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Martial World - Chapter 912


Chapter 912 - Becoming the Steppes Master




Lin Ming wasn't in a hurry to return to the Sky Spill Continent. He was now at the fourth stage of Life Destruction and had opened the first four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, but he still had the Ancient Devil's memories that he hadn't assimilated yet. If he could thoroughly perceive these memories, then his understandings of the Concept of Time and Concept of Darkness could take another step forwards. As for the other parts, while they wouldn't increase his strength any time soon, they would still allow him to clearly understand the Ancient Devil's weaknesses.

This was the greatest capital that Lin Ming was relying on to contend with Yang Yun. Otherwise, even though his strength had improved so much recently, he still wouldn't have any assurance he could defeat Yang Yun.

As Demonshine saw Lin Ming receive the Heavenly Demon martial intent back inside himself, his thoughts suddenly stirred. ’’Don't you think it's a bit strange? If the Prime Emperor, Asura, and Death God force fields fused together, that forms the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent, but why is it named after the heavenly demons? I think it would be better if it were called chaos, grandmist, or even something like primordial. It seems that would be much more appropriate.’’ Demonshine said as he stroked his red-furred chin.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and said, ’’Perhaps the grandmist martial intent is the true name, and the so-called Heavenly Demon martial intent is only a portion of the grandmist martial intent.’’

When the three martial intents fused into one, Lin Ming had a faint feeling that the Heavenly Demon martial intent was incomplete. From Asura to Death God to Prime Emperor, these all took the killing path as a basis. Although fighting was essential to a martial artist's life, that didn't mean it was everything to them.

If in this world there were demons, then it would be fair to say that there were also mortals and gods. The three martial intents that comprised the Heavenly Demon martial intent should only be a part of it. Only by comprehending the complete martial intent could he achieve the true grandmist martial intent.

’’What? Such a kickass Heavenly Demon martial intent is only a small, incomplete part? Then just how amazing would the whole martial intent be?’’ Demonshine was flabbergasted;this surpassed the scope of his understanding.

’’It's not too strange. Just what kind of character is Empyrean Primordius? In the past, Emperor Shakya sat under a Bodhi tree for seven days and seven nights, fusing seven martial intents together. If he could do that, then Empyrean Primordius should be able to fuse even more martial intents together. Remember, the Heavenly Demon martial intent is divided into three martial intents - Prime Emperor, Death God, and Asura. They are all domains, force field type martial intents, but martial intents are in no way restricted to just this type of force field.

Demonshine nodded. What Lin Ming said made sense.

However, the three martial intents underneath the Heavenly Demon martial intent were not ordinary marital intents - they were much stronger. Moreover, they were the relatively rare force field martial intents. Although there were only three different kinds of martial intents fused together, it might even be superior to the final fused result of seven martial intents that Emperor Shakya had accomplished so many years ago. Also, Emperor Shakya had to comprehend those martial intents on his own;the strength of those martial intents must have been limited.

As Demonshine was speaking with Lin Ming, three black-robed men cautiously approached Lin Ming, trembling.

Lin Ming's vision narrowed. He noticed that these three black-robed men were at the peak of a three-star Demon King cultivation;they were each just a step away from becoming a four-star Demon King. That meant they were comparable to the weakest of Life Destruction powerhouses.

’’Who are you?’’ Lin Ming called out.

After forming the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent, the pressure exuding from his body was even better. With a few words that didn't even have any true essence in them, it actually fell onto these three men's ears like a thunderclap, even shaking their souls!

It was impossible for the three black-robed men to withstand Lin Ming's pressure;all of them slumped to their knees. ’’Sir Lin, we are the supervisory Elders of the Blood Slaughter divine Temple. Since Sir Lin was closed up in training, we didn't dare to disturb you. But now that Sir Lin's Supernatural Demon Blood Laws have reached large success, we have come here to follow your instructions!’’

As the three black-robed men spoke, Lin Ming understood what was happening. These three people had come here to show their loyalty to him. Since Luosha died, the position of Steppes Master was empty. As Lin Ming was the one to kill Luosha, the position was naturally passed over to him.

