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Martial World - Chapter 920


Chapter 920 - Massacre




Lin Ming stood there, with Situ Yaoxi stuck onto the end of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. He glanced upwards at the strange demon youth in the sky and said with a sneer, ’’You're called Whitedemon? How come it's just you, where is your master?’’

After obtaining the memories of the Ancient Devil, Lin Ming was much more clear as to what the relationship was between him and Whitedemon. When a number of Empyreans descended to this mortal world in order to subjugate Empyrean Primordius, they brought along with them armies from the divine Realm that were millions in number. This Ancient Devil had been one of the minor military officers, and this Whitedemon was the loyal vice-captain of the Ancient Devil.

Afterwards, the two of them had been severely wounded by followers of Empyrean Primordius and sealed within the Sea of Miracles. With the Ancient Devil's understandings of the Time Laws' Concept of Stagnation, he had used them to change the flow of time and withstand the passing of 100,000 years. As time passed, the seal over the Sea of Miracles slightly loosened, and they took advantage of this chance, paying an immense price to escape from that calamity.

Of course, this was all because they were luckier than the others and hadn't been locked in the depths of the Sea of Miracles. Otherwise, no matter how high their cultivation was, it would have been impossible for them to emerge from it even after hundreds of thousands or millions of years.

’’Hehe, the Demon Lord is closed up right now, how could he possibly be keeping guard near the Sky Fortune Kingdom all the time to wait for you? Even so, you are far too stupid. Those who walk down the road of martial arts defy the will of the heavens. Those who break through the limits of life are doomed to live days of loneliness. Family clans, descendants, even wives and parents, all of them are nothing but passing travelers in your life. And yet for this family clan that you are not even deeply related to, you are willing to step into such obvious danger. What a joke. How can someone like you, who cannot even clean themselves from the karma of this world, possibly speak of walking down the road of martial arts or defying the will of the heavens?’’

Whitedemon had stashed away all of his past arrogance and conceit. After confirming that Lin Ming's strength was no worse than his, he began to use other means to weaken Lin Ming instead. He wanted to use words to break apart Lin Ming's heart of martial arts and have his mind waver.

Lin Ming coldly smiled, caustically replying, ’’In this world, there is no one that can divorce themselves from their karma. Those that walk down the road of martial arts must all depend on lucky chances, thus they cannot diverge from their destiny. If their destiny is lacking then no matter how monstrous a talent is, they will never be able to grow. They may even die. Destiny is an illusory ideal and yet it is not at the same time. Fulfilling your wishes, passing through countless dangerous situations, having your thoughts be smooth, defeating kings on the same level, those are the ways that you can accumulate destiny. Destiny must be hand in hand with your faith to overcome all;only then will you be able to walk down your road! Those that cultivate martial arts must have their hearts clear of distractions. They do not like to owe debts to others because they do not wish to saturate themselves with further karma.

’’But in the dust of mortality, all living creatures, the endless lands, splendor and destitution, glory and failure, life and death, all of these ideas are entangled together, becoming the most complex karma in your life. Just because you do not clearly understand it does not mean you can just blindly cut it off, because if your fatality with your world is never resolved, then your heart will forever be discontent. In the Southern Wilderness I once experienced the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas, a lucky chance left behind by a true divine Realm powerhouse. In order to settle his karma with this world, he spent an immense amount of strength to cast his incarnation down and return to this world. And you, a little demon cultivator, actually dares to speak of the fatality of this world!’’

Without noticing it, Lin Ming's words brought with them an overwhelming momentum. Although Whitedemon once had a cultivation that surpassed the divine Sea and he was also a character that had participated in the great war 100,000 years ago, in Lin Ming's words he was nothing more than a little demon cultivator, not worth mentioning at all.

For Lin Ming to say these words with his fourth stage Life Destruction cultivation by no means stemmed from his arrogance. Rather, it came from his extraordinary experience and insight, as well as his great strength and talent that surpassed the will of the heavens. This unwavering confidence made all who heard it feel as if every word he spoke was the truth.

