a million mile range. By utilizing these transmission arrays, he would then be able to search the entire continent in a short period of time. There would be nowhere for Lin Ming to hide.

Yang Yun took out a set of array flags and divided them between spatial rings that he then tossed out. He coldly said, ’’There are a total of 316 transmission arrays. All of you only need to lay down 82 of them. The array discs have already been completed. I will give you two months to finish this simple task. It's best if all of you be careful and not make a mistake, otherwise I'll have you all pay the price for it.’’

Yang Yun's voice contained a light killing intent, causing the hearts of everyone present to turn cold. Facing the unfathomable Yang Yun, none of them were able to resist.

Yang Yun turned away and departed, leaving everyone left behind to look at each other in dread and trepidation. As they held the jade slips in their hands they tasted despair on their tongues.

’’I have a feeling that all of Yang Yun's actions this time are aimed at Lin Ming.’’ Fairy Snow Gale said with a true essence sound transmission.

Humans and animals occasionally developed faint premonitions about the future. This feeling was illusory and difficult to put into words, but often it was quite accurate. Especially to martial artists whose cultivations had reached a certain level, their premonitions tended to be more accurate.

’’It is possible that Yang Yun is finally making his move. After staying quiet for nearly 4 years, there is no way he'll allow Lin Ming to freely develop as he wishes any longer.’’

’’I have no idea what Yang Yun has done these past years but his strength has soared. Compared to 3-4 years ago, his power seems far deeper. I feel a great pressure pushing me to my limit just by looking at him. How could Lin Ming possibly defeat him?’’

’’Indeed. Lin Ming simply doesn't have enough time. If he had five years, no, as long as he had another three years, this would be an entirely different situation.’’ An old man shook his head, feeling this entire situation unfortunate. Lin Ming's talent far exceeded Yang Yun's, but Yang Yun wouldn't give him the time to grow up.

’’There's nothing we can do. Anyway, we still have to lay down these transmission arrays, otherwise we'll die even faster.’’

A blue-clothed old man said. He took out an array disc and an array flag from a spatial ring. These array flags were carved with countless complex lines and symbols, and there were also special instructions inscribed in the jade slip on how to set it up. After Yang Yun studied the Ancient Devils array formations for all these years and became proficient in the demonic path array formations of the divine Realm, it was simple for him to set up a transmission array that could span 8 million miles.

At the same time, millions of miles away in the skies above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, Lin Ming was calmly meditating at the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's cave dwelling. Arcs of thunder freely crawled around his body, and behind him 12 complex array diagrams appeared. These array diagrams were formed from the Laws of the Great Dao, and there were endless mysteries contained within them.

These array diagrams slowly rotated, slowly fusing into Lin Ming's body. A hot, burning feeling emitted outwards. His body seemed to become like a sun as his entire body emitted a radiant light.

’’This is the aura of the Great Dao Laws. The thunder dao fruits have the tracings of the Great Dao Laws fused into them, and these tracings formed these diagrams. These are also fragments of the Great Dao Laws.’’

Lin Ming opened his eyes, seeing everything through a haze of purple. He wasn't a stranger to this mystical feeling. When he was at Timeworn Phoenix City, he felt something similar when he faced the chaos stones, but the feeling wasn't as clear as it was today.

’’This is truly worthy of being a divine fruit bred from the essence of the heavens and earth. The fruit pulp actually has tracings of the Great Dao integrated into it. If my cultivation was higher, I would've experienced even more profound feelings from these tracings.’’

Lin Ming mumbled to himself. His body was filled with vitality and overflowed with energy.

He continued to meditate and cultivate, absorbing energy and becoming increasingly aware of the Great Dao Laws. After an unknown period of time, Lin Ming's body silently collapsed. First it was his skin, then his muscles, then his meridians, all the way down to his bones and organs.

After his physical body broke apart, he turned into an intangible substance.

Without noticing it, the calamity of Lin Ming's fifth stage of Life Destruction appeared.


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