Control of the Blood Slaughter Steppes had been seized by the Giant Demons, Imps, and Goliaths. These races all feared the human Lin Ming, but even so, these three people were exactly the opposite. They came here specifically to flatter and lick Lin Ming's boots, hoping to become his trusted subordinates and obtain benefits from the change of the Steppes Master position.

Lin Ming disliked this type of person, but if he brought them under his control it would be easy to use them for some tasks.

’’Reporting to Sir Lin, the previous Steppes Master Luosha had accumulated a massive amount of treasures at the Blood Slaughter divine Temple. It is now sealed by an array formation, but some dastardly thieves are planning to undo that array formation and plunder all of the treasures of the Blood Slaughter Steppes.’’

There were no permanent alliances, only eternal self-interests. In order to curry favor from Lin Ming, the three black-robed men immediately sold out their companions.

’’Plunder the treasures and flee?’’ Lin Ming's lips curved up in a smirk. After obtaining treasures from the Temple of Marvels, he didn't really care much for the Steppes Master's possessions. But, he still wouldn't let others just take advantage of him like this. Otherwise, wouldn't others just think he was a fool?

Lin Ming waved his hand and directly snatched up these three black-robed men. Ignoring their cries of alarm, he placed all of them within the Extreme Violet Ring. Then, he grabbed the old Imp's spatial ring, stepped onto the void, and flew straight to the Blood Slaughter divine Temple!

Lin Ming had stayed at the Blood Slaughter Steppes for a long time and certainly knew where the Blood Slaughter divine Temple was located. It was just 20,000 miles away from Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower. But to the current Lin Ming, this distance only took an incense stick of time to cross.

Hu - !

Lin Ming shot into the Blood Slaughter divine Temple like a bolt of lightning. With a flick of his hand, the three black-robed men were thrown out from the Extreme Violet Ring. At this moment, they had arrived right in front of Luosha's treasure chamber. Here, there were several Tower Masters, High Lords, Elders, Supervisory Envoys, and array masters all joined together as they tried to open Luosha's treasure chamber.

As they saw Lin Ming suddenly appear, they were stunned for a moment before being suddenly horrified to the point that their souls nearly left them!

Luosha wasn't proficient at array formations to begin with, thus the array formations protecting the treasure chamber had been mostly laid down by others. Now, the array masters had managed to undo 80-90% of the protective arrays and it was only a matter of time until they succeeded. They had originally wanted to take advantage of the time when Lin Ming had closed up in training and seize the vast amount of treasures here before fleeing, but now their fates could be imagined!

’’Really, birds die for food and men die for wealth.’’ Lin Ming faintly sneered.


The group of martial artists were all frightened and at a loss of what to do. They didn't even dare to take a breath. As long as Lin Ming wished it, any of them would die here without a grave.

’’You three, plant a slave seal into every High Lord here.’’ Lin Ming first said to the three black-robed men behind him. He didn't plan on killing these people. The Blood Slaughter Steppes was a giant piece of fatty meat. Every year there would be a massive amount of benefits he could use. After he ascended into the divine Realm, he wouldn't need this wealth, but he could actually transport it to divine Phoenix Island. After all, when Lin Ming ascended to the divine Realm, his family would still be here.

He wanted to turn divine Phoenix Island into a divine Kingdom. To do this, he would need a massive amount of financial resources.

Before he ascended, he planned on making a connection between the barriers that divided the Sky Spill Continent and establish a new transmission array. If he could take in the Blood Slaughter Steppes then that would undoubtedly guarantee his family clan a higher degree of prosperity.

’’We...’’ The three supervisory Elders were too startled to respond at the start. It was only when they clearly saw the scene before them that they realized they had arrived at Blood Slaughter Temple all the way from Heavenly Cloud Tower!

Heavens! What kind of speed was this?!

Before they could exclaim in surprise, they heard the order Lin Ming gave to the three of them and were shocked silly. Plant slave seals in them? That was a bit horrifying.