Whitedemon had wanted to attack Lin Ming's heart of martial arts with words, but after experiencing Lin Ming's intense rebuttal, he had no words left to reply with!

In terms of speaking of the heart of martial arts, the fatality of the world, and karmic ties, he had already lost.

After being spoken to with disdain by Lin Ming, Whitedemon became angry out of shame. ’’A little Life Destruction martial artist like you actually dares to look down on me? You really have no idea what it means to walk into death or danger!’’

’’Haha, how am I looking down on you? You said that you would protect Situ Yaoxi and yet she is now stuck on my halberd, unable to beg for life or death!’’

’’Good! Good! Good!’’ Whitedemon viciously spat out the word 'good' three times. ’’You may not know, but a 10 mile area around the Lin Family Clan already has a Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array laid down beneath it. I will activate the array and turn you, your family clan, and all of your so-called fatality of the world and karmic ties into ghosts of the Yellow Springs! I want to see just how smooth your mindset will be then!’’

Whitedemon barked out an order and the eight divine Sea martial artists scattered in all directions. The Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array was able to melt all life into evil spirits. It was one of the strongest array formations that the Ancient Devil understood.

Lin Ming seemed as if he already predicted Whitedemon's actions. The energy within his body revolved to the limit and the grandmist space suddenly wildly expanded outwards!

The 1300 mile grandmist space actually formed a virtual projection in the real world, covering nearly the entire Green Mulberry City!

’’Extreme Violet Ring, receive!’’

A giant vortex appeared around Lin Ming. Countless arcs of origin energy shot out towards the Lin Family Clan. Underneath the cover of Lin Ming's divine sense, all the Lin Family descendants, their husbands and wives, maids, friends, subordinates, even cats and dogs were all sucked in by this energy. Their houses and pavilions were all completely pulled up and sucked into the Extreme Violet Ring!

It was impossible for these mortals to withstand such a pressure. In just a brief moment, the energy covered everyone and the entire Lin Family Clan was received into Lin Ming's Extreme Violet Ring.

For a divine Sea Supreme Elder, it wasn't difficult to place an entire city into a magic tool. However, what was difficult was finding a magic tool with a large enough inner world to contain it.

This was truly a Saint artifact rank treasure, moreover, its grade was placed in the upper echelons of Saint artifacts. It had to be known that even the wealthy Steppes Master Luosha had to hide away the massive amount of his wealth in his own treasure chambers. This was because he didn't have a magic tool with a large enough capacity;he had never even heard of something like that before!

Lin Ming's Extreme Violet Ring could accommodate half a city worth of people. It was more than enough to gather the entire Lin Family Clan.

’’Mm? A spatial treasure that can hold life and form a side world?’’ The strange demon youth's mind stirred and his eyes locked onto the Extreme Violet Ring. Even he didn't have such a treasure. ’’Lin Ming, there really are far too many secrets on your body, and you also seemed to have somehow understood how to break through ancient array formations. Even the Spectral Blood Skylock Array had its control wrested away by you. But this Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array is different: it depends on absolute power to activate. With the nine of us joining forces, it is impossible for you to break it. And when you fail to break it, that is when you will die. This array formation can refine all life. Even if your strength is no worse than mine, or even if you are slightly stronger than me, you will perish here!’’

As the demon youth spoke, the eight deep sea race divine Sea powerhouses all began to simultaneously revolve their energy. The sounds of 10,000 ghosts howled in a radius of 10 miles. The heavens cried, dark clouds rolled through the skies, and a bone-chilling wind blew through the city!

’’Hehe, little demon, after we kill this person do not forget our agreement!’’ A deep sea powerhouse said. His entire body was comprised of thick tentacles.

’’Yes, and according to our agreement, our deep sea clan will take 20% of this boy's wealth!’’ A deep sea race martial artist that looked like a snake echoed. He was clear on just how rich Lin Ming was;even 20% was a considerable amount.

