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Martial World - Chapter 918


Chapter 918 - Ten Steps To Kill One Person




Lin Ming had completely fallen into a violent rage. All of these people had entered the Lin Family, taken them hostage, humiliated the elderly, the women, and the children, and they even sliced off the fingers of Lan Yunyue and the Lin Family juniors.

All of them deserved nothing but death!

As Situ Yaoxi saw Lin Ming's thick killing intent overflow into the world, a rising horror emerged from within her. Yang Yun had given the mission of capturing or killing Lin Ming to her and Situ Bonan. After she experienced just how magnificent Yang Yun's array formation and methods were, she thought that Lin Ming would be instantly doomed the moment he took one step in here. In order to inherit a portion of Lin Ming's destiny after killing him, she had gathered as many outstanding talented juniors of the Asura divine Kingdom as she could, so that they could gain some advantages when Lin Ming died.

Thus, most of the people that had rushed in here were the direct descendent juniors of the Asura divine Kingdom;all of them were related to the future of the Asura divine Kingdom.

As Situ Yaoxi saw them all rush into this god of death, Lin Ming, she began to panic. She wanted to warn all these people to run away, but just as was about to do so, she thought of Elder Sun. Elder Sun was not a part of her Asura divine Kingdom;she naturally didn't want him to leave here alive. If this old fellow could stay and buy some time for them then perhaps she could be saved.

Situ Yaoxi just thought of this idea. She was about to use a true essence sound transmission to order all of the Asura divine Kingdom juniors to quickly flee, but it was already too late.

Lin Ming's domination over the Spectral Blood Skylock Array far surpassed Situ Yaoxi's imagination. In just the blink of an eye, the Spectral Blood Skylock Array expanded several more hundred feet, rapidly covering everyone within it.

Lin Ming reached out his hands and directly snatched Lan Yunyue into the Extreme Violet Ring. Then, he coldly looked at everyone remaining as a thick murderous tone dripped from his voice.

’’All of you have stepped on the road to death!’’

’’Lin Lanjian, just who do you think you are!? Do you really think that with your fourth stage Life Destruction cultivation you can do as you wish in this world? You think that you can summon clouds and rain if you want!?’’ Elder Sun was panic-stricken for a brief moment before quickly reacting. As the bait to attract Lin Ming here, Yang Yun had already given him a card to maintain his own life.

’’Howling heaven mythic lion, come out!’’ In the blink of an eye, Elder Sun took out a leather bag from his sleeves and flung it into the sky. This was a vicious beast bag. It was a magic tool similar to a profound spirit pot, but while a profound spirit pot held plants, a vicious beast bag was used to summon beasts.

The summoned beast was crimson all over and seemed like a normal lion, except it was several dozen times the size of a regular lion!

As the crimson mythic lion appeared, it immediately occupied nearly half the space of the great front hall. Situ Yaoxi was overjoyed as she saw the beast appear. ’’A howling heaven mythic lion! Haha, Patriarch Sun has actually managed to obtain such a Saint Beast! I will join together with you and destroy this little bastard!’’

A howling heaven mythic lion was a Saint Beast equal to a peak middle divine Sea powerhouse. In addition, the physical body of a Saint Beast was extremely tough and formidable to begin with. A howling heaven mythic lion's true comprehensive combat strength wasn't that much worse than Situ Haotian's. With a howling heaven mythic lion added with two divine Sea powerhouses, even if they couldn't defeat Lin Ming, they should still be able to force a draw. If they could do this then they could buy enough time for Yang Yun to rush over here. At that time, Lin Ming's moment of death would arrive!

Situ Yaoxi finally saw a faint hope of surviving through this calamity. As long as they could all persist until Yang Yun came then they would win!


The crimson mythic lion roared out and blood red flames and smoke suddenly wreathed its entire body. A terrifying miraculous aura surged outwards, causing all of the nearby martial artists to rapidly retreat. This was the pressure brought by the presence of a strong Saint Beast.

’’Break the heavens!’’ With a loud order from Elder Sun, the howling heaven mythic lion slashed two large claws towards Lin Ming's head!

A Saint Beast was born with an inherently formidable physical body and they had no need to cultivate in order to use their energy. They were equal to a dual essence and energy cultivating martial artist. Just this claw strike was mighty enough to shake the heavens and earth. Even a divine mountain would be shorn apart by this attack!

’’Mythic lion? Humph, the legends say that a mythic lion is the son of a True Dragon. Such a beast with a meager and nearly undetectable bloodline actually dares to call itself a howling heaven mythic lion? Just die!’’

Lin Ming sneered, and the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and Heretical God Force erupted. He grasped the Great Desolate Blood Halberd and smashed downwards. On the blood halberd, the power of fire and thunder twisted together, even as the grandmist battle spirit fused into it!

As the grandmist battle spirit appeared, all of the grandmist space around Lin Ming suddenly became stronger. As that crimson mythic lion rushed out, half of its claw energy had already been depleted. And at this time, Lin Ming's Great Desolate Blood Halberd crashed into it!


The Great Desolate Blood Halberd and the crimson mythic lion's claws collided. Although the howling heaven mythic lion was a flesh and blood beast, its claws were actually sharper than a heaven-step treasure. As its claws struck the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, there was a massive ringing sound of metal striking metal.

However, at this time, the halberd edge suddenly flashed with a silver gray light. A deep killing intent surged out from the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. This potent and vigorous momentum suddenly gave the halberd edge a nearly unrivalled sharp edge!

This was the glory of a grandmist battle spirit.


