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Martial World - Chapter 914


Chapter 914 - Returning to The Sky Spill Continent




In the vast and endless sea, a group of sharks was shuttling through a raging storm. They were a terrifying pack of beasts, powerful and vicious, and the leader of these sharks was a 70-80 foot long great shark that was gray all over. Its dorsal fin cut upwards like a steel knife, and its great mouth was large enough to swallow an elephant.

On the back of this giant shark, there was actually a little girl sitting there. Her body was round and slightly pudgy, and her cheeks were cute and pinchable. Her powdered body looked just like a newly born mouse.

She wore a small red bellyband and there was a shining silver necklace around her neck. Her hair was wet with seawater, causing it to stick to her forehead. Her cheeks dripped with crystal clear droplets of water, and her two meaty arms looked like lotus roots as they were squished together.

This little girl only looked around seven or eight years old. As she sat on the back of this giant shark, there wasn't the least bit of fear in her expression. Rather, a bright smile lit up her face as she giggled, her voice like tinkling silver bells. But, the tone was strangely strong. In this billowing storm, it was actually quite clear.

This was also a reasonable matter. Although this little girl looked like a porcelain doll, the truth was that her cultivation was already at the Bone Forging realm;she was just a step away from reaching Pulse Condensation.

’’Little Gray, swim faster! Hurry up! Go, go, go, let's get past those waves!’’

The little girl hugged the shark fin that was even taller than she was as she shouted out in the air. Her large and intelligent black eyes were filled with excitement and mischief. And, the little shark called 'Little Gray' that she was riding seemed willing to listen to the little girl. It swam even faster in the storm.

At this moment, a red light suddenly gathered in front of her and then a little red pug appeared by her side. The pug floated in the air, its entire body covered in red fur. This was Demonshine's soul, sent by Lin Ming to oversee the Giant Leviathan.

’’You little devil, it's time to return.’’ Demonshine slowly said, trying to keep his voice deep and majestic.

’’Ah? Little Red! Come and play with me!’’ As the little girl saw Demonshine appear, she began to clap excitedly.

As Demonshine heard the little girl call him 'Little Red', he immediately sulked. But facing this little brat there was nothing he could do. This was because she was Lin Ming's little sister, Lin Xiaoge.

With all those heavenly materials that Lin Ming had brought back, Lin Xiaoge had been bathed in all sorts of liquid medicines since she was born. Now, she had already reached the fifth stage of Body Transformation, the Bone Forging realm. If this sort of scene was placed in the Sky Fortune Kingdom then that would truly be an astonishing scene. This was because the children of Sky Fortune Kingdom lacked these sorts of heavenly materials. They would often have to wait until they were 12 years old and their bones and muscles had reached a certain level of strength before they were able to practice martial arts, otherwise they would ruin their not fully developed body.

Demonshine wagged a paw at the little girl, a serious expression on his face as he said, ’’We have to return immediately. We're about to return to the Sky Spill Continent!’’

Over three years had passed since Lin Ming's battle with Yang Yun and the Ancient Devil. During the first year, Lin Ming had spent that time closing up in the Sky Spill Continent. Then, he spent a year and three months tempering his will in the Road of Emperor, perceiving the grandmist space, and enhancing his cultivation boundary. The final 10 months were spent digesting the Ancient Devil's memories in the Blood Slaughter divine Temple's training chamber and studying all sorts of demonic path array formations, the Concept of Time, as well as the Concept of Darkness.

The array formations of the divine Realm were limitless and diverse. The Ancient Devil had extremely high achievements in the Dao of array formations. Even if he took a disciple and taught him without reservation, it would still take the disciple hundreds, or even thousands of years to reach a similar level of understanding, and all of this was based on the premise that the disciple's talent was amazing.

There was no other way to go about this. Alchemy, refining, inscription, array formations: all of these auxiliary skills required one to remember and comprehend an immense amount of principles and theories, and then undergo a massive period of practice and failure in order to slowly improve.

But Lin Ming was the exception to the rule;he was able to directly inherit the memories of the Ancient Devil. That was equal to inheriting all of the Ancient Devil's array formation experience as well as his understandings towards it. Lin Ming only required some time to fully absorb these memories and adapt them to his own body to completely transform this array formation knowledge to become his own. Coupled with some extra practice, Lin Ming could easily become an array formation grandmaster of his era.

In just a short 10 months, Lin Ming's skill in array formations had risen to another level! In addition, Lin Ming originally had a foundation of orthodox array formations. His current understanding of array formations even surpassed the Ancient Devil's now!

Besides his understanding of array formations was increasing, the Ancient Devil's understandings of the Concept of Space and Concept of Darkness were also thoroughly assimilated by Lin Ming!

Lin Ming now had confidence he could fight Yang Yun head on. Even if he couldn't defeat him, he could still rely on his abnormal speed to escape.

Since he had this assurance, he decided now was the time to return to the Sky Spill Continent!

And in the South Sea, during the last three years the Giant Leviathan had penetrated 30 million miles into the deep waters. The water depth reached thousands of miles and the underwater pressure reached an unimaginable degree.

In the endless South Sea, even the massive Giant Leviathan could only be considered a slightly big fish here. If Yang Yun wanted to find them, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack;wasn't it just easier said than done?

Thus, Demonshine had been passing these days with carefree leisure. Periodically he would have the Giant Leviathan surface to the shallow waters to breathe. And under his guidance, Lin Xiaoge also rapidly grew. The little girl wasn't big, but her courage was much larger than her body. For her to dare to ride on a shark, she was just like a small witch on the waters.