’’There is also Sir Demon Lord's Concept of Time jade slip. I am very interested in that!’’

The eight deep sea divine Sea powerhouses all laughed as they jovially joked with each other. Together, they injected their energies into the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array. The ground rumbled and ruptured, and for a time it was like an Asura hell had opened up beneath them!

Lin Ming could feel the thick smell of blood waft over him. It was like he had fallen into the eighteen layered hells.

'The Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array is different from the Spectral Blood Skylock Array: this is a true killing array. After it is laid down, it is activated by the stimulation of absolute energy and there is no secret password of array runes distributed anywhere. Even if it's me, the only way I will be able to break through this is with absolute strength. But there are nine divine Sea powerhouses that are collaborating to drive this array and their strength has fused together with the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array. It's impossible for me to resist it like this, but...'

A sharp light suddenly burst out from Lin Ming's eyes, like a bolt of lightning crossing through the dark night sky.

In that moment, the compressed energy within the Heretical God Sprout flooded outwards. All of the meridians within Lin Ming's body began to bulge.

Gate of Healing, Gate of Limit, Gate of Wonder, Gate of Pain, four gates were all released together!

Ka ka ka!

The land fractured. A crimson flame lit up between Lin Ming's eyebrows and a golden phoenix rushed out from his body, directly impacting into the skies!

In that instant, Lin Ming erupted with his complete strength. However, he did not use any martial skills;he poured all of his strength into the Heavenly Demon martial intent grandmist space.

Behind Lin Ming, a blood red lotus began to slowly bloom. The grandmist space rapidly expanded outwards.

Although the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array was fierce, it was an array formation based on Laws. It would be unable to block the grandmist space that disregarded all principles. For a time, everyone, including Whitedemon, was covered in this force field.

’’Grandmist battle spirit, fusion!’’

A silver gray grandmist battle spirit shot out from between Lin Ming's eyebrows. The battle spirit melted into the grandmist space, causing the range to increase by several hundred miles once again.

The might of the grandmist space suddenly rose. Suddenly, there was a series of loud explosions as the protective true essence of five deep sea early divine Sea powerhouses was directly crushed apart. As for the three middle divine Sea powerhouses, they also trembled as blood tumbled in their bodies. Although their bodily protective true essence didn't shatter, the energy they were injecting into the Yellow Springs Ghost Burying Array was interrupted!


Whitedemon and the other deep sea race powerhouses were all shocked and frightened. Lin Ming hadn't even moved a finger. He had merely relied on a force field to deal them all a heavy blow. How was this possible?

’’Heavenly Demon martial intent, massacre!’’ Lin Ming coldly spat out these words. Clutching his fists together, the phoenix phantom behind him suddenly combined with the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, causing that red lotus to shine with an even more dazzling and radiant light, as if a crimson sun were rising in the world!

In that moment, traces of elementary grandmist energy appeared in the grandmist space and twisted together into a chaos storm. This storm was like countless immeasurably sharp knives. The five early divine Sea powerhouses watched helplessly as this chaos storm tore through their mortal bodies. Blood and flesh rained down. Their meridians shattered and even their bones were shattered to pieces by the chaos storm.

’’Noo - !’’

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

With a series of bursting sounds, the five early divine Sea powerhouses were directly shattered to pieces and then further disintegrated into ashes that faded away, with nothing left behind. As for the three middle divine Sea powerhouses, they also vomited great mouthfuls of blood. Cracks appeared in their protective true essence. They were frightened so much that their courage cracked apart and their minds went blank with panic.

Run! Run away!

But, within the grandmist space realized from the Heavenly Demon martial intent, wasn't escaping easier said than done?


The middle divine Sea martial artist with the weakest cultivation suddenly exploded within the chaos storm. As for the other two, they were even scared witless as if their souls had left their body.

Stuck on top of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, Situ Yaoxi watched as all of this happened. Her face turned whiter than paper and her entire body trembled.

’’Devil... he is simply a devil...’’ Situ Yaoxi mumbled as blood trickled down her lips.


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