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Martial World - Chapter 911


Chapter 911 - I, Prime Emperor




At that moment, a lofty heroic spirit and daring pride gushed out from Lin Ming's spiritual sea. With a loud sound of something shattering, the Prime Emperor martial intent, Asura martial intent, and Death God martial intent all began to dance in the skies of his spiritual sea. A rumbling storm formed as all three martial intents began to slowly fuse together!

Asura - across the endless battlefield, the immortal champion of a hundred battles, condensing pure killing intent into a pressure that could oppress an opponent's divine soul, body, true essence, sapping their fighting will, and causing fear to seep into their hearts before the first blow was even exchanged.

That was the essence of Asura!

Death God - countless murders, limitless bloodshed, passing through mountains of blood and death, forming a force field of killing intent that could cut off an enemy's life and extinguish the fires of life of countless people.

That was the essence of Death God!

Prime Emperor - absolute control of a side world, halting the Laws of the world, and becoming the spiritual god of a separate space, ruling life and death, commanding all.

That was the essence of Prime Emperor!

Bloodshed and struggling were the life of a martial artist;there was no one that could diverge from this path. If one only closed up in training, it was impossible to become a king.

Once an individual stepped on the road of martial arts and wished to reach the martial arts peak, they had to live through countless battles and become an Asura. They had to take countless lives, stepping over innumerable bodies and become a Death God. Finally, they must control their own side world and comprehend the Laws, becoming a Prime Emperor!

’’I understand now. No wonder the Asura martial intent came from the King's Cage, and the Death God martial intent came from slaughtering all the talents of the Blood Slaughter Steppes and becoming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon. Even for the final Prime Emperor martial intent, I had to pass through the Road of Emperor and obtain the approval of the Road of Emperor, finally becoming an Emperor level powerhouse!

’’These three great martial intents seemed as if they could stand side by side together, but the truth was that they must be obtained step by step, slowly and steadily. Each of them has a karmic effect with the others. First become an Asura, then become a Death God, and finally ascend to a Prime Emperor. When Empyrean Primordius created the Heavenly Demon martial intent, this martial intent in itself contained a causal link and involved the Laws of martial arts...’’

In that moment, Lin Ming realized many things. He had unknowingly entered a state of sudden enlightenment. The Ancient Devil's memories weren't too detailed, but just those memories about the Sky Spill Continent and divine Realm let Lin Ming attain higher comprehensions.

The road of martial arts was not a blind road. Gaining experience, knowledge, and expanding one's field of vision could allow a martial artist to suddenly break through bottlenecks that had stopped them previously, having them realize the principles of the heavens and earth. This was also the reason why Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin and Feng Shen had come to the Sky Spill Continent to gain further experience and grow.

When one had many experiences and combined that with one's own martial arts cultivation, they could then verify these truths and enter a state of sudden enlightenment!

In the past, Emperor Shakya had undergone seven days and seven nights of sudden enlightenment underneath a Bodhi tree before ascending into the divine Realm.

Like this, Lin Ming meditated in Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower, completely engrossed in an ethereal state. Everything that happened outside became distant.

And in Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Demonshine sighed with emotion. Lin Ming's talent, lucky chances, and perception could cause the heavens themselves to be jealous. He had just obtained the Prime Emperor martial intent and yet the three martial intents had started to fuse together. Once the three martial intents fused together and formed the complete Heavenly Demon Force Field, just how powerful would that become?

’’This child's destiny is in the Sky Spill Continent. He found the Magic Cube in the Sky Spill Continent and also obtained countless lucky chances in the Sky Spill Continent. Before he reaches the peak of the Sky Spill Continent and plays out his destiny to its limit, it will not be suitable for him to ascend into the divine Realm. Otherwise, he will waste his great destiny, those mystic realms, the inheritances, and all the lucky chances he has found. When that time comes, the cycle of karma and causality will influence the progress of his cultivation, making him be unable to reach the peak of martial arts.’’