’’Return to the Sky Spill Continent?’’ Lin Xiaoge's eyes widened. Although she was young, she understood more or less what had happened and also why they had to flee, becoming fugitives. Now that Demonshine said that he was returning, there was obvious only one possibility.

She excitedly asked, ’’Is my big brother coming back?’’

’’Yes, we've already come back, we're at the boundaries of the South Horizon Region. We're returning earlier than I had anticipated. Once we truly come back, your big brother will solve everything.’’ Demonshine had kept a wisp of his soul with Lin Ming. He could use this wisp of soul to easily communicate and he also understood clearly where Lin Ming's position was.

At this time, Lin Ming had just passed through the ancient transmission array. As he stood above the boundless South Sea and he watched the familiar lands around him, an incomparably complex feeling surged in his heart.

He had grown up in the South Horizon Region, and here he had encountered powerful enemies that had forced him to dead ends many times. This was the road that martial artists had to take. Although it couldn't be said to be taking the entire world as an enemy, a martial artist would inevitably run into increasingly formidable adversaries. One had to step on their corpses to walk forwards, or otherwise be stepped on by them instead, dying and paving the road for them.

With a sudden thought, Lin Ming turned towards the four divine Kingdoms and flew straight ahead. He no longer needed to use a tool like a Godspeed Boat. No matter what type of extreme speed magic tool it was, it still wouldn't be able to keep up with one-fifth of Lin Ming's speed. Moreover, Lin Ming could maintain such speed continuously for half a month.

’’All of the transmission arrays from here to the four divine Kingdoms must be controlled by Yang Yun already. As long as I appear in public, he will inevitably obtain this news. That's also fine. I'll come to you and see just where the limits of your strength are!’’

As Lin Ming flew, he simultaneously sensed the battle spirit tracing mark that he had left in Elder Sun. He didn't know where Yang Yun was now and wanted to find him as quickly as possible. Doing so through Elder Sun would be the fastest and most efficient method.

Lin Ming was certain that Elder Sun would have gone to Yang Yun about the matter of the battle spirit tracing mark in order to seek his protection. But, Yang Yun likely didn't help Elder Sun to erase that tracing mark. Rather, he would purposely let it remain as bait for a trap. Once Yang Yun discovered that Lin Ming was going over to kill Elder Sun, he would definitely rush over as soon as possible.

Although the bait wasn't too tempting to Lin Ming, it was still better than nothing.

Lin Ming closed his eyes and calmly felt out the position of the battle spirit mark. His guess was correct;Yang Yun hadn't yet removed the tracing mark, allowing it to remain in Elder Sun's body instead.

It was just that...

’’Mm? Why is it so near? That Elder Sun is in the South Horizon Region, and the position is... the Sky Fortune Kingdom!!’’ Lin Ming was surprised. In these past three years, it seemed that his background and identity had been seen through by Yang Yun!

’’Sky Fortune Kingdom... Sky Fortune Kingdom...’’

Lin Ming muttered to himself again and again. The sudden discovery of Elder Sun in the Sky Fortune Kingdom caused him to have a brief moment of panic. That was his homeland. Luckily, Qin Xingxuan, Mu Qianyu, and his parents had already been transferred deep into the South Sea, and Demonshine had told him they were all safe.

’’The only attachment that I have left in the Sky Fortune Kingdom is... the Lin Family Clan?’’ Lin Ming's gaze turned cold as he thought of this. In emotional terms, Lin Ming didn't feel much of a sense of belonging to the Lin Family Clan. He had come from a minor branch and had no hopes of inheriting the family clan's property to begin with. His parents had depended on renting out a small business from the family clan - the Lin Family Restaurant, in order to make a living. When Lin Ming had first decided to practice martial arts, he didn't have the support of the Lin Family Clan, otherwise he wouldn't have been bound by so many financial constraints at the start.

But even though he thought that, the Lin Family were still his relatives and also his roots. The reason he could be born into this world was all because of the Lin Family. As for being treated with cold indifference at the start, Lin Ming didn't hold any lingering grudges or resentment. In order for a family clan to exist, they had to follow the survival of the fittest and distribute limited resources in a reasonable manner. Otherwise, if everyone were to divide the pot of resources then the family clan would perish after a single generation.

’’Yang Yun... you really do resort to all cruel methods, no matter how unscrupulous they are. You didn't manage to find those that were most important to me, thus you decided to aim at the Lin Family even though I am not too attached to them. I have already reached the point that I must kill that Elder Sun, and any trap you put there is meaningless. Even so, you placing Elder Sun in the Sky Fortune Kingdom, even with a tracing mark to reveal his location, is your message to me saying that you already completely control the Lin Family Clan. I suppose I have no choice but to come.’’

Lin Ming's face darkened. He didn't need to think too much to know that the current Green Mulberry City had trap array formations laid down all over the land, waiting for him to jump into it.

However, this was exactly what he wanted. Even though there were tigers in the mountain, he still walked straight towards it. This was the confidence brought about by strength!

’’Let me take a good look at what traps you have waiting for me!’’ Lin Ming coldly snorted and then flew straight towards the Sky Fortune Kingdom!

The Sky Fortune Kingdom was only several hundred thousand miles from the South Sea. With Lin Ming's speed, he quickly saw the endless coastline ahead of him. Right after reaching the coast, there was a great wilderness. This was the Southern Wilderness. Once he crossed here, he would be at the Sky Fortune Kingdom.


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