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Martial World - Chapter 921


Chapter 921 - Transcendent divine Might




All of this happened in just a brief moment. Within several blinks of an eye, six divine Sea martial artists had died, but Lin Ming hadn't even moved. By just releasing his force field, he had killed six martial artists;the disparity was too great!

’’Lin Ming, you dare!?’’

The demon youth was both surprised and angry. He never imagined that of the helpers he gathered to activate the great array, over half of them would die before the fighting even began.

By relying on just a force field to massacre divine Sea powerhouses, Lin Ming had reached a level beyond all of his expectations!

’’Broken Star!’’

The demon youth gave a loud shout and extracted a purple lance from his spatial ring. Endless starlight flowed out from the lance point, turning into purple bolts of power that fell down like galaxies.

At this moment, the demon youth had completely abandoned the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array. He attacked with everything he had!


The purple light pierced into the grandmist space like a hot knife, weakening the further in int went. At the same time, the grandmist space trembled as it collided with Whitedemon's spear light.

Their attacks struck in sharp contention!

Whitedemon was a late divine Sea powerhouse, moreover, he also came from the divine Realm. The various cultivation methods and martial skills he learned were not what the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent could compare with. He had strength that deserved to be called the highest under the heavens within the Sky Spill Continent. With his all-out attack, his strike even had a faint impulse as if it would rip open the grandmist space. This was also because Lin Ming had completely driven the grandmist space to kill the surrounding deep sea powerhouses and didn't concentrate it on Whitedemon. Lin Ming was very clear that using just the Heavenly Demon martial intent to slaughter Whitedemon was impossible.

The purple lance light shot out with all of its might. As the two surviving deep sea powerhouses resisted the force field with all their power, Lin Ming suddenly moved!

He flung Situ Yaoxi off the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Blood rained downwards as Situ Yaoxi's mortal body was crudely and brutally torn off of the halberd point, causing her to painfully scream.

Then, Lin Ming opened the Gate of Wonder and revolved his true essence to the limit.

Mystic Lightning Shade, Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

In that moment, Lin Ming's body turned into a bolt of lightning as his velocity reached an inconceivable degree. Whitedemon's attack fell on empty air. At the same time, Lin Ming appeared to teleport directly in front of a deep sea martial artist. The Gate of Pain opened and his halberd came smashing down!

The 800,000 jin heavy Great Desolate Blood Halberd combined with Lin Ming's two million jin physical strength and fused with the grandmist battle spirit, shattered the surrounding space!

The deep sea martial artist had the appearance of a shark. Its gray mouth opened and its two eyes turned bloodshot, ’’Ahhhh!’’

The shark-like deep sea martial artist released a earthshaking roar. At this moment it was impossible for him to dodge Lin Ming's attack;he could only struggle with his life!

He grasped a pitch black trident. Hundreds of black flood dragons thousands of feet long appeared around him. These flood dragons all merged together onto the tip of the trident, causing the trident to instantly become an unrivalled divine weapon, overwhelming and unstoppable!

The trident collided with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. However, no matter how powerful the shark-like powerhouse's attack was, he wasn't Lin Ming's match at all. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was originally a Saint artifact level treasure, and it also had the grandmist battle spirit fused within it. It was all-conquering, able to penetrate the hardest defenses!


The trident was crushed to pieces by Lin Ming's attack. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd didn't stop there. It continued forward, pounding into the chest of that deep sea martial artist, causing his ribs to shatter and his flesh to rupture. The battle spirit-infused true essence broke into his innards, grinding all of his organs to mush.

The deep sea powerhouse vomited a mouthful of black blood and his body collapsed to the ground like an exploded bag of blood.


The shark-like martial artist's corpse was directly swallowed up by the grandmist space and turned into dust that soon faded away. The truth was that the powerhouses and energy that were decomposed within the grandmist space would turn into a trace of insignificant elementary grandmist energy that slowly accumulated. The more powerhouses the grandmist space swallowed and the stronger they were, the more potential for growth there would be. In the future, this could even evolve into the true grandmist space.

After killing someone with a single halberd strike, Lin Ming didn't stop there. He shot towards the last divine Sea powerhouse. This deep sea martial artist was also the one with the highest cultivation;he neared the late divine Sea.

The deep sea powerhouse was frightened as he saw Lin Ming rush towards him and rapidly retreated.

’’Lin Ming, I am your opponent! If you dare to fight with me then come on! Why are you running away like a coward!?’’ Whitedemon grasped the purple lance and rushed out. He was already breathless with rage and his mind nearly cracked from anger. Lin Ming simply didn't dare to fight him in a frontal melee, but instead dashed around him and killed his underlings. And with Lin Ming's speed reaching nearly unimaginable velocities, it was simply impossible to stop him.

Moreover, there was that strange force field that surrounded Lin Ming. Wherever he went, whether it was speed, true essence, or strength, every attribute of his opponents was greatly weakened. Since he couldn't catch up to Lin Ming, he could only watch helplessly as Lin Ming killed off the remaining deep sea martial artists in front of him.

By now, Whitedemon had become aware that the trap he had laid beforehand was worthless. The main form of the trap was the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array, and now the martial artists needed to activate it were killed off by Lin Ming. How could he possibly continue to start the array formation?

As the deep sea martial artist saw Lin Ming's halberd thrust forwards, he lost his mind in panic, ’’Wait... wait a moment! Don't kill me! I only came here as a job for wealth! I have no enmity with you! We can discuss terms, I can compensate you!’’