Karma, destiny, those were illusory and intangible concepts, but they truly did exist. Destiny was a part of one's talent. Otherwise, no matter how talented one was or how great one's perception was, they would not be fated to reach the peak of martial arts.

One could even say that having talent and perception was because of destiny.

When Lin Ming had been at Timeworn Phoenix City, Fairy Feng and City Lord Guru Blueflame had considered this point. They had recognized that Lin Ming's destiny belonged within the Sky Spill Continent, and he had to return to that land in order to inherit it as well as to simultaneously finish all grudges and enmity. Once he absolved the karmic ties that held him here and stepped into the divine Sea, then his future achievements would be limitless.

That didn't mean that Lin Ming wouldn't have a destiny upon reaching the divine Realm, only that the karmic ties of the Sky Spill Continent would have a certain influence on him. It had to be known that many martial artists that had ascended to the divine Realm would experience bottlenecks after making leaps of progress in their cultivation. Sometimes they would even have to return to the world of mortals and finish their karma of cause and effect. Of course, doing this would mean they would have to travel a long and arduous detour.

When Lin Ming had adventured through the Southern Wilderness, he had come to known of an individual called the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer was a Supreme Elder of the divine Realm, who had also once come from the Sky Spill Continent. After he ascended to the divine Realm, there came a day when he had to enter life or death closed door seclusion. However, his karmic ties had not been absolved yet, thus he separated a wisp of his cultivation and produced an avatar with a late divine Sea realm cultivation, spending a massive amount of strength to pass through the energy barrier of the Sky Spill Continent and return. Upon his return, he left behind a set of spirit artifacts - the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas. These pagodas were guarded by Yan Mo, to allow the Sorcerer's descendants that still lived in the Southern Wilderness to have some good fortune, thus ending his karma here.

Of course, no one knew this secret of the Southern Wilderness besides Lin Ming. Refining the spirit artifacts that the Sorcerer left behind was impossible, and no one was even aware that the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas were produced from a spirit tool. When Lin Ming had entered the Sorcerer Pagoda, he had rushed to the seventh level, obtained the reverse scale blood, and even comprehended the Samsara martial intent.

However, the Samsara martial intent was obtained from Lin Ming experiencing the cycle of 100 samsaras and comprehending it for himself. It wasn't like the Road of Emperor where it was directly granted to him. For this alone, one could see just how terrifying Empyrean Primordius had been.

Time passed slowly. In just the blink of an eye, three days passed.

Lin Ming was sitting cross-legged next to a transmission array, both of his eyes shut tight. His consciousness seemed to have left his body as it delved into the nine high heavens.

In a state of sudden enlightenment, one had to prevent being disturbed. Otherwise, if one was awakened from this state then it would be extremely difficult to re-enter it.

During this period, many Skysplit Tower High Lords discovered where Lin Ming was. As they saw this death god sitting there, all of them hid away as far as possible. As for ruining Lin Ming's sudden enlightenment or anything like that, that was simply a joke. None of them had the courage to do so.

In truth, even approaching Lin Ming was impossible. Although Lin Ming looked as if he were just calmly sitting there, the truth was that he had fallen into a different flow of time and space. Around his body, an invisible force field spread outwards. The power of Laws was imprisoned and energy was pulled away. A constant small amount of grandmist space bred in the chaos before instantly flashing into nihility.

Even if a half-step divine Sea powerhouse were to accidently enter this strange chaos space, they would be torn to shreds by the grandmist energy within, turning into ash that evaporated into nothingness!

After the fifth day passed, Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes from his enlightenment. In that moment, the countless lights and torches within Skysplit Tower were sucked into Lin Ming's two pupils, disappearing within. All of the space in Skysplit Tower suddenly turned black!

And in Lin Ming's eyes, there were no longer black pupils, but rather a grandmist space filled with grandmist energy! Chaos, entropy, it was as if the Laws of the Great Dao were breeding new stars within his eyes!

