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Martial World - Chapter 927


Chapter 927 - Once Again Battling the Purple Lion Thunder Source




15 days later, 8000 Mile Black Swamp.

As the Sky Spill Continents true life forbidden zone, the 8000 Mile Black Swamp was permanently covered in dark gray clouds. Here existed dangers upon dangers. If a Life Destruction powerhouse entered, survival would be perilous with nine chance of death and only one hope of life. Even a weak divine Sea powerhouse could perish here if their luck was lacking.

At this time, a black-clothed youth appeared in the skies above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. He carried a thick saber in his hands, and his appearance was plain and normal. He looked like someone that could be easily lost within a crowd.

This person was Lin Ming. After he used his appearance changing technique. After forcing Whitedemon back, Lin Ming had rushed to the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. Because he had to pass through a number of transmission arrays to arrive here, he chose to use an appearance changing technique in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

He didn't go to see Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan first. The Giant Leviathan had swam far too deep in the South Sea and was still a long distance away. Moreover, there weren't any transmission arrays in the deep sea lands. Even if Lin Ming flew at full speed towards the Giant Leviathan, it would still take him a very long time. Lin Ming couldn't afford the time it would take him to do that. According to Situ Yaoxi's memories, he had at most one year before he had to fight Yang Yun. The battle was inevitable.

He was now overflowing with spirit medicines, and his cultivation was also quickly approaching a bottleneck. If he had enough time and was able to single mindedly go into seclusion, he would be able to cross more stages of Life Destruction, finally emerging at the sixth or seventh stage of Life Destruction.

Unfortunately, he only had a single year. He had to make full use of this year, thus he came to the 8000 Mile Black Swamp for a single objective. That was the Purple Lion Thunder Source!

When Lin Ming was at the late Revolving Core realm, he had entered the skies above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp and encountered the Purple Lion Thunder Source. Let alone swallowing it, Lin Ming had almost been the one devoured by it instead. If it weren't for the frightening deterrence of the Heretical God Sprout and Argent White Sword, he might've really died in the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion.

’’It should be here.’’

Lin Ming followed the route in his memories and arrived underneath the area of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor's cave dwelling. He looked upwards at the sky.

’’Are you sure?’’ Demonshine asked.

’’About 70%,’’ Lin Ming responded, not daring to have absolute certainty. The space and time within the 8000 Mile Black Swamp was in disarray. Even though Lin Ming had greatly progressed in the Concepts of Space and Time, he couldn't guarantee that he could find the same location he reached in the past.

Lin Ming suppressed the aura of the Heretical God Sprout and shot into the skies. He broke into a sea of thunder. Countless bolts of lightning flashed in the sky, and arcs of electricity swept through the skies. To the current Lin Ming, this sort of endless thunder was like a mortal bathing in warm water. Not only did he not feel discomfort, but it was rather comfortable and enjoyable.

10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles.

Lin Ming passed straight into the Thunder Dominion. The color of thunder constantly changed around him, and also increased in strength. However, Lin Ming seemed unaware of this all.

70 miles, 80 miles, all the way to the 90 mile range of the Thunder Dominion!

Here, not only did the color of thunder change, but even its shape changed.

The past thunder came in the form of arcs, but the current power of thunder here was fantastical sheets of glimmering light. Purple white, deep purple, golden red, all of it linked into a single endless stretch of thunder that continued on forever without the slightest sound. It looked like a multi-colored mist, a colorful land where immortals dwelled.

Beneath this tranquil façade, there was actually a terrifying killing intent hiding. The golden red lightning here had been used by Lin Ming to break through to the first stage of Life Destruction. If enough of this golden red lightning was gathered, even a divine Sea powerhouse would be struck to death.

When Lin Ming's cultivation was at the late Revolving Core, he had been forced to stop here, unable to go any further in. But now, even this fierce and violet golden red lightning was not a threat to Lin Ming.

Continue upwards!

The 100 mile range Thunder Dominion!

In the past, although Lin Ming hadn't dared to step into the 100 mile Thunder Dominion, he had still released a wisp of his perception to investigate the area. The 100 mile Thunder Dominion and the 90 mile Thunder Dominion were two completely different realities.

There were numerous large and small thunderballs up here, each of them floating around light stars in the sky. A horrifying power of thunder formed a force field that wrapped around them. The space near these thunderballs was already twisted to shreds, and countless space cracks blanketed the area. Regardless whether space or energy, both were unstable, and even the power of Laws was affected.

If the 90 mile Thunder Dominion was a land where a divine Sea powerhouse who studied thunder-attribute cultivation could possibly survive, then the 100 mile Thunder Dominion was a true absolute life forbidden zone. All who entered here were doomed to die!

Even Lin Ming had to be extremely cautious after reaching the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. He didn't dare to rush in. Instead, he used his perception to investigate the area.

’’I wonder just how these islands were formed.’’

The skies of the 100 mile Thunder Dominion were completely different, as if this was an entirely different world altogether. Many islands of various sizes floated in the sky, and each of these islands held a magnetic god tree!

These magnetic god trees safely coexisted with the thunderballs that floated in the air. Some of them even had roots that extended into these thunderballs, absorbing their energy.

Each and every one of these magnetic god trees were undoubtedly precious treasures! It was just that the last time Lin Ming had come here, he couldn't even approach them, much less move them.

’’A magnetic god tree itself contains a terrifying attack power, and it is also incomparably durable. Cutting them wouldn't be easy at all. Even if the current me wants to investigate these god trees, that is also very dangerous.’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Then, his thoughts suddenly stirred and a smile curved up his lips.

’’You've come? There is no need to hide, I've already sensed you!’’

Lin Ming's eyes locked onto a direction. Several breaths of time later, the lightning there began to waver like ripples in the water, forming into countless threads of lightning that gathered together, finally forming into a small purple lion.