The howling heaven mythic lion's claws were directly torn apart and shattered by the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Blood rained on the earth!


The mythic lion howled in pain. But its strength was only equal to a peak middle divine Sea powerhouse's;how could it possibly be Lin Ming's match?

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd suddenly shot upwards and smashed into the howling heaven mythic lion's chest. With a sorrowful whine, the beast was smashed away by Lin Ming.

’’What!?’’ Situ Yaoxi and Elder Sun's eyes widened in terror. Although they didn't think that the howling heaven mythic lion could defeat Lin Ming, they absolutely didn't imagine that a beast equal to a peak middle divine Sea powerhouse would actually be sent flying backwards in a frontal confrontation! What strength did Lin Ming have in order to do this? Did his power already approach the highest under the heavens?

In just these three years, his cultivation had only risen to the fourth stage of Life Destruction, and yet he obtained strength close to the highest under the heavens!?!?

Elder Sun was scared witless for a moment. But at this time, Lin Ming had already rushed in front of him!

’’Your life is mine!’’

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd pierced forth like a bloody dragon. Facing this chilling halberd edge, Elder Sun only felt his entire body's true essence locked within his body, unable to move it at all. He had no way to avoid this strike!


On the brink of death, Elder Sun erupted with all of his potential. He extracted a three foot long saber from his spatial ring and spat a mouthful of blood essence onto the blade edge, finally managing to counterbalance the suppression of Laws and energy within the grandmist space and allowing him to circulate energy from his dantian.

The saber turned a flaming blood red. Strong winds cut through the air, true essence howled - God Slaughter Cut!

With a loud roar, Elder Sun slashed out his saber at Lin Ming. With his blood essence to utilize the God Slaughter Cut, this saber strike contained both a material attack as well as the ability to annihilate a person's divine soul!

This was Elder Sun's ultimate killing move. It cost him a massive amount of blood essence as well as several hundred years of life to use. Moreover, even if he managed to slay his opponent, he would still suffer an enormous backlash that would harm his cultivation for a very long period of time. But now his hand had been forced;he had to use this attack, otherwise he would perish in the next moment!

’’Grandmist battle spirit!’’

Lin Ming didn't even bother with it. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd whistled out, a single move to break all techniques!


The incomparably heavy battle spirit erupted, and the crimson saber light was easily broken apart. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd struck the thick saber, and with a resounding 'kacha' sound, the medium-grade heaven-step treasure saber was shattered by Lin Ming's strike!

After the halberd light broke apart the saber it slightly changed direction, and with 40-50% of its strength remaining, it smashed into Elder Sun's right side.

For a moment, it was like a sledgehammer had struck a watermelon. Elder Sun's entire right half of his body had been smashed to a pulp. Bloody meat, organs, and bloodstained bones all flew outwards!


Elder Sun issued out a miserable scream as his body was sent flying away. Lin Ming's strike had left him with half a life left. If it were just his arm or leg that had been torn off then he could still restore that with heavenly materials, but with the entire right half of his body crushed and even his right lung mashed into goo, it was nearly impossible for any type of miracle medicine to regenerate this.

Elder Sun's half-broken body fell with a heavy thud like a dead dog on the floor, and large mouthfuls of blood spilled out from his lips.

’’Run away! Run away!’’

All of the Asura divine Kingdom juniors in the hall were frightened to the point where all the blood left their faces. A divine Sea powerhouse had burnt his own blood essence and risked his life in a desperate strike, but he had still been blown away by Lin Ming as if he were a bug!

Facing such a monster, who would actually dare to fight him!?

But, this Spectral Blood Skylock Array had locked down this entire area of space. Even if they wanted to escape, where could they run off to?

Lin Ming instantly vanished. After displaying his extreme speed, these people weren't even able to catch sight of his fading shadow.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming appeared behind a young man that looked to be in his twenties. This person only had a third stage Life Destruction cultivation. Although he was far from being comparable to Situ Luosha, he was still less than 40 years old. Moreover, he was able to jump ranks to fight an ordinary fifth stage Life Destruction master and had a faint hope of reaching the divine Sea. Amongst all of the direct descendant juniors of the Asura divine Kingdom, he was considered a very talented one.


A fist came pounding out.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!

The young man shook and blood gushed out from his entire body. His body slumped to the ground like a pile of ruined meat. He had died just like that!

’’Lin Ming you little bastard, I will kill you!’’ Situ Yaoxi's hair was in tatters. She was so angry that her eyes were popping out of her head. But now she was literally out of power;how could she possibly threaten Lin Ming?

’’You? After I finish everyone here, it will be your turn. Then, I will completely erase the Asura divine Kingdom from this world!’’ Lin Ming's voice was bone-chilling to the extreme. The Asura divine Kingdom's actions had repeatedly touched his bottom line. The least he would do was kill off every single one of these young elites that had come here to ambush him and had ruined the lives of the Lin Family Clan.

Since they all hoped to obtain some advantages from his death and also dared to come here, then Lin Ming would not tolerate the existence of any of these people.

’’After I die, I won't let you go even when I become a resentful ghost!’’ Situ Yaoxi hysterically shouted.

’’Humph, you want to turn into a ghost? What wishful thinking. Do you think that you are the only one who can suck out a soul and refine it, and that I can't do the same?’’ Lin Ming sneered. The essence of a ghost was the soul. If he pulled out her soul and refined it, even erasing the spirit mark, then where would there still be a ghost?

Situ Yaoxi had always threatened that she would suck out others' souls and refine them, but today someone had turned the tables on her!

For a time, her complexion turned ashen in fear. Her entire body trembled!


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