Chaos divided into yin and yang, chaos gave birth to the five elements, chaos produced all of existence. To control the power of chaos, I am Prime Emperor!

In that moment, all of Lin Ming's aura suddenly converged within himself. The invisible force field and that tiny grandmist space suddenly vanished with it.

’’Lin Ming, have you really fused the three great force fields and formed the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent?’’ Demonshine's wisp of soul suddenly jumped out from Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

’’It can be considered the complete Heavenly Demon martial intent. There are still some parts I need to reinforce, but now I finally understand just how the Heavenly Demon martial intent should be used. If I had comprehended this earlier then I would have been able to kill the Steppes Master and that old Imp much more easily!’’

Lin Ming's thoughts moved and he flicked his fingers. A gray energy light shot out from his fingertips, shooting towards a nearby torch.

As the gray energy light struck the torch, an incredible scene took place. The torch was covered by the gray energy light and then completely disintegrated, being crushed further and turning into countless pieces of dust that blew away into the wind!

’’This is...’’

Demonshine's eyes widened. He certainly understood that what Lin Ming just shot out was a little piece of the Prime Emperor Force Field. Moreover, it also had the Asura Force Field and Death God Force Field fused into it.

That tiny group of energy had decomposed matter into nothingness, completely annihilating it. If it were to hit a person's body, that would truly be terrifying!

’’I never thought that after fusing the three great force fields, your control of the grandmist space would reach such a degree,’’ Demonshine praised. ’’Whoever your opponent is in the future, as long as you shoot out a bit of this force field energy then they will turn to ash!’’

Demonshine was well aware that if such a powerful force field were to strike his body, even a small rice-sized bit would be enough to obliterate him.

And what was most freakish was that not only could grandmist space exterminate life and souls, but it could also eliminate true essence, abilities, techniques, and the vast majority of Laws!

It could be called a single move that broke all styles;just who could block it?

Facing Demonshine's praise, Lin Ming was still as calm as before. He shook his head and said, ’’My grandmist space has limits. It cannot be used to kill anyone as strong or stronger than me. For instance, just look at the wall of this Heavenly Cloud Tower. Even though the Heavenly Demon martial intent struck it, there wasn't any response at all.’’

The torch that Lin Ming had destroyed was added on later. But, the main body of the Heavenly Cloud Skysplit Tower was personally refined by Empyrean Primordius. If Lin Ming wasn't wrong, then the 12 Skysplit Towers should be extremely high rank magic tools. But whether or not it was a spirit artifact or some other rank of treasure, Lin Ming had no idea.

A superior magic tool could form a self-contained space within itself. It wasn't strange to suppress it into the form of a tower.

It was certainly impossible for Lin Ming to destroy something that Empyrean Primordius had created. Thus, when that small bit of grandmist space struck the wall, it broke the torch but didn't even leave a mark behind on the wall itself.

’’You should be satisfied already! What kind of existence was Empyrean Primordius? He was an Empyrean! In the divine Realm, that is a rank of character even higher than a World King. Let alone an Empyrean, I can't even imagine what a World King is like. Underneath a World King is a Holy Lord, and the Demon Emperor of the past wasn't even able to become a Holy Lord! You are just at the divine Sea, did you think you could actually leave behind a mark on a tower created by an Empyrean?

’’Your current grandmist space - if used against top powerhouses - might not be able to instantly kill them, but it could swallow up their true essence and weaken all of their attacks and abilities. Compared to your Heavenly Demon martial intent, the so-called Extreme Violet Domain, Emperor Pure Lands, or whatever blah blah blah skills, they are all garbage that would blow up at any time.’’

Demonshine said as he nodded, seemingly panting with excitement as if he were imagining the scene of Lin Ming killing his way through the Sky Spill Continent. He was tired of the days of hiding and scurrying about.


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