Besides the scales on his face, the strongest remaining deep sea martial artist more or less resembled a human. At this moment, his hair was completely in disarray and he looked demented.

’’If you dare to rob people then you must be prepared to die. I have no interest in your terms, now die.’’

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd smashed downwards like a collapsing mountain, a falling galaxy!

With the grandmist battle spirit fused into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and in addition to the sharpness of a Saint artifact and Lin Ming's terrifying physical strength, it was impossible for the heaven-step treasure in the deep sea powerhouse's hands to withstand such an impact force.


The heaven-step weapon shattered. This deep sea powerhouse's cultivation was quite good;it unexpectedly spat out a mouthful of blood essence at the last moment and its entire body turned into a red light as it used some sort of arcane escape technique.


The deep sea powerhouse turned into a crimson beam of light that shot out hundreds of miles in a single blink of the eye. It smashed into the grandmist space barrier, but was actually unable to break it apart.

’’Break for me ahhhh!’’

The deep sea martial artist emitted cries of despair. However, his power was fading far too fast. A massive amount of his true essence was swallowed up by the grandmist space, dissipating into nothingness!

Lin Ming coldly looked at this deep sea martial artist and spat out two words. ’’Blow up!’’


The deep sea martial artist's body exploded in a rain of blood that then broke down into smaller and smaller fragments before completely disappearing.

Like this, eight deep sea divine Sea martial artists completely perished!

At this time, Situ Yaoxi was half-buried in the rubble, watching blankly as all of this happened around her. Her lips shivered and terror filled her mind. Facing this demon god Lin Ming, she felt like nothing more than a little bug that could be crushed by him at any moment.

’’How could he become like this? How is this possible...’’

Situ Yaoxi mumbled, her voice shaking. And then Lin Ming fell beside Situ Yaoxi. As she saw him appear next to her, she immediately broke out into a cold sweat.

’’Old witch, it looks like your life is quite tenacious. You haven't died yet.’’

’’If you have the guts then kill me...’’ Situ Yaoxi said, shivering. She really wished for Lin Ming to use his halberd and smash her to bits immediately, but that was nothing more than a wild hope to her now.

Lin Ming stabbed the Great Desolate Blood Halberd at Situ Yaoxi's thigh.


Situ Yaoxi's thigh was pierced through by the halberd edge. With a miserable wail, she was lifted up by her leg.

Like this, Lin Ming faced Whitedemon once again with Situ Yaoxi hanging off his halberd.

Whitedemon's face paled, his eyebrows shooting all the way up. ’’I know... I know what your force field is...’’

As Whitedemon spoke to here, a trace of fear actually appeared on his face. ’’What you are using is a sub force field of the Primordius martial intent - the Heavenly Demon Force Field. That is one of Empyrean Primordius' strongest abilities... he relied on that power to walk unhindered through the endless divine Realm, unrivaled and without match. Impossible... this is impossible... how can you possibly have learned the Heavenly Demon Force Field!?’’

Whitedemon's voice shook, his entire body quaking. In the 3000 great worlds of the divine Realm, there were countless extraordinary powers, amazing abilities, and martial skills. But, those that were truly renowned throughout the entire universe and far surpassed all other powers were limited in number. Among them there were cultivation methods, martial skills, arcane skills, soul law formulas, martial intents, and so on.

These supernatural powers all had a title: they were called transcendent divine mights. Any ability with this title was a top-grade supernatural power amongst all top-grade supernatural powers. If a martial artist were to obtain such an ability, then after practicing it, they would be able to rely on this power to walk freely through the divine Realm! If a Holy Land were to obtain such a power and pass down this inheritance, then they would develop into a massive super influence in the future, able to rule over a great world within the divine Realm!

Of course, this was all based on the premise that they could survive and preserve that ability. If a transcendent divine might jade slip were to appear, it would inevitably set off a terrifying bloody war!

Although Lin Ming had many cultivation methods on him, such as Golden Roc Shattering the Void or the Ancient Phoenix Code, these top movement and cultivation methods, even if complete, could not even think of tracing upon the boundary of a transcendent divine might. As for the Great Desolate Halberd Art, Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle, Overbearing Soul Tactic, and Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians, those were even less worthy of mentioning. The ranks of these techniques were a level lower than the Ancient Phoenix Code.

Amongst all of Lin Ming's abilities, there was only one that could be called a transcendent divine might. That was... the Heretical God Force.

The Heretical God Force was an arcane skill-type transcendent divine might;it was particularly rare. Lin Ming obtaining it was all because of his great destiny.

A transcendent divine might was unrivalled in fierceness and prestige;it was no wonder that Whitedemon had shown such extreme shock and fear upon learning that Lin Ming had comprehended the Heavenly Demon Force Field!

Although the Primordius martial intent was a true transcendent divine might, the Heavenly Demon Force Field was only a minor part of it, thus it was an incomplete transcendent divine might. Even so, this was enough for countless martial artists to go crazy over it, struggling with their lives to obtain it!

’’How could this be... how is this possible... could you have entered the Sea of Miracles and obtained Empyrean Primordius' inheritance?’’ The demon youth's eyes shined with a brilliant light as he stared at Lin Ming. If Lin Ming could one day obtain the complete Primordius martial intent, then as long as he didn't die, his future would be limitless. This was an unrivalled supernatural power that could turn garbage into a tiger!


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