’’Plant slave seals in them?’’ The strongest supervisory Elder gulped. He could see everyone present glaring at him with hatred and fear in their eyes. The fools had now become aware that the three supervisory Elders had sold them out.

’’Yes. Plant the slave seals. All who resist will die!’’ As Lin Ming spoke, a thick killing intent poured out from his body. To these martial artists, having a slave seal planted in them wasn't that much different from dying.

For these Tower Masters and High Lords to be able to reach this step, all of them were talented and proud characters of their generation. Even if they were afraid of Lin Ming, they also weren't willing to be controlled.

’’Separate and run away!’’

The Great Ax Tower Master suddenly shouted. However, just as his voice came out, his body suddenly shook. Then, a scene occurred that left everyone terror-stricken. Underneath the eyes of everyone present, the Great Ax Tower Master's tall and robust figure suddenly disintegrated, tumbling into chunks that soon turned into a fine powder that scattered into the wind. The Great Ax Tower Master had been thoroughly reduced to nothing.

The entire process had happened instantly and silently. There was only the distorted face of the Great Ax Tower Master crying out in muted despair. The anguish and pain on his face left a permanent impression on everyone's hearts, becoming a nightmare that they would never be able to forget.

’’Give me your loyalty. And perhaps, your freedom might come one day. Otherwise, die now.’’ Lin Ming calmly said with placid indifference. Killing all of these people here would be a bit troublesome, but it didn't matter to him either way.

A High Lord couldn't withstand Lin Ming's pressure and caved in to him. He was the first one willing to accept the slave seal. The second soon followed, then the third, fourth, and so on. Lin Ming's strength was formidable enough;they could accept being Lin Ming's slave If there was a chance of obtaining freedom in the future - that was always better than immediately dying here. If they died then they wouldn't have anything left at all.

Thus, the 10 plus High Lords had slave seals planted within them by the supervisory Elders. As for the leftover Tower Masters and Elders, Demonshine planted slave seals in them. After all this was done, Lin Ming flicked his fingers and three gray lights shot out, drilling their way into the supervisory Elders' bodies.

They were shocked, ’’Sir Lin... you...’’

’’I have placed a seal within you that contains a bit of my Heavenly Demon Force Field. If you ever think of betraying me, all I will need is a single thought and the force field will erupt in your body, and you will suffer the same fate as that Tower Master just now!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, the three supervisory Elders felt a cold sweat stream down their backs. They had no courage or thoughts of ever daring to betray Lin Ming.

In any case, these three Heavenly Demon Force Fields were much better than slave seals. At least it wouldn't affect their free will and control their thoughts.

’’From today onwards, I am the Steppes Master, I am the ruler of the Blood Slaughter Steppes!’’ Lin Ming slowly said with a potent force in his voice. As he spoke, everyone present bowed to their knees, completely worshipping him, their faces full of reverence, fear, and awe. To the current Lin Ming, none of them dared to give birth to any thoughts of resistance. Facing Lin Ming, the pressure was far greater than facing Luosha!

Lin Ming took several medicinal herbs from his spatial ring and tossed them towards the three supervisory Elders.

These medicinal herbs were casually gathered by Lin Ming when he had been strolling through the open grasslands within the Temple of Marvels. While they weren't too precious to him, they could be considered highly precious treasures to others. The three supervisory Elders were overjoyed as they saw this. Although they were considered wealthy, their boundary was still limited. How could they possibly compare with someone like Lin Ming, who repeatedly encountered lucky chances everywhere?

’’If you follow me, I will not treat you unfairly.’’

Lin Ming indifferently said. The three supervisory Elders quickly bowed again, showing their loyalty. Their cultivation was only equal to some point between a human late Revolving Core and a Life Destruction martial artist. If there was anything that could shorten the time it would take for them to become an Emperor level powerhouse, then even a slave seal was worth it.

Without speaking to anyone further, Lin Ming suddenly punched at the 80-90% resolved array formations.



With an explosive sound, the many array formations that protected the Blood Slaughter divine Temple's treasure chambers suddenly shattered. Luosha's treasure chambers had been completely opened to the world.


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