This lion was only three feet long, and after forming itself, it looked no different from a real lion. It's body was robust and powerful, and its purple mane was glorious and magnificent. Every hair strand was clearly differentiated, and its amber eyes were bright and watery. It didn't seem as if it were formed from the power of thunder, but rather from a genuine lion.

This was the Purple Lion Thunder Source!

Thunder Source - the source of thunder. It was an existence a step above a Thunder Soul. The lowest level Thunder Source was at least 10 times more terrifying than a Thunder Soul.

The Purple Lion Thunder Source already had an inkling of spiritual intelligence. In truth it had discovered Lin Ming from the very start. This was because some of its energy emitted from Lin Ming's body. That was the energy of the Twinlife Thunder Crystal!

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the Twinlife Thunder Crystal and the Purple Lion Thunder Source were born together. They were from the same body, so the Purple Lion Thunder Source could certainly feel its presence.

The Twinlife Thunder Crystal was involved with the evolution of the Purple Lion Thunder Soul. But such an important object had actually been stolen away by this young man in front of it;how could it not hate Lin Ming to the bones?

It was only that it could feel Lin Ming's great strength. This young man was already incomparable to several years ago. This caused it to feel a great deal of fear and was also the reason why it didn't immediately appear. Rather, it remained hidden, secretly observing him.

Even though Lin Ming was strong, it was impossible for the Purple Lion Thunder Source to give up on the Twinlife Thunder Crystal. It prepared to desperately gamble on a battle and waited for a chance to launch a sneak attack. But it had been discovered by Lin Ming.

’’Your intelligence isn't too bad. Your Twinlife Thunder Crystal has already been absorbed by me. If you want to take it back, your only choice is to devour me.’’ Lin Ming extracted a purple long spear as he spoke.

This was a weapon that Jiang Ziji had left in the palace within the Extreme Violet Ring. It was a high-grade heaven-step thunder-attribute long spear. It was nothing to someone like Jiang Ziji, but to Lin Ming now, it was actually extremely convenient. To deal with the intangible Purple Lion Thunder Source, the heavy and cumbersome Great Desolate Blood Halberd wasn't the best choice to do so. Instead, the blood and death energy on the Great Desolate Blood Halberd might be restrained by the power of thunder instead.

The best weapon for this situation was undoubtedly this purple spear.

’’Submit to me, and travel the world with me. I'll allow you to evolve!’’ Lin Ming pointed his spear towards the Purple Lion Thunder Source. An invisible force field erupted from his body. Before now, he had been deliberately suppressing the Heretical God Sprout's aura;he was afraid he would startle the Purple Lion Thunder Source and cause it to be too afraid to approach him. Now, he no longer needed to do that.

The Heretical God Seed was dual-attribute thunder and fire transcendent divine might. With the full eruption of the Heretical God Seed's aura, it immediately created an immense pressure on the Purple Lion Thunder Source!

This was a feeling of awe and dread that swelled up within the Purple Lion Thunder Source, which seemed as if it had already been etched into its soul from the very time it was born all those hundreds of millions of years ago. It was a feeling that it could never erase.

In that moment, a trace of fear and alarm flashed in the Purple Lion Thunder Source's eyes. But it immediately forced out all those emotions, replacing them with a burning anger!

As a Thunder Source, it was extremely arrogant and haughty;how could it be willing to surrender to a human and be used however which way?


The Purple Lion Thunder Source emitted a heaven-shaking roar, bringing with it the glory of the world. All lightning in the 90 mile Thunder Dominion, the purple white, the purple gold, and the golden red, all of it was swept up into a massive multicolored vortex!

If several dozen arcs of this golden red lightning gathered together, it'd be enough to threaten the life of a divine Sea powerhouse. With so much power of thunder gathered here together, the might could be imagined!

A brilliant fighting intent sizzled in Lin Ming's eyes. This Purple Lion Thunder Source could obtain increased power from the surroundings in the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion. As it desperately went all out, its strength was terrifying. If Lin Ming wanted to absorb this Thunder Source, he would need to be exceedingly careful. Otherwise there was a chance he would suffer a backlash and burn away all his meridians, dying in the process.

With the support of the massive amount of thunder energy within the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion, The Purple Lion Thunder Source's suddenly expanded to a horrifying degree. Its eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty light. It was certainly afraid of the power and pressure from Lin Ming's Heretical God Seed, but it also desired to possess this power. If it could swallow Lin Ming, its evolution would reach new heights.

As these thoughts appeared in the Purple Lion Thunder Source's mind, it began to react in a crazed and excited manner.


The lightning behind the Purple Lion Thunder source twisted into colorful lightning dragons that shot towards Lin Ming. The five colored lightning dragons emitted whistling cries, their howls echoing between the heavens and earth like rolling thunder claps, piercing straight through the world!

Lin Ming's eyes were icy cold. He revolved his true essence to the limit and poured his grandmist battle spirit into his purple long spear, thrusting straight towards the light dragons.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Purple golden thunder surged;even the misty light within the Thunder Dominion was split apart. Lin Ming's grandmist battle spirit directly bore the attacks of the five colored lightning dragons, withstanding the baptism of thunder. But not only did the grandmist battle spirit not weaken, it instead became increasingly strong.

Heavenly Demon martial intent - grandmist space!

As the lightning dragons roared, an enchanting red lotus slowly bloomed behind Lin Ming. An invisible force field surged outwards, bringing with it an ancient and boundless atmosphere. In an instant, the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion was enshrouded by the grandmist space.

The grandmist space was able to smother out nearly all energies and power of Laws. Thunder belonged to the class of the five main elements. The power of thunder was born after chaos and was exactly one of the Laws that was suppressed by the grandmist space!


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